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The Jews rebel, and after a war of five years are defeated and all banished. Death of Hadrian and succession of Anto- ninus Pius. Death of Antoninus : succession of Marcus Aurelius and L. War of the Marcomanni. Death of Aurelius : succession of Commo dus. Pertinax killed by the Praetorian guards, Didi.

Severus defeats his rival Niger at Issus. C fA. Severus builds bis wall in Britain. Severus dies at York, and is succeeded by Caracalla and Geta. Geta killed by his brother Caracalla. Caracalla killed and succeeded by Macrinus. In this reign Oppian flourished. Macrinus killed by the Praetorian guards and succeeded by Elagabalus.

Elagabalus killed by the Praetorian guards and succeeded by Alexander. In the reign of Alexander flourished Dion Cassius, Ori- gen and Ammonius. Maximin killed by the soldiers, and suc- ceeded by the two Gordians, who are killed by Pupienus and Balbinus.

Pupienus and Balbinus killed by the soldiers and succeeded by Gordian. Gordian killed and succeeded by Philip. Philip killed by the soldiers and succeeded by Decius. Seventh persecution of the Christians. Decius killed in battle against the Goths and succeeded by Gallus. Gallus killed and succeeded by iEmilianus, who is soon killed by his soldiers and succeeded by Valerian.

Eighth persecution of the Christians. Valerian taken by Sapor King of Persia, by whom he is kept prisoner and at length flayed alive, Gallienus succeeds Valerian. Claudius dies and is succeeded by Aurelian. Ninth persecution of the Christians. Zenobia defeated by Aurelian at Edessa. Age of Longinus. Tenth persecution of the Christians, which continues ten years.

Dioclesian and Maximianus abdicate the empire, and are succeeded by Constan- tius Chlorus and Galerius. Constantius dies, and is succeeded by his son Constantine the Great. Maxentius defeated and killed by Con- stantine. Constantine begins to favour the Chris- tians.

The first general Council of Nice. The seat of empire removed from Rome to Constantinople. Solemn dedication of Constantinople. Constantine orders all the heathen temples to be destroyed. Death of Constantine and succession of his three sons, Constantine, Constans, and Constantius. Death of Julian: succession of Jovian. Death of Jovian. Division of the empire into Western g verned by Valens, the latter by Valentinian. The Romans leave Britain.

Attila king of the Huns, surnamed the Scourge of God, ravages Europe. Rome taken by Genseric king of the Vandals. Augustulus last emperor of the West. The Western empire destroyed by Odoacer king of the Heruli, who assumes the title of King of all Italy. Justinian publishes his celebrated code, and four years after, his digest. Age of Belisarius. About this time Latin ceases to be the language of Italy.

Mahomet, in his 53d year, flies from Mecca to Medina, on Friday, July Alexandria taken by the Saracens and the library destroyed. Charlemagne crowned emperor of Rome and of the Western empire. The first crusade. Jerusalem taken by the crusaders. Third crusade, and siege of Acre.

May Mahomet II. Lempriere s Classical. Blair in giving the synchromcal dates of Olympiads and years of Rome, whereas Dr. Lempnere has content d himself with giving merely the year before Christ,! Td adds that « the era from the foundation of Rome, will be easily found by recollecting that the city was bunt years before Christ ; and the Olympiads can likewise be recurred to by the consideration that the conquest of Corcebus B.

The reader may possibly infer from Dr. Lempriere's rule, that having the year before Christ eiven he can find that of Rome by simple subtraction, and that of the Olympiads by subtraction and division: this, however, is not the case ; — to take an example — Rome was founded B. Csesar was killed B. But, m fact, he was killed A. From take 44 r Remains The The Battle of the Granieus was fought B. Lempriere, ought to give us the Olympiad ; and the remainder, if any, the year of the Olympiad.

Let us try this : From take 4 ,2 or this event ought to have happened in the 2d year of the lioth Olympiad, as I get a quotient of no and 2 over. Now it really ha Ppened in the 3d year of the 1 1 lth Olympiad. Thus, in the event already instanced, I fear I may be thought prolix, but the importance of the subject to the learner makes me anxious to represent it in the plainest light I can.

To the learned author of the Classical Dictionary the rising generation and their instructors owe so great obligations, that I can only say I wish this little book of mine may be but one-tenth as much and as deservedly esteemed. Every circle, whether greater or less, is divided into degrees ; for the antients supposed that the Ecliptic, or ppears heavens, was completed in days.

Each day's advance in this circle they called a gradus, or step, or degree, and applied the same mode of division to circles m general. Each degree is subdivided into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds. L centre to the —rence in o. I diame ter o. Thus we see a change in the direction of the Ecliptic, with respect to the Equator, at every quadrant.

The Equator, or Equinoctial, is so called because on the two days on which the sun is in the Equator, in the signs of Aries, and Libra, nodes cequantiir 9 or the time of day and night is exactly equal all ovef the world. The Polar circles are those circles which are supposed to be described by the Poles of the Ecliptic revolving round the poles of the Equator. Thus, between the Poles and Polar Circles are the two Frigid Zones, between the Frigid Zones and the Tropics are the two Temperate Zones, and between the two Tropics the Torrid Zone, deriving these appellations from the temperature of the atmosphere.

Longitude is the distance of any place from a given spot the country, measured a direction east or west, either along the equator or any circle parallel to it. West T which passed through the Fortunatse Insula?

Parallels of latitude are smaller circles drawn par to the Equator. W e may, therefore, consider the Equator as the greatest of all the circles of latitude. East longitude , and that Alexandria is in 31 Q N. L Pete and 30 E. English when other miles are not expressed- i 1 1 1 i 7 Map a miles are to be understood as spoken of. In the Map every Map England, at every degree, and each degree is subdivided into six equal parts ; each, therefore, contains ten miles.

Hence, although it is not easy in a small Map of the World to ascertain the situation of places within perhaps a degree, in the Map of Europe we may do it with tolerable accuracy to the half or quarter of a degree, and in the Map of England almost to the precision of a single mile. It may be necessary here to caution the young student, that the exact situation of a place is to be taken from the small spot, or circle, which is made near, and generally at the beginning of the name.

World There is no map in common collections used at schools comprising a part of the globe wholly in Southern latitude : South America contains the greatest portion of it. Of turning Degrees of Longitude into 2 ime. As the Earth makes one complete revolution on it axis, in a direction from West to East, in 24 hours, any ypher West of Germany, Ireland, and Europe. In most maps, unless the con- trary be expressed, the top of the map is the North, the bottom the South, the right side the East, and the left side the West.

Hence, if we divide by 24, we shall find how many degrees pass under this meridian in one hour, which will be Therefore, when it is twelve o'clock at noon at ifternoon at all 15 West ck in the fore- The following questions may serve to exercise the young student : It is eleven o'clock in the morning at Vienna Where where is it ten in the morning?

Suppose an eclipse of the sun takes place at three in the afternoon at the place where I am, and I see by the almanack that it took place at half past twelve in London — In what longitude am I? Still the division of the world into four quarters is inconvenient, as it leaves us at a loss to and Seas. It is not probable, however, that this more scientific distribution will supersede the division, sanctioned by the general usage of vulgar preceding ages N EUROPE.

Of the four generally received divisions of the world the smallest, comprising greatest breadth about and in its g length about British miles. The lower part of Italy is called the Kingdom of Naples. Norway is now subject to con- the Crown of Sweden Between the Island of Zealand and the Coast of Sweden is the celebrated passage called the Sound, where a toll is claimed from all ships which pass, by the King of Den- mark.

And in the Arctic Sea is Nova Zembla. The following are the Capitals of the principal European States, with their Lat. The learner is desired not only to look for them in the Map of Europe, but in the maps of the several countries to which they belong :! Bourdeaux 44 50 34 W. Calais 50 57 1 51 E. La, E. Lo, i t i M slaughter. Cressy is a small town, not in the maps, near Abbeville, about fifty miles from Calais, celebrated for the battle in which our Edward III. Near Paris, the residence of the Kings of France.

There are no mountains in the Nether- lands. Rotterdam 51 55 4 29 The birth-place of the illustrious Eras- mus, A. The Hague52 4 4 17 The residence of the Court of Holland, i Waterlo and about two miles farther South is the ever memorable plain where the Emperor Napoleon was utterly defeated by the Duke of Welling- ton, June There are no Mountains in Holland. Still West is that noble river the Rhine, which rises in Switzerland, receives the Mayne at Mentz, and many other tributary streams, and flows through the countries already described ' into the North Sea.

Its course is about miles. The principal Rivers in the Austrian Dominions are the Danube, whose source and course is already described; the Tiess, which flows into the Danube near Belgrade ; the Save, which forms'a boundary to Austria and Turkey, and flows into the Danube at Belgrade; the Drave, which joins the Danube above the Save, near Esseg; the Inn, which joins the Danube on the Western boundary of the Austrian Dominions, near Passau; and the Elbe, already described, which rises not far from Olmutz in Moravia.

Between them is the Great St. Bernard, one of the passes over the Alps into Italy. The Alps are the principal Mountains in the North of Italv. In the central part of Italy are » i JNT. Many of the smaller moun- tains in the neighbourhood of iEtna exceed Vesuvius.

The crater of Vesuvius is about half a mile in circum- ference, that of iEtna never less than three, and often six miles. In the neighbourhood of Sicily, to the North, are several small Volcanic Islands, known by the general name of the Lipari Isles.

Corunna 43 23 8 19 W. Memorable for the famous Battle of Corunna, between the English and French, the latter of whom were defeated; but the English General, Sir John Moore, fell in the action, 16th January, Reckoned the Wonder of Spain. Mary; the Taje, or Tagus, which rises in Castile, and flows through Spain and Portugal till it enters the Atlantic below Lisbon ; and the Douro, which rises near the ruins of antient Numantia, and, flowing through Spain and Portugal, enters the Atlantic at Oporto.

The principal Mountains of Spain are the Pyrenees, of which the highest, Mount Perdu, is about 11, feet, being not lower than iEtna ; the Sierra Morena ; and Sierra Nevada; and Montserrat ; which last is a solitary mountain near Barcelona, and so high that the Islands of Majorca and Minorca can be seen from it, which are distant about miles.

The chief is the chain of Arrabeda, in Estremadura, some of the highest points of which may be feet. The principal Rivers are the Tagus and Douro, already described, the Mondego, which passes by Coimbra, and the Minho, which forms the boundary between Portugal and Gallicia. The principal Mountains of Prussia are in its Southern boundary, in what was formerly part of the Kingdom of Poland : they are part of the Carpathian chain, and called by the general appellation of the Sudetic Mountains; — the greatest height is about feet.

The princi- pal Russian Mountains are those of Taurida, on the Black Sea ; of Olonetz, towards the White Sea ; and of Ural, which separates Europe from Asia : but none of these heights are very considerable, — Pauda, which is one of the highest, not being feet above the level of the sea. In Sweden are N. Sweden, Norway, and Lapland abound in Lakes, bu the Rivers are generally of inconsiderable magnitude. Sweden may be considered as a moun- tainous country, especially on the confines of Norway.

The highest Swedish Alps are about feet above the level of the sea. In a direct line above the town of Tornea is N. Denmark abounds in small streams, but has no River of importance. In Norway there are abundance of Rivers, but few of them, owing to their cataracts,' are navigable- The principal River of Norway is the Glomen, which is full of cataracts and shoals: it snrinrrc from and falls into the North Sea at Frederickstadt, below Christiana. Denm has no Mountains ; but Norway is an Alpine coun The highest Norwegian Mountains are about 9fi00 f or perhaps somewhat more, above the level of the sea.

The Mountai the sea. His great protector on the Continent was the Elector of Saxony. The persecution of the Protestants in France obliged him to fly to Geneva, whefe he established his system, and died A. The following churches are Calvinistic : Scot- land, Holland, and Geneva. The Roman Catholic Church contains many errors, which were gradually introduced into it by the conti- nually increasing thirst of the Popes for temporal power.

April 1 9. P I t i h M tli Sov immediate vicars or vicegerents of God. TheC Roman Empire, the capital of which was Constantinople. Hence it is also called the Eastern, in contradistinction to the Romish or Western Church, from which it differs in many unimportant points of discipline, but few very doctrine. The Mahometans acknowledge the divine mission of Moses and of Christ; but maintain that these were ineffectual to convert mankind, and that none but faithful Mussulmen, or Mahometans, will be entitled to future happiness, which they believe will con- sist in a paradise of sensual delights.

They are also believers in predestination. The doctrines of Mahomet are to be found in the Coran, which may be called the Mahometan bible. The remainder of the island. North of this, is Scotland. Counties Extent in Popu- Sj. Miles lotion Chief Towns. Norfolk J j Suffolk n Essex! Hertford Middlesex. The Severn rises in Plinlimmon, on the edge of Montgomeryshire and Cardiganshire, and flows by Shrewsbury, Worcester, Tewkesbury, where it receives the Avon, and Gloucester, into the Bristol Channel, below Bristol, receiving in its estuary the Wy Humber Gern an Ocean than a river; receiving the waters of many rivers, the principal of which are the Trent and the Ouse.

Mersey and forms an estuary at Liverpool. The highest Welsh Moun- tains are principally in North Wales. In Devonshire, a long range runs through the country, seen at a great distance by mariners, and called by them the High Blue Land. Union in Th S Northern Division. The Forth rises in Ben Lomond, and, flowing by Stirling, falls into the estuary called the Firth of Forth, which forms a grand arm of the Sea at Edinburgh, The Clyde rises in the corner of Tweeddale, not far from the Southern source of the Tweed, and flowing by Lanark, Glasgow, Dum- barton, and Greenock, falls into the Firth of Clyde.

I f i ' West of a great modern in Fifeshii has made classic ground. Lochlevin, in also celebrated as the spot where the unfortunate Queen Mary was confined by the confederate Lords, A. Inverness Banff Perth Ross Perth Perth Perth Perth Dumbarton Perth Perth Feet Nevis is the highest Mountain Ireland is about miles in length and in its It and a population probably exceeding five millions, is divided into four provinces.

In an island almost in the narrowest part of this lake, on its Western side, stands the town Neaffh in the county of Antrir Enniskillen. Lough has however a greater expanse of water, being 22 miles long and 12 broad. Macgillicuddy Reeks, near the Lake of Killarney, which are about feet high.

Groagh Mayo, a Donard Mount Neph of Wick Mountains are more remarkable for their picturesqi than We ought not to pass the G of Scotland, ii s magnifice in that celebrated cave of Fingal. Asia is bounded the North by the Arctic, on the East by the Pacific, and on the South by the Indian Ocean , its Western boundary, which separates it from Europe, has already been described. In Hindoostan the l 3 r i A V 49 West, is the British settlement of Bombay an island a little below the Gulf of Cambay, at the top of the Peninsula , and above it is the town of Surat on the Continent.

Below it is Groa, the chief settlement of the Portuguese. The lower Western coast of the Peninsula is called the coast of Malabar, and the opposite Eastern, that of Coromandel. Tippoo Saib Was conquered and slain, and his capital, Serin- gapatam, taken by the British, May 4th, ; since which time the Mysore has been under the direction olF the British Government.

The extreme Southern point of Hindoostan is called Cape Comorin. On the Coromandel or Eastern shore, the Kingdom opposite the Mysore is called the Carnatic, nominally possessed by the Nabob of Arcot, but virtually by the British. About half- way between Cape Comorin and Masulipatam, where the shore bends to the East, is Pondicherry, formerly the capital of the French settlements in the East Indies, but now possessed by the British, who are, in fact, the actual possessors of India Proper.

South of Pondicherry is Tranquebar, and North of it is Mad ras. The Peninsula below Pegu on the one side and Siam on the other, is called Malacca. West of China, and stretching over the British settle- ments in India, the Mogul Empire, and the Peninsula of Malacca, is the immense unex- plored region of Thibet. North and North West of China is the extensive and almost unex- plored region of Chinese or Mongul Tartary, or, as it should be rather called, Tatary. The whole upper part of Asia, beyond the provinces already i s if I 51 described, belongs to Russia, and is included under one general name of Siberia.

The North Eastern peninsular extremity is called Kam- schatcka, and above it are the Coriacs and Tchutuskoi, between which and the North Western parts of North America is a straight called Bhering's Straights. Among the more remarkable places and cities in Asia, Min N. On the Tigris Bagdad N. It is conducted over the summits of mountains, some of which rise to the height of feet, across the deepest vales, over wide rivers, by means of arches, and in many parts is doubled and trebled to command important passes.

At almost every yards is a square tower, or bastion. Its length isi miles, its height 25 feet, and its breadth at the top 15 feet. A much greater antiquity is given to this stupendous work than is probably consistent with fact ; it being asserted by Sir G. Staunton to be about years old ; but the best informed writers do not give it an antiquity of years, and perhaps even less woul d be nearer the truth.

It was built to prevent the incursions of the Mandshur Tartars into China; who, however, climbed over it about A. We must not omit some singular but immense bodies of water : of these, the Caspian Sea is detached from all communication with other seas, and is about miles in length, and from to miles in breadth.

About miles East of the Caspian is another smaller detached called the Sea of Aral, about miles long, and A North 70 broad, which is salt like the Cas once joined it. At a great distance Sea of Aral, is the Sea or Lake of Baikal, in the South of Siberia, about miles in length, and 35 in breadth, whose water is fresh. In Thibet, and the adjacent countries, they have been considered by some of the latest and most intelligent writers, to be most probably of prodi- gious altitude, — beyond the European Alps, and per- haps the American Andes.

East of Sumatra, and above Ja va is the large Island of Borneo. Above Borneo are the Philippines, belonging to Spain, called sometimes the Manillas, from Manilla, their capital. East of Borneo are the Celebezian Isles, of which Celebes is the chief. Off coast of China lies the Island of Hainan. The remainder of the Asiatic Isles will be briefly noticed in another place. The religion of the Turkish dominions in Asia is Mahometanism. In Georgia and Syria there are many Christians, though their doctrines are very corrupt.

In Persia are Mahometans, and in many parts of Hin- doostan, but the Hindoo religion is the proper religion of Hindoostan, and consists in the idolatrous worship of a Trinity, composed of three deities — Brahma, Vishna, and Shiva, or the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer, together with an infinite number of subordinate and inferior deities. The Japanese, Chinese, and Tartars, are Idolaters ; but the Tartars are generally Schama- nians, whose religion is founded on the self-existence of matter, a world of spirits, and the general restitution of all things.

Next to Fez, proceeding eastward is Alg and of it Tunis ; then Tripol where the shore has taken a Southward direction and Barca, and still Eastward Egypt The whole coast from Fez to Tripoli inclusive is called the Barbary Coast ; and the Governments are of a military nature, under a Governor called a Dey, or Bey, who is nominally subject to the Grand Sig but really independent pt his own soldiers, who th a licentiousness resembling that of the antient praetorian guards frequently depose and murder their Governors Ml I 58 Below the whole Barbary coast is the Sahara, i great desert of immense and unexplored extent and below it, reaching from a little above Cap Verd to the coast of G Senesrambia, so the coast of 'to and Gambia j so called from the rivers Senegal and in the interior various uncivi- lized Kingdoms of Negro Chiefs, the principal of which are the Foulahs and JalofFs.

Towards the Southern extremity of the coast of Senegambia is the settlement of Sierra Leone, below which is the coast of Guinea, divided into the Gr Ivory coast, Gold d formerlv the Slave traffic for slaves was abolished by act of parliament, A. It appears, however, pro- bable, that the Phoenicians had doubled it about B.

West of these, towards the interior, are the Gallas, and still West bearing to the South, in central Africa, is vEthiopia, North of which is Nigritia or Sudan. The re- mainder of Africa is almost wholly unexplored and unknown. Abyssinia is Darfur. Antiently Carthage. On the Western side of Africa is the great river Niger, whose sources are also unknown, which was f It is singular, that this river, though on the Western side of Africa, runs towards the East, and most probably dis- charges itself into some immense lake in the central and unexplored parts of Africa.

Niger Gambia into the Atlantic. Of the Mountains, the most memorable is Mount Atlas. The central parts of Africa may possibly contain immense mountains, as the mountains of Abyssinia are of prodigious height, and yet seem but parts of some great central chain. There is also some high land about the Cape. See the note on p. Frequently also both themselves and their camels perish for want of water. Below the Straights of Gibraltar, Madeira Islands, two in number, belonging Portugal, and below them the Canary Islands, or Fortunatae Insulae of the antients, belonging to Spain, seven of which are inhabited, chief of the Canary Islands is Teneriffe, where is tne celebrated mountain called the Teneriffe, which is an almost extinct volcano, about 12, feet above the level Below the Canaries are the Cape Verd Islands, ten in number, lying off Cape Verd, and belong- ing to the Portuguese, the chief of which is St.

Helena, belonging to the English, where the homeward bound East India- men touch for refreshments. The smaller African Islands on the coast of the Red Sea are not worth particular notice. The Abyssinians are nominally Christians, but their doctrines have been grossly corrupted.

The Central and Southern tribes of Africa are generally Pagans. In his first voyage he discovered the Bahama Islands October It was not till his fourth voyage that he discovered the main land of South Ame rica, in the year ; previously to which time Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine, had published an account of the islands discovered by Colum- bus, and from this circumstance, has given his name to the New World.

Lawrence, into the Atlantic Ocean. At the mouths of the River St. The country lying above the River St. These States, now sixteen in number, may be divided into Northern, Middle and Southern. At the back of Vir- ginia and North Carolina is Kentucky, below which, but separated by the country of the Tenassees, is Georgia, reaching even to the coast of the Atlantic. Below these is Mexico, or New Spain, divided into various provinces, at the lower part of which is Hon- duras, where logwood is cut.

Of the cities in North America, the principal in the British dominions are N. Lawrence and Utawas, which is the boundary betwen Upper and Lower Canada. Baltimore 39 20 76 50 In Maryland. The St. Lawrence is 90 miles wide at its mouth, and navigable for ships of theli Quebec, miles from the sea« where is still five miles broad. Lake Huron is miles in circumference, and storms here are as d as in the ocean. The famous cataract of Niaar o the river of that name, which empties itself o empties itself from the Lake Ontario.

This cataract is from to feet high, and more than three quarters Lake Erie into of a mile in the g tons of water in a minute; the sound of it is often heard, and the ascending mist seen at an incredible distance. The Mountains of North America, with the exception of those in Mexico, are not of great height. The most celebrated are those of the Apalachian chain, which, extend for miles ; but their highest summits, in the province of New Hampshire, are not above feet, and generally speaking are considerably lower.

Mexico abounds with volcanos and mountains of great height f 2 : 68 1 i; I The summit of Orcasilas is visible from the sea, though 1 60 miles from the coast, and Orizava, near Vera Cruz, is thought to be still higher. The Topian Mountains, on the side of California, form the principal Mexican chain. John's to the West of it. Below these are the Bermudas or Somers islands, four in number, lying off the Coast of North Carolina, about midway between Newfoundland and the West Indies.

Domingo, to the East, and Jamaica below it. Still East of Hispaniola, is Porto Rico. Cuba is miles long, and about 70 broad, belonging to Spain. Porto Rico is above miles long, and 40 broad, and belongs to Spain. Below them is the island of Trini- dad, ceded by Spain to the English : consider- ably to the West of which are the Islands of Margarita, belonging to Spain, and, still West- ward, Curacoa, belonging to the Dutch. The Indians are un- converted Pagans, who yet have some notion of a Great Spirit and a future state.

At the lower part of South America is Patagonia. Salvador Rio Janeiro " or St. Sebastian Peru, 76 49 77 55 f S. This Monarch of rivers is navigable, for a ship of tons, for a distance of miles, and receives many mighty streams in it» f 4 ''! The effect of the tide in this river is per- ceptible for miles, and at about miles from its mouth it is so broad, that the opposite shore cannot be seen.

It rises in the mountains of Brazil, in It Is so immensely broad near its mouth, that land cannot be discovered on either side from a ship in the middle of the river. The principal Mountains of South America are the Andes, forming a stupendous chain of miles of the most gigantic mountains in the world.

Off the coast — of Chili, in Lat. At the bottom of Chili is the large island of Chiloe, miles long, broad, in the Gulph of Chonas. The Ladrone Isles, about twelve or fourteen in number. The Carolinas, in number thirty. In the Western Hemisphere are, IV. The Marquesas ; and below them are, VI. A group of Isles, in number about seventy, called the Society Islands, of which Otaheite is the principal.

West of these i3 75 are, VII. The Friendly Isles. West of these, IX. The remaining parts of the Globe ate either unexplored, or omitted as of less impor- tance in a summary survey like the present. Denmark d Norway, which they called Scandinavia, and thought to consist of a number of islands. India they knew as far as the Ganges, and even mention a nation called Sinae, now part of Cochin China.

In Africa they knew little beyond Lat. It was bounded on the North by the Alps, on the West by the Mare Tyrrhenum sive inferum, or Lower Sea, on the East by the Mare sive superum, or Upper Sea, now Hadriaticum sive the Gulph of Venice, and on the South by the Mare Ionium, or Grecian Sea, so called because - this sea washes on one side Greece itself, and on the other side the South of Italy, which, under the name of Magna Graecia, antiently contained many flourishing Greek colonies.

Italy may be divided into three parts, Northern, Central, and Southern. The first of these is called Gallia Cisalpina, or Gaul on this i. I s Gallia Cisalpina extended from the Maritime Alps, and the river Varus, or Var, to the shores of the Adriatic, and was also called Gallia togata, from their use of the Roman toga. It contained Liguria, on the coast, at the bend or knee of the boot, where is Genua, now the territory and gulph of Genoa. West of the Veneti are the Euganei.

Ant enor Hadria said to have been founded by atic. On the coast is, Ravenna, celebrated for a port and arsenal, made there by Augustus as a rendez- vous for his fleets in the Adriatic, afterwards, for its having been the residence of the Emperors of the West, when Rome was possessed by the Barbarians, and, after that, for its being the seat of the Exarch, or Governor appointed by the Emperors of the East, when Italy was in possession of the Lombards.

It was remarkably ill supplied with water till it became the seat of govern- ment. TrisU IV. Bernard and St. This is the most probable passage of Hannibal into Italy. G 3 Virg. East of Etruria were the Umbri, a very antient nation, whose coast along the Adriatic was subsequently occupied by the Galli Senones. Their name still remains in Sena Gallica, now Senigaglia. Below these was Turn vires praebebat hyeml Caesar ut adversam superato gurgite ripam Attigit, Hesperiae vetitis et constitit arvis, Hie ait, hie, pacem temerataque jura relinquo; Te, Fortuna, sequor Lucan.

Inflavit cum pinguis ebur Tyrrhenus ad aras, Lancibus et pandis fumantia reddimus exta. Below Clusium is Volsinii, now Bolsena, where Sejanus was born. South East is Falerii, or Falisci, a small village, now Talari. Among the Falisci was Mons Soracte mentioned f Horace.

Centum, Cellae, now Civita Vecchia, the chief port of modern Rome. Inland, at the foot of the Apennines, is Nuceria, now Nocera. These three last are Sabine towns. The principal Rivers and Lakes in Etruria, are the Arnus, or Arno, which rises in the Apennines, not very far from Florence, and flows into the sea near Pisa; the Tiber, which flows principally from North to South, rising in the Umbriah Apennines, and receiving the Clanis, or Ckiaca, below Clusium ; the Nar , or Neva, which rises near Nursia, and flows into the Tiber near Narnia and Ocriculum ; and the Anio, or Teveronc, which rises at Treba near Anagnia, and flowing by the town of Tibur now Tivoli, celebrated for its cascades, falls into the Tiber just above Rome.

Salinator and Claudius Nerof, A. Tiber was Latium, in which is Ostia called from its being the port at the mouth of the Tiber, about 20 miles from Rome. G JEneas. O Diva gratum quag regis Antium. Ostrea Circaeis, Miseno oriuntur echini Hor. Circaeis nata forent, an Lucrinum ad saxum, Rutupinove edita fundo Ostrea callebat primo dignoscere morsu Juvenal. Eneia nutrix iEternam moriens famam, Caieta, dedisti. About twelve miles South East of Rome we have Tusculum, where was Cicero's celebrated villa, the scene of his Tusculan Disputations ; it is now called FrascatL Praeneste f, the retreat of Horace, is to the East of this now called Palestrina.

X Tibur Argaeo positum colono Sit meae sedes utinam senectae Hor. The Liris is now i called the Garigliano. The small river Fibrenus, which ran by Cicero's paternal villa, falls into it not far from Arpinum. This was the first inhabited part of Rome, and is sometimes put by way of eminence for the whole. X Carm. On Mons Capitolinus was the Capitol, and Tarpeian Rock, Mons Aventinus was the burying-place of Remus; hence it was looked upon as a place of ill omen.

At the foot of the Capitol was the Forum Romanum, and on one side of it the famous Milliarium, or Golden Mile"" stone, from which all the Roman roads were measured. The chief city of Campania was Capua, cele- brated for the luxury of its inhabitants ; and below it, on the coast, is the no less celebrated city of Neapolis, a Greek colony, which is now Naples.

Baiae and Puteoli were on the op- and celebr Roman nobility f. The former of these is now called Bay a, the latter Pozzuolo. It is now only a muddy Cras ferramenta Teanum Tolletis fabri. Sat II. X Caecubum, et praelo domitam Caleno Tu bibes uvam.

Mea nee Falernae Teraperant vites, neque Formiani Pocula colles. I Hor. Virg, Georg. Extulit i Virg. North West of these was Amiternnm. This part of Italy is now called Abruzzo. The principal River Samnium is the Sagrus, or Sangro. It is divided into the prin- cipal provinces of Apulia, Messapia, or Japygia, called also Calabria, Lucania, and the country of the Bruttii, or Bruttiorum Ager. Diomede settled ir, and founded the city of Marsis qusesitae in montibus herbse Firs.

Nee vocata mens tua Marsis redibit vocibus. Quid proderit ditasse Pelignas anus Velociusre miscuisse toxicum. Arp Manfredonia. West of Arp Luceria Venu brated for its wool. C , B. Nam Venusinus arat finem sub utrumque colonus. In the spur of the boot was Mons Monte St. Angelo ; and near Venusia was Mons Hoi '«b race.

The Calabri have given to this country the general name of Calabria. Adriatic is B the principal port for the passengers from Greece to Italy. Horace has described the road from Rome to this place in the fifth satire of his first book. Aut Aquilonibus Querceta Gargani laborant. Hor, Eput. Od, II. Hor, Od, III. Below On the coast of the the celebrated school C.

Heraclea and Sybaris, or Thurium, so celebrated Ennius emeruit, Calabris in montibus ortus, Contiguus poni, Scipio magne, tibi. De Art. C Virg. Gulph South of Lucania are the Bruttii. Above Locri is Scylacium, now Squillaci, and above it is the promontory of Lacinium f, now called Capo delta Colonna, from a column of a celebrated temple of Juno Lacinia still remaining. Above it is Croton, or Crotona, the birth-place of the famous Olympic victor 2. See also a beautiful story respecting the painting of Venus by 2euxis in this temple, related by Cicero, De Invent, II.

Above this is loctetes, after his return from the Trojan war; and above it Roscianum, now Rosano. Neto same vicinity, and falls into the sea above Crotona. The Pramestina, to the same city, which passed through Gabii, having Collatia to the left. The Tiburtina or Valeria, which led through Tibur to the Adriatic.

The Cassia, which passed between the Flaminia and Claudia, over the little river Cremera, through Veii. The Triumphal is, which, joined the Claudia six miles from Rome. The promontory of ro. Below it is Tauromenium, and below it Catana, which still retains il foot of Mount jEtna, now called Monte Taorm The most remarkable poetic descriptions of the eruptions of.

Etna are in Pindar Pyth. At Scyllam caecis cohibet spelunca latebris, Ora exsertantem et naves in saxa trahentenu Prima hominis facies, et pulchro pectore virg Pube tenus : postrema immani corpore pristis Delphinum caudas utero commissa luporura. Turbine fum ant em piceo et candente favilla: Attollitque globos flammarum, et sidera lambit : Interdum scopulos avulsaque viscera montis Erigit eructans, liquefactaque saxa sub auras Cum geroitu glomerat, fundoque exaestuat imo, Fama est Enceladi semiustum fulmine corpus Urgeri mole hac, ingentemque insuper JEtnam Impositam, ruptis flammam exspirare caminis : Et, fessum quoties mutat latus, intremere omnem Murmure Trinacriam, et coslum subtexere fumo.

Mn i Virg. The wine of this region is celebrated by Horace.. Below was the! C, , A. The ports of Syracuse lay at the South, below the town. The lesser port was formed by the town and the North side of the little island Ortygia, in which was the fountain Are- thusa ; the greater port, in which was the mouth of the river Anapus, was formed by the Southern side of the island and a bay reaching to the promontory called Plemmyrium, in the recess of which promontory was a castle.

That part of the town called Acradina was near- est the shore, and its Southern extremity formed one side of the little port. Its whole circuit was stadia, above 22 English miles. This description maybe of service in reading Thucydides. Ascending alon Southern shore of Sicily is Camarina, antiently called Hyperia, so often celebrated by Pindar ; it is still called Camarana : above it is Gela, near the modern Terra Nov, H rated the Syracusan from the Carthaginian dependencies in Sicily.

West of the Himera is the city of Agrigen- tum, or Agragas as it is called by the Greeks, so often celebrated by Pindar, now called Girgenti. From Selinus the shore bends upwards to the Western promontory of Lilyboeum, which is nearly opposite Carthage, and still preserves its old name in Boeo ; but the city of Lilybceum is now called Marsala. H on another and smaller river of that name; it is now called Termini, from the Thermae, or warm baths, which were in its vicinity. Each of the promontories of Sicily had a celebrated temple.

The antients fabled that the giant Mount Typhosus was buried under Sicily, Pelorum and P feet, and iEtn placed on each arm, Lilyb a on his head, and that the of iEtna were caused by his move. Nititurille quidem, pugnatque resurgere saspe ; Dextra sed Ausonio manus est subjecta Peloro : Laeva, Pachyne, tibi : Lilybceo crura premuntur Degravat iEtna caput : sub qua resupinus arenas Ejectat, flammamque fero vomit ore Typhceus. Saepe remoliri luctatur pondera terrae, Oppidaque et magnos eyolvere corpore montesj Inde tremit tellus.

Ovid Mel. Here were the forges of Vulcan, described by the poets, particularly by Homer and Virgil. North Wei and Sardinia. U It was celebrated which gave a poisonous quality to the honey. Sic mea Cyrnaeas fugiant examina taxos Eel IX. It derived its name from Sardus, the son of Hercules, - chief of an African colony planted there. It was taken by the Romans with Corsica.

The air of Sardinia was considered very unwholesome, and the quantity of worm- wood and bitter herbs it produced, particularly a species of ranunculus, was proverbial, f As the features were contracted by the taste of these, the expression Sardous risus, a Sardonic smile, was used to signify a malevolent grin.

The principal town was Caralis, now Cagliari. Recent events have given celebrity to the little island of Ilva, now Elba, lying between the extreme Northern point of Corsica and Etruria. Italy to a boot ; Sicily, by the antients, to a triangle, hence called Triquetra, by the moderns, to the less philo- sophic form of a shoulder of mutton; Corsica to a heart. I s Britain appears to have been peopled by successive migrations from the neighbouring coast of Gaul, it will be our most natural way of proceeding to begin with describing the parts nearest that country.

Opposite the coast of Gaul, and divided from it by a narrow Strait, were, I. The Cantii, or people of Kent and part of Middlesex, whose principal harbour was Rutupise, or Hi chborough, where the Romans generally landed. Even in the days of Juvenal the oysters of Richborough were imported into Italy.

Durovernum, or Darvernum was Canterbury. The principal station here was Venta Belgarum, or Winchester. South West them were, IV. The Durotriges, or the inhabitants of Dorsetshire. The chief town was Dunium, or Dornovana, now Dorchester. Tamari Ostia was the mouth of the Tamar, now Plymouth Sound.

North, above the Cantii, were the Trinobantes, or people of Essex and Middlesex. Their principal town was Calleva, pro- bably Silchester. Their capital was Verulamium, near St. Wales was divided among two principal nations : X. The Demetae were a tribe of Silures on the coast. The great Caractacus, who was defeated by Os- torius Scapula, A. Their capital was Mediolanium, or Meywood, in Montgomeryshire. The Huicii, or Jugantes, as they were called by Tacitus, were a tribe of the Cornavii settled in Warwickshire and Worcester Parisi, hire.

North of the Coritani were the but a small nation, situated in that part of York- Molderness. They possessed the whole extent of Britain from sea to sea, comprising the counties of York, Durham, Lancaster', Westmoreland, and Cum- berland. The famous Cartismandua, with whom Carac- tacus took refuge, was queen of the Brigantes.

The principal towns were Eboracum, or York, one of Borouffhbrid sland, and Isurium, or Aldborough, near which was at one time the capital of the Brigantes. These are the principal British nations. Fla- via Caes'ariensis, containing the West and South West. Britannia Secunda, containing Wales. Maxima Caesariensis, containing the North of Britain. And sub- sequently, V. But in A.

D Hadrianplanned and executed that mighty rampart about described. This work was garrisoned by soldiers stationed at proper intervals, in forts which had formed the Jirst wall of Agricola. Twenty years alter i this, A. This work consisted of a ditch about 12 feet wide, the principal wall, or vallum, on the South brink of the ditch, whose foundations are 1 2 feet thick, but the height is unknown, and a military way on the South of the vallum.

There were forts, or stations, at the distance of every two miles, and smaller towers in the intervals between the forts. But the greatest work of all was that of Severus, yet to be described. It was begun A. These were used as watch towers, and, being within reach of each other, communications could be made with the utmost facility, relieving guards, there was a mil For made square stones, the whole length of the wall, on its South side, and communicating with each turret and castle; and at some distance, South of this, Was another larger mili- tary way, paved also with square stone, communicating from station to station.

The whole body of forces em- ployed to garrison this stupendous work was not less than 10, men, of whom were cavalry, and ma- riners, at the points where the ramparts communicated with the shore. The Ermm Street most probably derived from the Saxon Herrman, a warrior, signifying that it was a military road, extended from St.

David's to Southampton. From these principal roads there were many minor branches. His- ded into two provinces, Baetica, or the South of Spain, between the river Anas, or Gua- diana, and Hispania Citerior ; and above it, Lusitania, corresponding in great measure, but not entirely, to our Citerior, or Tarraconensis, con- The Ceretani, Cosetani, Lace- Portugal.

Thq tani, and Ilergetes, occupied what is now Catalonia. The Vascones were seated in the kingdom of Navarre ; whose chief city was Pompelo, or Pampeluna. Among them were the Concani, whose ferocity is also celebrated by Horace, f Next to the Cantabri were the Astures, or inhabitants of As- turias, whose capital Asturica is still called Astorga. The station of the seventh legion gave name to the colony of Legio, or Leon.

Still Westward, the Callaeci or Cal- liaci inhabited the country now called Gallicia. At the mouth of the Durius is the port of Calle, which, having been corrupted into Portugal, has given a modern name to the antient province of Lusitania. Among the Vaccaei, was Palentia, and East of it was Numantia, among the Pelendones, which resisted the Roman armies four- teen years, and was utterly destroyed by Scipio Africanus Minor, B. It was situated near the sources of the Douro. Ill, 4 Ebro, were the Celtiberi, a great and powerful peopl of Romans.

Their capital Caesar Augusta has been corrupted into Saragossa. A little above their Southern boundary was Valencia, and above it the famous city of Saguntum, by the siege of which Hannibal began his first attack on the Romans, which Pun , A. Hannibal after a siege of four months, and the inhabitants burnt themselves and their effects that they might not fall into his hands. It was afterwards rebuilt, and some remains of it are still to be seen, undei Muri Veteres.

North West of Saguntum was Segobriga, now Segorbe. East of the Edetani, near the mouths of the Iberus, were the Ilercaones. Their principal city was Toletum, now Toledo, and Complutum, now Al- cala. West of Toletum was Libora, now Talavera, on theT agus. Mancha Below the Carp. Their capital was ed city of Carthago Nova, or Carthagena. At the Fretum Herculeum stood Calpe, or Gibraltar, celebrated for one of the pillars of Hercules ; the other was at Abila, on the African coast.

These pillars are said to have been erected by Hercules as the limits of the Western world. Irene, and now corrupted into Santarem. The Volumes oc- cupied the province of Estremadura. On the frontier of the Arevaci is Salmantica, now Salamanca. Belo gusta now Merida. Its extreme promontory was called the Sacrum Promontorium, now the memorable Cape St. Thei skill in slinging, f retains its name. I, Of these the Celtae were the most extensive and indigenous, and their name is that under which the whole nation was known to the Greeks, the word Galli being the Latinized native term Gael.

The Belgse lay above the Celtae, between the Seine and Lower course were intermixed with the Germanic tribes; and l he Aquitani lay between the Garumna and Pyrenees, and were intermixed with the Spanish tribes. These great divisions, however, were subsequently altered by Augustus, B. Lastly, the South of Gaul, which, from having been the first province possessed by the Romans, was distinguished by the name of Gallia Provincia, took the name of Narbonensis.

These prevailing the time of Caesar, before the quadruple partition above alluded to. We Western bend of the Sinus, nearly corresponding to Languedoc. Among the former was the city Nemausus, or Nismes. Hence we need not doubt that these breeches were made of striped materials.

Hence also we may understand what is meant by the virgati Daha, having a reference to their striped garments. Traces of this early apparel may yet be observed in the Scotch plaid, the patterns of which are always longitudinal and transverse stripes. The Highlanders are a Gaelic t e, a Celtic race. The capital was Aquae Sextise, or Aix. The most considerable people were the Ca- turiges.

They were situated at the foot of the Cottian Alps, or Mount Genevre, over which Hannibal passed in his way to Italy, and which were so galled from a prince named Cottius, who was protected by Augustus. Bernard, and above it the Alpis Pennina, or Great St. Hon Epod, XVI. The Bituriges Cubi were the princi- pal people of Aquitania Prima ; their capital, first called Avaricum, afterwards took the name of the people, and is still called Bourges.

West of the Ruteni were the Cadurci, whose capital was Divona, or Cahors ; above it was Uxellodunum, be- sieged by Caesar The Lemovices, whose capital was Augustoritum, still give name to Limoges. The Petrocorii give name to Perigeux, the former name of which was Vesuna, still retained in that quarter of the city called La Visone. Above the Garumna, the Santones give name to the province of Santogne, and the city of Saintes.

Uliarus, opposite the mouth of the Garonne, is the Isle qfOleron. The Sotiates t ; them, mentioned bv Caesar. The capital of Lugdunensis Prima, was Lugdunum, in the small tribe of the Ambarri, between the junctions of the Arar and Khodanus, or the Saone and Rhone. Above it was the famous city of Aiesia, or Alise, the account of whose memorable siege occupies the last two- and-twenty chapters of Caesar's Gallic war. Near it were given their name to their ash seventh book on the Lingones, who have tunum, now Langres.

Immediately adjoining these, to the North West, were the Senones, from whom the Lugdunensis Quarta was called Senonia, and which will be more conveniently now described, than in its regular order after the second and third. Their capital, origin- ally called Agidincum, is now called, from the name of peo Sens.

To the West of them, the Carnutes have, in like manner, given to their capital B he name of Chartres ; and, to the North, the give to Lutetia the name of Paris. South mtes, the Aureliani still preserve their name K s :,'i!

Off this coast were the islands of Csesarea, Sarnia, and Riduna — Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney, The Lugdunensis Tertia had for its principal people the Turones, who have given the name of Tours to Csesarodunum, their capital. Above them were the Andes, or Andecavi, whose capital, Juliomagus, has still And the Aulerci tal, Suindunum, the ved the name of Angers.

The Arvii have preserved their capital in a place called Cite, on the little river Erve. The Diablintes have given to Neodunum the name of Jablins. The whole of this tract between the Seine and Loire was called Armorica, which at last, however, was exclusively con- fined to Bretagne i Gall Secunda, Gerraania Prima, or Superior, and Secund and Inferior, and Maxima the principal people were the Trevere Augusta, is still called Treves, situate In Belgica Prima Mos, afterwards situated on the Mosella, which flows into the Rhine.

Southwards Mediomatrici, whose capital, Divodurum. IOC International Olympic Committee CHILDREN UEFA home-grown players schemes, coming through CSA Conseil suprieur de l'audiovisuel junior teams, youth academies V-chip, protection of minors, PG Parental Guidance, icon Fifa Sepp Blatter system, filtering, puce anti-violence governing bodies aired was broadcast dual careers sport, education game shows players' agents, Spielervermittler couch potatoes Hawk-Eye, the days of haranguing refs could be over prophets of doom equestrian events the ultimate babysitter field and track, lekkoatletyka smut and pornography public order at football grounds inappropriate content gamb.

HSS hermetically sealed systems, refrigerators and ozon. ASBESTOS FUR Eternit labelling safety and health at work cross-breeds blue asbestos, Krokydolith cat and dog fur CIE Cement Induced Eczema unscrupulous traders individual breathing equipment felix cattus, felix silvestris asbestos removal, dsamiantisation licensed fur farms, furriers asbestos white, blue, brown , available substitutes, steel-jawed leg-hold traps, Tellereisen Eternit in fibre cement farmed fur, harvesting fur-bearing animals inhalation, asbestosis, pneumoconiosis, pulmonary, traditional way of life, trappers tend their traplines, contact dermatitis trapping season, wildlife demolition, repair work, cladding, the built environment, cat blankets, so the aficionados say, are good for building sites rheumatism and joint pains workers exposed to asbestos fibres, the working humane trapping methods, are padded leghold traps a 3 environment, dust, per m , exposure limit values, figleaf?

Cartagena protocol on biosafety, GM-free food, bio- conventionally bred, Zchtung piracy traditional breeding techniques Rio Convention, additional protocol on bio-safety germinal products semen, oocytes and embryos directives: 1 contained use, Laborrichtlinie 2 deliberate collected or produced.

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Antwerpen shuttered shops and vandalised property BE22 Prov. Limburg B conversion of declining industrial regions BE23 Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen an observable fall in industrial employment BE24 Prov. Vlaams Brabant turned into spiffy gentrified neighbourhoods BE25 Prov. West-Vlaanderen realities on the ground, une meilleure intgration dans le BE31 Prov. Brabant Wallon cadre du tissu BE32 Prov. Lige economic and social conversion of areas experiencing BE34 Prov. Luxembourg B structural difficulties BE35 Prov.

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Madam Co Chairperson! Hacienda, Ministry of Finance and Public Administration as much as we want that Fomento, Ministry of Public Works and transport where are the boundaries? Northern Ireland Secretary UK, Declaration, Albert Reynolds, John What il Mezzogiorno crisis? S Army Europe-led security cooperation exercise energy security primarily focused on the three Baltic States.

Free Movement of Goods land reform 2. Freedom of Movement For Workers real estate laws 3. Free Movement of Capital constitutional bar on foreign ownership of land, cases 5. Public Procurement pending, land register, expropriated, restitution of 6.

Company Law property seized by Communists, returned to their rightful 7. Intellectual Property Law owners 8.

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Introduction Are you looking to download all of the best free indie TV shows, free indie movies, free indie docume Introduction When it comes time to pick a new torrent tracker or add a new one to your list of go-to sites , it c Introduction Every once in a while, you stumble onto a little-known torrent tracker that seems like it just might Introduction Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find a torrent search engine that looks as good as it per Introduction There are so many torrent sites out there to choose from these days.

Introduction How do you know when you have found the perfect torrent index site? Introduction In most general torrent websites, anime usually makes up for a small part among all the torrent categ Introduction Bit Torrent AM is a public torrent tracker. Introduction If you are in the market for a new torrent tracker, you have definitely come to the right place.

Introduction With so many torrent sites out there nowadays to choose from, how on earth are you supposed to figure Introduction OMG Torrent may not be the first site that comes to mind when you think of the best torrent trackers Introduction If you are in the market for a new, effective torrent search engine, you have come to precisely the r Introduction When it comes to downloading all of your favorite free indie movies, free indie music, free indie TV Introduction So, you are in the market for a new torrent tracker.

There are many reasons to look for a new or a Introduction With so many different torrent sites out there nowadays, it can be really difficult to find one that Introduction Named after a very popular brand of video codec, DivX Total is a public torrent tracker that allows u Introduction There is a growing community of people around the world who refuse to accept subpar Introduction When it comes time to find a new torrent site for downloading free indie TV shows, there are a great Introduction Private tracker websites are only cool till you have access to them and they also come with their own With a VPN that allows torrenting, you'll never have to worry about your online privacy again.

If you don't have a VPN already, come check out my list of the best Private Networks available before you download another torrent! Introduction Picking the perfect VPN for torrenting can be a daunting and confusing task. Introduction How many times have you wanted to watch some show on Netflix and it w Introduction The internet is not always a fun and helpful place.

Introduction There are a lot of VPN services out there that are all talk. Many of them claim Introduction Online privacy and security are 2 increasingly rare commodities in our digital world. Introduction What do you prioritize when you are looking for a new VPN for torrenting? Introduction When you are looking for a good VPN for torrenting, what are some of the things that you are looking What is Mac Torrent Download? Mac Torrent Download is an open torrent website for open-source apps and software fo Introduction Ru Storka is, as the name suggests a torrent tracker from Russia.

Introduction Torrent trackers are only getting better. Introduction Programming software can be costly and downloading them from an open torrent website can be a cumbers

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