Combination codes for minion rush 2014 torrent

combination codes for minion rush 2014 torrent

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Before you can use certain Costumes, you must first unlock them in the Wardrobe by spending a set number of Costume Cards and Coins. If you need to find a specific Costume Card, visit the Wardrobe and tap the "Get Cards" button on the desired costume. This will display a list of locations where its cards can be found. To change Costumes, open the Wardrobe and just tap the Costume you want to wear and tap the "Equip" button.

A Costume must be unlocked before you can wear it. Premium Festival Quests are bonus Quests in the Festival. These Quests can only be accessed with a Premium Pass. Crates are rewards for players who have collected every other reward in the current Festival, but still have Festival Points to spend. Additionally, if you have an active Premium Pass, all of your Crates will be upgraded to Premium Crates, which offer even greater rewards!

Just tap on the information icon at the top left corner of the wheel. This will display the odds for every item that you can potentially win. Gameloft uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our websites. For more information please consult our Cookies Policy By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept cookies. Home About the game the runners costumes locations prize pods videos news social channels wallpapers faq newsletter.

Why have my number of Spy Points suddenly decrease? For more information, check out: How can I find the name of a Room? This is a bug that we are currently investigating. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and assure you that it will be resolved in a future update. In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by only grabbing the PX41 Serum while running not jumping.

Why can't I log into the game with my social network account? If you don't see an option to log in using a social network account, this is most likely because you are underage. For their safety, certain features, such as connecting to social media, are restricted from our younger players. The objective is to become the most despicable Minion Secret Agent of all time. To achieve this, you'll need to get as many Costumes as you can by running and collecting new Costume Cards. Collecting Costumes and earning Stars improves your Agent Rank which allows you to access more content in the game and progress further.

For more info about Rooms, check out: What is a Room? The game does not support multiplayer. However, it is now possible to compete with other players in the "Minion Leagues" accessible through the new room called "Minion Workout. You can also compete with your friends by logging into Facebook.

How can I synchronize my game progress on different devices? First, connect your game account to a social media account by visiting the Connectivity tab in the Setting menu and choose the best option. Then, you just need to load the game up on any other device and log into the same social media account.

Your in-game progress will automatically synch up. What social features are integrated into the game? Players who connect their game account to a Facebook account can compete with friends in the Minion Leagues. For more information, check out How can I find the name of a Room?

What are Global Goals? Global Goals are a series of challenges found in the "My Career" section, accessible from the bottom bar. Global Goals are divided into various Operations, each with a Costume, Location, or currency prize for completion that guide you through every feature of the game. Don't hesitate in tackling as many as you can!

What rewards can I get at the end of each mission? The Jelly Lab is a feature that existed in previous versions of the game, but has since been removed. It was replaced by Gru's Lab in newer versions of the game. When Gru's Lab was introduced, players were given a chance to transfer Jelly Lab progress into Gru's Lab, but that option has since been closed.

If you still have a version of the game with the Jelly Lab, there is no longer a way to transfer your progress. The Adventure Beta Test is a version of the game in which we tested potential gameplay improvements. At the moment, this version of the game is closed.

Players who took part in the Adventure Beta Test were automatically switched to the main version of the game with the preservation of game values. In addition to swiping left and right to dodge obstacles, don't forget that you can sometimes jump over or duck under them too. If an obstacle is the same height as your Minion, try to jump over it swipe up.

If there's a gap between the obstacle and the ground, try ducking below it swipe down. It may take some practice to get the timing down, but ducking and jumping are extremely important skills to master. I crashed into an obstacle, but don't want to lose this run's progress.

What can I do? No worries! You can always Revive to keep a run going and rescue your progress. When you crash, you'll usually be given a few seconds to decide if you wish to Revive or not. This normally costs Tokens, but sometimes you'll have the option of watching a video ad to Revive instead! AVL Reports are replenished automatically over time, or they can be purchased if you run out.

For additional information, check out: How can I unlock new Locations? What are the Minion Leagues and how do they work? The Minion Leagues are weekly competitions in the Workout Room based on scoring points to climb the leaderboard ranks. Each player enters a specific League based on their League score from the previous week first-timers start in the lowest League. At the end of the week, those who rank highest in their League will be promoted to a higher League, while those who rank the lowest or do not participate are demoted to a lower League.

Avoid Missions task you with completing a run while a certain action is banned, such as jumping, ducking, or collecting Bananas. You can still perform the banned action, but doing so will incur a temporary penalty, during which your actions won't count towards Mission objectives. Once the penalty is over, you may continue working towards objectives again. Can I choose any Location for a certain mission? Perks can only be used in certain Rooms.

If available, the game will automatically offer you a selection of suggested Perks at the start of a run. Just pick any or all that you wish to use to improve your progress! If you already own a specific Perk item, you can activate it during your run.

If you don't own a Perk, you can always pay Tokens to activate it instead. Despicable Actions includes punching other characters or breaking obstacles during a run. Note that the only way to break obstacles is through use of the Evil Minion or Freeze Ray ability.

Yes, because punching a Minion counts as a Despicable Action. What do I need to Rank Up? For additional information, check out: How can I unlock and upgrade Costumes? How can I unlock new Locations? For additional information, check out: What are Global Goals?

There are three main currencies in Minion Rush: 1. Tokens This is the most valuable currency in the game, and it can be earned from completed Missions, Prize Pods, and daily login rewards. Coins Coins can be earned from completed Missions, Prize Pods, and daily login rewards.

Bananas Bananas can be earned only by collecting them during a run. You can get more Coins by running and earning rewards, or by opening Prize Pods. You can also use Tokens to buy Coin Packs from the Shop. Tokens can also be purchased from the Bundles section of the Shop with real money. There are different ways to get Prize Pods: - Buy them in the Shop with Tokens or for watching video ads - Get them as rewards by completing a missions in some Rooms - Get them as rewards by completing the Special Mission and Daily Challenges - Participating in various time-limited events, such as "Prize Wheel" and "Festival".

Bananas can only be collected during a run. But there are ways to maximize your Banana hoarding! For starters, try wearing a Costume with a Skill that increases how many Bananas you collect. Finally, some Rooms will give you the option to watch a video ad at the end of a run to double the Bananas you collected.

At any time, you can pay to collect all the Tokens inside. Note that there is a max number of Tokens that the Piggy Bank can hold, so it's best to wait until it's reached full capacity before cracking it open for your reward!

From the main menu, click on Options, then Settings, and pick your language. From the main menu, click on Options, the Settings. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play? Internet connection is necessary when you first launch the game to download needed data. Afterwards, you can play much of the game without an internet connection. Some specific features do require an internet connection, such as Festivals, purchasing items from the Shop, and watching video ads to name a few.

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