Famous blaxploitation films torrent

famous blaxploitation films torrent

Melvin Van Peebles, Elvis Mitchell. Filmmaker Isaac Julien uses film clips and interviews to illustrate the history of the so-called "blaxploitation" genre. From Shaft to Super Fly, these s crime movies put blackness front and centre. Can ya dig it? Good, solid blaxploitation feature. somebody else made that moniker famous - in the story of a cool, calm, and collected problem solver. HIGHLIGHT TRIBE DIDGE TRANCE DOWNLOAD TORRENT Author Topic: Prohibited Total Care support useful if you want to printer this network Read. Try out all kid you not. Mac App Store create more connections, maximize image quality.

The largely black cast is full of terrific actors. Hooks displays a lot of poise in the lead role, and one may wish that he had had more starring vehicles over the years. Paula Kelly is appealing as his loving girlfriend Cleo. William Smithers does fine as the disapproving white cop who is suspicious of T, who doesn't appear to have a steady source of income but has nice things. Winfield is excellent, as is a perfectly slimy Waite. Julius Harris lends his authoritative presence as a crime boss - unimaginatively named Big.

The rousing finale and sense of humour help to make this well worth a viewing. Seven out of This guy sports no mohawk, full beard, camouflage pants or k in gold chains, and yet this Mr. T is just as supremely bad-ass as his more famous namesake. Over a decade before B. Baracus first pitied fools with the "A-Team", 'Trouble Man' Robert Hooks kicked asses through grindhouse cinemas in this highly entertaining blaxploitation flick of Robert Hooks is a super-tough and super-cool player, private eye and basically the man for every business that calls for balls - the 'Trouble Man'.

As one of the promotional lines promises: "He carries two guns, one to stop trouble and one to make trouble. T is the man to do it. Trying to trick him, however, is not recommendable While "Trouble Man" is, as far as I am concerned, no highlight of 70s blaxploitation cinema films like "Coffy", the original "Shaft" or "Truck Turner" come with my highest possible recommendations it is a film that every fan of the black Exploitation sub-genre should appreciate.

The story is not the most original ever, but good enough. The film is full of action and violent shootouts, the score by Marvin Gaye is cool even if not quite as cool as the contemporary scores by Isaac Hayes , and Robert Hooks is great in the lead.

Some more female eye-candy certainly wouldn't have bothered me, but overall the film shouldn't be missed by blaxploitation fans. Highly recommended to my fellow lovers of 70s cult-cinema. Judging by the low number of votes for this film on the IMDB, it appears not too many people have had a chance to see this movie, which is a real shame.

I saw it on the Fox Movie Channel last night, and was thoroughly impressed. Robert Hooks is great in the lead as the badass private dick "T". I would add that, in my opinion, this film is as good if not better than "Shaft". That's high praise, perhaps, but see the movie and you might agree. I should put it in more blunt terms: if John Shaft and T were ever to have some beef with each other, T would definitely hold his own, and at the very least, give Shaft an ass whuppin' he would not soon forget.

Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Secure VPN. Parental Guide. Plot summary Masked men are knocking over the floating crap games of Chalky and Pete, so they hire cool, loose, elegant Mr.

Something that Harlem drug kingpin Moses Gunn is also aware of when he hires Shaft to locate his kidnapped daughter. Gunn isn't exactly telling Shaft the whole truth about the circumstances. But Shaft catches on quickly enough that this is all part of a three party struggle for the control of Harlem between Italian gangsters, black militants and Gunn's own crew. There's a nice explosive climax in the end as the daughter's fate is in Shaft's hands. Enough action to satisfy any junkie.

And of course there's Isaac Hayes's score with the theme and it's a type of song that never got the Academy recognition before. I don't one like that has since. But in terms of the film itself, the score perfectly captures the mood. Can you dig it. John Shaft Richard Roundtree is a street smart private detective. Gangsters are looking for him and he throws one out the window. Bumpy Moses Gunn is after him.

Friendly cop Vic Androzzi gives him 48 hours before bringing him back in. Bumpy's daughter has been kidnapped and he hires Shaft to find her. His first lead is Ben Buford but he doesn't seem to know anything about it and his gang is massacred.

Ben and Shaft escape. Vic tells Shaft that outsider muscle have gathered in town. The white Mafia is going to war with Bumpy which could spark a race war. What a great song! As a blaxploitation, the story isn't half bad. It puts race front and center without the noble black man trope. It is violent. It's not exactly realistic. It is a stylized hard-boiled detective story in a black world. It is low budget action. There is quite a bit of filler. The pacing does have the 70s meandering quality.

It makes up for it with a lot of attitude. That's what Roundtree brings. The man exudes attitude. It's also cool to see the gritty 70s NYC streets. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

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The films, though receiving backlash for stereotypical characters, are among the first in which black characters and communities are the heroes and subjects of film and television, rather than sidekicks or villains or victims of Topic: Podcast. Tracklist: 1. Alien - Sadiq Byron 2. Domino Theories part I - Don Byron 3. Blinky - Sadiq Byron 4. Mango Meat - Wilson Bros 5. Interview 6. Schizo Jam - Sadiq-bizmarkie 7. Dodi - Sadiq Byron 8. I'm Stuck - Sadiq Byron 9.

I Cannot Commit - Sadiq-Wasmington Fencewalk - Wilson Bros Hagalo - Wilson Bros Domino Theories part II - Byron If 6 Was 9 - Hendrix No Barcode Tracklist: 1. Alien 2. Domino Theories part I 3. Blinky 4. Mango Meat 5. Schizo Jam 7. Dodi 8. I'm Stuck 9. I Cannot Commit Fencewalk Hagalo Domino Theories part II Furman Source: CD.

If I was, I wouldn't stand a chance with you, Mama Topics: blaxploitation, paris DJs. This is an imaginary soundtrack to a smashing flick yet to be filmed, starring vintage shots of Pam Grier in her prime, animation fused with Topics: Podcast, ben, paris, color, dj, shadow, grant, century, 21st, djs, rza, plaid, climax, Respect to Topics: Podcast, paris, grant, lettuce, djs, brownout, blaxploitation, osaka, phabao, djouls, monaurail, Here's the soundtrack to that new movie 21st Century Blaxploitation volume 2.

Expect hip hop, psychedelic soul, latin grooves and, of course, wah wah funk! Topics: Podcast, paris, black, josh, dj, chris, shadow, grant, joss, grass, djs, chop, martinez, Coffy Is the Color - Roy Ayers 4. Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield 5. Big Papa - Edwin Starr 8.

Express - B. Express Cornbread - The Blackbyrds The Bottle - Gil Topic: Compilation Source: CD. Soul searching : Black-themed cinema from the March on Washington to the rise of blaxploitation. Source: removedNEL. Title blacula trailer User soulrocketclips Date uploaded Description classic! Topics: blaxploitation, podcast, castfonia. The title of this generous CD anthology is a bit of a misnomer: While it includes several blaxploitation film themes, it is much more than just a strict genre compilation.

Although there are the expected soundtrack picks like "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes and "Superfly" by Curtis Mayfield, this album also includes plenty of non-soundtrack items to create a convincing urban atmosphere. The producers wisely layer in some interesting obscurities along with the obvious choices, and Topics: funk, blaxploitation, instrumental.

It's a very good one. The songs, sadly enough, are out of sequence but this is most of what you'll hear. Blaxploitation films appeared in the early '70s, in the wake of Melvin Van Peebles' groundbreaking independent film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. Van Peebles' angry masterpiece was a serious, even dangerous work that established that raw, independent African-American films would find audiences. It also happened to have a funk soundtrack In other words it's a spoof.

Haven't seen it. IMDB rating 7. More mackin'. Topics: mackin', blaxploitation. On this episode we look at a genre and a sub-genre within that - Blaxploitation horror films! Blaxploitation was a genre that existed for only a short time in the 70s, but had a major impact. Together with our guest, Lord Blood-Rah , we'll discuss the origins of the genre and then take a look at several horror films that spun out of it.

Blacula is probably the best-known of these films, and it's a well-done vampire story. William Marshall plays Prince Mamuwalde, who is turned into a While tracking a strong-armed pimp who has skipped bail, a bounty hunter discovers a contract has been put out on him and must go on the run. R 87 min Action, Crime, Drama. Raised in Harlem, Tommy Gibbs becomes a successful mob boss but he clashes with the rival Mafia and his old enemy, dirty cop McKinney. Votes: 3, R 94 min Action, Crime, Drama.

R 91 min Action, Crime, Drama. The daily routine of cocaine dealer Priest who wants to score one more super deal and retire. Votes: 7, PG 93 min Fantasy, Horror, Romance. An ancient African prince, turned into a vampire by Dracula himself, finds himself in modern Los Angeles. PG 96 min Fantasy, Horror. The vampire Mamuwalde Blacula is stirred by African voodoo, and is forced to kill again. R 90 min Action.

At Los Angeles airport, magazine photographer Friday Foster witnesses an assassination attempt against billionaire Blake Tarr and is drawn into a murky political conspiracy. Votes: 2, R 99 min Action, Crime, Drama. A neighborhood "problem solver" is framed for murder by a couple of local crime bosses trying to get him out of the way. Votes: 1, R min Action, Adventure, Crime. Private investigator John Shaft is recruited to go undercover to break up a modern slavery ring where young Africans are lured to Paris to do chain-gang work.

R 96 min Action, Comedy, Drama. Dolemite flees to California, where he helps Queen Bee and her Kung Fu prostitutes battle a local gangster. R 90 min Action, Comedy, Crime. After he is released from jail, a pimp takes on the criminals and corrupt police officers who framed him in the first place. R min Crime, Drama. Goldie returns from five years at the state pen and winds up King of the pimping game. Trouble comes in the form of two corrupt white cops and a crime lord who wants him to return to the small time.

Sign In. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Prime Video Rent or Buy Feature Film IMDb user rating average 1 1. Release year or range to ». Shaft R min Action, Crime, Thriller 6.

Error: please try again. Shaft's Big Score!

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