Micro torrent 3&2 baseball tournaments

micro torrent 3&2 baseball tournaments

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Incidentally, if the pioneer sof record and film had adopted the same attitude as Atari, I very much doubt if there would have been any Bros. Warner to own Atari in the first place. Atari v Imagic. Atari must be daft if they think we can't tell the difference between Demon Attack and Phoenix.

If there is any similarity then it's probably because they can't fit arcade Phoenix into the Atari's memory. What's more, I'm getting sick and tired of Atari chucking writs at everybody. If they don't cut it out, I'm not going to buy any more of their products. Intellivision cartridges are cheaper anyway, So there, Interesting bit of news that. Just one thing. Didn't I write and tell you about them six or seven months ago? Still, thanks for your views. Being a regular reader of your magazine, since long before I ever persuaded the powers that be to buy me my first computer, I am writing to see if you need any more help in compiling your reviews section or testing games.

I have a printer and will be pushing for the marvellous microdrive as soon as it appears. Rebecca Calweil, Edgeware, Middlesex. Editor's reply: Yes Rebecca, we cam make use of your talents we are still finding we have more tapes than our current resources can cope with on four microcomputers. I would just like to say that I totally agree with him. I also believe that the advert is meant to be misleading Sometimes I find it impossible to load the 48K version, but when I do I never seem to be able to reach the final stage as every time I complete a stage I lose a life and, I assume, return to the beginning.

Could this be a bug? The game is very very fast and definitely unplayable. At Yates, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Eddie Mitchell, London, iVWft Editor's reply: Thanks for your comments Eddie, I agree that Atari software is not bo superior to other micros that it justifies these large prices.

But now I have discovered a way of amplifying the sound through the cassette recorder, The sound coming from the computer is still present but additional sound comes from the cassette recorder. To amplify the sound through the cassette recorder, the Spectrum's ear plug should be plugged into its socket on the machine, The other earplug should be plugged into the MIC socket of the cassette recorder.

The sound output from the cassette recorder can now be controlled using the volume control. This ability to increase the Spectrum sound improves all games where sound plays a prorninent part and at times can even improve scores. Sarbjit Cidda, Spondon, Derby. This is your chance to nominate a company which has given you good service or earn due recogni- tion for a game which has provided hours of enjoyment.

We feel our industry is crying out for quality games to be rewarded and hope it wiH give our software houses something to aim for when they feel they have come up with a winning idea. In America the Arkie; Awards tend to go to US soft- ware companies and we felt it was time that the best of British was given the chance to prove itself. Best Strategy Game is the title bestowed on the finest casset- te or cartridge to test the mind rather than the trigger- finger.

The Best Original Game Idea is an award close to the heart of anyone who has written as many Pacman reviews and news stories as I have. I hope the award in- spires companies to introduce new ideas. The most coveted Golden Joystick awarded to the game which most impresses the judges. Initially we are leaving the judg- ing up to you and want you to tell us your nominations in any or all of the categories.

Don't feel you have to fill in a category where you have not seen anything worthy. For the title Software House of the Year, we will check out your sug- gestions with the dealers and also set some devious tests on the ser- vice side for the main contenders. And while the other Joysticks can only be won by British-based com- parties, we are leaving this category open to overseas distribtitors. We want your nominations in as quickly as possible.

So please cut out the form below, fill in those categories where you feel strongly that a company deserves an award and send it off to: The Golden Joy- stick Awards. High scores abounded on the Delta Rocket to Venus as the crew whit- tled away at the headline of the last newspaper they saw on Earth Since Trevor Truran launched the flight and the competition in our May issue, pictures of the ACME Spaghetti rocket filled with words reduced from the headline "Major Venus Flight" have been soaring into the office.

To these three we are sending a Milton Bradley board game. We are undertaking to provide games cassettes for your home computer if you can beat Trevor Truran's devious dice problem on page 36 of this issue, We can't promise to provide your first choice cassette but we'll do our best. Please, include details of which game for which computer you would like as a prize. They've been haunted by the ghosts of long dead Pacmen until they were sick of power pills; swooped on by untold Galaxians and Scrambled more craft against mountainsides than they care to remember.

Give your ideal game a title and that all-important theme. Explain how the game would run, the objectives and where the skill comes in. And who better than Bug-Byte, one of Britain's best established computer games companies to act as patrons for this foray into unex- plored gaming territory, Liverpool based Bug-Byte are so keen to pave the way for a new breed of games that they have undertaken to put up an Electron computer — the long-awaited new offering from Acorn Computers — as a prize for the best idea.

They will also throw in any atten- ded software which accompanies the proposed July launch of the Election, Acorn's early promises for the Electron include: BBC Basic, com- patible with the BBC computer; a standard typewriter keyboard: 32 K of RAM memory; eight colour graphics; two character ranges of either 20 or 40 characters per col- umn down 25 rows; a screen resolu- tion of x pixels for detailed graphics; and a fully programmable sound generator.

An added bonuse, if any of the top 20 entries are considered good enough by Bug-Byte, is that they will produce and market the game, paying royalties to the authors. See the panel below for details of how to enter and the competition rules. The game came to a close this month when Arkrai went above the desired number of points to claim victory over the 14 other empire builders, berserkers, pirates, apostles and merchants that peo- pled the Starweb galaxy.

Remember we are looking lor ori- ginality so try to give your game a new twist. A picture of the screen display might help our judges to get a better idea ot he game, but it isn't necessary. Please don't skimp on the detail, the more you explain how it works on the computer the better. The judges 1 decision is final and no cor- respondence can be entered into. The closing date is the 16th of July and please ensure that all your pieces of paper include your name and address.

A sensational package offer on this top selling micro. II fjiut area -s free and vsu'fHikl la join lat wiitinrj iitl, pleaie wr. VAT We regret thai there is a tremendous shortage on all BBC equipment — please phone your nearest store before making a Journey to check stock position. The BASiC with extra uielul add thorn, otttn quits a powerful mir. Horn C So now there's no need to send by Mail Order - just call into your local SPECTRUM dealer and pick one up, 8ut past one word of warning: with this added avilability advantage, stocks are bound to sell fast - so make it soon!

Super Tko 2X81 ,. Otj Type— 20 Faniaiv Ggmai. Hjilnty T , Muni. S ill W. Offer loo 1 WoUh E A fantastic deal! Lid There's a Spectrum Centre near you. Z ChuMft Lane. H Celebeurn Ltd. S4 torkrhin St.. Bnchiln St. JoriiiiOii Lid. Mif'D Campultr Oiviiidfi. Change Si St. Ann'i Sq. Micro Ltd.. Ecclei Pracmti? The flughy Micio Cincn. I it Witi Si Balmanl B-r.

Wofllllon SouthamptDP. AtcadB H»niai 76t6? High St. That's the question being debated over lunch, dinner and tea at West- minster as MPs try to work out when Maggie will calk the General Election. Some say June, some Septem- ber, and others believe she'll hang on to the New Year, Whenever she does decide to go to the country one thing is clear. Spectrum owners will be ready for her, This latest game for the Sin- clair machine enables you to ex- perience some of the excitement of the great contest in your own home.

Communists, Ecclogists, and Official Raving Loonatics need not apply. Once you have picked your party you are ready to play this computer- ised board game. As you move around the board you land on squares which rep- resent key constituencies in the provinces. Depending on how you place the important issues in order of priority the seat will be won or lost — with the computer measuring your answers against the correct formula stored in its memory. To help you plan strategy the computer also has a series of opinion polls and charts which can be called up to show you your standing with the elector- ate.

Styx challenges you to get safely across the river of the underworld,, rendevous with a mysterious monk, and get back across the river again. As you travel you will have to do battle with monsters of land and sea. Also in the Liverpool pipeline is a new game for the Spectrum called Manic Miner, Spectrum Pool and an original game for!

There are ducks and owls for you to take pot shots at in Carousel — a simulation of the fairground air rifle stall. Take pot shots at these feath- ered targets as they bob and weave in front of your gun barrel. Frogs also jump into the pic- ture in Hopper — a Beeb version of the popular arcade game. For those of you unfamiliar with the game you have to gel your cute little frog salely across a busy road and swirling river. A minimum of two games a month have been promised by the premier Cambridge-based games people.

The game enables you to try your hand at one of the most high pressured jobs of ell — controll- ing the landings and take-offs at a busy airport, In Area Radar Controller you are responsible for two landing strips. You must give information to the pilots on altitude, wind speed and other landing condi- tions. Any slip-ups will be punished with the sack so you will need all the concentration you can mus- ter if you want to make the grade at this tough job.

Software Far All are also tool- ing up to write games for the Dragon and have launched their range with an Othello program. Last we heard she was still chasing after him with an axe But "Ow we know how the domestic story end- ed.

Happily you'll oe pleased to know. After a lengthy session with the marriage guidance councillor both parties agreed to forget their differences and now marital bliss has been restored to their happy home. For Henry's part he has pledged to spend less time on the golf-course, less money in the bar. Martha has also made a prom- ise. To increase Henry's pocket money and to restrict the usage of the family axe to the chopping of fire wood. But does Martha know about this estranged member of her family?

Will Henry be able to stay out of the Spanish gambling dans? And has Martha packed a precautionary axe amongst her stays and corsets? You must drive your car as far as you can along motorway, B- road and dirt track sections, avoiding the various hazards — which include broken glass, potholes, logs, avalanches and other traffic.

A full dashboard display is produced on the screen with speedometer, fuel gauge and mileage. Also released this month by Audiogenic for the 54 is Renaiss- ance — a version of Othello and a chess program modestly called Grand Master. The companys first offering for the Sinclair Spectrum is a game called Jet Pac. You have to assemble the three sections of the rocket and then fuel it and blast off to the next plant Jewels and gold are also to be found Dn the planets and can be picked up to score extra points.

You have a powerful jet pac on your back and can fly all over the screen searching for the various bits of the space ship Two ledges, apparently sus- pended in mid-air, make a good resting place for your little man as he continues his search. No space game is complete without a nasty tribe of aliens out to get you and Jetpac is no exception to this.

To protect yourself you are armed with a powerful laser gun which can fire left or right. I played the game using the keyboard but it must be much better and easier to control the action, wrth a joystick. Just keep digging holes for those monsters and watch them tumble into the traps. Then bonk them on the head with your pick axe and you are safe! Well — not quite safe, as some of these monsters are tougher than others The easy ones can quite easily be buried by making them fall through one level The really tough old boots will lust get up and walk away if they only fall through one level and must be made to crash through several.

Sounds familiar? Arcade fans will recognise this game as the early classic coin operated game — Alien Panic. The game has now been con- verted for home use by Sinclair Spectrum owners. Spectrum Panic is the latest game from Hewson Consultants — the authors of Nightflite.

Also new from Hewson for confirmed computer pilots is an air traffic control simulation which enables you to try your hand at the nail biting job of controlling the comings and goings at a busy airport Adventure enthusiasts have also been included in the latest batch from Hewson in the shape of a 48k graphic adventure called the Quest.

Despite the shortage two games have arrived on the Games News desk for this machine. And although they don't involve blasting aliens the games will make you think' Awari is a computerised ver- sion of the ancient African peb- ble game Several tevels of play enable you to play against a friend or, if you're feeling confi- dent, you can take on the compu- ter at Witch Doctor level. For those unfamiliar with Awari, it is based on a tribal strategy game of moving pebbles around a series of bowls Another strategy game makes up the second Kenema offering Othello, dealt with in our columns as Reverse the counter capturing game of skill, which computers are particularly good at.

Switch into overdrive with this racing simulation for the Sinclair Spectrum. The game is still on the draw- ing board but we can reveal that yau race a car through the night. Red cats-eyes mark the borders of the road You control the car using the keyboard, and face the challenges of the race track.

Abbex have also bran- ched out onto other compu- ters with their first game for the Commodore 64 — a flight simulator at CT. Yes, ostriches. What's that? You've never seen a knight riding one of these bad-tempered birds. Well just look out for this latest conversion of hit arcade game — Joust. You play the part of the good knight on his trusty ostrich armed with a lance and doing battle with the dark lords on their buz- zards. The Dark Lords are no easy opponents as they have been programmed to predict your next move and lay traps to ensnare you.

Softek have also looked to the arcades for the idea behind their second new game this month. Called Firebirds — it is a shoot h em up hybrid of arcade favourites — Phoenix and Fire- birds. Dragons meet Monsters in Softeks first release for the hre spitting micro The idea of the game is to get your little man safely through several levels to the bottom of the screen and pick up a power pill.

Take this safely back to your craft before your oxygen runs out or you get nabbed by one of the monsters Monsters is based on the arcade game Panic, where you have to dig holes for the mons- ters with an ice axe. Put on your cloth cap, clogs and moleskin trousers and toddle off to the Dog and Ferret for a game of Dominoes. Or, if its raining, stay at home and take on your Spectrum with this latest game from brand new software house — Micromega.

The computer deals the domi- noes and plays the double-six to start the game. Normal rules apply and you'd hetter not cheat as the computer has been programmed to spot any dubious moves There is a strong flavour of the casino in Micromega's other re leases, including a Roulette cas- sette and game called Monte Carlo which features pontoon and a version of the American gangsters dice-rolling game — Crap.

If you've read Games News before, you should know the story-line backwards by now — ape kidnaps girl, takes her to top of steel fortress, gallant Italian carpentet comes to rescue armed with mallet. So what's new? A version of the game for the BBC model B that's what, This version ol Donkey Kong from Micro Power of Leeds has lour screens and many of the features of the arcade original including barrels, fireballs.

Other arcade game conver- sions for the Beeb include a game called Painter which is a version of the loony Amidar with pigs, pamrollers, and fierce tribesmen. Scramble fans are also catered for in the shape of Moon Raiders. This scrolling shoot 'em up has six sectors which must be flown through, complete with va nous obstacles — bomb and fire and keep an eye on your fuel gauge. If battling it out with the com- puterised baddies of the 21st century is not enough excitement for you and your Vic why not join the Paratroopers.

In this game you have to stop a commando style raid by the enemy who are dropping their crack regiment into your territory from helicopters. A batch ol new games are being released this month hy Rabbit including a Pacman-type game called Pakacuda.

Matter Splatter — an original arcade style game which challenges you to shoot barrels falling out of holes in a wall, and a driving game entitled Race Fun. These die easier and less expensive to develop and markp:: t. This feature is particularly utelul m adventure Type games. Multi Load games offer complexity and depth that no conventional ROM cartridge gamecan currently compete with. Details of all the games arr? For further details, complete and return the coupon below.

A space game, it has two screens, one featuring the intergakacnc Uhi rtetteld. As well as telling you The location of the Deacons, the map shcmi you when your startases ere. The battlelield. Your task » W vapounze the mutant warrnors be lore they overrun your home planet. Fire again and the numbers increase once more. A 1 or 2 player game featuring protective shields and Two different shooting styles.

Suicide Mission has three difficulty options. You cm score up to a million points I And. Up 10 4 players can take pan in this game and up to 0 fireballs can appear on the screen at Once. A Single Load game, Killer Satellites is for 1 player featuring J difficulty set Tings as well at « "rapid fire' mode Other features include a fuel level indicator, a laser overheat monitor which indicates the temperature ol your gun: a global radar scanner and an energy barrier, which can be used to protect you from some ol ihe aliK-n projectiles , , , , but not all of them I Pnce.

Your mission it to find the Amulet of iha Oruids. There ere Cruet, but not all easy ones. There are many rewards along the wtty. Ikji few will teach the final goal. The lirsl 5 nwes have problems to solve and some surprise intelligence tests. Ai far as we know. Silica Shop are the onty company to offer such clubs, but thai is not surprising since we are the special isti.

Soon lvc will luve ctulis for Colecnaviiirin. Aquarius and Vactrea. The expander plugs into the rol, Dragonstomper, Killer Sate! A lead pany are busy drumming up in- connects the supercharger to a terest in the Supercharger on the cassette recorder and the games are loaded from tape Only tape-based games can he loaded via the supercharger ar. The really exciting possibility opened up by the Supercharger- is the prospect of a new range of cheaper cassette-based games. The Supercharger itself comes with a free game — Phaser Pat- rol, which features impressive Star Raiders type action.

Six games are so far offered in the Starpath range: Phaser Pat- part of some leading American games firms. Don't expect miracles from the Supercharger. The Supercharger also en- ables more moving characters on the screen than were pre- viously possible on the though you would have to look long and hard to notice this extra capacity during game — play. The most impressive feature of the Supercharger is the multi- load facility This enables several games to be stored on one cas- sette.

They can be played separ- ately as one-offs or, can be play- ed in sequence, as part of one larger game. Again in the Supercharger's favour it uses a quick automatic load system, Each of the games I tested, loaded m seconds first time. None of the hit-or-miss problems of loading cassette games into some home compu- ters. The best example of the multi- load facility is to be found on Dragonstomper — an adventure trilogy The first part of the game is called.

The Enchanted Country- side. You are a traveller in this land. Your objective is to build up sufficient power and magic to get into The Oppressed Village. In order to do this you will need to vanquish the ghouls, spiders, warriors, snakes and serpents in the employ of the evil Dragon, Gold is awarded for each suc- cessful encounter with one of your adversaries When you have built up all your resources you can attempt to get over the bridge into the Oppressed Vil- lage.

If you are successful, the second part of Dragonstomper is then loaded and you find yourself m the Oppressed Village. Vou'H need it when you enter the Jedi Arena. The Seeker is a remote controlled ball-of-tricks which sends out beams of laser fire.

Usualty this Jaser fire is con- trolled by the participants in this fight to the finish — the two Jedi knights, face to face across the arena, blasting away at each other in a bid tD break down their opponents force-held defence. The knights guide the laser blasts from the Seeker using their Lightsabres — the Seeker s blasts go in the direction the sabre is pointing. Rut ihp Seeker lends to oO "wild" occasionally — zipping around the arena sending out lethal beams of energy that neither of the knights can con- trol!

Then it's every man for him- self. Ydu can either take on a com puter controlled enemy, or fight it out with a friend using the Atari's paddle-controllers. Jedi Arena — the latest in Parker's cartridges based on the Star War movies — will be avail- able from March and will sell at around f The long fanged phantom Irom Transylvannia has been haunting the programming department of Imagic Games — and now he has bewitched them into pre- serving his grizzly memory for ever in silicone.

You can bring him to life by plugging m this latest cartridge for the Mattel Intellivision video games centre. The idea of the game is to sink your fangs into as many helpless victims as possible. Points are awarded according to the num- ber of pints of blood you can consume.

It is not all in Dracula's favour though, as there are still some good characters left in this god- forsaken city The constable armed with a wooden stake, the white wolf, and the vulture that can successfully attack Dracula when he appears as a bat Ice Trek challenges you to dodge a stampeding herd of cari- bou, cross an ice-filled river, and finally to melt the ice palace and set free the Aurora Be real is to light up the sky You play the part of Vali the Avenger and your arch enemy in Ice Trek is Kaltron the Terribly You will also meet in the course of your adventure the Wildlife Queen who fires her arrows at Vali if he is forced to kill a caribou, The third game in this trio of new releases from Imagic for the Mattel Intellivision games centre is Tropical Trouble — a jungle adventure.

The idyllic holiday island turns into a tropical nightmare when your darling Doris is kidnapped by the Beach Bruiser In order to get her back — and prove to her that you're not the clumsy Clarence her mother al- ways said you were — run through the jungle to find her. Dodge the boulders, coconuts, falling lava, and hurled rocks as you go. The multi-load facility is in- corporated in another of the highlights from the Supercharger range- — Escape From the Mind- master Its rare to see anything new these days among the plethora of new video games hitting the shops.

Mi n dm aster provides the best evidence thai the designers' ideas haven't dried up. The idee of the game is to outwit the mindmaster who has trapped you in a maze. A number of intelligence tests — such as fitting shapes into their right holes will he presented and you must get them right to proceed.

The maze itself is very im- pressive — drawn in 3D with a convincing simulation of depth as you penetrate its corridors. If you master the first maze the multi-load device will then load your second tougher test. There are four mazes altogether on the tape Two other reasonably good games are Killer Satellites — a scrolling shoot em up where you have to protect a city being bom- barded by an assortment of alien bombs, ships and satellites.

The second game in the reasonable category is Fireball — a break out type game with five versions to choose from. A nice development of the basic idea is the replacement of a bat with a little character at the bot- tom of the screen who must first catch the ball and then throw it back at the wall, aiming at the brick he wishes to dislodge. If you fail to catch the ball a large hook on an elongated arm comes out from the left hand side of the screen and pulls your hand off.

Suicide Mission is a version of Asteroids — and a none too impressive one at Lhat. The col- ours were watery and the screen flickered constantly. The saucers moved far too slowly and there was no hypers pace button. The scene-setting blurb for this game tries to align the plot to the film Fantastic Voyage — pretty silly as anyone who plays the game will know its supposed to be Asteroids. Communist Mutants From Space is a dull shoot em up. I cleared screen after screen on my first go.

The jaws in question belong to you, Tigervision is an established name in video games in America where they have launched several titles — the best known of which is the climbing game Miner ' er The first cartridges compatible with the British PAL electrical frequency are King Kong and Jawbreaker. No prizes for gues- sing what King Kong is — but for newcomers to video games the main characters are an ape, a girl and a gallant little chap who tries to scale the skyscraper to rescue her.

Jawbreaker brings back the subject of food to the screen of your television with a notion which should appeal to every youngster This is your chance to run riot in a sweet factory eating away to your heart's and belly's desire. You control a pair of chomping teeth on a mission to clear the screen of sweets. There are burgers, hot dogs, and French fries just waiting to be chomped in this brand new Telesys game. Telesys second new game has the wonderfully idiotic title — Cosmic Creeps.

The idea of the same is to rescue the Cosmic Kids from the doomed planet before the Cos- mic Creeps can get their nasty little alien paws on them. Sega are best known to videogamers for the hit arcade games Zaxxon and Frogper. Tac-Scan may have been spotted by some of you in your local arcades but for the uniniti- ated it is an "extremely tough 3D shoot 'em up.

The three dimensional effect is created by a never ending series of concentric hexagons. You control three Tac-Scan craft flying through space which are set upon by a deadly superfleet from Ahm Also on the way from Sega is Sub-Scan which is described as a battle of wits on the high seas. No date has yet been set for a UK launch for the home video games though they are bound to come into the country sooner or later as Sega already have a very strong foothold in the country's arcades.

Sega are likely to provide hot competition for the leading video games manufacturers as the Sega designers have a reputa- tion for producing hit games which is the envy of the industry So arcade titles which are likely to make winning conversions to home systems may not be up for grabs by the large firm's licence hunters.

The result a stale- mate. And the court battle over the Colecovision VCS conversion module is settled too. With Col- eco paying Atari royalties. It should be In r -he UK by Stfffiftm ber. Crazy Chase must have got its name because it drove Phillips Videopac testers crazy. You control a little blue disc called the Munchkm which you steer around a maze attempting to eat segments from a snake's tail.

You are pursued by a couple of Drats who can cause the Munch kin to shrink away to no- thing if they catch it. Paints are awarded lor each segment consumed hut if you want to score really highly you will also have to eat the Drats. In order to do this you have to catch them during the brief few seconds they have changed col- our after you have eaten a seg- ment from the tail.

If that sounds easy then just you give it a try. The effect of this is that you lose your speed advan- tage and have to rely on sharp cornering and planning to catch the odd segment. There are four Pac-Man style escape tunnels which you can run through to gat to the other side of the screen But be careful as the Drats can follow too.

This game is so tough that high scores deserve a reward. So if you've scored over on Crazy Chase send us a photo of the screen with the score and our friends at Phillips will send you one Videopac of your choice from trie current range. Only the first five entries to reach the Computer and Video Games office will win prizes. Sand your high score photos to our Herbal Hill address which you will find on page three of the magazine.

Please mark your en- velope Crazy Chase Competition and state the game you would like to receive should you be a winner. The Inteliivision action takes place in a series of seven mazey kitchen designs that will never find their way into the Ideal Home Exhibition. As a fried egg, several toma- toes and — later on — a pickle, leap out of the frying pan and start looking hungry, you have to guide the chef around a maze of platforms and ladders trying to make burgers.

The ingredients react to your every move occa- sionally despatching one of their number to head you off but usually following close on your heels. More docile ingredients, like burgers, buns, lettuce and to- mato slices lie ready for cooking on platforms.

As you run over them they drop down a level, pushing the next ingredient down below them and gradually set- tling to form a completed burger at the bottom of the screen. Com- plete all your burgers and you're onto the next screen. If the more active ingredients get too close you can turn and pepper" them with a shake from your pepper jar, putting them out of the action for a while. You can also squash them under dropped buns for points each or, for even more points, tempt them onto a bun behind you and then drop it by stepping off An sddi tional bonus is that the bun will then drop two levels.

French fries, coffee, ketchup and ice cream appear on the screen occasionally and can be gabbled for points and extra pin- ches of valuable pepper. Burger Time is still a popular arcade game and this Mattel cartridge captures much ot the flavour of the original It's harder than it looks.

The key to good arcade games is that while beginners can sur vive long enough to learn thu game, experts have early oppor- tunities to show their paces and boost their score Burger Time is a marvellous example. A challenge from the word go.

Things are hotting up on the games front with a fire breathing dragon to contend with in Im- age's latest release. You play the part of the brave prince who is attempting to get into his father s castle to rid it of the evil dragons. In order to get into the castle you must first dash across the bridge and into the treasure room, The prince can be made to crouch by pulling back on Ihe joystick. Depressing the fire but- ton makes him iump.

For best results run into the jump with precise timing to dear the fire- balls and gain extra ground. Once safely into the treasure room, you have to clear the screen of diamonds, crowns, goblets, jugs, harps, helmets, lamps, and candelabra to score points. When you have collected all the treasure you can make for the escape exit at the top left- hand corner of the screen.

But don't expect to take a leisurely stroll around the trea- sure room. There's a fire brea- thing dragon in there as well, who is programmed to track you and fry you with fireballs. There are seven dragons to get past in order to master this game and every time you clear one treasure room you come up against a tougher quicker dragon in the next.

Dragonfire scores highest on graphics. Those dragons look pretty mean and their fire brea- thing movement is impressive. A slight question mark over the game's lasting appeal. Once you've beaten that seventh dragon what than? Action: XXI Graphics:. To play you either have to sit or the floor in front of the screen, pull your chair up in front of it, or make the wires stretch right across the room to the sofa. One attempt to get around this problem is Wico's extension cable which simply adds length to your joystick wire.

Although this enables armchair play, it rn creases the Spaghetti Junction of wires. Now there is a real solution to the problem in the shape of the world's first remote control joy- stick. The Cynex is the brainchild of Sandy Goldnar who is also presi- dent of the American-based firm, The heart of the new joystick is the world's first radio chip which enables objects to be moved do screen at up to several yards distance.

The stick has been on sale in the US for several months now. The large video games manu- facturers have also been quick to spot the potential of the remote control stick and Atari have now signed a deal to get first buying option an any of Cynexs new products. For this you get two remote control joysticks plus the control box which connects to the Atari VCS.

The system is also compati- ble with the Vic Herbal Hill. London, EC1R The entry must be with us by July iSth end the five Burgertime cartridges go to the five names which best describe this mighty burger. Computer terms may or may not influence the judges' decision — but it's final anyway.

The UK importers of the Supercharger, Electronic Leisure Products of Limerick, Ireland have put up three Superchargers with Phaser Patrol and two other cassettes of your own choice to be won in our competition. All you have to do is tick the correct answers to the following i questions about the Atari VCS and some of its games. Please be sure and include your name and address and a telephone number so we can let you know if you've won. Also state the name of the two Other Supercharger cassettes you would like to receive.

No employees o! The entries must be in by July t2th. Simply fill in the coupon be- low, cut it out and send it off to the address above. HVK i s a, Uxbridge Rd. Hayes Middx Pilot cass Beta Fighter cass Strip Poker disc What mother never told you a bou t v i ile o x,a me s 1! Botvinnik was world champion from to with two one- year breaks, when he lost the championship first to Smyslov and then to TaJ, only to win back the title in a return match a year later each time.

Botvinnik was born in in the Ukraine and until his retirement a few years ago was a noted electrical en- gineer as well as a chess grandmaster- He attained the status of Soviet master as long ago as and first won the championship of the Soviet Union in He became well-known in the Wesi with his joint first place at the Nottingham tournament m Botvmnik's career provides a bridge between the almost mythical days of Capablanca and Alekhine, 50 years ago and the computerised chess of today.

Botvinnik has concen- trated increasingly on the latter, prepar- ing his program which is known as Pioneer. However, his interest goes back much further to a time when he was still a leading active player. As far back as , Botvinnik gave a lecture in the Russian town of VUdtmir in which he described a chess master in terms which have a strong computing flavour.

U A master in his play has two functions. First of all he functions as a calculating and solving mechanism because he has to consider the possible moves and analyse variations A second function is also very important — one's ability to program oneself, to perfect ones indi- vidual program One can consider a player who gives due attention to this aspect as guiding himself by a definite program or algorithm," Botvinnik saw the development of an ' artificial intellect" — an electronic machine capable of playing chess — as a major problem.

If it could be achieved, he said: "I foresee an unpre- cedented period of popularity for the game. When an electronic machine has started playing chess and played it suc- cessfully this will be such a momentous event that every schoolboy will want to know about it. In world history, it will perhaps fall not far short in importance of the discovery of fire. Computers, Chess and Long- range Planning, also appeared in It is a very complex mathematical representation of chess introducing a number of ideas such as a "'generalised exchange" between differ- ent kinds of advantage such as material and space , the attacking path of a piece, the intangible value of an attack, and the position estimate of a chess position which indicates when a posi- tional sacrifice may be advantageous.

Although the original Russian title of this work meant literally "An Algorithm for Chess", the text is far more of a blueprint for a lifetimes study than an algorithm. In his lecture, Botvinnik stressed the need for a program to examine only a small number of positions at each turn preferably only one and to restrict the analysis for each move to approximate- ly well chosen positions in all, if master play were ever to be achieved. Thus the emphasis should be on select- ing the positions to examine and eva- luating them properly — exactly the opposite approach to BELLE.

Many ex- perts believe that if Botvinnik's method of representing the master's positional and evaluative skill could be captured in a program, this would be a major step forward for computer chess. Sadly, after many years of develop- ment, Botvmnik's Pioneer has still not appeared except in experimental form, and it must be doubtful now that it ever will.

Perhaps grandmaster chess is too complex a problem for the current state of the chess programmers' art — cer- tainly much more tangible success has been achieved by programs like BELLE which search huge trees of variations but understand almost nothing about them. Figure 1 shows a famous posiiion which Botvin- ruk white reached against Capablanca at the Rotterdam tournament of White to move can now choose be- tween two strong-looking options l.

N- R5ch and 1. Botvmnik's analysis at the time looked at 28 positions in total, with an average branching factor num- ber of moves considered in each posi- tion of 1. Pioneer's analysis of the position looks at 40 positions with a branching factor of 1. QxB: If 1. Q-Kl; 2. Q B7ch is strong 2. N-R5ch P PxN; 3. P-K7, 0-B8ch; 6. K-B2, Q-Q7ch; 7. Q K8ch; 9. Q-K8ch: K-R3, Q-K6ch; In StokmarL up to eight players compete in buying and selling shares aided by a screen display of relevant market information.

In TelemarL players compete to dominate in the manufacture and sale of televisions. The objective of the program is to present what ar e usually thought of as purely numerical problems, in a visual w ay. Jars of liquid are used to visualise volume estimation and fraction problems. If you" re a credit card holder. Instead we're breaking away to please readers like Mark Lawrence from Dundee and Trevor Billstead from Witharn, who both wrote wondering how our charts compare with the greatest video games playing na- tion around — America, So we're printing the charts as taken from a U S magazine Vtdeo Games so you can com- pare them with the top scores in your own arcades.

Don't be sur- prised by the size of some of them; record-breaking feats are encouraged in the U. Another way around the blad- der problem is to beat the game on a rota basis, as did five lads at Stevenage Bowling Centre. Not quite in the U. Frenzy 4,, Rik Kelly Kenosha, Wise. Galaga level D 12 Gravitar 4. Millipede Missile Command Pac Man , Mike Lepfcosky Houston. Star gate 70,, Oscar Iglesias Concord, Calif. Super Cobra 1 Tempest 4J Tron 4, Palm Beach, Fla. TIPTOP Donkey Kong in three dimensions 5 the fascinating idea behind Tip Top The game features a mis- chievous gorilla with a nasty line in prachcaljokes and a determined explorer out for revenge The explorer begins Tip Top asleep in his tent when the goril- la creeps up and sets fire to his toe.

Enraged, our stubborn hero, pursues the creature through four screens of jungle terrain, over lakes and rivers, up hills and over bridges. Screen one sees the gorilla stomping about on top of a cliff, while at the bottom the explorer begins his climb up to enact his revenge. Like Donkey Kong's Marro, he has the power to jump or climb but his climbs are far slower, scrambling over the next parapet.

Small monkeys froJic around the screen — seemingly harm- less — end the gorilla gently rolls coconuts down the slope in time- honoured fashion. Across a bridge above e watertull, down a slippery slope and jumping over a ravine, the hunter is now close to his rival- But watch those monkeys. If four or more grab hold of the explorer they lift him up and hoist him over trie nearest cliff. If, instead, he finds the gorilla's hideout onto the next screen. This features snakes and nar- row strips of land by a lake.

While screen three takes place in a blue plain filled with small holes and rampaging rhinos. The holes are haunted by a cuddly 4 but none-the-less deadly! The final screen offers up a large river full of logs, crocs and hippos a vastly superior Frogger with the hippos also travelling across the river as well as up and down it On this screen the gorilla fin- ally gets his come uppance as a handy fire brand is set beneath him. Keith racked up 7.

Keep the top scores coming in please.. Meanwhile on the new pin- balls front Bally are bringing out a baseball theme game called Grand Slam. This can be played by a combination of two or tour players — but other information from the pinball giant about this new release is thin on the ground. On the American scene Zac- caria have introduced Pinball Champ, a game which follows the trend for personal hi-fi by including a headphone plug which allows players to listen to comments from the machine!

Pinball Champ has an elevated main ball runway which allows an enlarged playfield within a standard size cabinet The machine also includes a spinning target alley where high- speed shots collect high score values. You are, of course, single- handed and will have to take on whole platoons of enemy snipers and several crack panzer divi- sions.

It's enough to make John Wayne think twice! You start off on foot firing at the enemy. You can hide behind bushes as you battle your way up the screen. The opposition are also armed with guns and grenades, they make good use of bushes for cover and they greatly outnum- ber you. Landmines are deadly and have to be avoided in your rush up to the panzer ranks.

Now your gun is useless and you have to lob grenades at the tanks and avoid their fire. To put yourself on equal terms yqu can make use of the odd blue tank which the opposition generals have carelessly left lying around the battlefield, kinks cotne in two varieties small and speedy or large and well-armoured.

The larger tanks also offer greater artillery fire but you have to beware of grenades thrown from fox-holes or the other tanks Two hits will disable your tank but you can jump clear before the final explosion and look for your next tank, When the fort is in sight, you know your mission is nearly over. Leaving the tank you can storm the enemy HQ and try to lob a grenade over the walls and into the general's conference centre. If this is achieved, a woundud general appears on the battle- ments waving a white flag to acknowledge your victory.

Front Line has been out for a while already but has met with a cool recaption from arcade players because it is initially difficult to get past the snipers This is a pity because the action really takes off when you climb into your tank, worth persevering with if you do get the chance. You can chronicle his adven- tures as he tries to battle through to take on the enemy source ship m the first of a possible series of video games, Buck Rogers and Planet of Zoom. It's space warfare as seen from behind the twin jets of Buck's ship with you at the controls The battle begins in a heavily armed channel of an artificial planet, reminiscent of the Death Star in the Star Wars saga Enemy ships hurtle towards you and the Buck Rogers in you, rises to the challenge as your ship twists away from Zoom's alien ships, firing and dodging.

A two-level speed control, a pilot's joystick and a lire button are at your fingertips as the scenes change to deep space, the formidable smasher tunnels and the spires of Cosmic City. The enemy ships come m all shapes and sizes. Donkey Kong Junior has 1o climb vines to reach the cage and r««ue h s Ztrious father.

Kong car , ea,. I mus position Kong Junior right beneath it. Yen cannol leap on to a vine. Crumofe 4. Mail Order P O Bo« 3. Oemonslratlons at our shops NOW. London RMd. Subject lo availarjihly All prices include VAT unless shown. Prtcet correct al time of going lo press. The object is to shoot down as many targets within one minute as you can, Each target is worth points — and if you shoot down all nine you'll be rewarded with a point bonus and another crack at the game.

However, each time you win an extra go the time limit gets shorter. The targets are represented by the numbers They appear at random among a "battlefield" of blocks. If you hit a block with a blast from your laser gun instead of a target number you will lose 10 points — and valuable time.

Once one target is hit another appears to take its place until you have destroyed all nine. Your score and the high score are displayed throughout the game. YouH be hooked from the moment you start blasting away — those targets have an annoying habit of avoiding you! Unrivalled in its range. For those family members that do revel in creating their own personal computer programmes the M5 will test all their abilities.

And teach them many more. Alternatively for those that don't want to become so involved in programming the M5 couldn't be more fun How can one computer be all things to all users — from a sixty year old to a six year old? With the back up of a unique software system. The graphic modes capability of the M5 is just one of the features that sets this computer in a class of its own.

It also incorporates a mini-synthesiser. Slot in the Basic G cartridge and you can compose to your ears 1 delight. The addition of a Basic F cartridge lets you do more complicated scientific, technicaland arithmetical applications. There's also the FALC cartridge which gives you an easy to use data management and family accounting package. And the CGL M5 is stifl growing. With an ever expanding library of cassettes and cartridges. Apart from the full colour brochure we'll also rush you the address ot your nearest stockist.

Be sure to see a demonstration. The CGL M5. It might be the best family decision you'll make for years. Name Address Tel. L J m inqtt? We have in stock over fantastic programmes all at highly competitive prices and suitable tor your Atari, Drogon or Vic 20 computer. Ring us on our hotline NOW for a copy of our latest price list. It's all you 1!

I ever need! Eacn sitie selects its force of intantiy. Infantry, missile JBunchers etc. You get the same wide range of top name models and the unique opportunity to test and compare them side by side, with specialist advice. Just look at these savings on the widest range of top name home computers available in the High Street.

Names like! Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, Oric, Jupiter and New Brain, plus a comprehensive selection of compatible software and peripherals. I ncl u d es 'Basic 1 kit. Ergonomic keyboard with 57 moving keys. Colour, sound and a hi fi sound output. Teletext Viewdata compatible graphics. Built-in one line display. BO You move about on the top level ready to blast the spikes using a joystick controller.

When you are directly above a spike fire! Points are scored for each spike shot — more points are awarded for a rapid destruction of a spike. Once shot they fall back to the centre to start rising up at you once more. As the game progresses the spikes get faster and more numerous — and are worth more points, Beware — sometimes a spike will rise up in the middle of the screen where you will not be able to see ft — so you will have to keep alert.

The authors high score is — can you beat it? LINE '? Ifs even more remarkable when you look at our computers feature by feature. The Family Computer. Before we designed them, we thought about who was actually going to use them. One day our computers might be playing games; next, they're wrestling with household budgets; teaching geography to an 8-year-old; or printing letters. In other words, we designed our computers and software for as many applications as a family has ideas.

Next we built in high- resolution graphics. Inside our computers, we have a microprocessor whose only job is to operate our graphics. All told, you can choose up to 16 different colours in 16 intensities, which gives you a spectrum of different shades.

In fact, our computers divide the screen up into 60, tiny points, each one of which can be changed without affecting the other, A friend not a fiend. We also looked at ways to make computers rather friendli en Atari and Home Computer Technical Specifications, Col our C apabil i ti es: C hoose f rorn 16 colours, and 16 i ntensi ties up to a total of shades. Sound: Four inde pendent sound sy nth esi sera for musical ton es and tfames sounds. Three and one half octaves.

Variable volume and tone for each voice. Display: Thrte text modes: 24 lines of 40 characters, double- width characters, or double-height, double -width characters. Special Features: Three customised integrated circuits. Extended Graphics Functions: High-resolution graphics. Multi-coloured character set. Software screen switching. M ixed text and graphics modes. Multiple re-defined character sets.

Player missile sprite graphics. Fine screen scrolling in any direction. Changeable colour registers. Smooth character movement. Peripherals: A range of peripherals and accessories that are available now. You can learn French, Spanish, German or Italian on our computers and through our unique 'sound through 1 system you'll hear the language and learn it the way you learnt your mother tongue.

Other computers will leave you speechless. You can teach yourself touch typing, compose and play your own music or teach a child the alphabet. On another program you can find out if your current mortgage is giving you the best value for money; while yet another program will answer a question that has vexed mankind for generations: On the ATARI Computer, weVe incorpor- ''Where does all my money go?

As if all that isn't enough, through Atari's Program Exchange APX , you can have access to a wide range of the most imaginative programs written by our users. Or you can learn to write your own programs with the help of our 'Invitation to Programming" Sl series, using our unique'sound through' system. Surprisingly, you won't have to plough through a small library of manuals to do so, since most of the series is on software, not in hard books.

From today, we've got even more. More of what home computers are for. Two pills may appear and either can bo used. When a gladiator turns red he can kill his This is a two- player battle set in a maze.

Our Semi-Ready Depart ment. Special Wo call the attention on the great choice of high tone patterns. Special 28, All that you need to make your home nice we have it. Ltd Th Magnesite Mig. Phone No. The Very Latest Models and Designs. James Perry, St. Paul St. Now is the time to place vour orders if you desire cheapest rates in the City and satisfaction guaranteed.

A specialty nf pianos, furniture, sofas, trunks freight, atorage and parcel delivers from your store for the same wages that vou pay a bov, All telephone and mall orders will he promptly attended tn with mv personal attention. Thankinh the publie in general in advance for theie kind patronage. Phone Parcels called for delivered to all parts of the city for Be.

Dumb Waiters. Drnamentai Iron Work. Howels, Skin. ENO'S Patent. Fischer Edition Midditeg CL h. Neattee the above pieces, ni! Uoned, nt g o'clock a. Quebec, Apr , Jos. Errors tigures in sll the runs made by both wiles, Willis pitched a wplen- did game und Gasput did well. Score : RH. Umpires, , Klem and Kune. Louis won from C go to-day 6 to 4. Lunli evtive pitcher in all fat the ing. Louis de fented Cleveland to-doy 3 to 1, Pelty outpitehing Cy Young. ILE, Chiengo. Detroit, Mich. Incidentally, he tossed] out McIntyre, one of the fast- sant men in the league.

Melntyre rolled a grounder along the first hase line about four or five feet an the grass. Young charged in on the ball at top speed. Tt did not look as though he had one opportunity out of a hundred to land his man.

When he reached the ball Melntyre was almost to the-base. Young awoop- ed down, grasped the ball with bia hare hand. Young wax given a great ovation for his wonderin piece of play. TH he gives me in cneh in my hand I'll start. T won't vin under hin management any more. I'm going to start to train right away for my races with Shrub here. Powers coming? The wonderful new Deminien System of loading positively proves every single cartridge or shot shell.

Each box is Gwar: anterd Sure. Dominion Cartridge Co, Ltd, Montreal. He stated that the Canadian Indian Department informed Powers that they would urge it upon the Indian to keep hin contract like a man. Thai does not say that they consider the paper binding. Anyway, it may be depended upon that Powers will take any stepm he can to prevent Langhoat from racing poless by hia permission.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Nr. Chadwick's death. In the greater portion of his lile of eighty. The committee in charge of the monument consisted of Charles VW. Ebbets, of Brooklyn. Ritehie, daughter of the editor of Sporting Life. Ottawa, Ont. Lesueur has accepted a good position at Hailevbury and intends residing there in the future. Lesueur went up lo the silver district on a little [irospecting trip two weeks ago, then completing arrangements for hin departure.

He will enter the employ of the Temiskaming Navigation Company and states that he doen not intend to return lo Ottawa ta live again. Hin departure practi cally menus that he will not he with the Otiawas again, an the Cobalt team has already made him a handsome offer. Jexueur expocis to see Cobalt with a great team next winter. Clarke, Chad Toma and Bruce Redpath of Toronto, They will keep young Campi-ll, who mase such a good showing in the final gamed against Haileybury and are looking for a good center man.

Bruce Stuart and Marty Walsh have heen mentioned for the Cobalt team. When Alan Winter trotted home with first honors over the great field he wan neclaimed the grentest racing troliing ntallion in the workd amd went to Russia at a fahuious price. This yent thie deadwood will not start, owner realizing that 10 stand a ehanes on horse must be a strong, game, fost racing horses, In changing the distance to one mile and n half the management ix torse ing much income frum entry fees, lit they are making a bid for Vetter horses.

Thix race this year will ha the big event of the harness world. The little Freafiman was nll worked up mer the: mlatement made by Svanberg and higanannger, alter the former had de- fenler] Nimpwon, to the offect that Nt, Vies was not entitled to le called the world's champion Marathon runner, he caure of the fact that, as they claim, Kyanherg wan barred from the Marathon Derby. The little Frenchman ul-o raid he wax willing to make a aide bet on the outcome of wich a race, Thin will hardly be necessary, liowever, an thera will shortly be an open international race in this city in which Svanberg will be invited 10 enter, and if he in good enough to win ean carry off a very large chunk of Uncle Nam's currency.

Foaustman, Saranac lake: Me. Allen, Han Dirgo. Californie: F. A Woldeau New York: F. Hughes appencs to be of that opinion. Such men as. James FR Keens have admittedly wucceeded , in producing in their stables animals as fine as those of any English breeder, and now Englund is benefiting by their skill. Attempts have at times heen made to show how many millions sterling are annually brought into circulation by means of the turf; but the ramifications of the sport are so many that nothing like trustworthy figures can be obtained.

It iv hard to mention a trade in England that does not directly or indirectly benefit by the turf. The horres and their attendants have to be housed and fed; troining and breeding establishments employ architects, builders and lahovers, and the care of courses furnishes employment on a scale that is little imagined. The traffie which racing occasions is a most important item in the receipts of many railway companies ; hotels and local tradesmen in towns where meetings are held benefit hugely; a fact wo well recognized in Paris that earnest efforts are being made to pro- Jong the season for a few weeks at the end of the year.

The best bred and most perfectly shaped animals may be useless lor practical purposes, that is to for the propagation of stock w will give evidence of the special value of throughbred blood, not only for racine. Preparation for the race and the ordeal of the strug vle bring ont weaknesses and an the one hand.

While the general policy of the Grand Trunk Pacific in all departments will naturally be directed from the headquarters of the president nt Montreal. Bell, the present gen- etal passenger and ticket agent. The title of genoral passenger and ticket agent is abolished. Vaux, now principal assistant general passenger and ticket agent at Chicago.

Hinton, now assistant sreneral passenger and ticket agent at Montreal becomes general passenger agent, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway at Winnipeg. Elliot, now assistant gene eral passenger and ticket agent he- comes first annistant general passenger agent, Grand Trunk System at Montreal. HR Charlton. The crowd around the postoffice wtove, after exhansting the possibilities of polities, local and national, bud teen discusning the alleged lack of the truth telling instinct in Old Man Simpkina.

Ribs are close together; the canoe is double-dulit, insuring enormous strength. Entire framework covered with one seamisss sheet of specially-woven Canvas. Canvas is coated with special Water-proof preparation, which fills up Canvas-Pores and dries as hard as flint, Insuring dryneas and tightness under any conditions.

WIil not cake or dry out. The pleasure derived the first season easily overcomes the thought of small cost of famous Chestaut Motor Canoes. Prices will fluctuate, but quality needn't. Give us a telal. Fresh Creamery Butter. Fresh Eggo. Livery Collars. Qiitett's Perfumed Lye. Imperial Baking Powder. Qlllott's Cream Tartar. BR Royal Yoast Cakes. Magic Baking Soda. All orders promptly executed at lowest figures and satisfaction guaranteed.

McLaughlin, ST. PAUL iT. Yard at foot of Ramsay St. Birrell, hiel Secretary for Ire lund, was present recently at the annual dinner of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce. Albert lllingworth, he re- marked that fortunately there were j uo polities there that night. Huving made those few general. All over Englund there was astounding, copious, far-reaching ignorance about Ireland. Many people spoke aliout the Irish trade ax il it was something that could he disregarded. Between and t there were no records of Trish trade, and no one had sven a reliable estimate of what that rade amounted to.

Tt in a big trace. We have not exact data. There are thus strong tien of commercial relation- : «hip between the twn countries. People do not often geulize the great variety of imlostries Ghich are now frmly retnblished in Ireland. There ie the poplin imlustry which, though at one time mors flourishing, is again reviving. There are various other textile industries, wach ar carpets, curtain, Ince and em.

Then in another sphere there fx a very large and increasing group of industries connected with the manufacture and preparation of food. A Coat that looks well on a man six feet tall will surely look ill on the man of five feet. A pattern or a style that is becoming to a slender man will be unseemly on a stout man. One great advantage of getting Clothes tailored the Semi-ready way is the fact that our tailor can study his client and show him patterns that suit his personality, and styles that blend with his individuality.

He has a Semi-ready stock suit ready to finish in two hours. He How Tall are you and How Big around? It makes no difference to the Semi-ready dealer what you want, a check or a plain cloth. Hear, hear. T pee no reason why such a countey, wilh Her trade carefully fnstered. Its effect is soothing, the itching stops at once, the skin heals and is quickly restored to normal condition. In the various forms of skin trou bles in hoth infants and adults, pos lam produces beneficial resulta from the ot application Ecrema, acne, tetler, etc.

Henry Willis, 4 St, John Street, who makes a specialty of it. Or the Emerpeney Laboratories, No. Wood, taken from a set which has ren in the possession of her amily for several generations. Alban's, in England, and the rector of the parish in which were found the remains of a Roman building in England from which it was taken. Thin building was fertainly in existence in the earlier part of the fifth century and prohahly much nmarlier, and therefore brings the Cathedral closely into touch, ae it were, with the martyr whose name it hears, and who wns put to death at St.

Boman name of Verulamium, in the fourth century. Tt is interesting to notice that Canon Mac- Nab was rome thirty years ago the firat Canadian clergyman to preach in. Bell, Falkland, BO. Sold by medi cine dealers ar hy mail at 25 conta a beg from The Dr. Too little Eutdoor exercise, The liver has become torpid and sluggish, the kidneys innstive and the bowels constipated, the blood has become poisonsd and impure.

Cowan said he had not that reverenes for the nolitieal idol before whith Me, Smith howed down fn; etoration. In reapert te Embire de- fonce, the Premier was n false alsrm. Aylesworth introduesd a hilt, whith wae read a first time. Francis Street European Hospitals. Office hours: 11 te 13 a m. Wednesday and Friday. Bail Telephone Beauce 46 Et Anne Bureet. Joh d Angel: Bis No. Telephone Ans Street, Quebec Office Hours: 12 to 1 p. Specialties: Urinary Diseases tnd Orthopedic Surgery.

The two Doctors will practice in rahi Offices 71 St. Anne St, Quebec. From Paris and Berlin Hospitals. Specialist at the Hotel Dieu Hospital, of in Orfice hours: 10 to i2 a. Joan Beret, Quebecn Specialty: i Office ho 8 to 10 3 boys. Office Hours: 2 to 5 and 7 te 8 p.

Eustache St. Paquet's Stores. Consultations at his residence, cer. St Paul and Desforses Sts. C M s9 Cro Street. Pine and hemlock, praparsd or rough, ste. A call solicited Valier St, opp. R Roy, C R Hoa. Adelard Turgeon. R Romeo Langlais, LL. Lest Roy, LL. Room 13 So.

Peter Street. Miss M. Angele Street. Teacher in English and Vocal. Miss L. Plano Teacher. Hight Recommended. DION, St. Joseph Street. M talon Be Moore Always on e la styles in ed and untrimmed. Festhers, Rib- Has. Quebec J. Joseph Bt, Bt. Claire St. Plumbers and Roofers, werk first-class and Prices Moderate. Mannfacturer Aerated Waters. Ginger Pop. Ginger Beer, Plain Soda. Apple Nectar. Valier Mineral Water.

T Easy. Pickled P and Lard, ked Meats and Poultry. Stalls No An lcd of rouitry. Branch Shap, St. Manager 94 Grant St, St. Roch, Quebec, Phone Fowis, Etc. A call solicited, Cor. Demers St. Bell Phone and Table Board. Douglas, Prop, 18 St. Com wl renovated, Tel. City Hall. Specialty for Dining Room. Tel and John St, Quebec. Opposite the Depot of the Canadisn Pacific Railroad. Paul Se, Palais, Quebec. Bank and Office Fittings Polished. Factory: 69 St. Valier 8t, Quebec.

Latent styles of ST ata, pacing: Action rears Is. Bacerict 4 Roof. Gas and dcr All kinds of Tin. A visit is nolicited. A LEX. Electric Bell Fitting. Corner of Garden and Donnacona Sts. Paul St Tel. Steam, het water snd hot air heat. Estimates given and Bridge Bt. Roch, Quebec. Prov Fish, Oil, Bie. Established , and St. The only temperance billiard r the public in Quebec. Oils, Paints, Qlase, Wee.

Quebec - Boston Milk Bread and Pastry. Ruropeas Dining Roces and Lunch Couate. Phones: Office, ; residence, , Quebec. John St, reer sce Hill. Quebec, Td. Massage and Electrical Scalp Treatza. Halr Goods aad Toilet Articles. Brass Poundry and Fisishing. Roch'e, Quebec. Cook and Stanisles Carria; of the e y Haire St.

Building Materials. Phone , ez. May 15 Capopic. Gallinz fram Pier 47, North River, N. Now York to Bermuda and Rolsra. Twin-screw SS. Thomas, Be ee St. Kitts, tigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, artinique, St. Lucia, Rarbadoss and Vemerara. Perce, Gragd mmer- River, wide, Chariottetown and Plotou. Stocking, 'lickst Agent, 32 Sp, Louis street. AM, xpress from River du Loup. Fapreu from Cambobeliton. Railway trto Express te Mesreal. Le Kupres: to the AM.

Tons Halifax 28 Mar, mn Ani. Saloon Lo. Every modern Improve Marcon! Wireless Telewraph on board Vieteria Virginian Furious. Coxenndr: cold storage Toney. ME SsCervona. Calgary, 81,,, increase per ent. Oflered C, PL R. R,, x-r. Particulars on application. Bonds of any Mind furnished. Terms moderate. Security absolute. Tel Ne. Large Loans at low Interest Management of Estates. Also all Real Estate Transactions.

Peter Strzet.! Union Bank. Average suce per day Banque Hochelage. Orchestra, Golf, Feu- Molsonn Bank. Address, North Hatley, Que. Textile, pla. Firat sailing of 8. Textile Serie C. Quober Railway. For other information apply to J.

Manager, 40 Dalhousie St. For rates and all other information apply to M. General Agent, Dalhousie St. Carn receipts, 13, bushels : exports, Onte receint , Ronin, steady: tarpen- tine, enay ; molnaser, steady ; pigtiron » y : copper, dull ; lead. Stott, C. September 28th. Leave Quebec for Montmorency Falls. Lo 7,00 p. Leave Quebec for Montmerency Falls, 7, Leave St.

Anne ds Beaupre for Quebec. Leave Queboc for Ste. Anne de Beaupre. Arne de Beaupre for Quebec. AND ST. Joachim, 9. Joachim for Quebec, 7. Leave Quedec for St Joachim, 1. Joachim for Quebec, 4. Pare, Sc return.! General Manager. Pac, Ry. Rxprese Trainsor further information, folders, etc. Stocking , 32 Bt. Louis Bt. Lindsay, General Manager G. Peter St. Returning leaves Three Rivers 7. For full particulars apply to 30 8 John St.

Many berths are already. Splendid accommodation yet available. Winter Service From Si. Joba, N. May It. WM St. John street, and 46 Dalhonsig St, F. Stocking, 32 St. Stott, Tu Fort St, Ques apl. Raymond, Surdaynaly, P. Raymond, daily excepl Sunday. Sate nriavonte. Alesping car for Chicomne Hmiattached Tee A.

Ras AN from St. Monday on'e from Riv. R40 P. Sunday only from St. Andrew Stopes Rtas ton, F. StostInos ace. Bain th bieepias Sr wie PM. Do not forget to call up or for your Electrical installations or repairs, as w3 srealways ready to atteul to your work. Catl and see our iarge assortment of Stoves of all kinds. Stewart's, Ramsay's, Robertson's, ete. At 20c. Wrap- ped in wax paper to protect it from dust and dirt. From the oven to the Wrap- per, From the Wrapper to your table.

Forrest's Metalic Ajustahble Ladders are just what you want. Every ladder guaranteed. Ladders of all kinds for roofs and chimneys made to order. Quebec, 23rd Tannary, Ma strength. Wo are, Yours,! Checks Fevers, stops Dlsclarges of de nose, takes away sil aches and palus caused by colds.

It cures Grip and obstinate Coughs and prevents Pueumoanla. Price 25c. Have yor stuff or swollen joints. If you bave any kiduey or bladder trou bie get Munyon's Kidney Retnedy. Munyon's Vitalizer makes weak mem strong and restores lost powers.

Sabbath School, Weekly Prayer Meeting, Thursday at 7. King, Pastor. Services to-morrow at 11 am. Steangers wel. Macfarlane, M. Regular Sunday services at 11 is m. Sunday School and Pastor's Bible Class, Lebeau, Pastor, 45 D'You- , ville street, St. Father Hanley. Hich MNase at Vespers at 7. Andrew's Church Presbyterian I'St. Love, i B. Sunday School at 2.

Wednerday evening. Strangers cordially wel come to all services. Trinity Church, Rt. Runday School at 3 p. Fvening Prayer at 7 o'clock. Seats free. All are in- I St. Peter's T. Fehool, 2. Holy Communion celchrated about mid-day on the first and third Sundays in the menth, and on nll other Sundays at 8 a. Seals lree. All welcome. Ernest A. Willoughby King, M. St, Natthew's Church, St. Fvensong 7 p. Daily Holy Communion 7.

Frensong 85 pm. Canon Scott, Rectar. Sa, T have determine] to send n copy of the preactiption, free of charge, in a plain, ordinary sealed envelope, to any man wha will write me for it, This prescription comes from a physician who has made a special stuely of men, and 1 am convinced it is the aurest-acting combination for the mure of duficient manhood and vigor. ING remedy ever devised. Ten will alvo be mervedd. Friends of the echanl are cordially invited to come awl inspect the new equioment tor the teaching of domestic science, It you want proper Hvers for simmer try «John Darlington's cetablivhment, Livery Continga in all the rremisite shader, and of the finest quality, can advi, le had there.

Ltown, Mr. Paimer, of Montreal, is in the city, Mr. Guy Tombs, of Montreal, is in the city. Gayfer, of Aylmer, Ont, le in the city. McMillan, of Montreal, is in the city. Bell, Southampton, is at the Clarendon. Houseman, of Chicoutimi, in the city. Valliere, of this city, in Sherbrooke. Plack lake, in a guest nt the Clarendon.

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