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When feminism is not always successful in turning God into "Mother," then it at least attempts to turn Him into a genderless abstraction: "the Creator," or "the Source. Its agenda in this regard is one and the same as that of the forerunner agents of the antichrist.

Perhaps some readers of these lines have felt intimidated by the cultural tyranny, mind control and pseudo-intellectual babble coming from educators, media personalities, judges and business leaders who together shape the intellectual, political and social atmosphere of our country. Few can escape being affected in one way or another by the ideological war raging within our borders as it comes from a very well-educated, well-heeled, powerful cultural elite.

For those who have felt coerced into being politically correct by their ideologically charged environment, understand that the enemies of Church and state have bullied and browbeat you into this submission in an attempt to de-Christianize you for the new world order. In order to achieve their global imperium, the globalists rely on their ability to poison people with hatred, which is the old principle of divide et impera divide and rule.

By promoting discord and dividing people against one another along as many lines as possible gender, racial, and other lines , the masses can be turned into obedient instruments of the one-world forces in their sinister agenda. At present, their work is that of dismantling all underlying foundations of society — most of all the Christian Churches. Then, at the time the united world government is ushered in, their ultimate aim will be the total extermination of Christianity. At that time, Christians will be politically incorrect for professing Christ and for not bowing down to the modern idol of politically correct secular ideology.

For these "crimes against humanity," all of them will summarily be dealt with by a world court of the new world order, or a Hague tribunal. The world is now seething with unprecedented passions, and everyone can sense the approaching darkness. In view of these developments, the choice is now completely clear: capitulation to the politically correct mentality of the new world order that is undeniably insane and bent on the complete eradication of Christianity, or adherence to the traditional Christian worldview that is now out of fashion, "regressive.

Concerning men and women, an Orthodox nun observes that the separation into gender was made by God in foreknowledge of the fall of the primogenitors of the human race. This condition is temporary, something meant only for this world. The nun goes on to note that the Holy Fathers teach that the souls of men and women are the same and that they have the same spiritual capacities and capabilities and needs.

Orthodoxy therefore does not denigrate or disparage — but exalts — Christian women. As a deacon goes on to note in this regard:. The Orthodox Church venerates tens of thousands of saints, both individually and collectively. A great many of these are women. A particular role is played by the Myrrhbear-ers, to whom the Resurrection was first revealed, and also by a group of women known as Equals-of-the-Apostles , who include great missionary saints.

The Church also has collections of Sayings of the Spiritual Mothers containing the wisdom of female ascetics. One instance of the veneration of the Church for women is the way in which the Church venerates St. Monica as a saint but reveres her son as "Blessed Augustine," thus recognizing a greater degree of saintliness in the modest humility and silence of the mother than in the son who wrote many tomes of learned theology, much of it spiritually inspired, but a small amount of it sadly erroneous.

It is almost to confirm a popular proverb: "Behind every great man stands a great woman. I was still a feminist when I discovered the Orthodox Church. In my study of Orthodoxy, I discovered its soul-stunning beauty and power. I fell in love with its saints. I was profoundly touched by the vision of Christian womanhood I saw through their lives.

They were living proof that the Orthodox Church is graced with mystical power that can bring a soul into direct, personal communication with its Creator [p. These were women like us who found answers — who lived heroic lives of courage, wisdom and holiness. They found a way of life and followed it unswervingly. They conquered both themselves and life's difficulties, and rose up to become noble, powerful women. Their lives shine forth in our lives with a light that is not of this world They are able to touch our souls and lift us up out of our quotidian life into a vision of nobility and beauty of soul [p.

Sarah Cowie comments further on women who were Equals-of-the-Apostles, Fools-for-Christ's-Sake, holy eldresses, preachers, ascetics, abbesses, anchorites, prophetesses, queens, mothers, confessors, teachers and martyrs, noting that these saints did not find favor with God through ambition or demanding their "rights. They were also granted unceasing noetic prayer and became miracle-workers and healers, and after their repose, their bodies remained incorrupt and gushed myrrh that healed the sick.

So powerful an impact does the example of their lives have that it was able to draw Sarah Cowie and many like her out of the anarchy and hell of feminism and the New Age movement, to Orthodox Christianity, which transforms men and women and gives them the strength to live in the most difficult and tormenting conditions, and which prepares them to depart with peace into the next life.

Although women have been greatly mistreated in this sinful world, this book does not do the same through its use of traditional language. It bears emphasizing that in no way does this work overlook that half of the human race — women — to whom God Himself granted a more sensitive, keen and impressionable nature, gifted with more warmhearted tenderness than men, who are coarse by nature. Therefore, let no women be troubled by the politically incorrect word man in the text. There is no antifeminine bias in this wording, and most certainly there is none whatsoever in Orthodox Christianity.

To all readers — men and women alike — if you have studied Church history in your spiritual search but have not looked to the East, which is the very cradle of Christianity, your search is not complete. Commenting on the vision of Church history that exists in the West, a convert from Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodoxy writes that:. Most Roman Catholics, when they think of the early Church, think of Rome, the popes, the martyrs, the catacombs and the Coliseum. This view is perfectly understandable, because for Roman Catholics and Protestants, their spiritual genesis lies in Rome — i.

The early Church, however, was overwhelmingly Eastern and Greek. The East could claim forty-four Churches of Apostolic origin, versus one for the West. The West was not the center of Christianity but for many hundreds of years was a missionary field and with the barbarian invasions had become a cultural backwater. The East held four of the five Patriarchates — i. Many Western Christians, parched wayfarers in these dry and thirsty times, have become totally disillusioned as their Churches have joined the latest whims and infatuations of the surrounding culture in an attempt to be "relevant" and experience worldly glory.

Moreover, they have come to understand that their secularized Western Churches have succumbed to Christ's three temptations in the desert instead of overcoming them, and that they belong to a Church that crucifies instead of being crucified. As one individual who became Orthodox expressed it, Western Christianity was "too outward" for him, "not inward.

Damascene Christiansen]. As he and countless other converts to Orthodoxy have observed, the Western Churches offer only easy, trivial and shallow solutions to the deeper questions that confront all people on their journey through life. As a result, those Churches can only spread disappointment and despair to all who try to find something deeper and more essential.

Through the mercy of God, many conservative Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians are finding their way through the doors of the Ark of Salvation, the Orthodox Church, before God closes its doors forever in the final times. Likewise, an article in the April 4, edition of the Chicago Tribune noted that "within the last decade, Orthodox Christians in America have begun to welcome tens of thousands of converts, especially dissatisfied Protestant Christians.

Many of these inquirers are ministers or better-informed laymen, and all are sincere seekers of the truth. Readers of this book, you of different backgrounds and concerns, you have all been disappointed by humanistic systems and strange ideas that you have picked up along the way in seeking something true to fill your soul.

All of you have had negative experiences and great spiritual suffering in this neo-pagan society of our times. You look to Christianity for a knowledge of the true God, the uncreated Consubstantial Trinity and Source of all good, so that you can rightly believe in Him and worthily honor Him.

You have had some positive experiences in the Western Churches for in them the Gospel is proclaimed , yet you have also had to feel the spiritual bankruptcy that exists in the subjective, make-it-up-as-you-go-along denominations that are forever changing, that are constantly seeking to develop new theological ideas, new truths, and new understandings, and where religion is anything its adherents want it to be. This study is for such people as yourselves, for it offers an initial glimpse of true historical Christianity that never changes something you did not know exists , and it contrasts that purest form of Christianity with the great distortions of it that have come down in the West.

Once you come to see what those differences are about, you will never view things the same again. These pages invite you to look to the East, to Eastern Orthodoxy, for the Orthodox Church is the sole grace-giving Church. As one writer reflects, its altar is undefiled, its doctrine is pure, its Mysteries Sacraments are full of grace and holy, and its Sacred Apostolic Tradition has been preserved. It is in this ancient Church that by God's grace, one's salvation from this life of perdition is accomplished.

The question refers to the historic Church that Christ and His Apostles established on earth, the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church , which comes down in a straight succession without change from the age of the Apostles. The Orthodox Church has retained the continuity and purity of ancient Christian teaching, and it is the carrier of the fullest, most accurate, authentic, ancient and historic Christian tradition, one that dates to the earliest Christian times.

Even the most polemic Westerners acknowledge that Orthodoxy's tradition is the oldest in Christendom. Orthodox Christianity has the "fullness of faith delivered once and for all to the saints" Jude , and it is the repository of "all that the Lord gave, the Apostles preached, and the Fathers preserved," as St. From the beginning of the world, there was one faith only, and one Saviour and Redeemer. The Orthodox Christian faith is but the original and Old Testament faith made complete and clear.

Many Western Christians have come to realize that the Orthodox Church is the very continuation of the ancient Church in modern times. Two Americans who converted to Orthodoxy, for example, observe that:. The Orthodox Church, especially now with the freedom of Eastern Europe, is gaining ever greater attention in the Christian West. The Western world is suddenly discovering that the second largest Christian Church, numbering million or more souls, lays claim to antiquity — indeed to a history that reaches back to the time of the Apostles — and to a rich spiritual tradition that reaches far beyond the limits of Western theological thought.

As they rediscover the Church of the Tsars and of the nineteenth-century Eastern monarchies, the Christians of the Occident are also discovering a Christianity much older than the Church of Rome, a Church which discussed and resolved many of the issues of the Reformation long before Western Christianity was separated from its Eastern roots.

They are finding that the old political and theological prejudices that served to relegate that separation to the short memory of history are falling away. With the light of new knowledge from the East, we in the West are coming to understand that it was Rome that broke away from the ancient Patriarchates of the East in , not the Eastern Orthodox Church which cut itself off from the Latin Church. We are coming to see the truncated vision of Christianity which has marked our intellectual history for more than five centuries.

And as this happens, more and more Western Christians are embracing the Orthodox Church as the criterion of Christianity, as the source and mother of their own beliefs [Fr. Concerning the 23, Western Churches which are not the direct concern of this work, but which will still be examined , these are part of a larger body of groups that broke away from Orthodoxy since the time of the primitive Church, in accordance with the Apostle Paul's words that "there must also be heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest" 1 Cor As St.

The first to fall away thus were the Gnostics, then the Arians, then the Macedonians, then the Monophysites, then the Iconoclasts, then the Roman Catholics, then the Protestants, then the Uniates, and so on Side by side with the straight, or right, path of faith, there have always been those who thought differently heterodoxountes , or heterodox , in the expression of St. Ignatius the God-Bearer , a world of greater or lesser errors among Christians, and sometimes even whole incorrect systems which attempted to burst into the midst of Orthodox Christians.

As a result of the quest for truth there occurred divisions among Christians. Becoming acquainted with the history of the Church, and likewise observing the contemporary world, we see that the errors which war against Orthodox Truth have appeared and do appear a under the influence of other religions, b under the influence of philosophy, and c through the weaknesses and inclinations of fallen human nature, which seeks the rights and justifications of these weaknesses and inclinations.

Errors take root and become obstinate most frequently because of the pride of those who defend them, because of intellectual pride [ Orthodox Dogmatic Theology , pp. Here it is important to note that Orthodoxy does not belittle those who have separated from it. A Greek hierarch explains that St. He clearly separated false beliefs from the people who held them. In the same way, Orthodoxy abhors intolerance, condemnation, and the dismissal of the worth of any human being.

While Orthodoxy condemns false beliefs that threaten it, it does not condemn those who are misled by falsehood. The devil is the source of evil doctrine, and Orthodoxy condemns him and his minions and the poison they spread. However, the bishop concludes, those who are poisoned by the devil by holding false beliefs are not his, but are creatures of God, suffering from the deadly, soul-destroying jealousy of the devil. The full circle concept in the question refers to the complete cycle that the Orthodox Church has gone through over the course of two thousand years.

True to Christ's words that His followers would be hated by the world cf. Jn , Mk , Mt , Lk , Mt , virtually all major persecutions for the Christian faith have fallen upon ancient Orthodox Christianity. Many in Israel chose not to follow Christ, and as a result, the torch of faithfulness to Christ largely passed to the Gentiles, former pagans, as the Prophet Isaiah had foretold some seven hundred years earlier Is ,,5.

Christianity then began to spread with miraculous speed from Jerusalem, through the Levant and the Roman Empire and beyond, and it continued to make inroads among the pagans. As the prince of this world, Satan, reigned in paganism, which was a kingdom of sin, he inevitably sensed a destructive force for him in Christianity. Having at his disposal the full political force of the pagan world, his immediate reaction was to promote a bloody and total annihilation of the Church.

For three centuries, Christian blood was spilt throughout the lands of the entire Roman Empire, although the remarkable steadfastness and self-sacrifice of the Christian martyrs proved to be the best witness of their faith. The pagans were awestruck by this witness, and they themselves converted and began to fill the ranks of the martyrs of the persecuted faith.

Thus, the blood of the Christian martyrs became the seeds or Christianity, and persecution could not halt its spread. Although the author of the textbook for this course states that the Roman Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity brought an end to the age of martyrs, this assertion is not in fact so, and one can only conclude that he is simply not completely well grounded in Church history to make so elementary an error of fact.

Even so, the age of martyrs continued. As Archpriest Alexey Young notes in this regard, Orthodox Christianity has lived for two thousand years on the edge of eternity. It has been faced time and again with virtual extermination by different conquerors, persecutors and heretical movements, nourished even in our times by the blood of countless martyrs.

Orthodoxy has always passed through the ages persecuted, wounded and bloody, like its Divine Founder. The same writer continues, noting that true to Christ's promise, however, the gates of hell never prevailed against His Church Mt Despite all possible persecution by the mighty of this world, Orthodoxy has not been vanquished, but it has always survived victorious.

To this day it still survives intact and gloriously pure, its gaze steadily focused on the end of the ages and the Second Coming of Christ. Beginning in the seventh century, the rise of Islam came about with astonishing speed, taking Syria, Palestine, Egypt and northern Africa, and Spain.

Later, starting in the fourteenth century, the Ottoman Turkish Sultanate began to conquer the Balkans, anterior Asia and northern Africa, beginning a domination that would continue until the early part of the twentieth century. A Greek hierarch explains that in essence, Islam is a Christian heresy, having its historical roots in the very areas inhabited and sanctified by the ancient Desert Fathers.

He mentions that it took from Christianity not only the dress of its clergy, but the model for the minaret the towers on top of which the stylites lived and practiced their ascesis , the practice of making full prostrations during prayer, and other things as well. Even the practice of removing their shoes in prayer when entering a mosque is of Christian origin.

In early times, this practice was observed in Christianity, just as priests removed their shoes when entering the altar. It is also a well-known fact that Mohammed was educated by a Jewish relative Varakh, who taught him the Old Testament and instilled in him a hatred of Christianity — a hatred that was transmitted straight into the Koran.

It is the duty of Islam and of each individual Moslem to convert every person to the Islamic religion, and by whatever means necessary, including swordpoint. This policy is fundamental for Islam's teaching and it was likewise adopted by Roman Catholicism after its apostasy and schism in , in complete contradiction to the teaching of the Gospel. Moreover, in the event attempts at conversion fail, the ultimate aim of Islam is the extermination of every "infidel" from the face of the earth.

Under the Moslems, Christians were once again forced to enter the catacombs, as it were, to live in constant expectation of violence, horrendous torture and death things the West is only beginning to understand in light of the recent growth of Islamic fundamentalism and the September 11, terrorist attacks on the United States. For years in Greece and years in Serbia and other parts of the Balkans, entire villages of Christians — men, women and children — were impaled on thousands of stakes planted along the sides of roads.

This situation of living in a sea of violence continues unabated even to this day among those Christians witnessing a recrudescence of warlike fanaticism on the part of the Moslems. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church, ever since its departure from the ancient Apostolic Church in , has acted with all possible malice in its attempts to destroy Christ's Church. Writing of the Latin Church's numerous inquisitions and mass murders of the Orthodox something that continues to these times , St.

The Roman Church is not only the mother of countless offenses perpetrated against God and His Holy Scriptures, and against Tradition, but of gruesome and bloody atrocities against Orthodox Christians on the part of Rome's pope, its bishops and its clergy.

There was only one Christendom something which has survived down to our own days in the form of the Orthodox Church, which is the only true continuation of the early undivided Church. For one thousand years, the Christian Church — both East and West — lived together in harmony and essential oneness, and its bishops governed the Church as equals. In addition, the bishop of Rome held a position as patriarch of the West, whose authority consisted of jurisdiction over all the bishops in his metropolitan see, just as the patriarchs of Jerusalem, Constantinople, and elsewhere, oversaw the bishops of their respective sees.

A see is the territory of a bishop's jurisdiction. All bishops in Christendom were regarded as equal, and none was seen as an episcopus episcoporum , a "bishop of bishops. Certain of its bishops — patriarchs, metropolitans, archbishops — enjoy special status among other bishops, but they are not above them.

Beginning in the ninth century, East and West began to drift apart when the bishop of Rome, or pope , began to introduce new and foreign ideas into the faith. The words pope and patriarch were commonly used in the early Church to refer to the bishops of important historical sees. Pope was not a designation reserved only for Rome's bishop, contrary to what many today erroneously think.

One of the false ideas was that of the supremacy of the bishop of Rome over the bishops of Jerusalem, Constantinople, Alexandria and Antioch, and over all other bishops, of whom there were hundreds by that time. Protopriest Victor Potapov notes that under the influence of national traditions that were bound up with the might of ancient Rome, the Romans came to think that mighty Rome should have the same significance in Church affairs as it had in affairs of state. Especially powerful in the Roman mindset was the idea of the monarchical absolutism of the Roman emperors, which went so far as proclaiming them gods.

The idea of unlimited supremacy in one person over the whole world became an ecclesiastical idea in the West, and it came to be transferred from the emperor to the Roman pope. Even the title Pontifex Maximus that the Roman emperors bore was taken over by the popes. Thus, Fr. Victor notes, a striving for self-exaltation and domination over the Church overtook the Roman popes, and in this striving, Rome entered the path of error.

As Fr. Theodore Pulcini, a convert from Roman Catholicism to Orthodoxy, goes on to point out, " The division between the Eastern and Western Churches was not the result of Orthodoxy's stubborn refusal to recognize papal authority, but of Roman Catholicism's unjustifiable claims. Concerning the role that the Apostle Peter played in Rome, Scripture is silent.

However, Fr. Raymond Brown, a Roman Catholic priest and Church historian, makes the following noteworthy observations:. We have no knowledge at all when [the Apostle Peter] came to Rome and just what he did there before he was martyred. Certainly he was not the original missionary who brought Christianity to Rome, and therefore was not the founder of the Church of Rome in that sense. There is no proof that he was the bishop or local ecclesiastical officer of the Roman Church — a claim not made [by Rome] until the third century.

Most likely he did not spend any major time in Rome before 58 AD Nothing can be finally determined, however, about when Peter came to Rome, how long he stayed, or what function of leadership, if any, he exercised in the Roman Church [ Ibid. Harvard-educated and twice Fulbright scholar Dr.

Constantine Cavarnos sums up this uncertainty of Catholic scholars in his notation that the Roman Catholic Church defined its founder to be the Apostle Peter. This claim was made not because Peter had in fact founded the Church of Rome, but because the Latin Church wanted to exploit certain passages in the Gospels where the Apostle Peter is mentioned, and wanted to base the dogma of papal primacy on those passages. However, neither St. Paul, the actual founder of the Church of Rome, nor St.

Peter perhaps the co-founder ever held any actual primacy in the Church, nor did any city. In the matter of Peter's being the co-founder of the Church of Rome, the authorities differ, although had Peter truly been the first bishop of Rome, it is inconceivable that Paul would have ignored his presence — cf.

Rom The notion of papal primacy is ludicrous to Eastern Christians, for Christian primacy rests squarely on the Divinity of Christ. As Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky explains:. Such a title does not correspond either to the word of God or to the universal Church consciousness and tradition; it tears away the Church on earth from immediate unity with the heavenly Church.

A vicar is assigned during the absence of the one replaced; but Christ is invisibly present in His Church always. The rejection by the ancient Church of the view of the bishop of Rome as the Head of the Church and Vicar of Christ upon earth is expressed in the writings of those who were active in the Ecumenical Councils [Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky, Op.

As another writer also noted, the "Vicars of Christ on Earth," with their pretensions not only to spiritual, but also to temporal authority, were representatives of spiritual pride. No greater spiritual pride can be imagined than the conviction of one's own infallibility.

Let each one give his opinion without judging anyone and without separating from the communion of those who are not of his opinion; for none of us sets himself up as a bishop of bishops, nor compels his brethren to obey him by means of tyrannical terror, every bishop having full liberty and complete power; as he cannot be judged by another, neither can he judge another. Knowing that Rome's novel teaching of a supreme ruler with primacy of jurisdiction would divide and corrupt the Church, the Eastern patriarchs pleaded with the Roman patriarch not to introduce this false teaching.

Another innovation that Rome began to introduce was its changing the Nicene Creed that had been established by the early Church. Based on Holy Scriptures and the truths that the Church has always held since the time of the Apostles, this Creed is a summary of the beliefs of the Christian Church. The Eastern Church warned the Church in the West of the dangers of changing any part of the Christian faith, and especially the very Creed itself.

However, Rome insisted on its innovations, even though the believers resisted. During these difficult times, many attempts were made to work out the differences between the Eastern and Western Churches, and all of Christendom tried to call Rome back to the orthodox understanding of Christianity. In the end, though, the Orthodox Church could not compromise and allow the faith to be changed and corrupted, and for its part, Rome had already made its decision to part ways and would not come back.

In , the Roman Church officially severed itself from the ancient sees of the Christian Church , including the Mother Church, the first Church of Christendom — Jerusalem, and from the Church where Christians were first known by that name — Antioch Acts , and from the rest of the Christian Church. As Thomas Hulbert, a Dutch convert to Orthodoxy notes, the Great Schism of proved to be a heavy curtain dividing Christianity: it cut the West off from the right doctrines and the right faith preserved in Eastern Orthodoxy.

Like the non-Chalcedonians before him, the pope precipitated another schism, and like them, he estranged himself and his followers from the Church. In the Great Schism of , one of the Churches — and only one — Rome , separated itself from the ancient Churches which had been preserved in the East since the time of the Apostles. In their greed and jealousy, the Roman popes asserted an absolutist primacy that Eastern Christians will never accept. The damage went even further.

Once Rome was willing to sacrifice the oldest and most substantial part of Christianity to its own concept of power, it is small wonder that it could not be bothered by an obscure but loudmouthed Augustinian monk called Martin Luther The popes, blindly and without thinking, cast off half of Europe and made straight the way for the Protestant Reformation [ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church , ].

In the aftermath of this devastating schism, the West experienced tremendous turmoil and corruption. The Crusades were undertaken, which evolved into an attack upon the Eastern Church. Later came the Inquisition, then the Renaissance, which mixed pagan ideas with Christianity, and finally the Protestant Reformation, which splintered Western Christianity into thousands of denominations. Having succumbed to one of the temptations put to Christ by Satan in the wilderness, that of worldly domination, and severed at that juncture from the true doctrine of the East and the grace of the Holy Spirit, Rome stopped looking to the Church as something otherworldly which pointed believers to Heaven.

Instead, it became this-worldly and pointed them to the earthly organization, thus beginning "organized religion. Carrying one step further the ambition of supreme worldly power that the power-hungry popes arrogated to themselves, the infamous Jesuit order, the shock troops for Rome, promulgated the slogan that the end justifies the means.

Translated into action, this principle meant that whenever Rome's bloodthirsty Uniate movement could not persuade Orthodox Christians to become Uniate Catholics under Rome through words, the Latin Church was then justified in using force and murder, for "error has no rights," Rome believes, and is therefore subject to "control" by decree and deed.

One such decree, the Syllabus of Errors propagated by Pope Pius IX in , demands that the "Roman Church be regarded as the only religion of the state, to the exclusion of all other religions" This same decree, which is listed in the Catholic Dictionary as being the official teaching of the faith, has never been retracted or disowned by the Latin Church, although its contents have been closeted.

In another place, the decree proclaims that the Roman Catholic Church has "the power to employ force, or any temporal power, direct or indirect," when dealing with persons dangerous to it 24 , and it claims that it is pernicious to deny that the Church has "immunity from civil law or its penalties" The textbook for this course notes that the tale of the Uniate movement in Poland makes sorrowful reading: the Jesuits began by using deceit and ended by resorting to violence.

After its separation from Orthodoxy, the Latin Church promoted countless murderous inquisitions in Eastern Europe. As a Greek monk notes, Rome conducted these genocides through the same Unia, the papacy's most effective siege engine, which operates as the janissaries of the papacy, with all the fanaticism of the janissaries, against Orthodoxy.

Among the many inquisitions in the twentieth century, one took place in World War II Poland, where the Latins murdered , Orthodox. At the same time and at the direction of the same black hand, in Croatia, Catholic killer clergy most notably the Franciscans and killer police massacred , Orthodox for their refusal to renounce Orthodoxy and embrace Roman Catholicism, although not before submitting them to infinitely gruesome tortures, no doubt the worst recorded in the annals of history.

One of the members of the evil coven of sadistic clergy assassins openly boasted that he alone had killed 40, of the Orthodox. As Alexei Khomiakov perceptibly noted, the ancestors of Roman Catholics who long ago committed moral fratricide by unilaterally changing the Church's Creed invariably would resort to physical fratricide.

Such they did, and well did St. By far the most virulent and deadly form of anti-Christianity the world has so far witnessed is the end-times phenomenon of Communism, an outburst of primordial satanism that was created and financed in the West, and that was unleashed upon Russia by Western capitalism as an experiment for the one-world government of the antichrist. Because of that great cataclysm, far more Christians have lost their lives for their Orthodox faith in the tragic, pre-apocalyptic twentieth century than in the three hundred years following Christ's Crucifixion.

Communism is part of the " mystery of iniquity " 2 Thes , Apoc , that is, Satan's plan of battle with Christ's Church. Archpriest Boris Molchanoff explains that this process has been in motion for ages and that it will reach its culmination at the appearance of the antichrist 2 Thes Writing of a " force that withholdeth " the mystery of iniquity 2 Thes , the Apostle Paul states that this force will be " taken out of the way " 2 Thes As the meaning of the withholding power in this passage is not obvious, Fr.

Paul Volmensky provides the following explanation:. In seeing the everlasting battle of Satan for supremacy over the entire world, God gave a restraining power which does not let the devil deploy his various means. Limiting the power of the devil so that he could not destroy us, God does not deprive us of the freedom to choose to serve Him.

Digression from God denotes an increase of iniquity. When almost all of mankind of its own will shall be immersed in evil, not seeking communion with God and eternal life, then the restraining power of God will withdraw, antichrist will appear, and the end shall come to all The appearance of the antichrist shall not take place until divine providence determines the time at which moment the " withholder " will be taken away.

Concerning these two parts of the withholding force — the role of the Holy Spirit and that of Roman authority, comment is needed on both. The same Fr. Paul explains the Holy Spirit's role by noting:. Some Fathers explain that antichrist shall not come while the Holy Spirit abides in people, while people possess an intimate, grace-filled union with the Lord through the fulfillment of God's commandments.

When evil shall be multiplied among people and no longer shall there be men seeking eternal life, then the Holy Spirit will withdraw from the world. If there is no one on earth being saved, then there is no further need for its existence. People darkened by sin, in whom the Holy Spirit is absent, will accelerate the end of the world. They themselves shall rise up against lawful government authority and deprive themselves of that restraining power which would have hindered the appearance and activities of the antichrist [ Ibid.

He writes:. What are the means for restraining the antichrist so that the elect may be brought to salvation? Our Fathers considered the withholding power of the antichrist to be the Roman Empire. In their time the Roman Empire still existed and it was possible to support this interpretation based on the prophecy of the Prophet Daniel. In our times, the only significance we can give to such an idea is within the context of understanding the Roman Empire to mean imperial monarchical power in general.

Concerning such power, we should understand it to be a monarchy which has the ability to control social movement, and at the same time adhere to Christian principles. It does not allow the people to stray from these principles; it contains the people. Since the antichrist will have as his main task the goal of attracting the people away from Christ, he therefore will not arrive if monarchy is still in control.

This power will not allow him to appear; it impedes his negating spiritual activity. This is the withholding power. When the monarchy fails, and everywhere nations institute self-government republics, democracies , then the antichrist will be able to act freely. It will not be difficult for Satan to prepare voters to renounce Christ, as experience taught us during the French Revolution. There will be no one to veto the movement. A humble declaration of faith will not be heard.

Thus, when such a social order is instituted everywhere, making it easy for anti-Christian movements to appear, then the antichrist will come forth. John Chrysostom's words lead us to this thought when in his time monarchy was understood to mean the Roman Empire.

Until that time the government [monarchy] will be feared. No one will easily follow the antichrist. After this time, when such control will be liquidated, anarchy will triumph, and the antichrist will try to capture all human and divine power. The Russian Fathers of the Church ascribed particular significance to the Russian Orthodox sovereign , the only protector of Orthodoxy in the whole world. For example, this is what the holy righteous John of Kronstadt taught about royal authority: "By means of sovereigns the Lord watches over the good of earthly kingdoms, especially the good of the peace of His Church.

Through them He does not allow godless teaching, heresies and schisms to overwhelm her. And the greatest villain of the world, the antichrist, cannot appear in our midst, because of autocratic authority that is, the benevolent Orthodox sovereignty , deterring the lawless reeling and absurd teaching of the ungodly. The Apostle says that antichrist shall not appear on earth as long as autocratic authority shall exist" [ Op.

In these pre-apocalyptic times, the significance of the removal of the withholding power cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore important to examine this matter even further, and Fr. Michael Azkoul does so with careful and elaborate detail. Michael explains that Communism put an end to the four great empires that were to rule upon earth, as foretold by the Prophet Daniel.

According to this prophecy, these four empires were the Egyptian , the Persian , the Greek and the Roman , after which would come the end times. The same writer goes on to note that the Roman Empire was both pagan inaugurated by Augustus Caesar and Christian inaugurated by Constantine the Great.

As Schema-Archimandrite Damian of the Ascension Monastery in Resaca, Georgia adds, from Constantine to the fall of Constantinople in , the mantle of "Protector of the Church" fell upon the shoulders of the Roman authority, then resident in Constantinople, the Second Rome. With the fall of Constantinople, this mantle fell to the lineage of the Russian Tsars to protect and preserve the well-being of the Church. Thus, Tsar Nicholas II and his predecessors, having received autocratic authority from Byzantium, were successors to Constantine and those Greek or Byzantine emperors who followed him.

Such was God's providential means of establishing the Orthodox Christian Church in the world. Continuing, Fr. Michael explains that the Russian Empire , the last phase of the Roman Imperium, successor to Byzantium or Christian Rome, was the last Christian society, and Tsar Nicholas II was the last Christian emperor, as true kingship depends upon the true faith.

Thus, none of the heretical societies of the post-Orthodox West can be spoken of as a societas Christiana. Michael also states that there has never been a monarch in the post-schism West "by the grace of God. Historians note that this empire was not holy but was very secular.

As an Orthodox historian notes in this regard, the Holy Roman Empire was conceived in heresy, born in schism, and maintained in existence in order to bolster the power of the heretical popes against the Orthodox Church. Unlike the monarchies and kingdoms of apostate Western Europe, the Russian monarchy maintained the true faith as given by the Holy Apostles and kept in the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Russian Tsar played a decisive role in restraining the approach of the satanic powers.

Western Europe was well aware of the might of its Orthodox Christian neighbor in maintaining peace, and the title the Peacemaker was ascribed to Tsar Alexander III not by the Russians, but by the West. Likewise, after the destruction of Russia by Communism, one authoritative Western historian, Professor G. Ferrero of the Roman National University, wrote that:. Europe urgently needs peace.

Innumerable misfortunes are threatening us from all sides. Because Imperial Russia is no more. And without her, there is no more peace, which she alone brought to the world. After the victory over Napoleon, Russia completely gave herself over to the cult of peace. Russia's amazing aspiration to maintain and protect peace at any cost and simultaneously with absolute selflessness, must be acknowledged as a deep mystery.

Balance in the world shall not ensure and we shall not avoid crises until Russia will arise in all of her glory [Quoted in Fr. Paul Volmensky, op. As the devil recognized that the Russian monarchy interfered with his attempts to possess the whole world, it was necessary to destroy that authority. He states:. This murder was thought out and organized by none other than the servants of the approaching antichrist.

Those people, who having sold their souls to Satan, are executing the most intense preparation for the hasty reign of the enemy of Christ, antichrist, over the whole world. They understood perfectly well that the main obstacle standing in their way was Orthodox Imperial Russia And for the quickest and surest annihilation of Russia, it was necessary to annihilate the one who was its living symbol, the Orthodox Tsar. It is for the foregoing reasons that the Russian Fathers of the Church view the Russian monarchy as the withholding power.

Moreover, as Fr. Michael explains, the murder of the last Tsar brought about the extinction of the Age of Constantine and the end to God's plans concerning world empires. With the disappearance of Christian Rome, that which restrained world revolution, world atheism, anarchy and apostasy is no more , and Satan works unbridled and performs his dark schemes on a world scale.

No longer is there any earthly authority to hinder him. The seer of mysteries, St. John the Theologian, describes these end-times events in terms of Satan's being set free from his temporary bondage, or thousand-year bondage , as he allegorically calls it in Revelation This thousand-year bondage is another important matter to examine, given its significant connection to contemporary history.

Some modern sectarians have misinterpreted the Evangelist John's words. These new teachers, rehashing the ancient heresy of Chiliasm , maintain that before the end of the world, Christ will come to earth again to overthrow the antichrist, to resurrect the righteous, and to establish a new kingdom on earth in which the righteous will reign together with Him for a thousand years. This incorrect interpretation is an exact repetition of the heretic Apollinarius' false teaching, which was condemned by the Universal Church at the Second Ecumenical Council Importantly, it was in response to this ancient heresy that this Council introduced into the very Symbol of Faith the Creed these words concerning Christ: " and His kingdom will have no end.

Given these things, it can be asked just what does the thousand-year bondage mean? Andrew of Caesarea, they explain, interprets the thousand-year bondage as the time "from the Incarnation of Christ to the coming of the antichrist. The authors go on to explain that the definite number one thousand is used in place of an indefinite number, signifying the long period until the Second Coming of Christ.

Blessed Augustine also states that "the binding of the devil is his being prevented from the exercise of his whole power to seduce men. It is also of importance to note that a related error to the resuscitated heresy of Chiliasm is the "rapture.

This teaching is Protestantism's false hope to avoid suffering since its theology does not give a way to deal with it. However, in contrast to its idea of a non-suffering Church stands the witness of the martyric deaths of millions of Orthodox Christians, not only in the early Church, but also during the Arian controversy, the Iconoclastic struggle, the Moslem yoke and the Uniate persecutions, and most especially when Communism ravaged nearly the whole of the Orthodox world during the last century.

The rapture teaching is false because it is refuted by Scripture , which makes it entirely clear that the elect will suffer on earth during the reign of the antichrist and that for their sake that period will be shortened cf. Mt This point is very important and must be emphasized particularly, inasmuch as the acceptance of the false teachings of Chiliasm and the rapture can lead people to the erroneous expectation that they will be taken from the face of the earth when the antichrist makes his appearance.

In such a state of complacency, many people will not recognize him and will end up accepting him, thereby losing their souls. Even as the political structure of a united world government is being planned it will claim to be the revitalized Roman Empire , so too is a single-world religion to emerge. This religion is being formed by the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, which created ecumenism , a new heresy in the Church.

Like the religion of the pagan Roman Empire, which was syncretic in its borrowing from various pagan religions in the ancient world, the religion of the one-world government will also be syncretic in its supposedly being based on the best principles of many religions. Under the guise of a "reconciliation" of faiths, ecumenism equates truth with falsehood and promotes a future ecumenical "church" that will unify all existing creeds, even though such a unification entails a relativization of God's Truth.

As a Greek bishop notes, by bringing together all the world religions, ecumenism, rather than combining all the partial truths that various religions supposedly contain, may combine all the falsehoods that they embrace, thus creating a one-world religion that embraces all evil. In the past, when Satan was unsuccessful in bringing about the complete physical destruction of Christ's Church through persecution, he turned to a different tactic: heresies.

As can be observed in history, Satan used heresies to attack Christian truths in almost the same identical order in which they are listed in the Nicaeo-Constantinopolitan Symbol of Faith, the Church's Creed. Now, through the heresy of ecumenism, the devil's final onslaught against these truths is taking place, and this time the attack is against the words: " I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Everything possible is being done, he states, in order to establish an anti-church , a " reborn Christianity. Sava goes on to liken today's ecumenism to a Pandora's box from which hundreds of ancient heresies are breaking loose. Archbishop Averky adds:. Ecumenism is the heresy of heresies. Until now, every separate heresy in the history of the Church has striven itself to stand in the place of the true Church, while the ecumenical movement, having united all heresies, invites them all together to honor themselves as the one true Church.

Here ancient Arianism, Monophysitism, Monothelitism, Iconoclasm, Pelagianism, and simply every possible superstition of the contemporary sects under completely different names, have united to charge and attack the Church. This phenomenon is undoubtedly of an apocalyptic character. Here the archbishop is referring to the fact that very few heresies since the time of the early Church have been original, and that most have been rehashes of ancient follies. Monophysitism of the fifth century, for example, contributed to the Monothelitism of the seventh century, and to the syncretism and outgrowth of some of the contemporary heresies of the present time.

As the panheresy of ecumenism gains more and more momentum and increased support from world governments, and as it comes to regard itself as an ecumenical "super-church," its infinite hatred of Christ and Orthodox Christianity is becoming increasingly apparent. Once the ecumenical movement's man-made religion or, more precisely, its devil-made religion is installed as the official state religion under the antichrist, most established Church institutions will be drawn into this worldwide "church.

Sava notes concerning the times that are approaching, Orthodox Christians will once again be persecuted, just as in Roman and Soviet times. He further notes that:. The adherents of the false "Christianity" and other united religions will accuse [the Orthodox] of being intolerant and hateful people, opponents of the new world order and, by extension, of the welfare and happiness of mankind.

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