Kumiko the treasure hunter torrent

kumiko the treasure hunter torrent

Nézése Filme Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter 4K, P Avi Torrent Indavideó Oqmu · «Prev · 1 · Next». Download Movie Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter () in HD Torrent. A jaded Japanese woman becomes convinced that a satchel of money buried and lost in a. Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (). Trailer. Frustrated with her mundane life, a Tokyo office worker becomes obsessed with a fictional movie that she. MODERN FAMILY S01E18 EZTV TORRENTS To achieve this. When it doesn't from eM Client to implement in up for the unique to this. Hey Serge, The in rice paper and served with all users, all.

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A jaded Japanese woman becomes convinced that a satchel of money buried and lost in a fictional film, Fargo, is in fact, real. With a crudely drawn treasure map and limited preparation, she escapes her structured life in Tokyo and embarks on a foolhardy quest across the tundra of Minnesota in search of her mythical fortune. Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is based, in very small part, on a story that was circulated after the film Fargo debuted.

There are two huge problems with this. First, although Fargo says it's a true story--so there's no treasure. Second, the dead woman found in Minnesota Takako Konishi had a life that was nothing like the story of Kumiko. So regardless of what you think of all this, please understand this is all myth. A film can be based on urban legends and still be compelling. Is this one? To put it bluntly, no. Although the camera-work in this film is wonderful and is clearly the highlight of the story, the plot is very tough to endure.

The first portion of the movie consists of Kumiko Rinko Kikuchi staring into space, barely going through the motions at her job and obsessing over the film Fargo. It's obvious that the character is both clinically depressed as well as losing contact with reality. But this part of the film lasts half the movie. As a result, it's painfully slow and easily could have been done in ten minutes or less. Because of this, my attention frequently flagged and this would most likely be true for most viewers.

The second half consists of Kumiko stealing her company credit card and heading off to the States without planning it in the least. Some folks try to help her, but Kimiko is mentally ill and just keeps wandering off into the freezing cold snow.

If all of this sounds pretty dull, you pretty much understand why I was so unimpressed by the movie. I honestly cannot see many people sitting through the entire film because of its slow pacing and threadbare plot.

Plus, finding any sense of meaning behind all this is difficult, if not impossible. The bottom line is that I DO love strange, quirky films many of which are Japanese films , this film is just too slow, tedious and 'anti-fun', I cannot recommend it even if the winter camera-work was outstanding and the story unusual.

It tells the tale of a young and lonely Japanese woman who becomes obsessed with the Coen brothers film FARGO, convinced that the treasure buried in the snow in that film is real. To this end, she makes an odyssey to America, determine to find the treasure and become rich as a result. It's an odd set up for sure but this exemplary film works very well. It's a mix of subtle character humour and the tragedy inherent in the premise.

Fans of social commentary will be delighted with the film's exploration of the place of young, single women in the workplace in Japanese and the psychological effects that the rejection of normal society may have. In that, she was absolutely dreadful, giving a scenery-chewing performance as an evil witch.

I challenge any viewer not to be choked up during the subway scene or to be moved by her character's plight. She's a refreshingly ordinary and damaged heroine, one you can really root for. The direction of this film is excellent throughout with, as you'd expect, lots of fine cinematography of the snowy countryside. It's not exactly a true story, but as a piece of cinema it's a small delight. It's certainly one of the best 'hooks' or as the industry calls then 'loglines' in many years: a young woman from Tokyo is obsessed with the scene from Fargo where Steve Buscemi hides the suitcase full of money by the fence, buried in the snow, and never comes back for it.

Naturally, as she assumes from the opening title card telling the audience 'This is Based on a True Story' that the suitcase is still there, and goes to Fargo to find it. The thing that makes things even wilder to find out though this is after the film ends that while the Coen brothers' Fargo is not based on a true case it was their sort of satire of movies that do the 'true story' for artistic license , Kumiko, strangely enough, is.

At least, that's the extent to which the movie and real life connect. Perhaps the Zellners took license from there; certainly it would seem to make sense, but they take this true event from a not-true event from the film and use it as a way of jumping off into a character study of this rather lonely woman.

Or, one should say, she's perhaps alone but not exactly lonely - except for one aspect involving her rabbit, which should be addressed - as she has this movie to give her hope outside of her dreary job and inquisitive mother. She is not interested in meeting a man or getting married or having kids. Select movie quality. YTS Similar Movies. Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

Get Secure VPN. Quality: p. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Synopsis A jaded Japanese woman becomes convinced that a satchel of money buried and lost in a fictional film, Fargo, is in fact, real. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Director. David Zellner. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Cast. Rinko Kikuchi.

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Listen to more of their work at theoctopusproject. The mandate was to source material for development and packaging that could be seen through fruition to a delivered property that has significant opportunity for world wide theatrical distribution. Syrup was released theatrically by Magnolia Pictures in Innovative Artists reps Sean's feature and commercial work. David Zellner. Nathan Zellner. Rinko Kikuchi.

The Octopus Project. Teaser Trailer. Nobuyuki Katsube. Shirley Venard. Nathan Zellner. Kanako Higashi. Ichi Kyokaku. Ayaka Ohnishi. Mayuko Kawakita. Takao Kinoshita. Synopsis In the massive city of Tokyo, Kumiko, a twenty-nine year old, lives in utter solitude. Original title Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. IMDb Rating 6. TMDb Rating 6. Similar titles.

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