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December 14, Scout prepares to go camping with Cheryl for some mother-daughter bonding as a part of her class field trip, but winds up going with Roger at the last minute when Cheryl and Tyler are infected with a bug and catch a fever that soon begins to spread to the guests. Scout is reluctant to bond with Roger, as he is only her stepfather, and wind up having to cancel the camping trip when it begins to rain and leaves the jeep stuck in the mud, forcing them to travel to higher ground.

Unfortunately, the only way is across a rope bridge above a raging river, but Roger helps Scout across and they bond over star constellations. At the lodge, a critic begins to write a review on the lodge after seeing the conditions there, but Cheryl and C. Scout and Roger return home with a newfound respect for each other.

January 4, Tyler begins to have nightmares of a giant spider and begins to suffer from a lack of sleep. The group decides to take Tyler to a witch doctor to cure him, and she mixes a potion and puts him through a Zulu ritual to help rid him of his dreams. The attempt proves successful, as Tyler dreams of the spider shrinking and finds that it was a tarantula that got loose under his bed.

In the meantime, Scout attempts to make a video of a zebra being released into the wild. Through a talk with her friend Sherna, Scout gets inspired to convince the others to find and introduce another zebra to theirs, which proves successful and it is accepted into the herd. January 11, Scout's friend Sherna comes to South Africa to visit for the week. The visit starts off alright, but soon turns south when Sherna immediately begins to bond with Bongani and embraces the Zulu lifestyle, making Scout feel left out.

The two girls end up fighting and disrupt the festival, but a talk with Bongani helps Scout to realize what it means to lose a friend and the girls reconcile before Sherna returns to New York. At the lodge, a tourist films C. The tourist admits to the magistrate that he edited the footage for the news and received money for it, and C.

January 18, Sherna the elephant is beginning to act up on account of her age, and it begins to concern everyone at the lodge. Scout thinks she can train Sherna to behave and seems to be succeeding at first, but it soon becomes clear that it is not working and Scout must face Sherna going to live with a new herd at a different reserve. Through talking with Bongani and Cheryl, Scout comes to accept that it is better for Sherna to move on and happily sees her off to her new sanctuary.

Tyler tries to find a special trick to learn for the school talent show, but his efforts only irritate some of the guests. He eventually succeeds in teaching a parrot to talk and easily wins over the audience. January 25, A sudden thunderstorm causes a flood that washes out the roads, forcing everyone to spend the night at the lodge while Roger and C. Scout spots a figure outside the window and is convinced she saw a ghost and that the house is haunted, especially after Cheryl tells her of a woman who was killed in a similar storm.

Scout and Bongani go outside and perform a ritual to summon the ghost, who is found in the veterinary office and is revealed to be an old woman who was caught in the storm. February 8, Scout and Tyler find a treasure map behind a picture frame and discover that it leads to gold left by Paul Kruger. With Bongani and Sophie tagging along, they head out to Mozambique to find it, but things soon go horribly wrong. They begin fighting over possession of the map, are followed by a man who overheard their conversation, run into a herd of rhinos, and fall into a river where Tyler loses his backpack and Sophie loses her father's metal detector.

When they reach their destination, they meet an old hermit who tells them that there's no gold and reveals that their map is a fake. The foursome are grounded for running off, but accept that being rich is not worth losing a friend over. Dennis is coming to South Africa for a visit after finishing his assignment, and everyone believes he is coming to take Scout back to New York. Cheryl is especially concerned having missed most of Scout's life growing up, and Scout is beginning to rethink returning with him, having begun to accept her new lifestyle.

Dennis' visit is cut short when he finds that Max Trunsten, the businessman from "Departure", has bought and begun bulldozing one of his favorite places to build a casino, and is immediately suspected when Trunsten's machinery is found destroyed, but the culprit is later revealed to be Bongani.

Scout and Dennis look through his photos and discover physical evidence to suggest that Trunsten is building on a sacred burial ground, which is against the law, and he is forced to cease production. After thinking about her father's visit, Scout admits that she is not ready to return to New York; Dennis says he just wants Scout to be happy and agrees to let her stay in South Africa for a little while longer.

An orphaned zebra is brought to the sanctuary and Scout successfully gets it to eat despite not knowing how. Bongani's grandmother says that Scout has a special gift to communicate with animals, but she initially refuses to believe it, even when she manages to feed the grandmother's parrot and calms down an agitated cobra.

She initially begins to question it, however, when she accidentally leaves the gate unlocked and the zebra escapes, but learns from Bongani that having such a gift makes her special when her instincts help her to successfully tracks the zebra down. Meanwhile, the sanctuary is facing financial problems and Roger heads to a government building with Tyler to apply for government grant, but Tyler is convinced that he is a spy and goes undercover to prove it.

September 20, While snorkeling with Bongani and Sophie trying to find a bracelet she lost, Scout is frightened by a bull shark in the river. Bongani initially refuses to believe Scout at first and thinks she is just scaring herself, though Roger and C. The shark attacks their boat and, despite being on land, Bongani falls into the river and Scout manages to save him while the shark is tranquilized and taken back to the ocean.

At the lodge, Roger and Cheryl attempt to have a giraffe moved to another sanctuary to reduce overpopulation on the reserve, and Tyler goes behind their backs and auctions the giraffe off to a circus attraction. The man who purchased the giraffe is given a refund and the shark expert, Pam, agrees to take the giraffe as well.

September 27, Bongani's father returns from his trucking business his family prepares for a Zulu celebration. Scout is offered to take part in it, but disapproves of the family's plan to sacrifice the goat on their farm, and sets it loose in the middle of the night, infuriating Bongani. Cheryl convinces Scout that killing the goat is just a part of life, and Scout returns the goat and makes amends with Bongani, now with a new respect for other cultures and religion.

Bongani in return gives the goat to Scout and his father brings in another goat for the ceremony. At the lodge, Roger, C. The men tell him to wait up at the house and finish the job without him, leaving Tyler feeling unneeded. When the plans to build the pens fall through, they realize Tyler was right and ask him for help, learning a big lesson in teamwork.

October 25, Scout and Bongani go horseback riding for a picnic at Kahlundi Falls with some friends, which is cut short by an oncoming thunderstorm. Bongani tries to get everyone to return home, but Scout insists at staying and checking out the scenery when lightning strikes and sets off a brushfire that cuts them off from their friends. While Roger and Cheryl try to mount a rescue for them, Scout and Bongani come across a cheetah that guides them to the far side of a mountain on the opposite side from the fire, where they reunite with the others.

At the lodge, Tyler tries to finish a school report to prove that he is just as responsible as Scout, but inadvertently lets the snakes in the clinic loose and they begin turning up all over the place. The snakes are all caught and Tyler is punished with cleaning the clinic.

November 29, Scout has bonded with an infant steenbok and grows concerned when it does not act as actively as it should. When diagnostics come back positive for cancer, Scout grows determined to save it despite everyone cautioning her that it may not work. Roger takes a pair of tourists that lost their passports to a crocodile to the city for a renewal, and Scout and a reluctant Bongani, who dislikes the city, tag along to find Bongani's cousin in order to find medicine for the steenbok.

Unfortunately, the steenbok dies and is buried on the savannah, leaving Scout to ponder how wonderful life is. December 6, Bongani grows concerned when his team's goalie, James, begins to act strangely and stays home sick on the eve of a big soccer tournament. Scout grows concerned about Bongani's behavior when he accuses James of faking sickness and should play no matter how he is feeling, but Bongani soon learns that James is positive for HIV.

The pair reconcile before the game and win the tournament, and Bongani gives the trophy to James. Meanwhile, various items have been disappearing from the lodge and clinic, and Tyler thinks that a thief is lurking around.

It turns out that the thief was Tyler's pet mongoose. December 13, Scout finds that Bongani is spending time with a girl named Tula, who is convinced that a ghost cat is stalking her. When the cat apparently attacks Tula, her father orders it killed and Scout, through extensive research of a footprint, discovers that the culprit is actually an illegally imported Bengal tiger that has escaped. With help from C. At the lodge, Tyler tries to make money off of a visiting guest by walking her dog, but it escapes and he suspects it was eaten by one of the lions when he discovers the dog's collar in their pen.

Fortunately, the dog is found playing in a pen with some pigs and promptly returned to its owner. January 3, While Roger and Tyler go on a fishing trip, Scout stays behind to work at the sanctuary and insists that she is old enough to handle things when she grows annoyed with Cheryl's constant reminding of how to handle wild animals.

Scout claims that she already knows what to do because of her connection with animals when they rescue a rhino caught in a poacher's trap. However, she neglects to lock the gate to the pen holding the rhino, which breaks out and leaves Cheryl injured and in the hospital, leaving Scout feeling guilty. Roger, having gone through a similar situation with his father on their fishing trip, consoles Scout, who apologizes to Cheryl and realizes how important it is to listen and follow instructions.

January 10, Scout and Bongani witness a helicopter crash and help to rescue the pilot as well as a white lion cub which was onboard and being transported from another sanctuary. While the pilot is left to recover, Scout finds evidence that he is actually a wanted smuggler trying to transport the lion out of the country, as white lions are extremely rare and can be sold for a lot of money, just as he is discovered missing and found driving off with the cub.

Though told to stay behind for their safety, Scout and Bongani race after the smuggler and intercept him on horseback, just as Roger and C. In the meantime, Tyler tries to do extra chores to earn money, though his attempts to use the animals for it comes with consequences. January 17,

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Cry out lil wayne instrumental torrent Bongani initially refuses to believe Scout at first and thinks she is just scaring herself, though Roger and C. Scout witnesses several different religions: Bongani is preparing to become a man in his Zulu culture, Nandi is being baptized as a Christian, and Sherna has gotten a bat mitzvah, which leaves Scout wondering about what her journey to adulthood will be like and heads out into the wilderness to find out. Adventures of Dr. A hecc Hungary. Agenzia Riccardo Finzi Gillis Writer: Barry J. Altered Carbon USA.
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