The thing from another world comics download torrents

the thing from another world comics download torrents

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MacReady determines from the log that Erskine called an American submarine, and the two chase him down on a snowmobile. MacReady shoots Erskine with his rifle and hits him in the head, but the wound has no effect, proving for certain that Erskine is a Thing. Seconds later, the submarine emerges from underneath the ice, and with its cover blown, the Erskine-Thing becomes completely inhuman, breaks into the submarine and begins slaughtering its crew.

MacReady and Childs follow it on-board, but in the confusion the submarine goes into a dive and then collides with an outcropping of rock, badly damaging it. MacReady explains the situation to the survivors, but they point out that fire cannot be used against the Erskine-Thing since it would, at best, rapidly use up all their oxygen and cause them to suffocate, and at worst trigger an explosion that would cause the submarine's hull to collapse, killing them all instantly. They begin making their way to the submarine's escape pod, but the Erskine-Thing attacks them on the way, and begins assimilating the surviving crewmembers.

In a last-ditch effort to drown and kill the Erskin-Thing, Childs blows the submarine's exterior hatch, blasting MacReady out onto the ice fields above, which leaves him alive, but freezing to death, ending the comic on a cliffhanger. The Thing Explore. The Thing Characters Creatures. Who Goes There? The Thing Characters Creatures Weapons. Browse wiki. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? The Thing from Another World comic.

History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Categories : Literature Comics. Scientists at an Arctic research station discover a spacecraft buried in the ice. Upon closer examination, they discover the frozen pilot. All hell breaks loose when they take him back to their station and he is accidentally thawed out!

One of the best science fiction pictures from the fifties, and one that helped define the genre, The Thing holds up remarkably well today. The story of an alien invasion near the arctic circle, it builds slowly, relying heavily on the excellent, slangy dialogue of Charles Lederer, and the casual, jokey relationships between the various characters.

This is lean, solid, old-fashioned moviemaking. The monster is rarely seen, as we catch him only in horrifying glimpses, as the characters in the movie do. That the cast consists mostly of relative unknowns give the picture an almost documentary feeling at times, as if one were watching an actual event. Nobody gets the upper hand here, not the actors, director, writer, cinematographer or alien.

Everything comes together in the end. This is a perfect movie of its kind. A group of scientists and air force officers at an Arctic station discover something in the ice and that something sees them as dinner. The cast is a very fine ensemble and the direction is crisp and on the edge. Conversations overlap and at times runs simultaneously but the direction is so good that you miss nothing. There is no splatter or graphic detail but tantalizing hints that lets your mind conjure up your worst nightmare.

A great one for a dark and stormy night. While I love the remake very much I was finally able to see the original all the way thru without the colorization on TV. It is a truly awesome movie. But that is in my opinion the only place it excels. It seems in the remake all the characters are derelicts and for the most part not very likeable.

In the original you had a sense of these people liking each other and sticking together. He also shows a very human side in that he realizes he is not the smartest of men. He is what he is. A captain of a small band of Air Force Soldiiers simply doing their job.

They all look like they belong in their roles. Their look and attire fit their characters and when one guy is called Professor so and so or whomever, you believe it unlike many movies in those days where they picked anyone to play the supporting actors.

I realize it was a style of the times but I think they could have given her something a little better to show off her figure when you first meet her.

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