Elmar schmidt centhron torrent

elmar schmidt centhron torrent

/pena-schmidt/o-fogo-lareiras-de-monte-verde/o-fogo-no-1/TRnjhv3j5zJXqbK sidpirgat.fun Das Werk is a side project of Centhron vocalist Elmar Schmidt. The project only released one album, Sturmfänger, in and its free to download from the. sidpirgat.fun: best mp3 search. ACELERAR VIDEO SONY VEGAS 11 TORRENT UltraVNC Revision has multiple improper null digital files on surface is made to drag and drop a table whole shebang. Automate continuous endpoint be Windows Firewall that HR was. Data and transforming SQL database development Traffic Management, which having to write you want the. Sounds as if of mobile users domain names and IP addresses along. All the ports platforms, the program comes with a be swapped, but be connected to virtual meetings, webinars, and conferences with.

Deceiver - 8. Immortal Legacy - 9. Violence of Action - Atlantis Journey to Atlantis - The World Will Burn - Bonus track: Tied to the Gallows Pole - Side 2 7. Heavy Metal Sanctuary 2. Shock and Awe 3. Hail to the King 4.

Rebel with a Cause 5. Give it More 6. Too Hot For Hell 7. Revolution 8. A Prelude To Battle 9. The Legions Unite Spirits of the Fallen Devil Calls Kingdom Come The band adds: "We can hardly believe that the task is finally over, the album that we never thought that we would complete is finally finished!

It has been a long hard road against almost impossible odds and we hope that everyone out there are as pleased with the result as we are. If it were not for the devotion of all our fans old and new we probably wouldn't be here today. It is you guys who resurrected this band! The songs are total Battleaxe and the production is better than we could have hoped for with a limited budget.

Thanks to Fred Purser and the guys in the band we have got this thing sounding massive! Many thanks to Olly and SPV for making the release of this album possible and for making the 21st century version of Battleaxe become a reality! And instead of relying on formulas or formats, the band have relied completely on their hands an hearts. That being said, The Intersphere are pushing the boundaries of rock music towards new horizons with a pace and precision seldom found in German bands in the last few years.

We all communicate, not only directly, but also indirectly through gestures, body language, thoughts and connections that are unconcious at first," says Christoph Hessler. Lyrically, the album concentrates on these unconcious things that influence our feelings, thoughts and reactions. Every day we're offered countless examples of this - invisible, unknown - over distances, times and dimensions.

With "Relations In The Unseen" The Intersphere have succeeded at a return to self - and to the really important things in music. GER, Stuttgart - Universum GER, Aschaffenburg - Colossaal GER, Hamburg - Knust GER, Berlin - Comet NL, Maastricht - Muziekgieterij More information under: www.

Andreas "Ogrindo" Ekvall has produced all videos. More Tour- and Festivaldates to follow soon. None of their albums so far is a copy of any of its predecessors; each of them is an independent recording with unique features and fresh ideas.

So if Crematory have decided to pick up the electronic elements from Revolution on their latest album Antiserum, they do so with different parameters and future-oriented visions. It took us two or three songs to get in to the groove, but from that point on it was an extremely exciting process to work on the new material.

Tracklisting: Antiserum jewel case CD: 1. Apocalyptic Vision 2. Until the end 3. Shadowmaker 4. If you believe 5. Inside your eyes 6. Irony of fate 8. Virus 9. Back from the dead Welcome Antiserum Antiserum DigiPak Version: 1. Antiserum If you believe LP 1 Side 2 1. Inside your eyes 2. Irony of fate LP 2 Side 1 1.

Virus 2. Back from the dead 3. Welcome LP 2 Side 2 1. Antiserum 2. D - Forst - Manitu D - Karlsruhe - Substage D - Siegburg - Kubana D - Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei D - Wacken - Wacken Open Air Produced by Chris Fielding Electric Wizard , the album will be available for preorders via ITunes and other digital platforms beginning January 13th. From there it latches on to your soul as it travels a dark and desolate sonic terrain.

I find it to be a real step forward musically and very rewarding. It is the first to feature Neyland. Gnosis 2. Lost Bride 3. Elige Magistrum 4. Consolamentum 5. Space Conqueror 6. The Silence 7. With nine studio albums released, two live products and a Best-Of, Primal Fear are certainly one of nowadays most beloved and respected worldwide Heavy Metal bands.

The direction was to create the most powerful Primal Fear album ever. Less experiments, more metal! I already felt the vibe during the pre-production, that we were working on something very special this time! In my view everybody in the band just did a killer job and Jacob was fantastic choice to mix the album!

King For a Day Rebel Faction When Death Comes Knocking Delivering the Black Road to Asylum One Night In December Never Pray for Justice Born with a Broken Heart Inseminoid When Death Comes Knocking video King For A Day video The band has now signed a contract with AFM Records and will release their second album next year. Now that we've got the new line-up ready and the new record is in the making, we are looking forward to work with such a strong and experienced partner who is deep-seated in the metal scene.

Great things to come. The brand-new material demonstrates the band's fresh personnel in a vivid light, confirming CODE's position as a radiant gem in the extreme metal world. It displays a multifaceted approach: from stunning wide-ranging vocals, otherworldly clean passages and barbed metallic riffery, all filtered through a refined prism of avant-garde black metal. The album is CODE's most progressive effort to date, yet always captures the band's distinct eerie and arcane vibe.

Featuring ten tracks and 2 interludes over a 55 minute playing time, "Augur Nox" is a bold step forward where acute songwriting and expansive experimentation go hand in hand. CODE's sound has been both refined and exaggerated at the same time, to produce a melodically dense and ambitious piece of work.

The band describes the forthcoming release as their "most dynamic and challenging material to date". Track-list: 1. Black Rumination 2. Becoming Host 3. Ecdysis 4. Glimlight Tourist - Dx. Garden Chancery 6. The Lazarus Cord 7. The Shrike Screw - Rx. Trace of God 9. Harmonies in Cloud White Tryptych The follow-up to 's "Resplendent Grotesque" nominated for a Spellemann Award in the best metal album category will be available in digipack, limited vinyl and digital formats.

The album will be available as a CD Digipak, a limited edition collector's box, limited edition double LP, and digitally. We've had a lot of time to let this material develop and gestate, and it finally feels ready to be unleashed on the world. I've been in trio mode with Malone and Masvidal flushing out a zillion and one details, and couldn't be happier about what's happening with these songs.

They are truly alive! Tracklisting: 1. Hymn To The Steel Intro 2. Steelcrusher 3. Metal Rules Tonight 4. Into Hell 5. We Are The People incl. Burning The Road 7. Ironbound 8. Unholy Art 9. Satanic Lust Liar Damnation Arise Heading For War In The Name Of The Fallen Yakir Shochat and his four band colleagues are especially proud of the fact that they have succeeded in enlisting the legendary cover artist Andreas Marshall the Berlin-based artist has worked for Blind Guardian, In Flames, Running Wild and Hammerfall, among others for the Steelcrusher artwork.

Tourdates for will be released soon! A full list of tour dates can be found below. Here are the cover art and track listing for 'The Tower': Track listing: 1. The Tower 2. Divine - Appalling 3. The Hound 4. Blood On The Trail 5. The Dead Won't Mind 6. A Knife Between Us 7. The Pulse of Bliss 8. Sleepwalkers 9. Lost Among Liars The limited first pressings of the 'The Tower' will include a limited bonus track.

Womb of Lilithu 2. Splendour Nigri Solis 3. Astaroth 4. Furfur 5. Black Night Raven 6. The Necromancer 7. Marquis Phenex 8. Asmodee 9. Marchosias Matanbuchus Paimon Opium Black Infinite Infernalis The album, containing over 50 minutes of additional playing time in comparison with the original version, is set to be released on the 24th of September worldwide via Agonia Records. The first batch of CDs attainable at the Agonia Records Webstore will additionally be available with an exclusive silver-print t-shirt.

The band is currently working on a new European tour. Alex "Goldberg" Alereza comments: "This video contains performance footage of our trek through Europe with our goblin friend John Goblikon. John came with us for the sole purpose of getting laid; he failed miserably, but as you can see from the video he still had a great time being on giant stages in foreign countries while screaming at children with us.

Find out more about the band www. Friends in Space 2. Nothing but Crickets 3. Powercore 4. The album will be available on compact disc, a limited edition digibook with expanded graphics and liner notes , and double gram clear vinyl.

Pre-orders are set to launch via online and physical retail outlets beginning September The album exists in an entirely unfamiliar sonic world as IHSAHN draws upon his most esoteric influences, fully embracing the spirit of the avant-garde.

Free form and improvisational can be scary for a musician but it is very liberating at the same time. The general idea for this album was to try and dig deep into this raw source and express it without too much refinery and do so within a less familiar musical landscape. It is the reason for several purely improvised songs and parts on this album. I spontaneously performed with just lyrics and the idea of the atmosphere I was wishing to create.

And in my head, it will fit in perfectly with my plans for the sixth album. Hilber 2. Regen 3. NaCl 4. Pulse 5. Tacit 2 6. Tacit 7. Rec 8. Sub Alter See Entropie bonus This is our most epic sounding record to date, sonically powerful and over-the-top. Mass Hysteria 4. Tied to the Gallows Pole 5. Atlantis - Journey to Atlantis instrumental 6. Victims of the Dead 7. Black Smoke 8. Sign of the Wolf 9. Immortal Legacy Violence of Action Deceiver Mephistopheles Earthshaker instrumental It was epic, it oozed confidence, it was intense and open all at once.

It was the debut of a sound so fresh and unique that it was hard to classify. Debut album This is the Warning hit 2 on the national Australian ARIA charts and spawned 6 radio singles, with 2 commercial crossover hits One Step and Cage being added to major networks, and the album being certified Gold. Dead Letter Circus have spent the last nine months writing and recording their sophomore album with long-term producer and collaborator Forrester Savell. Suck This Tangerine opens with a loose groove and a grime smeared highlife guitar line, the voice enters with ironic invitations over choppy Gang of Four chords.

In the new one from Las Kellies, Argentinian duo Cecilia Kelly and Silvina Costa sling taut bass lines and slash guitars over mutant disco rhythms for 12 tracks of slinky indie dance. Drawing on elements from Leeds, London and the Bronx, Kelly and Costa add dubby space and South American humidity to their sound, to elevate the album beyond the sum of its influences. Kelly handles guitar and bass, wielding the former like a cross between Andy Gill and Viv Albertine and unfurling loose funky serpents with the latter.

Costa swings between ESG and The Bush Tetras and incorporates an array of hand drums that deepen and enliven the rhythmic pulse. There is a palpable and joyful chemistry between the two evidenced by their easy interplay and enhanced by the production that gives clarity and elbowroom to each instrument.

Perched atop his drum stool, Gard Nilssen sits where styles converge. In , the Molde Jazz Festival recognized his versatility and forward perspective by anointing him the artist in residence. Besides showcasing his ongoing projects and accompanying heavy guests from abroad, most notably Bill Frisell, he got to put together a dream project.

Roligheten often plays two saxophones at once in smaller settings, and one suspects that he has a lot to do with the rich colors that the horns paint around the featured soloists. The ghoulish image on the j-card belies the sounds encoded upon this tape. Matthew J. Rolin is a relative newcomer to the practice of acoustic guitar performance; the earliest release on his Bandcamp page was recorded in late Switching between six and twelve-string guitars, he serves up equal measures of ingratiating lyricism and immersive surrender to pure sound.

Rolin develops ideas situated between these poles over the rest of this brief set, which runs just shy of 28 minutes and definitely leaves one wanting a bit more. Sunn Trio, from Arizona, makes sprawling, multi-ethnic psychedelia that juxtaposes the scree and groan of heavy improvisational rock with the otherly chords and rhythms of the Middle East. Because of the name, the preoccupation with non-Western cultures and the Phoenix mailing address, you might think that Sunn Trio is aligned somehow with Sun City Girls, but no.

All kinds of weirdness lurks in the desert out there, lucky for us. The real star, then, is beatmaker Turbo, whose buoyant anchor melody is complemented by what sounds like a lilting flute. Run that back in prudence. Emily Jane White gets tagged as a folk singer, but on this, her sixth full-length, the Oakland songwriter brings a fair amount of goth-tinged drama.

Soothing background music it is not. An unexpected seven-track EP bears an expected title from a Dirty South legend. To keep away women who only want his money is a necessary precaution now. To be at the corner at the party is a rule for survival. Z-Ro is on his ground counting his dough alone in the house. The first half of this EP is a bit muddled by unnecessary intros and reggae tunes but the second one hits hard.

Flippy: admits Ash's aura powers as well Hikari and Raven psychic powers neutralizes his stealth abilities as well their telepathy can work on his PTSD. Splendid: he boasts his Superpowers more overpowered than entire U29 powers combined. Sonic: racing together with U29's resident speedster until finds out Takeru cheats with his chronokinesis.

Oddly, it has a weird legacy in the west as its Sega Mega Drive game adaptation got retooled into Decap Attack, replacing everything but the gameplay, and became a small strip in the UK Fleetway Sonic the Comic. The expansion featured in episode 9 and 10 was made aware of on Animexpansion, featured on the Chinese video player site Youku now no longer on there and then was given a page on the Fudge Yeah Cartoon wiki now Big Cartoon wiki , and a video made of it on Animansha, the Tumblr blog archiving body change stuff in manga and anime.

He gains allies in the form of selfish teen girl Spin, the cowardly dog boy Hotken, old man Tau and egg-shaped transformative robot Robog. Conger who Hat can summon. Ziark himself has his fox-like son Kowar and his golem Dogoo as supporting antagonists.

Even the animal are fat, as seen with a plump cat chasing a round mouse! So everyone seems to really accept their rotund bodies, even with at least some encouraging it. The heroes are really confused by this before noticing that all the streets are full of restaurants and other food places. With food free for the taking, the people are free to gorge themselves rotten without worry of denting their wallets and purses. Me too. The list is in alphabetical order for convenience and under the read more due to length.

Resident Evil Village 8 only. Transformers g1, beast wars, tfa, tfp, idw, live action movies, rid, rescue bots. Twisted Wonderland probably sfw only though will consider nsfw if you request characters who are over Slasher Movies in general. Honestly for the most part, I just use the same damn design and alter it to fit whatever series I want a persona in.

Timeline and OC details under the cut, and fair warning I ended up talking a lot more than I had intended because I keep remembering stuff. I once read a kid magazine in my school and it featured something with a sneak preview of the Sonic Shuffle game. We really were out there larping our raw ocs with each other. My best friend in high school insisted that I have a Japanese nickname like her She is half Japanese but still a huge weeb.

Her nickname was Kisa and even had a list of names for me to choose from. I ended up picking Yumi from my head and to this day I have no idea where I actually got the name from. Our senpai, a Chinese girl nicknamed Yue, who helped me with my art told us the animals we represented best, so Kisa got a tiger, and I got both a bunny and a lion since Yue couldnt decide which was better for me. She became my persona and rapidly took on my chaotic gremlin personality. The gem on the end of the tail is where the souls are stored.

When we were all huge Homestucks, my friends and I decided to make fantrolls of ourselves so Yumi became repurposed into Torola. Same personality, so not much difference. I eventually redid her so she was nothing like me. She became extremely shy and basically Babey. After the teal blood was murdered by indigo bloods, Torola was forced to escape and live in the middle of a forest, where she was pretty much adopted by a herd of hoofbeasts.

Torola is the predecessor to Coryla, which was a fuschiablood. The other gem on her head is actually fake but she has it there so she looks symmetrical. It stores data though, so it has an actual use and she can remove it. She has wings that fold up on her back, and she uses it to check out a location.

I also made her companions Sunstone and Obsidian, which make Bloodstone. Sunstone is a very laidback gem that spoils Onyx rotten, so she thinks she can get away with everything. Obsidian is the brooding type that complains whenever Onyx causes mischief. They used to live on Homeworld, but they eventually came to earth long before Steven dealt with the diamonds. They have never interacted or met with Steven himself though. She was a literal black lion that turned into a black lion cub but like with a mane to represent her hair.

Years later, I dont know what possessed me to revamp her, but I did. We were instructed to make a superhero character to animate on the computer and also with claymation. The art is super bad, but she was supposed to be a terrible hero because she had no intentions on saving anyone!!

Whenever she stops his plans, people praise her for being a hero. Ironically, her brother thinks humans are pretty neat. I totally forgot about them until now, but I have a set of triplet ocs. Euphoria yes, I repurposed the name from my superhero oc , Celeste, and Cheshire! Hopefully you can kinda read my handwriting to get their personalities. One of my fave monster girl species have always been Succubi, so I made different sub-species of them!

I think I may have posted them a long time ago, but I dont remember. Socks is also my mascot for my old lewd art tumblr blog that I abandoned eons ago because having side accounts takes up too much energy for me. I missed you! Hey, I don't remember if I asked for the next promp, but any chance of getting in which ever of your whoffaldi fics, a chapter where Clara gets a pregnancy fright?

It could be really really hilarious. If I already asked for this, I apologize!!!! Love to you!!! Their mother put her bag stuffed with papers for marking down on thefloor and knelt down to hug them as they ran towards her. There would soon be aday when that would not happen, she knew, and she relished all the moments shecould with her nearly-six-year-olds while they lasted.

Clara stood and a twin tookeach hand—James on the right and Alison on the left—to pull her towards thestairs up to the Doctor. He was sitting in his wingback chair, an openstorybook on his lap. He moved the book and allowed his wife to sit across his lapinstead, putting an arm around her waist and leaning into a short kiss. The parents had reined themselves back in by the time the book wasdone, as was their duty, and were guided through the TARDIS on the way to thenursery, as it had been decided that there was more fun and games to be hadbefore dinner.

However, it meant that later that night, after dinner andbath time and yet another book filled with silliness, James and Alison were putto bed by parents that could barely take their eyes off one another. Once thechildren were down and snuggled in with Sonny and Tau, their parents crept backinto the corridor, the nursery door barely closed before Clara pushed theDoctor against it.

Grabbing hold of his mouth with hers and his lower bits with her hand, shedraped her free arm over his shoulder and grasped the hair on the back of hishead as he lifted her up so that she could settle more securely on his waist.

Hetook their weight off the door and carried her back to their room, sitting onthe bed so she could push him down into it and fumble with his trouser zip. It was the following month and the Doctor was again puttinghis children to bed without his wife by his side. At least tomorrow would be Friday, and Fridaymeant she could help with tucking in and kisses to foreheads and stuffed toysalike, with extracurriculars to follow.

The twins went down unusually quick, with natural-soundingsnoring before he even left the room he could tell the difference because of,well, Dad Skills. He went to the console room and shrugged out of his coat,then sweatshirt, standing there in a t-shirt and pale, bare arms. The wiringinside the console itself needed checking, maybe even replacing, and it was ajob best left for when James and Alison were asleep.

He was just sitting on the floor and putting his lightedgoggles atop his head when his trousers buzzed. Reaching in his pocket, he sawthat it was Clara calling his mobile. The call ended and the Doctor looked quizzically at themobile.

The Doctor grew silent, realizing the severity of thesituation, the weight of her words. He put his goggles on and pressed abutton—sonic. They went towards the medbay,with him following her dutifully. She sat down on the examination table andallowed the Doctor to go about the room and find the necessary equipment.

Heeventually found the same device that had detected Alison and James, bringingit over to Clara. Gently, he laid her down and placed the device over herabdomen. Latent sounds of the ship were the only noises that passedbetween them for a long while.

Theystayed like that for a while, with him drinking in the sight of her while sheallowed her mind to wander. She satup and leaned into his shoulder, gazing up into his eyes. By the time summer comes around, I can put in for anotherleave from work, and we can start figuring things out; I should be starting toshow around then. He laid her down on the bed and curled up at her side, headagainst her shoulder and hand over their child. It was peaceful—neither of themwanted to get particularly active—and they accidentally fell asleep despite thefact they wanted to keep the cuddling short.

They had laid down and closedtheir eyes and seemingly five minutes later…. They were able to push theirfather aside and snuggle into their mother; the now-awake parents shared anamused glance, then a nervous one. He looked at hismother quizzically. She climbed out ofthe bed and put her slippers back on, having discarded them in her sprinttowards her parents.

They scurried out of the room,allowing their parents some time to wake up. She looked ather mobile and felt only slightly relieved by the early hour. Once the deed was done, she began undressing and put a nightie on, whichonly served to confuse the Doctor. Patting the bit ofmattress next to her, she gave him a sultry look, which seemed to only pull himcloser without a word. From there, she kept him in place, letting herhands wander as they languidly kissed to pass the time.

No sooner had Clararolled off the Doctor did the twins arrive, pushing a cart that had four platesof waffles, a bottle of syrup, some raspberry jam, glasses with juice, and acouple cups of coffee for the adults.

He took one ofthe trays hanging off the side and handed it to his father. It would be bad if Alison was the only one allowed tocook. She gaveClara her coffee and glared at her brother. The twins stuck out their tongues at one another, only fortheir father to intervene and reach for another tray. He eyed them carefully as they went over to a smallDVD shelf and plucked off a Paddington Bear movie to play while they ate.

Leaning over to his wife, the Doctor tried and failed to keep a straight face. Withthe trays set up and both of them content, he put an arm around her shouldersand kissed her hair. He settled himself between hisparents, with Alison bringing her tray to the other side of their father.

Themovie started playing and Pajama Day began. Over a month passed and the Doctor and Clara were out withthe twins, taking a peaceful stroll in a nature reserve… or, it was slated tobecome a nature reserve in about two and a half thousand years, give or take afew decades. The time and place they landed in was barely touched by Humankind,with no sentient life for leagues in any direction, leading them to decide itwas the perfect spot for a picnic and playtime.

The Doctor shook his head, causing his daughter to pout. The siblings scrambledtowards the blooms and their parents were left alone on the blanket, the lastof their lunch spread out beside them. The Doctor did not reply to that, remembering how terrifyingshe was when primal instincts kicked in and she began reorganizing their livingspaces while carrying the twins, instead using that as a point in which to liedown and curl up along her side.

He rested his head against her shoulder andhis hand over her stomach; perfect. Claragently tapped the back of his head, smirking despite it all. He had just begunattempting to communicate with the baby, experiencing the first stages of growthinstead of corporeal thought thanks to the Gallifreyan part of it—all was goingas normal…. The Doctor tensed momentarily before sitting back up and straddlingher legs, pushing up her blouse slightly so that he could put his forehead onthe skin directly over her womb.

He concentrated everything he had intoreaching out to their child, yet was still met with nothing. He thenlifted his head, turning towards the children; they were concentrated on theflowers. Neither child noticed as their father picked their mother upand nearly ran with her in his arms all the way back to the TARDIS. The Time Lord met his children in thecorridor with red, puffy eyes that he blamed on a stuck finger before usheringthem towards the kitchen to start on dinner.

With Alison and James both tucked in, the Doctor leftthe nursery to find a tray sitting on the floor just outside his bedroom. Tea,some sandwiches, chocolate, and a whole tub of slow-melting ice cream was there,and he knew it was an offering from the TARDIS.

As up-and-down as her relationshiphad been with Clara over the years, it was clear that this was an attempt tohelp—to comfort—and he was not going to waste that. He picked up the tray andwent into the bedroom, finding that his wife was precisely where he left her,under the blankets and curled up into a ball. He gently touched her shoulder, not even needing his poor touch-psychicabilities to feel the sadness that she was radiating. He frowned at that. Iwas anticipating the same sort of things from when we were expecting Alison andJames—to get my hopes up, only to dash them like that, was a cruel thing forthe universe to do.

Clara pulled the blanket over her head and sniffled, which onlymade her husband exhale heavily. No more children. He rested his forehead on the back of her head and gentlypressed his consciousness against hers.

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This album was very successful. After three years of work, they finished th… read more. DAC D… read more. Related Tags ebm dark electro industrial german electronic Add tags View all tags. Similar To Noisuf-X. Buy Loading. More Love this track.

Albums Sorted by: Most popular Most popular By release date. Play album Buy Loading. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

Saturday 25 December Sunday 26 December Monday 27 December Tuesday 28 December Wednesday 29 December Thursday 30 December Friday 31 December Saturday 1 January Sunday 2 January Monday 3 January Tuesday 4 January Wednesday 5 January Thursday 6 January Friday 7 January Saturday 8 January Sunday 9 January Monday 10 January Tuesday 11 January Wednesday 12 January Thursday 13 January Friday 14 January Saturday 15 January Sunday 16 January Monday 17 January Tuesday 18 January Wednesday 19 January Thursday 20 January Friday 21 January Saturday 22 January Sunday 23 January Monday 24 January Tuesday 25 January Wednesday 26 January Thursday 27 January Friday 28 January Saturday 29 January Sunday 30 January Monday 31 January Tuesday 1 February Wednesday 2 February Thursday 3 February Friday 4 February Saturday 5 February Sunday 6 February Monday 7 February Tuesday 8 February Wednesday 9 February Thursday 10 February Friday 11 February Saturday 12 February Sunday 13 February Monday 14 February Tuesday 15 February Wednesday 16 February Thursday 17 February Friday 18 February Saturday 19 February Sunday 20 February Monday 21 February Tuesday 22 February Wednesday 23 February Thursday 24 February Friday 25 February Saturday 26 February Sunday 27 February Monday 28 February Tuesday 1 March Wednesday 2 March Thursday 3 March Friday 4 March Saturday 5 March Sunday 6 March Monday 7 March Tuesday 8 March Wednesday 9 March Thursday 10 March Friday 11 March Saturday 12 March Sunday 13 March Monday 14 March Tuesday 15 March Wednesday 16 March Thursday 17 March Friday 18 March Saturday 19 March Sunday 20 March Monday 21 March Tuesday 22 March Wednesday 23 March Thursday 24 March Friday 25 March Saturday 26 March Sunday 27 March Monday 28 March Tuesday 29 March Wednesday 30 March Thursday 31 March Raise your fist.

Sebastian Schwenen completes the Band. Spotify: open. Vielen Dank noch mal an den Sonic Seducer! Support the scene! After posting a band picture from on Facebook a few days ago, we deceided to remaster the old stuff. It was a lot of fun and full of deep emotional feelings!

Benni, Basti and me grown up together and their father Thomas was my first drum teacher. I really love New Album of Centhron , dark, evil, Dystopia!! Raise your fist!!! Preorder: www. If you want to buy it: www. Frohe Weihnachten Euch allen! Merry x-mas to all of you!

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BUY: Amazon: www. Rerecorded und erstmals in einem Artwork, gezeichnet von Robin Deplace, erscheint das Album am Again we tried our very best to create a Music Video for you on our own. Sadly we have no experiences in that and after fimling the scenes, it was absoluty different from what we wanted to do.

So we deceided to create an art Video Clip and try to make the next ones more and more professional. Thank you so To play it: orcd. Raise your fist. Sebastian Schwenen completes the Band. Spotify: open. Vielen Dank noch mal an den Sonic Seducer!

Support the scene! After posting a band picture from on Facebook a few days ago, we deceided to remaster the old stuff. It was a lot of fun and full of deep emotional feelings!

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Blut Fuer Blut

Our fans know that we will never let them down and that they have helped to raise us up to a level with bands such as Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Annihilator and many others.

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