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dreamwalker by c. s. friedman torrent

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Friedman shares the story of a teenager named Jessica Drake; an artist, an older sister, and a daughter of single working mom. Her adventure begins when she discovers a dark and deep secret about her family and finds out she isn't who she thinks she is. It all started when a strange woman stalks their house and watches them. Then next thing she knows, she's going on a trip to an alien world and attempting to rescue her brother and finding out who she really is in the proces In Dream Walker, C.

Then next thing she knows, she's going on a trip to an alien world and attempting to rescue her brother and finding out who she really is in the process. As story goes deeper and deeper, interesting things show up that pulls the readers in.

The author does a decent job in adding in drama and suspense. For instance, the moment when Jessica discovers that she isn't the daughter of her mom or her dad due to the blood tests. Another example is when she learns that her biological mother is on the alien planet and that she gave Jessica up to a guild.

Another notable thing about the book is Jessica's character. She is bold yet reserved when she needs to be. Also her deep love of her little brother and willingness to do anything to ensure his safety is also very admirable.

One can tell how much she loves her little brother. Although there are many redeeming qualities about the book, there are also some faults throughout the book. There were a few grammar errors that were noticeable. Also, most of the chapters were very long which could bore the readers.

The author could have made the chapters a little shorter. Also, the author was excessive with describing every single detail. It made it difficult to see the broader picture or idea. I believe that the author wrote this book as a way of telling society that family doesn't have limits. Family is anyone who you love and care for and would do anything for them.

I believe this is the idea or theme that the author was trying to express. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. I really liked the main character and her interaction and her love for her brother. Due to this i really connected with the character as i too have loving yet annoying brother.

I feel like this book would most likely be enjoyed by young readers who are interested in sci-fi and action. Although this was an amazing book, there are many cases in the book where there is language and references to alcohol. This book is a well written book and i highly recommend it. Apr 20, Joe AuBuchon rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. I found this to be a rather conventional parallel worlds novel told from the point of view of an American teenager.

Jessica Drake finds that she is not genetically the child of either of her parents; her dreams are of interest to others; she, and others like her, are targeted for murder; her brother is kidnapped and taken to another Earth; Jesse and friends to the rescue. This story seems to serve as an introduction to a trilogy or, possibly, longer series.

However, neither the storylin I found this to be a rather conventional parallel worlds novel told from the point of view of an American teenager. It all seems rather simplistic; I found that I didn't really care about any of the characters nor about what was happening to them, and this after about four hundred pages.

There is, however, some hope as Jesse is going to try to find her real mother and learn about this dreamwalking thing of hers. I'll probably end up getting the next book in this series but I will not pre-order it sight unseen. Nov 14, Hershel Shipman rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , first-reads , young-adult. Not bad start to a new series. It is very much oriented towards the young adult crowd. Reasons for this are the teenage character, plenty of pop culture references and the angst.

However the fantasy tidbits make it a good start. The world is constructed into a multiverse, the main character has magic referred to as a "Gift" that apparently makes most things in power want to kill her. She doesn't really know what it does herself. We are only given hints. The big bads the "shadows" are portrayed a Not bad start to a new series. The big bads the "shadows" are portrayed as extremely creepy, possible undead, manipulators that have designs on everything.

Other mysteries that will be answered later are probably, whats the whole story behind the "changlings", who's Jessica's mother, what happened to Rita, and how much Isaac will change. So for a foray into the YA realm the author is making a good step. I don't know how well this sill do in the market as I am not up to date with whats popular in that age group but its a good story and stands on its own legs.

Apr 29, Patrick St-Denis rated it liked it. When C. Friedman's invited me to get an early read of the forthcoming Dreamwalker last summer, I was happy to oblige! All that the author and her editor asked for was for me to refrain from revealing anything about it and to wait till around the book's pub date before posting a review.

It was a small price to pay to be one of the few people who'd read this novel before everyone else! Dreamwalker is the first volume in a brand new series, and in style and tone it is a world away from the dark s When C. Writing the Magister trilogy took a lot out of the author and she needed a break from that sort of tale. That series was by far her most densely written, aggressively dark, and adult-themed work, and it took six years of her life to write.

As a result, Friedman wanted to write something shorter, something more linear, with a plot that wasn't as convoluted, with a much faster pace. Something that her younger fans could relate to a bit more. And yet, she also wanted to write something her adult fans would enjoy as well. When asked to describe Dreamwalker, Friedman explained that it's a crossover novel.

It includes elements targetted to a teen audience, but also hopefully enough content and complexity to please an adult audience. Thus far the critical response has been very good, and has confirmed that she apparently succeeded in her goal, that of writing something that both adults and teens would enjoy. She explained that Dreamwalker is shorter than her previous works.

This reflects the author's attempt to publish books more often than she's been doing in the past, with hopefully a new installment out every year or so. Friedman is convinced that overall the series will have the same level of complexity and darkness of worldbuilding that fans have become accustomed to, but it will gradually build over the course of the entire series.

So did C. Friedman truly succeed in her endeavor to write something that would satisfy both her teen and adult audiences? I guess she did. As I told the author once I was done reading Dreamwalker, though I enjoyed the book, I did miss the darkness and the more complex plotlines of her past works. I did miss the dark and more edgy characters we have come to both love and hate over the years.

Having said that, once I sat down and started to read it, I went through Dreamwalker in no time. The plot may be more linear and the novel shorter, yet the pace of the book and the quality of the narrative nevertheless sucked me into this tale and I went through the manuscript in just a few sittings. So I guess it's mission accomplished for Friedman!

Here's the blurb: All her life Jessica Drake has dreamed of other worlds, some of them similar to her own, others disturbingly alien. The worldbuilding has always been an aspect in which Friedman usually shines. By specifically trying to write something less dark and complex, I felt that in this facet of her writing there is something missing.

That lack might be made up by other aspects of this novel, but I figure that it's in this area that Dreamwalker truly differs from the author's other works. One that will, I believe, be one of the underlying themes in the rest of this series.

One must not forget that Dreamwalker is sort of a brief introduction to what will be a vaster, more intricate tale. Hence, the potential is there for more complexity, more darkness. The child exploitation theme certainly leaves the door open for much of that. Only time will tell if, as it is the author's objective, said complexity and darkness will build over the course of the series.

Several concepts and ideas are introduced, but there is little or no elaboration on most of them. I for one would have loved to discover more about magic, the guilds, the seers, the other realities, etc. She's sixteen years of age, with the teenage angst and emotions that come with adolescence. Jessica is an endearing character, one you can't help but root for.

But I have a feeling that she is a bit too mature for her age, even if her backstory explains why she's more than your typical teenage girl. I enjoyed the occasional Tommy POVs, for they offer another perspective and create a different atmosphere.

Devon and Rita formed a nice trio with Jessica and it will be interesting to see how their relationships will evolve in future sequels. Though a bit predictable, Isaac was a character that brought a lot to the tale. The Green Man offered some fascinating insight into the alternate realities, which bodes well for things to come.

By crafting a less convoluted plot, Friedman was able to write a fast-paced narrative which really takes you on a wild ride. While it's true that the story can be a bit predictable at times, the rhythm of the prose and Jessica's plight quickly take over and suck you into Dreamwalker. Relatively short chapters, engaging protagonists, and surprising revelations keep you turning those pages. Dreamwalker may lack the darkness and complexity found in the Coldfire trilogy or the Magister trilogy, yet the storylines are nonetheless intriguing.

You get the feeling that this first volume is a set-up book. Friedman, though perhaps she doesn't unveil as much information as she wanted, is undoubtedly paving the way for a lot of things to come in future installments. One thing's for sure, though.

Based on Dreamwalker, it is evident that this is a series brimming with potential and I'm looking forward to finding out what Friedman has in store for those characters! For more reviews: www. Nov 20, Hannah T rated it really liked it. Heart-racing, bewildering, mysterious-these are all words that would describes C. Every single chapter left me on a cliff-hanger and it was impossible for me to put it down. With every chapter, I found myself drawn to the action, the plot-twists and learning about this dream world.

When you are reading her book, you will constantly find yourself surprised. She wrote it in a way where you would expect something to turn out one way, but really it turns out in the leas Heart-racing, bewildering, mysterious-these are all words that would describes C. She wrote it in a way where you would expect something to turn out one way, but really it turns out in the least expected way. This book really keeps you on your toes. The characters felt real, naturally drawing me to their backstory and lives.

This would be the kind of story you would end up reading in one night because of its page turner qualities. Jul 18, Samantha rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , discarded. I'll be honest, I picked this up, not really bothering to read the dustjacket because I've read other things by Friedman and liked them all.

But this one is different from her normal dark blend of fantasy and sci fi. It's like YA urban fantasy meets a conspiracy theory It's weird in a not great way. Beyond that, the narrator was completely unconvincing as a teenaged girl. It's like Friedman has never met a teenager, she's just seen 25 year olds playing teenagers on TV. And all of the writing was just so overwrought. Nothing about the characters rings true, they're all extremely one dimensional.

And the setting just seems off somehow in a way I can't quite pinpoint. Skip this one. You're not missing anything. Jul 29, Carrie Z rated it it was ok. I was desperate for a new book during quarantine. A friend lent this to me. It kept my interest but was written with a very "teen" genre, similar to a Twilight feel - not to overwhelming or in-depth like "A Wheel of TIme.

I do like sci-fi, having read several series over the years. Curious if it will become a movie Oct 16, Samuel Lubell rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , ya. Fairly straightforward portal fantasy. A teenage artist whose brother works images from her dreams into his computer role playing is forced to visit another world when her brother is kidnapped. With the help of two other fellow changelings, those who had been born in an alternate world but brought into our world she saves him.

Aug 16, View Chivatanaporn rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , heroine. An entertaining story. This book is good for a light read. This author comes up with some really good storylines. This book is one I would recommend for a younger reader anytime. Not just plots, but scenes, characters, tiny details - everything.

Thank you! Jun 20, Peter rated it did not like it. CS Friedman wrote one of my favorite series:Coldfire. This ain't for me. Jul 02, Missi rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult. It took me a minute to get into this book, but once it gets going it's really good!!! May 31, Alison rated it really liked it. A good start. I want to know more of the dream walking talent. Apr 09, Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , fantasy , read-in My friend Brendan won this book was a Goodreads giveaway and didn't particularly like it, mainly because he's not the target audience e.

Since I fulfill half of those requirements the girl part , he asked that I read it and tell him what I think. Read his review here. After reading it, I decided that it wasn't really that great of a book, as it had many plot holes you could drive a Mack truck through as my mother used to say. Here are the problems I had and yes, there are My friend Brendan won this book was a Goodreads giveaway and didn't particularly like it, mainly because he's not the target audience e.

Friedman's worlds didn't really make sense, at least not to me. I thought the concept was interesting of having a network of worlds that look geographically like Earth, in the terms of having the same mountains, rivers, cave systems, etc. However, where it fell apart for me was that in some worlds, major events didn't happen like it did here on Earth. On world didn't have an asteroid hit; another the Revolutionary War wasn't won by the Americans. Ok, still interesting until you think about this: Certain events were brought upon by certain people.

For example, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson. So these other worlds that didn't have the Declaration of Independence, their history should be completely different that our history. Friedman was very wishy-washy on the whole thing. At times it sounded like all the worlds were a copies of each other with the same people who influenced history, but at other times it sounded like they were completely different.

It wasn't consistent, and I just ended up confused. Also, I have a hard time believing that these worlds were complete copies of each other in terms of geography, as things like erosion and natural elements take a toll on the landscape. Did each world start out as having a Pangaea and the tectonic plates separating the lands in the exact same way?

There is really no way that could have happened, so Friedman looses points for believability for that. Also, to go with the rant from 1, when our intrepid heroes go to another world, everyone miraculously speaks English. There are places in our own world that people start speaking one language, but because of isolation or outside influences, the language changes I think there was island near England - the Isle of Man?

Let's look at language in our own nation: accents and terminology are different throughout different regions, to the point where sometimes you need subtitles for English speakers I'm thinking of you, Honey Boo-Boo. My point is, these worlds can't be exact copies of each other, so what are the odds that everyone speaks the same form of English?

Highly unlikely. Friedman's terms for magic wasn't consistent. Jesse discovers that she's probably not originally from Earth, as she's a changeling. However, she was told by the Green Man that each world can recognize the people who come from there. So, when she is going through that Gate, it would stand to reason that Earth wouldn't claim her, as she wasn't born there.

Just another inconsistent thing. And another inconsistent thing: when Jesse's house is burning down, she's not freaked out by the fact that Rita was able to get into the house, although Jesse's family locked it up tight. It also took Jesse awhile to figure out that someone broke into her house and kidnapped her brother.

So how did Rita get in? If she climbed in through the broken window, wouldn't she have said, "Oh, hey, Jesse, by the way, the window was broken when I got here? Rita doesn't give a clue as to how she got in. Personally, I feel like she was a plant from the other world, and was sent there to watch Jesse. The fact that she disappears during the end reinforces my suspicion. However, I really don't care enough to wait for more books in the series to find out if I'm right.

Young adult books have been driving me nuts lately because of the typical young adult novel crap they put in it. Jesse's worried about her brother and how they are going to rescue him, yet she still can't help thinking about Devon and Isaac and if one is jealous because of the other.

Seriously, can young adult characters not turn off their hormones for like five minutes? Like I said, a lot of plot holes and annoying stuff. I couldn't suspend my disbelief for this book. So there you go, Brendan. I didn't like it, but not as much as you didn't like it. Jan 16, Anya rated it liked it. Dreamwalker by C. Friedman is an intriguing mix of parallel worlds and fantasy elements and the start to a new series with a lot of potential.

Note: I received Dreamwalker for review from the publisher. Friedman Dreamwalker 1 Published Dreamwalker by C. Following clues left behind on Tommy's computer, determined to find her brother and bring him home safely, Jessica and two of her friends are about to embark on a journey that will test their spirits and their courage to the breaking point, as they must leave their own world behind and confront the source of Earth's darkest legends as well as the terrifying truth of their own secret heritage.

Dreamwalker takes place mostly in a parallel world and the world-building universe-building? There are some cool alternate history pieces thrown in mostly revolving around how the colonization of America could have been different with interference from parallel worlds. Dreamwalker has a nice and straightforward adventure plot. There is just something comfortable about knowing from the first couple of chapters what the goal is and running around on an adventure to meet that goal ;-.

Weaknesses: Dreamwalker had a surprising amount of typos, especially for a traditionally-published finished copy. There is the typical group of three teens setting out on adventure in Dreamwalker and the two secondary characters ended up feeling very flat to me.

We barely get to know who they really are as people and they just kind of follow Jesse along on her quest. One of them is kind of explained, but it really feels like a stretch. For those of you who have read this one, perhaps you can help me out: Why is Rita at the house on THE NIGHT and how do they get a car to drive to the mines since it seemed like it was implied that Rita left the original one to be found?

I realize this is likely to be filled in in later books, but I really felt unsatisfied with not getting more details given the title. Summary: Dreamwalker is a promising start to a series combing sci-fi and fantasy, even though there are some rough spots. Jun 26, Alan rated it liked it Recommends it for: Visitors who don't mind unfinished A thousand worlds have yet to come up with anything better.

Friedman 's Dreamwalker doesn't make it at all obvious, but this book is just the first installment in a projected series, something called The Dreamwalker Chronicles. I found that disappointing. I prefer standalone novels to open-ended series anyway, and this particular one leaves more unanswered at the end than seems either necessary or desirable.

To borrow a term from Wikipedia, "Chicken soup. To borrow a term from Wikipedia, this particular entry is a "stub," incomplete even on its own terms. In this, I think it suffers in comparison to Robert Charles Wilson 's superbly memorable early novel Gypsies , which has similar elements a pair of young siblings with special abilities as protagonists, exploring parallel universes before they're quite ready to do so , but which also stands on its own.

That said, though, and although it's slow to get started as well, Dreamwalker eventually did grow on me, even turning into something of a page-turner by its all-too-sudden end. A lot of that's due to Jessica Drake—Jesse—a lively and believable first-person narrator who provides a strong central thread to Friedman's story. To begin with, Jesse thinks that her frequent dreams of complex geometrical designs and endless plains full of doors are just that—dreams.

Her younger brother Tommy often uses her unique imagery for his online games, and she uses them herself to inform her paintings, but that appears to be the extent of their utility. When Jesse finds out that there are actually dozens of other teenagers who are similarly unique, though The Green Man who's quoted above is a traveler between worlds as well. He came from so-called "Terra Colonna," which appears to be our Earth, early in the 18th Century, but remains implausibly aware of current events.

Perhaps he's lying about how often he's been back. He also speaks in modern English, without a trace of the archaic accent or vocabulary I'd expect. In fact, all of the characters in Dreamwalker seem to speak modern, idiomatic English, no matter when or where they're from, despite the fact that languages diverge widely even within relatively small geographic regions on our own planet. Maybe there's some magic that keeps the timelines mutually intelligible, but there is no explanation offered for this within the text, as far as I could tell—that's the kind of hole that's simply left unfilled, at least for now.

Still, though, Jessica Drake is a keeper, and the environment she's thrown into is just the kind of thing I like, so I'm willing to forgive a few lacunae here and otherwhere. Despite the lukewarm nature of this review, I'll probably pick up the next book in Friedman's series—if and when it comes out Dec 18, Grace Troxel rated it it was amazing.

I was so blown away by C. Dreamwalker is the story of Jessica, a teenage girl dealing with some difficult issues in her personal life. Her genetics seem to indicate that she is a freak of nature. One night, Tommy is kidnapped by strange creatures from a parallel world.

It is up to Jessica to rescue him, and in the process, find out what she really is. One of the strengths of young adult writing is its ability to address the issues that teenagers are dealing with in their own lives. I enjoyed the fact that Friedman decided to use a diverse cast of characters. Jessica is accompanied on her rescue mission by two friends that she met online, both of whom have similar DNA anomalies. Devon is black, and Rita grew up on the streets.

Their differing racial and socioeconomic backgrounds play important roles in the story, and each character has to rely on their own unique life experiences to survive in another world. Friedman does a perfect job here. This is a far more realistic approach than most young adult novels, and I love it. I get the feeling that a lot of long time fans of C.

I look forward to reading the next installations in the series. Mar 30, Jon added it. Funny story here. I have read nearly every novel C elia. Friedman has written, and they have always proved engrossing.

When I began this blog, I had the second novel in the Magister trilogy sitting on my TBR shelf, and it was supposed to be about the fourth review I published, as soon as I read it. Still haven't read it. Mostly because I meant to go back and read the first book over again; it had been far too long between publishing dates, and I was pretty fuzzy about what had gone before. Th Funny story here. The third novel in the trilogy is out, and I never did buy it.

When I saw that Friedman had written either a stand alone novel or the beginning of a new series, then, I was overjoyed and I immediately took steps to acquire a copy of Dreamwalker. I'm afraid that Friedman has finally sold out to the forces of evil. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses.

Dreamwalker Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! She never shares the details with anyone, save her younger brother Tommy, a compulsive gamer who incorporates some aspects of Jessica's dreams into his games. But now someone is asking about those dreams and about her. A strange woman has been watching her house. A visitor to her school attempts to take possession of her dream-inspired artwork.

As she begins to search for answers it becomes clear that whoever is watching her does not want her to learn the truth. One night her house catches on fire, and when the smoke clears she discovers that her brother has been kidnapped.

She must figure out what is going on, and quickly, if she and her family are to be safe.

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