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I was replacing Lisa in some of the concerts as she was busy elsewhere. Listen to their album and enjoy timeless Swedish music! There are not so many live venues in Stockholm for my kind of acoustic music. The owner Filip Lundin is a sustainable superhero who cooks food from leftover ingredients which he gathers from all over Stockholm. The food was great and the concept with a lunch entertainment also! March was a strange month, I took a trip to Tallinn from Stockholm to fix my accordion and that was basically the last time Tallinks ferries trafficked the route.

I was booked to play in Uppsala Art Museum at the end of the month and we immediately faced the digital challenge as covid put restrictions on the audience. But the little team was super motivated to get the concert done and we managed to stream it to the world without audience. Who could have known that this kind of event was just the beginning of a whole new era in music industry….

April was mostly quiet and I tried to get used to the new covid world. Concerts were cancelled, the 5 weeks tour with Akkordeonale in Germany never happened although we had been preparing for it for two years already…I started to write sheet music and took some digital composition courses from London and New York. Waited for the world to decide what is happening next. Realised that the event in Japan on the Hokkaido island is probably also postponed.

Enjoyed life outdoors, slept, had good time with my family. But the insecure feeling about the future of the music industry felt creepy already. Still something wonderful happened after the UK release of my solo album - it reached to the Songlines Top of The World chart! May was already a bit calmer as it was obvious that the world will be put on hold for a longer time.

So I decided to go digital and make a live concert from my favourite venue - the forest. The concert was streamed by Estonian Public Broadcasting. June took me to the nature again as the organiser Harmony Fields in Japan was making a Midsummer live from Nordic countries and they wanted me to collaborate on that..

So I played my newly written waltz Sustainability and participated in the Midsummer music marathon. I also continued to write down my music and compose new pieces. Some of it will be released in Stay tuned for some news! I am really excited to work more as a composer and will be taking the covid situation more as a challenge and not as something final and fatal. August was a special month as I had one live gig abroad - Etno Espa festival in Helsinki.

My concert was presented by the Estonian Institute in Finland. I realised how I had missed live performances and how enjoyable it really is to play to the live audience. Met some old friends, made some new friends. Already waiting to return to Finland where I always love to perform! Next year there will be concerts in Tampere and Helsinki region if the covid situation is getting better and travel restrictions disappear.

August was surprisingly also the month of Tallinn Music Week where I participated as a delegate and learned a lot of new stuff about the new situation of the music industry. With the industry power women Merli Antsmaa and Merylin Poks. I also participated in the massive international project Global Music Match together with 96 musicians from 14 different countries.

More about that in my Youtube channel. As the restrictions were lighter in autumn, the Estonian Folk Awards event was happening in Viljandi and as I was nominated with my Tempest in a Teapot album, it was a nice break to drive to Viljandi and have good time with friends and colleagues.

You can watch the whole ceremony HERE. December has been quiet, I work with new music, new collaborations, enjoy the support and encouragement of my manager Merli Antsmaa whose presence has really been priceless in this new covid world. Wishing you all brighter and mindful ! Be strong and enjoy the little things in life! Go for it, be brave, be bold!

She said that it was her friends house, but she could not come and meet us. So there was her mother, a lovely lady, who put a little red diatonic accordion in my lap. I could not play on it but I did take a photo with the instrument and the lady. There are 96 artists divided into 16 groups and I am in group 13 together with Sarah-Jane and Juhani. It turns out that back then I was visiting her house, holding her little red accordion while chatting to her mother.

Life certainly has its ways…. I have silently admired Sarah-Janes and Juhanis work from the side during many years. It is amazing how they literally make music with their hands and ears, putting so many different emotions into their playing and connecting autenthically with the audience.

Hopefully we will meet for real some day and play music together! Until then, please enjoy my interview with them! Where is home for you and what makes a home? S-J: Oh goodness, what a complex question! I have called many hotel rooms 'home' over the years due to touring so much.

Not if I have been travelling on my own, but when travelling with Juhani it has often felt like a home for that day. We used to do a lot of school concerts and could sometimes have the same hotel room for up to three weeks. Now that we have a wee boy, for me, home being a fixed place has become more important as I see that that's what's best for him. Home is essentially where I can relax and be most 'me' with the people I love.

J: Yep, home is where I can relax. How do you solve crisis in your duo work? Any good tips to other duos to keep the flow going and ears open? S-J: We've never had a crisis! As well as playing as a duo, we also work on our own separate projects and are constantly striving to develop our own musical skills. Juhani is an electro-acoustic composer and a record producer.

We have recently written new music and arrangements of old pieces to play with a chamber orchestra. We also love working with other people's projects. So, we are always busy, always learning and the external impulses help create inspiration that we can channel back into the duo.

J: Indeed, never had a crisis. I think it comes from not thinking about us as individuals, but always serving the music. S-J: Autumn. I love the rain, the wind, the cold weather, the fresh air, the colours, lighting the stove, the darkness, the warmer clothes. Perhaps because I'm from the North of Scotland where it is like this for most of the year.

When you were children you wanted to be? S-J: A famous lady on TV. And rich with it! Best concert experience in the audience? S-J: I have seen so many wonderful concerts! I go to many, many concerts, either as part of my job or when not at work. I wonder if I am too aware of how concerts work to be sucked into a sort of magic now?

I tend to get that most nowadays from going to an art gallery, from staring into a photo or from simply walking in nature. I did get that magical feeling, however, when listening to the first track of your latest album, Tuulikki. I was sitting in a cafe working and suddenly the tears swelled up in my eyes. Tears of, my, this is so beautiful…. What life recommendations would you say to your younger self today? S-J: Go for it, be brave, be bold! I would challenge her concept of what she thinks she's capable of, of what she thinks a woman should and shouldn't do.

I would tell her to allow herself to dream, to dream bigger than that, bigger still, then to throw her energy into those dreams and have self-belief. How has covid affected your careers and how do you see your future as artists? Everything was suddenly cancelled. Plans that took time to put into place were suddenly ripped apart, the energy into future projects suddenly thwarted. It's hard to make future performance plans right now. Venues are closing, audience numbers are restricted if a concert is allowed at all, air travel is now much more expensive, so the business expenses have suddenly increased at a time when income has fallen.

This is happening at the same time as Brexit is hitting UK musicians. It's a crisis like I have never known before. We are probably facing a deep worldwide depression. Add to this over-crowding and where are we heading? I daren't answer that but I have my fears. I must admit, however, that I was grateful for a kind of extension to my maternity leave.

To be able to spend more time with our wee boy has been a true gift. Financially, Norway has had a good support system in place but it is of course coming to an end. I am extremely lucky that I now have a stipend to write for string quartet and me as a soloist.

So, I am cushioned for a while, thankfully. J: It has had a huge effect on the performing side of things. The future is definitely uncertain, but I choose to be optimistic. Me and Antti Paalanen met for the first time in Helsinki, Finland in September when we both started our music studies in Sibelius Academy folk music department.

It was and always will be a legendary place which has sent quite a few remarkable artists to the world. I have never talked about the time in SibA with my old university mates, so now when we are in Global Music Match in the same group together with Antti, some thoughts about our study time came up for the first time.

We also discovered that we have quite a lot things in common from forest live playing to being a family person with all the challenges that this brings to artists life. Most of your videos are filmed in the open air or in the nature.

Do you get any inspiration from Finnish nature at all? Yes, I get a lot of inspiration from nature. For example there's tunes like Northern Wind, Winter's Dance and Permafrost paints a landscape from my hometown Kokkola's seaside during the Spring Winter. Child in You video from my latest album Rujo was filmed during the cold the winter in the near seashore and over the ice. Actually nearly all of my videos has been filmed outside in nature.

The latest was Live in the Woods which was a Livestream from our nearby forrest. What and who are your foremost inspirational sources nowadays? I like modern pop music, so I get a lot of influences there. One of my favourite artists is Ed Sheeran. I remember when we studied at the Sibelius Academy many years ago, there was still a huge focus on traditions and how to interpret them in nowadays modern world.

Do you ever remember feeling trapped in the traditional playing? Well, yes in a sort of way. We should always remember that it has been music of its time, so we shouldn't take the tradition too seriously. We should have fun and play with the tradition. Did you work on your artistic image or did you just let all the feelings and emotions go free and greeted the person who was born through that liberating process? He started to develop when I was recording the Meluta album.

I felt that the music needed some vocals and I started to improvise words like hummani Acc Rider or Yeah Mama. The Meluta lyrics line was written by my wife Heidi Maria Paalanen. Once I started to use vocals and throat singing on stage, the new artistic person was born. And now he lives his own life, many times I get surprised after the gig of the things that he has done on the stage, he is quite funny and openminded, just the opposite of me :.

Living a family life and being an artist, how do you fit those two parts together? It's hard. Thou I have such a loving and understanding wife and son. But I always forget to rest after the tours, I just get back to normal life as quick as possible and that is not a good thing for your health. I'm also struggling for a burn out at the moment. All the years of travelling and sleepless nights are now getting back at me. But it's getting better and I am lucky to have a good therapist at the moment.

Rest is the key factor to ease the stress. Oh and I see it's , maybe I need to go to bed now :. Describe your creative process, how do creative things come to you? It comes by doing. I take the instrument and start to record something. First I create a riff or short melody line or vocal thing. I improvise a lot. Then I start to record more tracks and the tune starts to write itself, in best cases. Sometimes I just have to stop the whole process if the work is not going anywhere. The albums have all taken about years to compose and record.

So I'm quite a slow man :. We are into the second week of Global Music Match and I have the pleasure to introduce you to Anna Andreu - a singer songwriter from Barcelona Catalonia. I have never been to Catalonia or have heard Catalan language before, so this week is truly interesting for me. Catalan language originates from 13th century and as Anna told me, has a great deal of different rich expressions which are really original. I can totally recognise the feeling you have described about becoming a solo artist: "In many moments I have felt lost and insecure.

I felt very insecure at first because of the change in lifestyle and because I had to suddenly confront a project where I expose such an intimate part of myself. Writing in Catalan also made me feel insecure and in the end the lyrics are the focus point in each track. Annas song Torrent Sanguini tells the story about what happens before you fall in love - so it is a story before love, like an introduction to the love story.

Tell us about your childhood and traditions. Is Catalan your first language and how has Catalan culture influenced you as a musician and creator? They are words that have always been there, I had never written in Catalan, but I have discovered how rich and detailed it can really be. I believe each language reads reality in its own way, with its unique perception of the world.

Here you can see the areas where Catalan language is spoken. Lately there has been a lot of talk about equality in music business, I know that the situation in Nordic countries can be a bit different from the rest of the Europe. Tell us about your experience es as a female artist, do you literally find it hard to get your voice heard? My own experience, strictly related to music, has not been negative yet, I have always felt respected and men have been considerate towards me, but I do know and see other women that have suffered sexism.

And of course there are certain areas in the industry where there is hardly any woman present at all, sound technicians for example. Do you enjoy cooking? If so could you please share the recipe of your favourite Catalan dish?

Croquetas made with the perfect dosis of love are the best. EDIT: I had to google how to make croquetas and found this website with very clear instructions. Need to test it as soon as possible as they look delicious! The best moment was just this august in Barcelona, at the Castell de Montjuic in Barcelona, and the worst was just a few weeks before, same city, but our first ever concert, with hundred people before us, the soundcheck was horrible and I went on stage not knowing what was going to happen!

While talking about your last album you have said that "I play against myself" Could you open this a bit more, how does one play against herself? This idea came to mind when creating the cover of the album, the cover photos are shot on a fronton court. During the process of creating the album I fought through so many doubts and insecurities that would jump out of nowhere, I would set small traps before me to try and persuade myself to not complete the project, that it seemed like I was practically playing against myself!

Today is the day to announce this years exciting project The Global Music Match! I am one of the 96 artists from 14 different countries participating in this project. During the next six weeks I am going to introduce you to 5 new artists and their music in my social media channels Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.

There are also going to be written interviews published in this blog. Oktoobris ilmub plaat Eestis ja Rootsis, novembris mujal Euroopas. Soome veepealne folgipidu toob kajutitest lavalaudadele ka Eesti artistid. Soome suurim talvine folgipidu Folklandia, mis toimub Eesti Lisaks on Eesti Eesti muusikute esinemist Folklandial toetab Eesti Instuut Soomes.

The festive folk ferry actually reaches the neighbouring shores during the night and docks at the Tallinn harbour four hours before returning to Finland. Finns and Estonians are close relatives of the same Finno-Ugric family, and it is a lovely gesture from Folklandia to invite so many Estonian artists to perform this year.

The most international of these artists, accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik performing 12th Jan at , is a long-time influencer in the field of Estonian traditional music. She is open-minded and innovative and one of the leading contemporary accordionists in the world. She has released five albums and an EP in Europe and Japan, she tours actively in different parts of Europe and Japan. Their music has been characterisedmystical and harmonious. Check out the beautiful vocals and traditional Estonian diatonic accordions!

Giving their debut concert at an international festival, MandoTrio 12th Jan at consists of three young and ambitious mandolin players. The local Estonian innovative attitude is and has been to pick up new things and influences from them and mould them into something fresh and unique. Plus Estonia is a super power when it comes to traditional music performed by 21st-century musicians.

New bands and artists just keep popping up! Estonian musicians performing at Folklandia is supported by the Estonian Institute in Finland. Tuulikki Bartosik www. On the last day of the year I will look back at all the interesting adventures and challenges I encountered.

I played about forty concerts in nine different countries in twenty one different cities from Scandinavia to Japan, performed as a soloist with three different symphony orchestras, wrote a lot of new music, debuted as a gala concert compere and producer, wrote my first Christmas song, played a duet with internationally recognised musical saw player and presented my music in Japanese language during the Japanese tour. I had the honour of produce, perform my music and be the compere of the concert.

Tuulikki Bartosik feat. Adventures in South Estonia where I played for the goats for the first time in my life together with my long time friend Krista Sildoja and her fantastic students from Mooste Rahvamuusikakool at their annual summer solstice camp. July also found me at the biggest folk festival in the Baltic area Viljandi Folk Festival , amazing vibes, old and new friends and spontaneous concerts was in the agenda.

I had a solo performance in the middle of Stockholm city and was programmed together with the Swedish jazz stars Daniel Karlsson Trio and singer songwriter Linus Hasselberg. There was also a program with me and my music as well as my memories about my accordion teachers in Estonian Radio. It was a great pleasure to find so many recordings in radio archives with one of the most remarkable accordionists in Estonia, Venda Tammann, who was my accordion teacher for five years in the conservatory in Tallinn.

I played in Bristol, London and York. The UK will always be part of my life as I have several good friends there and I love the country and its culture and traditions. It is always a pleasure to visit the UK. Attack , the Japanese accordion player Kanako Kato and celebrating Estonias th centennary.

Huge thanks to Koiwa-san and his crew from Harmony Fields production company and Janne Funk for organising the tour! It was great to enjoy a little vacation too while working hard as a freelancer musician to find more work opportunities and make new contacts. I made quite a few new friends at Womex, including the Japanese journalist Unagami Takuya. Between the Japanese tour and Womex I had the honour to be a guest musician at Finnish accordion queen Maria Kalaniemis concert in Tallinn.

The concert was recorded by Estonian Radio and we also made an appearance in the morning TV program. The second last month of was more quiet but it was also needed after all the busy months. I enjoyed some free time with my family and had a spontaneous gig with the singer songwriter Nathaniel Glasser alias Diipak. I feel that this year has given me many new opportunities and I have grown both as a person and musician.

I am looking forward to with all that life has prepared for me! Olen kasvanud nii inimese kui ka muusikuna ja ootan huviga mida uuel aastal mulle pakkuda on! Kuhu siis edasi? Kruiisilaevadele esinema? Kandideerida saab kuni 1. I have tried to keep me out of the Internetworld with not being a frequent writer in the blog but now I feel that it is time to write something. In February I have two albums out and the third is coming next month.

I have to admit that it feels a bit like being in the middle of the hurricane :- A nice one :- I have had four tours counting the three from last year and one from January this year. I meet wonderful people everywhere I go and enjoy every minute of the music and performing. Could do a bit less of the administrative work, as it is not as enjoyable as playing to be honest.

Luckily me and Hannah can now rely on Lorraine Carpenter from Different strings with bookings and arrangement! Upa-upa also found its place in the Estonian Public Broadcasting albums of the year list , so people seem to like the music I am involved in! What else can you wish as a musician!

Now I am eagerly waiting for my first showcase at the Tallinn Music Week festival, which will also be the first release concert of my long-awaited solo album "Storied sounds". It has been hard work but interesting too and I am happy that the album is finally getting its shape. Feeling almost too privileged to have this kind of crew. That's me playing in the bog lake in South Estonia during the international residency project Active crossover in It feels quite calm in the hurricane :- I remember that my feet got really cold when I was sitting in the water but the acoustics made me to forget it.

I have hard times writing my blogposts because I try to avoid my computer and phone as much as I can and save my energy for making music instead. Still you have to be active online all the time to get the latest news and to tell the world about your stuff.

I wish there was an easy way to avoid too much contact with computers and still updating my blog I have now recorded three albums and one of them is out already! More info is coming about that. I will probably eat myself overfull of Marmite and those lovely bunches of fresh coriander from Waitrose. I had a superb time in Wales with Hannah James and Dylan Fowler while recording our experimental duo album with Hannah! Lovely five days in Dylans ecologically built studio in the little Welsh town Abergavenny.

Making music and enjoying delicious food in great surroundings. We even did a hike to the Brecon Beacons National Park with our accordions to do some field recordings which are going to be part of our album! The record will be out in spring After a couple of days home with my boys, it was time to head to Teijo near Turku in Finland to record a children songs album in South-Estonian dialect together with Mari Kalkun and Ramo Teder aka Pastacas.

Again, lovely music, nice surroundings, great people! And finally I did some proper singing in the studio too - a song about hunting lions in the jungle! I also did different percussion stuff and of course, played on my blue free bass Fantini! I got to meet Finnish artist Piia Lehti and had chance to admire her work. Now I work with some mixing and marketing and of course teaching and having a great time with my boys! My 7-year old has got a blue drum set now and he enjoys it really much!

Luckily I have a working space outside our house I just can't wait to get to see all the pictures by Nathalie Hemingway! What a photographer, pure joy to work with her in Wales! Sorry about being so positive but that's the way life goes right now My summer has been relaxing and really hot!

I got used to the tropical heat in Estonia at last just when it turned to normal again. Right now I am working on three album projects and I am really excited about the music and how I can plan our hectic everyday life with two schoolchildren from now on. Tomorrow me and Hannah James start to work with our duo album in Wales in the lovely studio runned by Dylan Fowler. And we are going to have a photo session of course.

With dresses and all that other lovely female stuff seasoned with some serious accordion playing attitude.

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