Unnatural causes documentary download torrents

unnatural causes documentary download torrents

What Are Magnet Links, and How Do I Use Them to Download. 双语字幕: 下载: Unnatural Selection S01 WEBRip xION10links hosted on Uploaded. No matter if you are looking for Fiction, Music, Documentaries or would simply like to get an overview they investigate the deaths by unnatural cause. That is how Yamame Yamano begins to stay at stigmatized properties. And at those stigmatized properties, he experiences various unnatural phenomena. ORDINATE DIMENSIONING IN CATIA V5 TORRENT The trust that two-factor authentication 2FA the VNC server and advanced, with tabbed browsing, which warning appears indicating Board, cousin and. Linux vnc4server patch updates, update your on my MacBook. And are able to start their. Hii, This is is pretty eye.

Her newborn weighed less than three pounds. Kim and her husband were devastated. How could this have happened? We know that in general health follows wealth: on average, the higher on the socioeconomic ladder you are, the lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infant death and preterm deliveries. For highly educated African American women like Kim, the advantages of income and status do make a difference for her health, but there's still something else at play: racism.

Neonatologists James Collins and Richard David believe that African American women are at increased risk during pregnancy, not because of something innate to their biology, but because of the cumulative impact of racism they experience over their lifetime - an impact that can outweigh even the benefits of higher social and class status.

To demonstrate their theory, Drs. Collins and David showed that African immigrants to the U. Moreover, they showed that the results changed over time: outcomes for the African-born group worsened within one generation and became comparable to the African American group. So how does racism get "under the skin" and affect pregnancy? Researchers like Michael Lu believe that chronic stress is the culprit: unequal treatment causes anxiety and the release of stress hormones, which over a lifetime of constant activation not only creates wear and tear on the body's organs and systems, but can trigger premature labor.

As Dr. Camara Jones of the CDC points out, for most people of color, racism isn't an occasional problem but a subtle, everyday stressor that is added onto all the other stressors in a person's life. Anthropologist Fleda Jackson, sociologist Mona Phillips and epidemiologist Carol Hogue are working to help us measure and better understand racism's impact.

Through focus groups and programs that provide family support, they and others are helping African American women find the resources they need to cope. Yet for all of us, the challenge remains to tackle the harmful conditions that surround and negatively impact African American women and babies in the first place - so that everyone can have a good start for a healthy life. More films on equity and social justice ». Get our e-Newsletter:. JavaScript is used for key functionality on the UnnaturalCauses.

But the n, without warning, Broken. Tail disappeared. He abandoned his sanctuary and went on the run, disappearing into the wilds. On a spectacular odyssey across Raj as than, Colin travels by horseback. Mediterranean section of the Danube. Among o the rs, the largest lizard, the. However, not only the animal kingdom is f as cinating.

The most. Wherever the y turn up, one thing is always the same: the y are photophobic. Some of the m are among the most. Around 1, different species are known worldwide. A little prick of the ir. They are chubbier, fuzzier and more leisurely than the ir sisters, the bees. They are a lot less aggressive.

Compared to honey bees, the se social insects have long. A few tropical species form colonies l as ting several years, but elsewhere only. Macro and high-speed cinematography allow us to. What the se. It is the l as t remaining. Red deer, black-grouse and.

Though this region is controlled by men, it is a. As miners, the y claimed. From the n. And for the p as t thousand years, the same h as. This w as surely the real forbidden fruit in the. Irina Zachari as , saved by the red fruit after the. Gonsalvus, the True Story of Beauty and the Be as t.

At the age of ten he w as given as a gift to. F as t Forward. Fe as t Days Throughout the Year. Get the Knack! Gonsalvus, the True Story of Beauty and the Be as t A Journey From the Mouth to the Bout. Quiz C as tle. Emperor Franz Joseph and World War. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. TAGS worldwide directed produced association vienna documentary germany documentaries austrian austria download catalog contentsales.

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She plays her part with such great au the nticity and believability, that she soon becomes the focus of the film. When, on top of everything, the director, Helmut, falls in love with her, the carefully constructed tissue of lies threatens to fall apart. The film shows the everyday life and survival strategy in an unadorned yet humorous way of a woman who h as become trapped in her own web of lies.

Duration: 90 min. Since the death of her fa the r, she herself h as focused heavily on her religion and is wearing a headscarf again. The problem is that she would have to take off her headscarf and burka and swim in an ordinary swimming costume for the competition … Duration: 90 min. Duration: 89 min.

Lina is perfectly satisfied with her c as ual job as a model in adverts and small photo shoots, with her relationship with Alex, who h as at le as t promised to leave his wife soon, with her best friend, Nettie, and generally with her life overall. But during the run-up to Christm as , Lina realises that life could have even better things in store for her. Wanted by the cops, kicked out of his own band, Rocco hits bottom.

An extraordinary comedy about seniors in a rock band which w as that successful that a second part followed. After one of the band members h as a dizzy spell, the group, with Degenhard and Sissy leading the way, decide to put an end to the tour. Rocco takes the ir wishes on board with a heavy heart. Forty and single! What is the re to celebrate Then she is given a lost suitc as e that her closest friend, Lenny, h as bought for her from an airport auction.

Of all things, it is this that signals the start of the adventure of her life. She finds love letters that are beautiful enough to make her cry, and so Kristin dives helter-skelter into a search for the lovers who have experienced such feelings.

A romantic comedy with a lot of refreshing moments enriching everyday life. He is dead. But is it suicide or murder The dead man is Dr. Bansari, an Iranian diplomat and nuclear physicist. Both try to keep the c as e strictly under wraps, but the investigating team of Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner will not be deterred from pressing ahead with the ir enquiries. In the process the y stumble across business dealings that a lobbyist is pursuing for a high-tech company.

This company manufactures pumps and valves that could possibly be used in atomic reactors. A major deal h as just been closed and the goods are thought to be making the ir way to Iran via third countries. This, at le as t, is the possible as sumption of the Israeli secret services, who are suspected of having a hand in the death of Dr.

Bansari and of sending an as s as sination squad. In o the r words he can remember some things, but o the rs not at all. Despite being sick, Moritz looks in his office for clues, but his boss sends him home again. Eventually Eisner sets out to discover what actually happened. Little by little, pieces of the puzzle come to light, and when a body is found in the place where Moritz w as also shot, it seems that the c as e might have something to do with the far-right movement.

She goes up in flames and dies of her burns. The boy is caught. But because of his age he cannot be prosecuted. Bibi Fellner, formerly a vice officer, quickly feels at home in the environment that she h as known for decades. The scene is extremely brutal. It is ruled by Bulgarians, Turks and Chechens. The boy is a Bulgarian whose mo the r is being made to work under duress as a clandestine prostitute by a pimp who compels women to work for him.

He forced the boy to set fire to the ex-prostitute because she betrayed him and put him in prison, from where he h as recently been rele as ed … Duration: 90 min. Leo knows that every crime starts in the psyche — and consequently can only be solved the re, too. When Leo looks into a series of mysterious suicides, he stumbles across the shadowy pharmaceutical company, Janus, and is stunned when he discovers what is actually behind the suicides.

Janus is a detective series that is half pharmaceutical thriller, a pharmaceutical thriller disguised as a family drama, and a family drama that turns out to be a detective story. Duration: 7 x 45 min. Fuhrmann discovers this fact every time he leaves the catacombs of the hospital to take up his social life.

Failed relationships, daring diagnoses and black humour — Dr. House move over! Duration: 2 x 90 min. The series is built around a young team of CID officers, Karin Kofler and Andre as Blitz, who constantly encounter extremely baffling murder c as es. Never failing to be present at any village funeral, the y investigate the deaths by unnatural cause in a highly unconventional way. Mona, a young community doctor with investigative skills and medical expertise, joins the team.

Duration: 36 x 45 min. The good-looking young woman handles the balancing act between her job and parental duties with humour. Even if her teenage twins keep her on her toes, she goes all out for the pursuit of criminals. Sentimentality h as no room in all this — Angelica F as t knows what she wants and always keeps the facts in sight.

UT Polt Polt Duration: 4 x 90 min. Gerhard Tschach, mayor of Braunschlag, h as a problem: After several failed business ventures, his town is bankrupt. Braunschlag starts to flourish, but the two hard-drinking men soon lose control. Somewhere between the delusions of the locals, pressure from the state capital, intractable marital problems and the Vatican, the situation escalates more and more — and the miracle of Braunschlag is becoming a nightmare f as t.

Duration: 8 x 45 min. The clients who come to his practice come from all sections of society and guide him into the field of human shortcomings, where he is needed — and able — to demonstrate his skills as a mediator and arbitrator which result often in highly original solutions.

But whilst he deals imaginatively and nimbly with the conflicts of o the rs, Paul Kemp h as very little grip on his private life and family, where things are incre as ingly getting out of hand. And Paul Kemp is also involved in a short-term relationship with Lisa that is developing into a long-term cat as trophe. Duration: 13 x 48 min. However, cops are only human, too. The colourful menu includes homemade treats such as ice tea, fish fingers and potato salad, potato and carrot rostis with mango chutney, sweet cheese dumplings with r as pberries and vanilla cream, and Mexican wraps.

Duration: 16 x 15 min. Written by Thom as C. Voll Stark Healthy food — Not t as ty! School stuff — Boring! Family-fun — Annoying! Sports — How exhausting! Really No way! Toge the r with the eccentric Hopper family, the young viewers discover everything to do with fitness and nutrition, learn about unusual types of sports and find out how to train the ir brains. The household name of the Austrian childrens television h as entertained his fans for over five decades.

The core of the show is an imaginative adventure story, presented in a traditional puppetshow style, with K as perl and his friends. Interactivity is an integral part of the show as K as perl rhymes and sings with the kids. Duration: 56 x 25 min. Subjects range from the high-tech to supposedly boring everyday objects.

In exciting experiments viewers discover, for example, how to make clouds in a pl as tic bottle or how to make a piece of soap swim. Foolproof instructions and simple ingredients mean that the experiments can immediately be imitated at home. The makers of Explorer Express whisk young viewers away to the as tonishing world of artifice and magic. Children are given an insight into the world of artists and illusionists through exciting magic tricks and handicraft work, which the y are encouraged to imitate.

Duration: 52 x 25 min. There are things to marvel at everywhere, not only far away but right around the corner. Duration: 13 x 23 — 25 min. Available now — worldwide World Media Festival Hamburg , intermedia-globe Gold award Why does the koala bear have a speckled posterior Can plants sweat or air be liquid And how can you transfer news from one continent to ano the r without any electricity These and many more questions are answered in this extraordinary and successful series for young researchers from 8 to 12 years.

Travelling through time, space, air and water, Thom as C. During the se exciting trips the two presenters reveal incredible facts about nature, animals, technology, physics, chemistry and history. They also conduct experiments for viewers to do the mselves at home. Each episode of the series features interesting stories, stunning experiments and vivid explanations.

Nini h as got a lot of friends and a lot of stories to tell. She is friends with Fred the frog, who likes to whistle. She meets Teethie the traveling toothbrush, she laughs toge the r with the violet flowers Villi, Velli, Valli and Vulli. She finds Lucky the four leave-clover and she knows the funniest stories about Chikki and Rikki the crazy chicks. But when Nini starts telling her stories everybody cheers up!

The Quiz C as tle, a combination of 3D animation and film elements, is a cheerful show in which the audience gets to guess along. It specifically caters to the needs of pre-school children. The two ghosts, Rattlehead and Pizza Poltergeist, invite viewers into the ir c as tle to take part in fun and entertaining games and quizzes.

They have to answer tricky questions in each and every hall and in each and every chamber within the hallowed walls. And the y get to learn amazing tricks and recognize optical illusions. Storiette 2. Rubirosa 3. Schilli 4. Little Grids 5.

Daisy 6. Colorus 7. Villi, Velli, Valli and Vulli 8. Teethie 9. Lilli Lucky Chikki and Rikki Small fir in the snow Sona, the water lily Junius and Julius Duration: 14 x 5 min. Duration: 20 min. In each music video, Freddy and his friends present high-energy feel-good songs with an educational twist.

The young viewers learn about numbers, colours and much more in an entertaining way. Duration: 29 x 5 min. Top science and top cl as s humour need not be enemies! This is demonstrated by a cabaret artist and his two scientists in new episodes of the ir mega-succesful stage show with the ir own experiments and punchlines.

The popular science cabaret returns. Duration: 16 x 27 min. Now the y want to experience it all over again. On the adventure of the ir lives. The Rolling Bones. The oldest reality band in the world. The Rolling Bones — The story of five grey pan the rs who start up what seems to be a totally crazy project.

Out of retirement and up onto the stage — the y are starting a band. No reality talent format h as ever before been as touching, surprising and entertaining. As the absolute favorite he fails at the Winter Olympics in and disappointed fans spit at him. This is the beginning of an incredible career which l as ts until today. Hansi h as already won 30 gold and platinum discs and his tours have been sold out. Be the guest on a captivating journey with Hansi Hinterseer and many special moments shared by his prominent friends and companions.

Duration: min. Since a great line-up of international stars rock the audience and entertain approximately three million party people each year. Now, the exceptional singer Diana Damrau once again takes on the challenge of connecting vocal peak performance with dramatic vehemence. Her musical partner Joseph Calleja will ensure that the re is plenty of vocal brilliance and an unforgettable bel canto experience.

Renowned Vivaldi experts, such as Professor Peter Ryom, reveal f as cinating background information about the pieces, including a never before recorded violin concerto. IV Original 42 contentsales. Angelica is in love with Medoro, who h as left the shepherdess, Dorinda, because of her. However, the m as ter of events is a friend of Orlando, the magician, Zoro as tro. Freed from his love delusion with his help, disappointed, Orlando turns away from love and back to combat and glory.

The individual characters of the protagonists are less well defined but full of p as sion, a circumstance that elicited great enthusi as m when the work w as first performed. A recording from the Theater an der Wien, After a while turbulence dissolves into ple as ure as Slook agrees to the marriage contract. Duration: 80 min.

The performance with the same c as t earned standing ovations at Philharmonie im G as teig in It w as composed in the autumn of and premiered in February at La Scala in Milan. A recording from the Vienna Musikverein, This year again it combines a balance of national and international stars: Anna Proh as ka, Angelika Kirchschlager, Joel Prieto and Luca Pisaroni are singing Christm as songs from all over the world.

Also available: Summer Gala Concerts — Duration: 90 min. There are very few legends such as Herbert von Karajan! His name is a synonym for musicality, perfection and p as sion. Comparable perhaps only with Enrico Caruso or Maria Call as , but with the exception that the conductor could eternally preserve a great part of his oeuvres thanks to the television era.

His career is accompanied by very early recordings and even the very young Karajan is documented on film. His l as t life decade w as dedicated to quality documentation on a very high level of his most important oeuvres for future generations. For more information as k for our Karajan-Folder. Duration: 35 min.

In this documentary she w as accompanied for nearly a year, showing a very intimate look at Ms. As a painter, musician, architect, sculptor and performer on stage, he is also creative. In this film he recalls the time that became a lifelong inspiration and fixed reference point for him. Duration: 54 min. HD EV 54 contentsales. What inspires people to pay irrationally high amounts of money for works of art What are the criteria that buyers use when deciding to purch as e the output of particular artists, and what role do the works that the y acquire play in the lives of collectors Great artists of our time and renowned collectors and gallerists, such as Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, Francesca Habsburg-Lothringen in Vienna, Christian Boros in Berlin or the leading British arts journalist, Will Gompertz, are followed in this film.

Duration: 52 min. They are famed for the ir handicrafts. The North American Shakers have been praising God in the ir work. However, the ir anti-carnal the ology led to the ir demise — a captivating report on the l as t Shakers.

Starting from this giant made of gl as s and steel, the film sets out on a journey through new architectural highlights. Hannes Gellner, director and Paris resident, undertakes an exciting voyage of discovery with his protagonists and answers critical questions such as : does the construction of high-rise buildings demand specific precautions, which materials are used, and can such tall buildings generate the ir own energy today Submerged History — Stilt Houses in Europe Ertauchte Geschichte — Pfahlbauten in Europa This documentary takes a journey 6, years back in time to the late Neolithic and early Bronze ages, which is when the first over-water settlements on stilts, which are described here, were built.

The greatest surprise during filming w as how sensationally fresh and unsca the d the finds that were uncovered from the mud appeared to be. The same applies to all of the wooden household contents that have been uncovered, such as bowls and b as kets, as well as the remains of food, materials, ropes and threads.

This factor w as decisive in UNESCO deciding to place at le as t some of the approximately 1, sites in the Alpine region under protection as world heritage sites. Duration: 45 min. After kilometres through France, Luxembourg and Germany the Moselle eventually flows into the Rhine.

All the way down the river the re are places full of longing and romance: Medieval C as tles, picturesque villages and world-cl as s vineyards. The documentary series combines stunning aerial photography with lively told stories of the people living alongside the river banks and it discovers the river running through the European heartlands in a completely fresh and new way. Duration: 3 x 45 min. It is the longest tributary of the Danube in Central Europe, flowing through Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria along its kilometer course.

Although the 25,strong community is barely an hour away from Los Angeles, the re is no hint of the f as t-paced, urban life here. Hay bales pile up at the side of the road and the main means of transport are on horseback. After all, the re are more horses in Norco than the re are residents. And in Norco a traditional church h as become a cowboy church. The services are held outdoors, instead of organ music country songs are played on the banjo, and worshippers pray from the saddle — in muddy boots and dirty shirts.

American traditions, a longing for days gone by and a close connection to nature come toge the r in the cowboy church to produce an extraordinary yet warm and romantic picture. A camera concealed in his eyegl as ses and an audio recorder in his pocket, the narrator encounters his subjects in his own way and gets the m to tell the stories of the ir lives, the ir daily routine, or whatever oddities interest the m. Thanks to his spy camera one can feel like part of the story ra the r than just spectator.

Innsbruck celebrates Christm as with a lot of specialties like the traditional arrival-procession of Santa Claus which starts in the romantic city part St. Nikolaus, the magnificently decorated, medieval old town with its Christm as fair. However, the re are many o the r Christm as miracles like the special, hand-made candles, the manufactured bells of the bell foundry or a holy m as s which is held early in the morning.

Up to the n one could get a lot of impressions of Christm as in Innsbruck, also some which are apparently hidden. This w as a time where the dark days and nights have not only been celebrated but the y where also populated by wild women, witches and talking animals. What w as the story behind this wild hunt and those women Were the y really dangerous for men Is it true that if the y got in contact with the wild women the y lost the ir sight and became blind This documentary leads through a mysterious Christm as world and tells about talking animals, exciting Christm as witches and a lot of o the r Christm as unrevealed secrets.

Dark Days and Rough Nights — Duration: 45 min. The very personal approach of the protagonists to rituals and worship gradually produces not only an empa the tic portrait of a person, but also an atmospheric film document of an important part of our cultural history. In so doing, the film makers direct the ir attention to the relationship of each protagonist to a place — a mon as tery, a barracks, a hospital, a kindergarten — and to details such as the items that are important for celebrating a ritual, and to the ir interaction with o the r people, thus capturing the communal character of many fe as t days.

With the help of mon as teries and dioceses, a wide ranging canon of saints is presented, from the earliest days of Christianity to the saints of the 20 th century. First and foremost, the focus is on personal relationships to the saints. It is also about worship, customs and commercialization over the course of time. Duration: 26 x 25 min. In the gospels and epistles of the New Testament, the women around Jesus play a very special role, which, over the course of Church history h as been repressed.

Women such as the deaconess and abbess, Phoebe of Cenchreae, or the apostle, Junia, were the equals of the o the r male disciples, led communities, were apostles just like the Twelve. Who were the women with whom Jesus of Nazareth surrounded himself What were his relationships with the m And what role did the y play in the imitation of Christ, in the first Christian communities Duration: 45 min.

Today in the western world people spend almost one third of the ir lives in retirement — a ph as e of life that previously did not exist in human history. And even though the se works of art fetch very high prices in Europe or America, the wages and working conditions of the craftsmen and women are still in a sorry state. Since , Label Step, the fair trade organisation, h as worked to bring about an improvement in the living conditions of the workers, and h as definitely registered some success.

The documentary shows the life of agricultural workers, weavers, dyers and traders, and flies with the carpets to Europe. But even white gold h as dark shadows. Falling prices mean that millions of small farmers and harvesters in India have barely enough to survive on. And even though only five percent of farmland in India is planted with cotton, 50 percent of all of the pesticides used fall on cotton fields, which, in addition to being an economic cat as trophe, is also an ecological one.

But the re is renewed hope for the small farmers and se as onal workers, as organic cotton experiences a boom. Minimum wages are guaranteed and child labour is forbidden. This is allowing many to dream again. Not of palaces and of gold, but of a somewhat better, fairer life. Quite apart from speculation about the veracity or the cultural determinacy of such reports, it is certain that near-death experiences are more than momentous for those concerned, and in many c as es can lead to positive changes in the way the y live the ir lives and deal with death.

The film gives a voice to those who are able to report from the ir own acute experiences. In fact the re are people, so called moribunded cause of suffering carcinosis, but contrary to diagnostics being in the best of health. What does academic medicine know about how healing works What becomes more important — the the rapy or the the rapist Duration: 59 min. Violence came about as a result of a settled way of life.

It w as only with the onset of farming and the first villages that serious violence developed among human beings. Exclusion engenders violence. The history of nationalism shows this to a terrifying extent — most recently in Bosnia, when 8, people were murdered. This documentary risks a foray into important as pects of research into violence throughout the history of mankind. Myth Fairness: Duration: 45 min. This question, like no o the r, h as caused the greatest minds in human history to ponder so deeply and yet deliver so few answers: the question of fairness.

There, the conflict between Sunnis, Alaouites and Christians h as escalated into civil war. In the nearby Antakya the se groups are continuing to live side by side in peace. Yet here too the tensions are incre as ing and the war in Syria is threatening to spill over into the entire region. A f as cinating documentary that looks at the current situation in Syria from a slightly different angle.

From birth, girls are neglected, poorly fed, the ir needs are inadequately met and the y are not allowed to go to school. For good me as ure, China and India have made a name for the mselves through the practice of selectively aborting female foetuses.

The population is growing, but the growth is not natural. In Asia, far more boys are being born than girls. Today the continent is missing million women. In the p as t, cultural traditions were blamed for this development, but it would appear that the re as ons are ra the r more economic in nature. Wir sind Demokratie Duration: 52 min. From symbolic ide as , the implementation of new economic systems and the education of young people about democracy, to the participation of citizens in government, people throughout Europe are looking for something with which to counter a society in crisis.

Documenting, scrutinising and reflecting on this essential exploratory movement for new contemporary forms of social and economic coexistence in light of the current situation constitutes the abiding undertone of this documentary film, its images and its narrative. Maiduguri and the meeting with the Boko-Haram-warriors is the l as t stop on a long journey through a shattered country which is torn apart by the religion of its inhabitants. At the forefront is the ir love of God and the ir teacher, Ahmadou Bamba, the founder of the ir order.

Religious tolerance as part of a multi-sectarian society and social solidarity above all with the poorest are among the ir most important guiding the mes. After the Iranian Revolution, seven out of ten Jews left Iran. The remaining 30, claim that the y want to stay in a country that w as populated by the ir ancestors, centuries before Arab warriors brought Islam. Duration: 30 min. For example, legally in Hamburg no apartment fear a state of affairs like that experienced during Ano the r new option offers the so-called Cohousing, a planned community that consists of the Weimar Republic.

And all this comes against a background of rising profits for big business private apartments or houses that are supplemented by extensive communal facilities. But resistance is growing. This documentary portrays people who work full time, but still got homeless. This is the second time the biggest South American country is hosting the competition, welcoming international athletes from around the world.

Yet in the v as t poor quarters of the city, drug-related crime and naked violence have long been rife. There are over a hundred slums that are ruled by armed drug gangs which have no infr as tructure. For too long the state h as ignored the needs of the poor. Toge the r with special units of the military police, this documentary is about the visit to the Morro do Alemao favela, which until recently w as known as the most dangerous part of Rio de Janeiro.

Fronteira Brazil — Duration: 52 min.

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