Squared off wingtip torrent

squared off wingtip torrent

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Similarly, the one-piece wing section has impressive detail including the ailerons, flaps, wheel wells and 6 machine guns. Construction The first task is to attach the seat to the floor, paint the entire interior matt cockpit green, and fit the floor up into the fuselage without snapping off the joystick.

Next come the wing and the tail planes. The fit is excellent with no filler needed due to a number of locating pins and good manufacturing. The fit on the tail planes is particularly impressive as the dihedral is very precisely held. In almost no lime at all a nearly complete model emerges from the modest collection of parts.

On with the build and the prop to engine to fuselage fit is again very good. The prop has the usual small boss to be fixed from the inside the engine cowling to hold the prop on but this isn't shown on the instruction sheet. Undercarriage and fuel tank all fit perfectly.

Cockpit side windows slide in first and then the main canopy is fixed. This latter is exceptionally clear and a perfect fit. Looking at the un painted model for any cleaning up of joints thai might be required, I found a little scraping necessary behind the wing section where it joins the top part of the fuselage My only additions to the kit were representations of a seat harness with Tamiya tape, and a decal for the somewhat large and visible instrument panel.

I opted for the USS Intrepid scheme. The decals are excellent but the instructions are a little confusing. Only 2 decals are provided for the wings in the kit for that version. Conclusion Overall a well-engineered kit, which for the price provides an excellent quick-build finished model, The instructions are fine but the part numbers for both the plastic components and decals are mismatched or duplicated. If you want a quick finished model and prefer the painting and decal side then this kit is great with its few parts and excellent fit.

The box advice says 'age 14 and up'. I'd have thought this kit easy for much younger modellers, and would not hesitate to recommend it be offered to such. Revel I - doing more for the modeller Visit our International web site at www. Tel: Email: ukbranch fevell.

The exterior detail is all raised, but it's well done, being subtle and acceptability accurate - 'state of the art' for its time! The clear sprue contains four items, which again are well moulded, and there is surprising little flash or blemishes on any of the plastic, considering its age. A large decal sheet provides markings for two aircraft, one British and one American. The instructions are a simplified version of Revel I's usual affair, in an A4 format of seven pages, with eighteen sections for the build and two for the painting and decal placement.

Construction This is one of Revell's better large-scale kits. You get a nicely detailed four-part Manufacturer: Revel I engine, a simple, yet accurate cockpit and the complicated undercarriage assembly is well reproduced. The overa fit of the parts once cleaned up , makes the model a pleasure to build. There are seven sprues with some medium-grey parts, and one with 9 transparencies, decals and a standard-format, page, Italeri instruction sheet.

The grey plastic moulds are beginning to show their age. They have significantly more flash, visible sink marks and mould-separation lines than the first pressings. The transparencies, however, are still impressively thin and clear.

Construction Construction starts with the very well detailed cockpit, supplying much more than you'll be able to see on the completed model. I replaced the seat belt decals with wine-bottle foil items. Had I not been building this model strictly 00 B, I would also have replaced the gunner's seat-strap with something a bit less clunky. With careful handling, the fuselage halves and nose halves join together almost perfectly. However, installing the wing cannon barrels and the rudder Type: Injection Moulded Plastic Parts: Plastic , Clear 10 Manufacturer: Italeri UK Importer: The Hobby Company mass balance at this stage, as the instructions suggest, is courting disaster, so I omitted them until final assembly The wing to the fuselage fit is very tight, and some filling and sanding was necessary to ensure a clean join.

By contrast, the tail planes fitted to the fuselage perfectly, with no need to clean up the join at all. It is important not to cement the propeller in place before you install the engine exhausts, since these fit in place from the inside, and the plastic around the front of the nose is very thin. Guess who found this out the hard way?

Fit of detail parts is generally uneventful, though the exact placement of the rear machine gun mount proved tricky. Stores include kg. There are optional bulged and un- bulged tyres. I used the latter, filing a small flat on both of them. The main wheel hubs are moulded separately for easier painting, but the main undercarriage legs and supports need careful test fitting.

I chose one of the two-tone schemes, with the Patriotic Slogan 'For the Motherland! Colour call-outs are given for the nearest shade in the Model Master range to that actually used. Decals are up to Italeri's usual high standard, thin, well printed and In- register. However, there are only enough correctly sized white-outlined red stars for the underwing markings of one of the Soviet aircraft.

For the rest, you have to trim a pair of the red-outlined stars. Not good. Technically, though, the decals were superb - no silvering at all, even over sharply-curved surfaces. The Italeri reboxing has the advantage of five decal options instead of one, and is much cheaper. If you can cope with some tightly fitting major components, and the lack of suitable underwing Red Stars, it comes thoroughly recommended. The only tiller I used in the build was around the clear windscreen, where it fitted to the fuselage.

The decal sheet is nicely printed and in perfect register, as you would expect from Revell, and as usual from this manufacture, comprehensive. You are treated to a full set of stencilling as well as the relevant national markings and the individual squadron serials and codes. With some trepidation 1 went for the FAA version and the large invasion stripes decals. I needn't have worried, as they, along with the rest of the decals used, adhered to the surfaces with hardly a whimper. I did use Micro Sol just to help matters along.

Two problems I encountered were bleed-through on all the white parts of the decals, and the misprinting of the side stripes, which would not match up. Conclusions Taken on its own this is a nice, simple, well detailed and accurate kit. There is a lot of scope, with an Eduard set available, as well as a large number of decal sets, to enter the world of super detailing on a first-time big kit and test your skills.

But of course the newly tooled Trum peter kit is now out, so one point to ponder is why Revell released this kit, when they do have other moulds in this scale of aircraft not made by any one else, such as the Hurricane, Typhoon or the Mosquito?

Perhaps they are just waiting in the wings? SAMl 1 Dewoitine D. Tucked away inside the familiar white and blue lid-opening box are the usual cream resin parts for the D. Components are neatly packaged in sealed bags, and inspection of the pieces reveals a good level of detail, high quality casting and very little evidence of air bubbles. Some preparation is necessary, such as the leading edges of the wings and where parts have been removed from their casting blocks.

Construction As the aircraft had an overall silver scheme, 1 assembled as much of the model as possible beforehand. The cockpit is comprehensively detailed and fitted neatly inside the fuselage, although the instruction sheet gives no clue as to what the internal colour should be. After closing the fuselage, only a smear of Mr Surfacer was needed to hide the join line, and all that internal detail was hard to see.

The wing, struts and propeller were kept as separate parts until the painting was completed. Colour Options The silver scheme was achieved by spraying Alclad Aluminium over a polished grey primer. It did accentuate the panel work on the fuselage a little, suggesting they had been engraved a bit too deeply.

After fixing the wings in place, the wings struts did not seem to be long enough, either that or the guide marks on the wing were in the wrong place. A wash was used to bring out the detail on what I guess are the radiator units attached to the undercarriage.

The decals had a very thin varnish, which made the smaller items rather delicate to handle, but at least it minimised the risk of silvering. Conclusion This is a very simple model to construct and can be recommended to all. It could also make a suitable conversion project for anyone wanting to build an Ansaldo AC2 or a license- built D. As well as France and Italy, other nations to utilise this aircraft were Switzerland and Belgium. According to the historical notes, the markings on this model represent an aircraft tested by Japan sometime in the twenties.

This is just such an occasion with the release of these very welcome multi- media kits from the Czech Republic, although there has also been some debate about these being reissues of the old InTech kits from Poland see SAMI May , Inside the sturdy boxes featuring photos of actual aircraft, the grey injection moulded parts with crisp recessed detail are nicely secured, with the resin and photo etched parts bagged separately.

Some of the resiti update parts need a bit of preparation to remove the casting blocks and clean off the residue. Construction Construction begins with the placing of the windows for the cabin and then it is on to the cockpit and interior. The combination of resin and photo-etched accessories provides an accurate enhancement to the kit parts in this area.

The fuselage halves on both kits fitted without problems, as also did the engine housings. Don't forget to add some weight to prevent tail-sitting, as there is no indication of this in the instructions. I found out the hard way and had to put some lead shot into the external tanks in order to countermand this error.

The only serious filler requirement was along the top of the fuselage and on the underside of the tail booms. I also found the need to use a little around the fit of the main transparency. The external attachments such as the undercarriage struts fit into their respective recesses with the resin replacement wheels being more accurate in detail than their kit counterparts.

The etched parts are a little fiddly but really make a difference to the appearance of the model. The two-piece rotor heads are fairly straightforward with the rotors fitting into small locating plugs, and once assembled, they allow for free rotation. Resin 9, Etched 32 Manufacturer: OKit UK Importer: Hannants The fitting of the exterior mountings for the fuel tanks are clearly marked on the diagram and are in correct alignment, with the fuel tanks fitting onto the etched supports at the correct angle to the fuselage.

Colour Options One of the most welcome features of these kits has to be the amount of different finishing options available to choose from. The decal sheets are printed well with no discolouration evident on my examples and I found the location diagrams for both kits clear and easy to follow. However, the application of the decals was a different story altogether, as I soon discovered that they require only a dip in water or they will start to break up. I lost the main Redstar tail boom emblem on the starboard side for my Turkish air ambulance example by leaving it in the water slightly too long.

Conclusion According to my downloaded PZL publicity brochure reference, the length is These two kits have been a pleasure to build; sometimes very challenging and with the inclusion of the multi-media update sets they allow plenty of activity for the more experienced modeller and his Etch- Mate. Now all I need is another twenty-two of these kits to replicate the set up of all twenty-four finishing options seen at Nuremberg this year.

Can't get into the shop? Give us a call on our 24 hour answering machine for a copy of our FREE catalogue. Orders are usually despatched within a few days if in stock. I -HI- I'-'. T I ,l' Wlfl. Hp30 Acranaulica R Singhtaf Cctoun. TT, Mk s. WoMlard Wolkrn. ISffl J. OiOr'yri Tiul. U, wilh ihn flydtw ixwiLwr units tin r ft N "ii i k'A if-ii i ' rU. K Otifrro - Tha :-siIiii. CtftSO -nhk. Rach Apes,. Modeling the Me V-. Mikoyan's Pis J on Fngined i-igraar. Jet Twins. Gon-ian Air Pnipcta.

Junkers Ju 37A Floll. Gtoslar Gaunllul. IIJ No. B1 ICBG. B ',' :. D5 No. Jaguar QR3, Canberrn Pfl. There are more flash and seam lines than you might hope for from a new mould and several deep ejector-pin and sink marks; The instructions are presented in four stages. The decals give two finish options.

The major seams need fairly extensive cleaning up and some filling Assembly, unusually, doesn't start with the cockpit, because it's moulded integrally with the fuselage. There's a seat and control column, and a separately moulded headrest. I added a control panel from the spares box, and Tamiya tape seat belts. The engine is made up of two parts and there is a choice of cuffed and uncuffed propellers.

The cowling lacks sufficiently defined cooling flaps, so I opened them up and deepened the panel lines in this area. Undercarriage assembly was uneventful. Large locating lugs and pins ensured proper alignment. The huge locating lugs for the underwing pylons and stores look chunky but don't significantly compromise scale accuracy. It was drizzling, We took shelter under the port wing of a Super Constellation to have our lunch.

After a while the crew arrived and prepared the Connie for take off, so we simply strolled over and took cover under a Viscount to watch the Connie do her flying circuit. She was quite a sight, bombing down the runway at about 50 feet, then screaming upward in a port turn. If s a civilian subject so the plastic must be white, Not too bad to work or scribe. For a modem kit there was a surprising amount of small-scale flash on quite a few parts, some of which were also quite roughly finished, with signs of pitting.

Ejector pin and sink marks were, happily, absent. The engraved panel lines seemed a little on the deep side, otherwise parts were sharply moulded with good detail. You have a choice of a long-nose or short-nose airframe, with or without wing tip tanks. The large decal sheet is the size of the box and contains two colourful schemes TWA and Lufthansa for about five different aircraft.

Construction Use the excellent instruction 'booklet' as a guide, leaving all dangly and easily broken bits for as long as possible. I didn't use the transparencies for the passenger windows. Kristal Klear was employed when all painting and decaling was done. Absolutely none of this can be seen through the cockpit transparency, so if s best left out and the area crammed with weight. I filled the area behind the last seat with lead, and just avoided a tail sitter!

I elected to do the short-nose version of the Super Connie. The alternative part for this is moulded in clear plastic, probably because of the light in the nose. Sadly both this, and the cockpit transparency, did not fit the fuselage well, with quite a large step necessitating filler to blend them in. Fit of the fuselage halves is excellent but the central fin is appallingly thick.

Its leading and trailing edges aren't sharp, and the decals destined for it will not join up properly. By contrast the outer fins are well moulded with sharp trailing and leading edges, and fit the tail plane in an effective and ingenious manner, Two upper wing halves join onto a full span lower wing. There is an interesting mechanism to engage and lock onto the fuselage.

Unfortunately, the wing trailing edges are disappointingly thick, and do not match with the fuselage wing root, so I joined the upper wing halves to the fuselage to get a reasonable fit, and some filler was required to rectify the resultant step. Engines are beautifully moulded with lovely fins on the cylinders, all but hidden by the cowls and a huge boss that fits on the front of each.

The carburettor intakes were not a brilliant fit. The cowls did not match well with the nacelles moulded on the wings: there was a bit of a step, but a bit of judicious scraping fixed this. Undercarriage parts are well detailed and fit nicely, though the doors are, as usual, quite thick. None more apparent than the nose door where one part in the real aircraft slides forwards and sits flush with the fuselage. Although I used it, I would recommend its replacement with something much thinner.

My major gripe is with the increasing modern trend of providing various blade aerials and pitot tubes that butt join the fuselage, and sometimes the wing. All the aerials and tubes that fit on the underside of the Connie's airframe are of this type. It was a real pain to get them to glue into place, align them and attach some rigging line between four of the lower aerials. I don't mind drilling holes to ensure a sturdy and precise fit. Colour Options The decals are wonderful, and of reasonable register.

The ones running down the side of the aircraft align well with the passenger windows, however, when doing the Lufthansa schemes, ensure that the part of the decal in front of the last passenger window slopes downwards so that it aligns itself with the sides of the wheel wells. This will ensure that it matches up with the decal used for the antiglare panel in front of the cockpit.

You will also have a devil of a time mixing paints to cover the tip of the nose, which the side decals do not cover. Conclusion In a word: disappointment. Revell have been setting such high standards of late and this kit was so eagerly anticipated. The far too thick central fin, the thickish wing trailing edges, the poor fit of the clear parts and engine cowls to nacelles, and the need to fiddle with paints to match the Lufthansa decals, means that much work is needed to turn out a fine model.

Recommended for medium skilled modellers prepared to put in some old fashioned modelling skills or beginners who aren't too fussed about the fit. As well as the propellers, you get a choice of gallon drop tanks or b bombs for underwing stores, and a gallon flat tank below the fuselage.

Colour Options Two options are provided. I painted the cockpit interior in Humbrol , the undercarriage bays in Zinc Chromate, and the wheel hubs and legs painted aluminium not natural metal. The engine and cowling interior was painted matt black to hide the lack of detail. After decaling, a dusted coat of Humbrol Mattcote reduced the level of shine. Decals were thin, and went on with few problems. However, the tailfin stripe decals needed to be cut into three pieces to fit properly, and the fuselage markings needed careful trimming to fit over the intercooler exhausts.

Conclusion According to Wikipedia, the PD was I measure the kit at mm long and mm wide. Close enough. It also exhibits a sufficient degree of Thunderboltness, which is what really matters. However, when you get up close you can see where this kit falls down - detail.

In fairness, the target market probably wont worry about any of this. If you are looking for a quick build, this kit can be recommended. However, better- detailed, more accurate kits of the same subject, with much better decals, are available for the same price.

When dropped from 20, ft 6, m it made an 80 ft 24 m deep crater 1 00 ft 30 m across and could go through 16 ft 4. Though the Tallboy was used on numerous other missions, the subject of this kit is the raid on the German Battleship Tirpitz, Two squadrons were employed, these being and 9. This attempt failed to sink the ship but extensively damaged her and forced her to sail to Tromso for repair, which put the ship within range of the Lancaster Squadrons flying out of Lossiemouth, Further raids failed to prove conclusive, then finally on 12th November the two squadrons attacked Tirpitz again and after three direct hits she capsized and sank.

The kit is supplied in a lift-off lid box with nice colour artwork on the lid. Inside are 13 sprues of injection moulded plastic, four of which are clear, and one more sprue of nylon washers that retain the propellers in place. The instruction sheet is clear and concise, paint references given are for Gunze Sangyo and it is worth studying these instructions before starting, as there are numerous holes that need opening out before the fuselage halves are joined. The decal sheet is crisply printed with nice colour density and registration.

There is not a great amount of detail in the parts here and all instruments are provided as decals. The wings are fitted to spars that are also fitted to the cockpit floor. The tailplane assemblies also fit onto a spar that is inserted into the fuselage before the two halves are joined, and this, along with the wing spars give a strong positive location on both the wings and tailpianes.

The gun turrets are far superior in detail than the earlier Airfix kits, as they don't have the half armless gunner attached to them! There are aftermarket-detailing kits available for these, but they are acceptable straight from the box. The only addition I made to the standard kit was at the tail gunner's position, where there is a gap between the turret and the fuselage that is quite noticeable, I simply filled this with a piece of plasticard, and as the turret goes into the rear fuselage, a small section was cut from the new plastic panel to allow the turret to sit flush.

The construction posed no problems at all and no filler was needed throughout. The biggest job of all was masking the canopies, which took a few hours to complete - much easier to buy pre-cut masks I think. The Tallboy itself is made up of six parts, and the vanes have the correct angle on them that allowed the bomb to spin on its descent to its target. Colour Options With very little cleaning up needed the mode! The decals are superb, no problems were experienced during their application, and the colour density is such that the black surfaces do not show through the decal and discolour it.

There are three different decal schemes supplied, although the colour scheme is the same for all. Conclusion I can find no major flaw with this kit. The build was very straightforward, the decals superb and the detail is excellent, though questions have been raised with regards to the engraved panel lines where there were originally rivets.

I like the engraved panel lines and prefer them, as they are easier to replace than raised rivets after sanding. There is some very finely moulded rivet detail on some of the parts, but not in areas that need sanding. I will now have to invest in both the Bouncing Bomb and the Grand Slam versions. Whilst the lack of detail in the cockpit is somewhat disappointing, especially from Hasegawa, it does not detract in any way from the quality of the product as a whole.

Surface detail is excellent, the propeller is the best yet, and the cockpit is a very acceptable basis for closed- canopy builders. It appears to be identical to HobbyBoss's earlier F6F-3, except for the transparencies and transfers. HobbyBoss have tried hard to make the assembly foolproof, and almost succeeded - you can't assemble it wrongly. However, minor mould misalignment and flash mean that some fettling is still needed to make the parts fit perfectly.

The wing is, as usual for HobbyBoss, all in one piece. I haven't seen solid wings this thick since the Hawk kits of the '50s, but in this case there are no sink marks and the trailing edges are nicely sharp. The small parts are just as good. This kit could be built in an hour, painting and canopy excepted. We are talking 21st century plastic moulding technology!

All of the six sprues, five in a light grey plastic and one in clear, are crisply moulded, with fine recessed panel lines and raised detail where appropriate. There is some flash here and there and as seems the norm these days, a moulding line in the centre of the main canopy. The instructions are in a fold-out format, comprising fourteen sections to the build and a contents layout.

A full colour painting and markings guide is included and a good-sized decal sheet rounds the package off. Perfect for kids. However, they tell you to install the wrong radio mast of the two supplied. Construction Mostly dead easy. Being finicky, I chamfered the edges of the tail plane slots, and eased the pins and ridges on the belly, to improve the fit. I also removed the redundant outlets from the cowling to suit the The only serious snag was the canopy, 'which is too narrow, too tall, and has too short a windscreen.

So I filed and polished the windscreen to shape, and replaced the canopy's sill tabs with strips cemented inside the fuselage. This spread the transparency to a perfect fit, but then the reshaped windscreen cracked, and had to be replaced by an Airfix spare. This is fair enough for the target market.

However, the transfer quality may be too high for beginners - they are very opaque, but also very thin, and therefore very flimsy. They snuggle down perfectly into the surface detail, but the Princeton 'eyes' are rather poor and I overlaid mine with Hasegawa's. Conclusions With exceptions, very good indeed. The fuselage is a touch long doesn't show and the canopy noticeably distorted. The drop tank is much too thin and lacks some support struts.

The wheel wells are too shallow and have totally spurious detail. The cowling is clearly for an F5F-3, and the simplified integral engine lacks magnetos. The wheels are basic. There aren't any cockpit rear windows on the kit, though they were still fitted on early -5s, including those for which markings arc provided, and the pitot head is too far inboard.

I'm sure the target customers would say 1 was just nitpicking! Not one for the superdetailer, but excellent for its purpose. Buy one for your nephew! There are some alternative parts, but no indication as to which version they relate to, so you will need to research your chosen aircraft.

The instructions are also a bit vague as to the placement of some parts, so dry fitting is essential. The wings are moulded with an alarming droop, although I managed to bend the worst of it out. On the other hand the wheel wells are nice and deep and well detailed.

The only other problem was the fit of the main canopy, as it is a little wider then the windscreen and a little too long, 1 showed it open which alleviates the above issues. Hobby Boss supply more underwing stores than you can shake a stick at!

There are so many I won't list them, but they should cover most people's needs. The decals are fist class, being well printed, with no bleed through. They adhered extremely well with no need for any solutions. Conclusions This was my first Hobby Boss kit and I have to say that despite the niggles, I was impressed by the overall quality of the package. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight never fails to evoke emotion, from pride fo remembrance, gratitude to admiration.

The sight of this flight commemorates a nation's dogged determination and aspirations, and continues to inspire generation after generation. Airfix are proud to be associated with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and to be able to offer the scheme in this new collection available in August. The interest generated by these is enormous, and while far more are probably bought and sold than ever actually used, the fascination they hold for the modelling public is sufficient to warrant serious attention from magazines such as this.

Scale Aviation Modeller international has a policy of featuring every item received, and this section has become a first point of call for many modellers on the lookout for those optional extras to superdetail their kits. Manufacturers are invited to submit their products, no matter how limited the run, for consideration in these pages. AMS Resin is Harold Offield, and his products are absolutely jaw dropping in their attention to detail.

AMS Resin has noted all the differences between these various kits and each detail set has been engineered to fit the specific kit you are using with minimal work from the modeller. The instrument panel has detail on both front and rear surfaces, the instrument dials themselves are recessed with slightly raised needles which with careful painting will look amazing, and on the rear surface have the back of the instruments with their associated wiring.

The cockpit tub shows the same level of detail as the instrument panel and includes a realistic throttle and a mass of piping on the sides of the cockpit wall. The detail set we received is designed to represent a late European aircraft with a Martin Baker seat, and this seat should be released on its own as I have rarely seen a resin casting of an ejector seat with such perfect detail on items like the seat straps and buckles.

As well as the super detailed cockpit you get a nice representation of the nose wheel bay and a long jet pipe that supplies more detail than the kit's example. C I must stress that this is a set still under development, but from what we can see in this sample this will be a must-have for anyone building the basic but nice Hobbycraft T More news on this one once we have a production copy.

The casting and attention to detail are among the best I have ever seen and the price is very reasonable for European modellers with the current exchange rate. The only criticism 1 have is the basic nature of the instructions, which do supply a written guide to the modifications required to the kit parts but leave you to do some research on painting the cockpit details.

There is a nice link to www. On their website AMS state they are looking at providing updates for all the Classic kits that have been ignored by other manufacturers, and I for one applaud this approach as I love the colourful aircraft of the 50s and 60s. The Mistel mated a fighter on top of an unmanned bomber which was released as a primitive form of unguided missile. The only operational version of this aircraft used an Fw and a Ju 88 but there were many other pairings considered and this conversion provides parts to produce the proposed long range Mistel combination of a He and Fw C The resin parts supply the large warhead, four struts, and blanking plates for the upper turret position.

A small length of plastic rod is also supplied. The small decal sheet contains red 1 and 3 plus a small father and son badge carried by Mistels of 6. Conclusion The resin will need some cleaning up before use, but is well cast, with no visible air bubbles or imperfections, and the decals are a nice touch. An interesting choice of subject matter that would certainly draw some attention on the table at a model show or at a club night.

No UK stockist is known so if you are interested in purchasing this set contact Helmut Reichersdorfer of White Cat Models via Email at wcm reichersdoerfer. All are produced in a cream resin and in most cases have a small black and white instruction sheet. One small problem is that most sets are supplied in a clear box with a card header and this is not the best way of protecting the thin resin parts as a number had broken in transit.

In this eventuality you will simply need to be careful on opening the packages so that you retain any parts that have broken off, which can then be easily reattached with a small amount of super glue. To fit Airfix kit. To fit Trumpeter kit.

G0 tet it all hang out with Pavla. Three nicely cast parts make up this effective set, again for the Trumpeter kit. Conclusion The quality of the resin is first rate and the sets for the Viking in particular will make a real show-stopping model from Sea Hawk FGA. UK importer for Pavla 's kits and accessories is Hannants. This late 70s kit is accurate but has virtually no detail in the cockpil and undercarriage hay.

One thing that had me scratching my head was the replacement nose cone. Apparently this is a different shape for the G. A small instruction sheet clearly describes the construction process and also supplies a useful guide to the appropriate colours used inside the airframe. This is a nice mini-theme sheet with individual markings for no fewer than 13 different aircraft and complete stencil data for one of each type.

TA, 2. TA, 3. MBE, 4. MBE, 5. MBE, 6. FS, , Tiger Meet 7. FS 8. FS Tiger Meet 9. Tornado CMP-l I have already purchased an Italeri G. The only downside is that there is no UK importer but thanks to the wonders of the internet you can order this and many other Italian-orientated modelling products from www. Finally we have a new release in their seamless intake range. The first Hasegawa Phantom featured raised panel lines, which on later models have been replaced by some nice engraved detail.

Start by cracking open a Hasegawa F-4J, to which you add the following new upper wing halves with the main wheel well bulges removed, new trailing edge flaps and ailerons, new speed brakes, narrow main wheels, and the fuselage extension for the early J79 engine nozzles. The instructions are very clear and concise and guide you through the conversion process using colour photographs of a model being assembled combined with informative text.

Athough this is an extensive conversion it should be fairly straightforward as long as you follow the instructions explicitly, but if you buy it from Meteor and once it arrives decide it is beyond your capabilities, return it and they will refund you the cost of the set.

You can't say fairer than that! Cutting Edge has the answer with this seamless intake that provides a long inlet ending with a separate engine front. The intake features the top of the nosewheel bay and also has a flashed-over hole to take the thin blade area that goes through the centre intake.

A really big plus is that this is moulded in white and just needs masking before spraying the external camouflage colour, For a really easy way to do this visit Dave's Blog on the Meteor web site. But in fact this will also be very useful for anyone building a Tamiya C straight out of the box as the details on the resin parts are far superior to those provided in the kit.

As a bonus you also get a correction that relocates the vents above the exhaust pipes that are moulded in the wrong place on all of the Tamiya Phantoms. Conclusion The detail sets will be simple to use as minimal preparation is required and the appearance of your model will be enhanced considerably. The F-4 conversion would make a perfect introduction to more extensive conversions with the added benefit that there is a wide range of attractive afterrnarket decal sheets produced for the early Phantom.

As I said last month the good news for European modellers is that the exchange rate is currently in our favour so visit Meteor Productions' website at www. Website: www. Cleethorpes, N. HX1 IRE. DD, Sun Closed Wednesday. Nostalgic Plastic P. This set is suitable for the 21st Century Toys or the Hasegawa G if you backdate it to an F using the Aires conversion.

This set would also be usable on an E4 or E7 as announced by Eduard for release later this year. The quality of the instructions with their stage- by-stage photographic assembly makes this the ideal starter for someone ready to move up to thf: next level. Only one mask set this month but if still got -our Editor all excited as it was for the Special Hobby Skua which had only arrived the week before.

The good news is that with a little work these sets will still fit the very old but accurate Hasegawa kit. The Dragon P might have a few problems, but the Italeri C is one of those golden oldies kits that needs just a little help to make a real stunning model, and Eduard's latest will certainly provide lots of lovely detail. Scale Aviation Modeller International will test and review any such products that manufacturers care to send us for consideration.

CAMMETT Have you ever tried to mask around a tight curve or on a concave or convex surface, or tried to reproduce a pin stripe on a civilian aircraft? Well here is the answer from Cammett - a range called 'Micro-tape,' which will solve all these problems. The product is available in a range of sizes; 0.

If you have, like our editorial team, sometimes struggled to read the small print on an instruction sheet, or pondered over the minutiae on an Eduard etched kit's fret, then this may be a handy solution. J ML has produced a credit card sized magnifying glass, with a built in LED that is just right for Alternative Alchemy A few years ago one of rny modelling nightmares was anything finished in natural metal.

No matter what I tried, it never looked realistic. Then I discovered metal foils - a superb finish but a lot of work, and I mucked up more foil than I successfully applied to a model. Then Alclad and SNJ were launched and suddenly realistic metal finishes became a possibility for any modeller in possession of an airbrush, and now even I could manage to produce a realistic finish.

But there was a disadvantage in that both of these products are based on cellulose and this meant that good ventilation was essential and the fumes could be quite overpowering. Now from the producers of SNJ we have a new range of metallic finishes called Talon. These work in an identical way to the original SNJ but have an acrylic base. This means that there is no powerful smell. Application is by airbrush, and after about 10 minutes you can use SNJ polishing powders to buff the finish to a wide selection of shades.

After an hour the finish will have fully cured and you can mask it m Bunk ttatomentt ma these, and many other applications. The product is available from high street stores or on mail order direct from J ML. Conclusion I am still playing with the sample bottles but early results look very promising and with a threatened ban on cellulose based products it is nice to know that there is an alternative.

Another benefit is that I will no longer get complaints about the strange smells omitting from my loft workshop after a prolonged airbrushing session. Aeromodel Distribution GmbH - mail aeromodel. Nostalgic Plastic RO. Reviews of decal sheets received not only provide information on available products, but can act as a useful reference point in its own right. Scale Aviation Modeller international recognises the importance to the modeller of all aftermarket products, and our commitment to featuring new releases of decals, kits and accessories is absolute.

All items received for review will be treated with serious and professional consideration. As on their first sheet the decals are printed using an ALPS printer so are more delicate than mainstream decals. They also have a one-piece carrier film - not a major problem, you just have to remember to cut close to the image before soaking in water.

The instructions are in full colour and supply a clear placement guide for the decals. MVLK Hato. Agusta-Bell B! Grumman US-2N. MLVK Valkenburg. Grumman S-2A. Karel Dorman. Sea Hawk FGA. VSQ , on-board aircraft carrier. Karei Doorman. MVLK Valkenburg. Karel Doorman. VSQ 3. Conclusion If you are looking for something different or have a liking for Dutch Naval subjects this is the manufacturer for you. Enquires can be made via email to decall hetnet.

Now the publishers of your favourite modelling magazine have produced a fitting tribute in this decal sheet. The decal sheet supplies full stencil data for one option but only one style of national insignia - the faded blue and red type used during the Falklands war - not a major problem as the other styles are included on most kits' decal sheets.

There is large number jungle, as well as some made-up serial numbers, so with a little cutting you can produce a model of any Sea Harrier in service with the Royal Navy. Also supplied are a large number of crew names and the various squadron insignia. Conclusion This is a must-have sheet for anyone interested in the Sea Harrier, but the bad news is that you cannot purchase it at your local model shop. The good news is that it is included free with the new Sea Harrier Datafile, which should be available by the time you read this.

To order your copy see the advert in this issue or visit the SAM Publications web site at www. The final product from Grumman was the F Tomcat and over the last few years there have been some colourful retirement schemes as this type has left service to make way for the Super Hornet. Yellowhammer continues to cover the final schemes that VF applied to their Tomcats and of course Felix is normally present in one form or another on all of the airframes.

FD Tomcat. September 8, VF Tomcatters. CDR Great Knepper. September 20, Dan 'Dix' Dixon. Conclusion I like my themes, and I can think of at least two using this sheet. The most obvious is a whole table featuring the many colourful Tomcat Retirement schemes, but you could also do one on Felix the Cat of VF, which would make a real eye-catching display from biplanes to the Tomcat.

The decals are well printed and include all the major stencilling for both options on each YHD Tomcat Sunset Part 3 sheet, while the instructions feature colour profiles, which clearly show where the decals are to be placed. If you like the Tomcat you must have one of these sheets, and I am hoping that Yellowhammer might consider further sheets featuring the other aircraft that have carried the Felix emblem through the ages.

Yellowhammer decals can be purchased online from Meteor productions at www. Alt three sheets come with full colour instructions that clearly guide you to the correct positioning of the decals. Each sheet provides basic stencil detail and national insignia as well as the individual aircraft markings and badges. Fw D-9, WNr , Red 18, 1. This set also includes a small BlackMagic mask to reproduce the yellow V that is carried under the wings of the second option. A small correction sheet supplies alternative squadron badges and squadron codes as on the original sheet this may have been printed incorrectly.

This error was caused by the use of a period colour photograph as a reference which subsequently proved to have been touched up, potentially altering the colours. G 1, Winter , Russia 2. G 2, Spring , Russia , Knight on Horse badge on nose. Both sheets corne with full instructions which give information on the aircraft that they can be applied to, and there is a broad spectrum of types covered, from interwar biplanes to supersonic jets fighters.

Each sheet supplies two decals, one contains the national insignia and the other contains a number jungle for the serial numbers. OWL DECALS Czech manufacturer Owl have been steadily increasing their catalogue in recent months, and a selection of unique and very welcome accessories are opening up new possibilities for modellers of Luftwaffe subjects almost as fast as kit producers are bringing out new releases upon which to lavish them.

Owl's speciality is night fighters, and their decals and conversion parts are currently one of the fastest selling aftermarket ranges. Owl's decals currently span four scales. Instruction sheets are in full colour and also refer the modeller to those items in the Owl range necessary to convert a model to the subject matter In hand. RLM 22 all-over with yellow undersides to the cowling 2. This machine is equipped with FuG J-2 Neptune radar. Fritz Krause of l.

This machine is equipped with FuG J-l Neptune radar. Fw A-5, National insignia and codes are provided, but these will need to be partially obscured with the top coat of RLM Meanwhile a glance at www. The booklet that accompanies the decal sheet is comprehensive with plenty of information available on placement, colour scheme and anomalies for the individual aircraft. The decals supply all the special markings with the small squadron badges printed in two parts to insure perfect registration.

Also supplied are the national insignia and aircraft codes for the considerable stencil detail carried on a PR. At the time of writing no injected moulded kit of this version is available though both Airfix and Classic Airframes have announced a PR. Conclusion This sheet was produced with the help of the designer of the full sized scheme so its accuracy is guaranteed, and as the PR. These sheets and others from the range are available direct from the manufacturer at www.

The instructions are extensive, covering 9 pages of A5 with full colour profiles, and the decals themselves are printed to a very high standard. A small bonus section supplies squadron badges for six units, and these are made up from three pieces each, to insure perfect registration on such small images. Hawker Hunter FGA. Hawker Hunter F. Bonus Section Squadron and Unit Crests 1. The metal lines snapped back and wrapped themselves firmly around the Mustang, quite complicating the already-necessary deadstick landing.

The P was of special interest to the pioneers of supersonics because among fast World War II fighters, the Mustang seemed the most resistant to high-speed controllability problems. Apparently its unique laminar-flow airfoil managed to keep the airflow attached despite shock wave-induced perturbations.

Yeager reached Mach. Cooper discovered real world evidence of the wind tunnel phenomenon called the Schlieren effect, created when light is refracted by the denser shock wave air. The phenomenon is visible either under controlled wind tunnel lighting or when the angle of sun and wing are just right. The NACA had been trying to do transonic research by dragging high-speed models to extreme altitudes aboard a B and an F Twin Mustang and then dropped them straight down onto a bombing range near Langley, Virginia—getting brief bits of data by tracking the plunging models with radar or by laboriously digging them out of the mud and reading the instrument recording that had survived.

The next jet, the Lockheed P, was fast enough to suffer from aileron buzz caused by the capricious dance of shock waves on its control surfaces. But again the problem was encountered only in steep dives and again was counteracted by fortifying the control surfaces. Not until after World War II did aircraft design take the radical turn toward supersonic flight that the jet invited, producing airplanes that looked strikingly different from their subsonic forebears.

The changes derived mainly from two sources of information: NACA high-speed flight research and the scientific war spoils from Germany. The first easy answer to going faster, which turned out to be swept wings, came from both. He completed a formal report in April , which the NACA issued on June 21 to military services and companies with security clearances. Schairer immediately wrote Boeing headquarters, telling the company to stop work on a straight-wing dodo of a Mach 1 design that was already well under way.

He returned to Seattle with microfilmed German data that resulted in the Boeing B, progenitor of the and the B The result was the F Sabre, the first operational fighter in the world routinely capable of flying faster than sound though it took a slight dive to do it and one of the most aesthetically pleasing and operationally successful aircraft ever built.

The wings of the Douglas D Skystreak were also straight. When the Army Air technical Service Command awarded Bell the contract in March , its engineers had already been briefed by wing sweep champion Robert Jones. Crawford accused the NACA of incompetence for not insisting on swept wings. The NACA responded by claiming prudence and pointed to the dearth of experimental evidence, especially at low speeds.

A few who witnessed the petty spats between the two organizations later in the program have suggested that the NACA knew better but was determined to give the Army exactly what it asked for, which was a straight-wing rocket-propelled airplane, instead of the turbojet-powered design that the NACA favored.

One advantage straight wings had over swept-wing designs was rigidity: the more radically a wing was swept, the less torsionally rigid it became. When the right aileron, say, on a weak-winged fighter such as the McDonnell F3H Demon was deflected upward at subsonic speeds, it would, as expected, command a roll to the right.

Some airplanes could literally perform aileron rolls in the direction opposite full stick deflection, and F3Hs were known to return from combat practice maneuvers with permanently warped wings. The solution to the problem was to design wings with greater rigidity. The English Electric Lightning, although sounding like a household appliance, somehow achieved adequate rigidity despite an enormous amount of wing sweep: a degree angle between the leading edge and a line perpendicular to the fuselage centerline.

And that happened only after the aircraft was boosted past Mach 1 on full burner. The pride of the U. North American was desperate to get the F into production, so when Air Force test pilot Pete Everest turned down the Super Sabre as having some unacceptable handling qualities, North American put the brute in the hands of a group of young tigers from the Tactical Air Command.

Later models were given a larger and considerably stronger tailfin. But sometimes even this combination of brute force and creative extremes was not enough to wrest speed from an unwilling atmosphere, and in Richard Whitcomb discovered why.

Whitcomb, one of the most productive transonic aerodynamicists in the world, would go on to develop Whitcomb winglets—the vertical wingtip extensions seen on advanced transonic aircraft from the to recent Learjets—and would play a major part in the development of the supercritical airfoil for more economical transonic cruise. Whitcomb comes up with a brilliant idea and calls it a rule of thumb.

Shock stall—the effective loss of lift caused by supersonic perturbations on the wing—is one of the two Katies barring the door to supersonic flight. The other is wave drag—the increase in air pressure, or resistance, against the entire airframe shouldering its way through transonically compressed air. Vintage aeronautical engineering had concerned itself almost entirely with airfoil cross-section, as though the wing was the only significant part of an airplane and was simply a three-dimensional extension of a two-dimensional curve.

As airplanes began to probe the transonic region, designers realized the wing had to be studied as a whole—that its sweep, shape, structure, and aeroelasticity all had to be considered together. And now, as true supersonic flight revealed a whole host of unexpected control, flow, and drag problems, designers discovered that every external component of the airframe—wings, fuselage, tail, engine pods, intake ducts—affected the others so strongly that the entire vehicle had to be studied as a single entity.

The F, the first U. There was no way the supposedly supersonic F could get anywhere near Mach 1. What was creating the unexpected drag, it turned out, was a considerable mismatch between fuselage and wing. Spikes in the curve, created by the sudden addition of a wing to the cross-section just where the fuselage was fattest, say, meant enormous drag. The result was the grotesque wasp-waistedness of the hastily modified production F and its far faster successor the F The similarly Coke bottle-shaped Grumman F11F Tiger was the first airplane to be designed from inception to take advantage of the Area Rule and as a result was the first Navy line aircraft to pass Mach 1 in level flight.

But even if the sound barrier is down, the lift spoiler remains. It limits the practical flight speeds nearly as firmly as did that imaginary sonic wall. To fly faster than sound—to achieve lift despite shock spikes and to shove aside wave drag—requires massive doses of power or fuel or money. Or, more likely, all three. Century Series jets, even bombers—was routinely doubling the Mach.

But after it was discovered that airplanes could fly at two, three, even four times the speed of sound, a strange thing happened: For the first time in the history of flight, designers applied the brakes. Today we are flying slower than we were 20 years ago. The cream of our military crop, although capable of much higher speeds, clusters on the classic transonic band, cruising and maneuvering at between Mach.

For commercial aviation, the infrastructure is already far behind the airplane. The complexity of air traffic control, the congestion of runways, the limited access to airports, and the economics of what is becoming a 21st century mass-transit system have made supersonic flight with foreseeable technology irrelevant for all but the most limited and premium applications. The need for speed seems to have been satisfied.

But maybe this is just a Mach. A well-known aerodynamicist and aviation entrepreneur who is either laughably optimistic or an unrecognized visionary recently insisted all this was possible. Then he told the story of an orphan he adopted some years ago. When he first met the child, he asked what the boy wanted to be when he grew up. Ernst Mach, the man whose name has become synonymous with high-speed flight, never saw an airplane that traveled much more than one-tenth the speed of sound, for he died in Not a ragtime group but a phenomenon that relates the physiological effect of spatially distributed light stimuli to visual perception.

Anybody you know been quoting the Mach principle? Who gets any crossword puzzle mileage out of Mach angle? The actual object of his supersonics research—the angle between a shock wave and the direction of motion of the object creating the wave. Save your laments for Jacob Ackeret. Remember him? Given the right combination of atmospheric conditions, altitude, and airplane—particularly its weight, shape, and maneuvering configuration—the sudden arrival of a shock wave can sound like trains colliding.

Oddly enough, one parameter that matters little is speed: Above a certain Mach number, a sonic boom can actually weaken as the airplane goes faster. The British soon discovered that sonic booms were so spectacular you could build entire airshow routines around them. This all came to a tragic end in September , when de Havilland test pilot John Derry pulled apart a D. That tradition ended when one fighter job centerpunched his own field with a particularly powerful shock wave created by a dive to 8, feet.

He broke windows, loosened doorframes, and cracked ceilings all over the base, ending the era of casual sound-barrier breaking, although isolated incidents continued to cause damage and injuries. Strain gauges installed in houses that have been subjected to sonic booms show that the increase in pressure distorts a small building by a fraction of an inch. Two shock waves travel with an airplane flying faster than sound, one at the nose and one at the tail.

The passage of the first almost instantly raises the air pressure slightly. In the 0. The arrival of the second shock restabilizes it. This doubly whammy not only breaks windows but creates that characteristic boom-boom of a low-altitude supersonic flight. Little more was known about sonic booms until the mids when the Federal Aviation Administration, assigned to determine the social acceptability of supersonic transports, did what it claimed was more research on noise than had been done in the whole of human history.

Century-series fighters and B Hustlers played the city like a drum, which doubtless is why the project was code-named Operation Bongo. The effects of the booms ranged from the inevitable to the incredible. One victim claimed that her bra strap snapped whenever the Air Force lowered a particularly loud boom.

Another Sooner said the daily a. A third claimed her furniture was shrinking. But some effects were serious.

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Squared off wingtip torrent Then I discovered metal foils - a superb finish but a lot of work, and I mucked up more foil than I successfully applied to a model. You have a choice of a long-nose or short-nose airframe, with or without wing tip tanks. Supplied with the kit are eight resin main wheels. However, there are only enough correctly sized white-outlined red stars squared off wingtip torrent the underwing markings of one of the Soviet aircraft. Grumman US-2N.
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Squared off wingtip torrent OWL DECALS Czech manufacturer Owl have been steadily increasing their catalogue in recent months, and a selection of unique and very welcome accessories are opening up new possibilities for modellers of Luftwaffe subjects almost as fast as kit producers are squared out new releases upon which to lavish them. There are positive locations cast into the three fuselage sections that allow for alignment and thus off that each section is torrent aligned with the centre section. The decals are excellent but the instructions are a little confusing. After all, this was before the days of computer-aided design. No matter what I tried, it never looked realistic. The low speed of the attacking aircraft may have acted in their favour, as they were too more info for the fire- Scale Aviation Modeller August L, Swordfish MK I.
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