Denny jiosa music discology torrent

denny jiosa music discology torrent

Danny Elfman. Steve Vai. Taylor Momsen. Sertab Erener Qu Xiao-Song. Aleksandr Gauk. Krzysztof Borek Denny Jiosa. Derek Bermel. Derek Charke. Coleman Research, where she was sr. music strategist. Simultaneously, Jam'n. Marketing Director Dennis O'Heron adds APD stripes. Catalogue of albums of popular musicians, of all genres and styles. search. Albums ; Music Genres; Audio Formats; Main. KIRBY 20TH ANNIVERSARY WII WBFS TORRENT Check the following this is showing the DKIM check visit the Fortiguard. If you are tries to make the supported platforms is described in. Windows Viewer: The server is not and select Database. May contain some.

His disdain for his brother Dave still shows through. Davies will admit that his sibling is a good guitar play- er, but that's about it He also recalls, with wry bitter- ness, his dealings with sometimes sleazy music indus- try types. The show is headed for Australia, but Davies brings it back to the U.

Murphy could not be reached for comment at press time. Reprise is obviously hoping that TV lightning will strike twice. The label is hoping that radio will be there for them. Oingo Boingo wraps up its farewell tour Saturday The new edition clocks in at Thirty million albums sold. Last year's triple platinum Greatest Hits. And ten platinum albums in a row. TV and radio campaign from release through Christmas, national TV appearances and whispers of a possible tour, and the picture is crystal clear: when it comes to Bob Seger selling albums, it's really no mystery at all.

C tessible. Backed by innovative, effective motions. Before your music can be seen or heard, we have to talk. Marw Ratliff, Nasfwille. For research irtformation and pnemg. Start a rock music division, of course.

At least that's what the folks at the influential Strictly Rhythm Records are doing with Bittersweet Records, a sub- sidiary that will be christened on Dec. Bittersweet is being spearheaded by Bari G. We have no desire to pigeon- hole this label with one sound. Her Fault is slated to begin a club tour of the U. It is a prospect that Stenerson and buddies find exciting.

John Pnne, playing with a full-size band for the first time in sev- eral years, stopped at New York's Bea- con Theater in September. Photo: Chuck Pulin sweet can have the same kind of suc- cess that Strictly Rhythm has had within a couple of years. Strictly Rhythm has become one of the most powerful indies in the international dance music scene. Its top- selling acts include Reel 2 Real.

At this point. Bittersweet compris- es solely Bari G. No one from the Strictly Rhythm staff other than Bari G. Send Tie foltowing with each entry: a. Completed entry form or pttotocopy. Al signatures must be origmal. Each submtoon requires only one song per audio cassette including your name and full address on cassette label.

Lyrics typed or printed teglMy in English. In Latin category, lyrics may be In Spanish with an English translatnn. In Jazz category, lyrics nol required. Sox , Tulsa. OK Each song submitted must be comestantis orignal woik. Songs can be no longer than five minuies. Erdry lee cs noi refundable.

Billboard Song Contest nm responsible for latt. OOO cash. BMG Publishing con- tract for winning song. Rad Bear amp SI. Employees of Bilboard Magazine. Billboard Publications. Halsty and Assoctales, Inc.. Joseph Sugarman and AssociaMs and their families, subsidiaries, affliates. Semi-finalists will be selected for consideration of Bkie Ribbon Panel by prakmiiiary panels swervised by songwriting professionals.

All song entries judged equally on OrtgUaMy. Melody and Composition. Production and performance quality not conskMred. No dupticata wmnefS m a skigia caiagory. Winners wUI be daltrmlned by March Al prizes wil be awarded. VoM where prohibited. Affidavits of winners under 18 years of age al time of award must be countersigned by parent or legal guardian.

Affidavits subject to venficabon by ice. By acceding prize the winner releases sponsors from all kabkity regarding prizes awarded. Entry institutes permission to use winners' names, likenesses and voices for future advertising and pubtietty purposes without additnnal compensa- tMM.

BOX MX aSSa. This eiky lem ney be ptwtecsfled ler eddMerul effirtei es iieeid. The nominees for best director in- dude three directors who are signed to Hollywood, Calif. Spike Jonze. Also nominated are F. Tlie artist nominees were selected in a multistage process. Individual videos released be- tween Sept 1, , and Aug.

In the next stage, the names of poten- tial nominees in the nine genres were submitted to separate nominating pan- els. The Maximum Vision nominees were chosen by a panel of Billboard editors and chart managers from among all the nominated clips. With Haywood Henson," Tampa, Fla. But you also get the music videos and the interviews throwTiin. The multimedia track, peppered with tongue-in-cheek false-error messages and offbeat antics, includes computer animation, biographies, lyrics, live video, and interviews.

Rev alk incorpo- rated a new software-based compres- sion technology developed by the Duck Corp. First come. First serve. No limit on quantity of trucks. PR Co. Feed The Children programs supplement 95, meals per day. The Greensboro band has been warping select minds with its intense, melodic noise which one reviewer rightfully compared to Chet Baker jam- ming with the Jesus Lizard or Big Black since , yet industry folk are just starting to take notice of the inventive foursome.

Now, he says, "people are finally starting to come around. Music Awards. The Uninvited is the house band at Santa Monica, Calif. One might expect a more serious sound from such hard-working individuals. However, JT Taylor guitar, mandolin , along with Bill Cory bass and Bruce Logan drums keep their songs light with quirky, narrative lyrics and upbeat, addictive grooves. The orga- nization, which has chapters in Miami, as well as Tampa and Orlando, Fla.

Members are entitled to retail discounts, a quarterly newsletter, health insur- ance, and representation at national conferences. Contact Blum at Sloven says the benchmark for a good seller depends on the release. In addition to Sloven. Bromberg handles his producer duties from Los Angeles. The label has done promotions based around a low-priced sampler and encourages acts to tour in Europe. For Russell, the relationship with HighTone marks the long-term record contract of his career.

They also still do vinyl, at least on most things, which people who shop here still look for. When that project grew into a four-barxl EP comprising Geek, Hated, Lungfish, and Edsel , Simple Machines was on its way to carving a niche within an unflagging do-it-your- self Washington, D.

Thomson joined forces with Toomey four years ago. Similarly, many of the label's releases — particularly its compilation CDs — give voice to the politick views of the principals. All albums are available on cassette and CD.

The album was product by Bruce Springsteen, who sings and plays guitar and mandolin on it. He also co-wrote a few tracks and played with Gru- Heroic Debut. Toronto- based funk rock outfit glueleg will swing through the States in November in support of its first U.

Dates so far Include Nov. Grushecky will hit the road once again, without Springsteen, in mid-No- vember. B8 on Hot too Singles this week. OnMr M is now putting its muscle behind the release, which will be reissued on the label Nov. The band incor- porates banjo, flat- top bass, slide gui- tar, and a turn-of- the-centmy instru- ment called the bandoneon. The trek stops in Carrboro, N. HabMy Eiu Myftlliil. Upy DtSwah Coi. Fatllni Fanner In Ml. S«a la. Doco VManto something to tour around," says Tallman.

Crosstowm WENZ is also playing the catchy aitema-pop ditty. Harper is also headlining a Northeast club tour Nov. Road work; Triple X Loopy Tunes. The announcement has label executives flying high. The first single, the title track, hit No. Despite grumbles from observers that the set failed to meet their musical expectations, consumers seem to dis- by J. Reynolds agree; the project was recently certifted gold.

Quest, Isaac 2 Isaac, and rap act Blahzay Blahzay. Meanwhile, departing head honcho Ed Eckstine will remain in the PolyGram family in some capacity. Accord- ing to a Mercury representative, he will complete the long-awaited Lionel Richie project and will also work on the next Vanessa Williams album. No wmxl on when either of those sets will be released. The single is scheduled for release Jan.

The Discovery Channel will televise the documentary Feb. Pictured, from left, are vocalists Daniele Stokes. A less than friiitful production deal with his group Twice The Trouble, which was briefly signed to Giant, led to the creation of Out- burst. He also hsd his owm intxiuetion ccmpany. Split Image. Outburst was initially slated to be distributed independently through Independent National Distributors Inc. I on the Hot Rap Singles chart for six weeks and peaked at No.

They plan to broaden their business scope by eventually venturing into other entertainment sectors, including soundtracks and films. Penalty Vantura. Outburst de- jEssiE buted two new acts in The album peaked at No. The set reached No. BReeording Industry Assn. Most tape prtcaa. Tape prices increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth.

Heetseeher Impact shows artists femonedtromHeetseekerstho week. Mwidicates past , tor EPs. BmtioanVBPl Commuoicetions. Martell Foundation, which aids chil- dren afflicted with cancer. The third annual Rap Roast is set to take place Nov.

In , Red by Havelock Nelson Alert was honored. This year, props will be paid to Funkmaster Flex. The producers are also planning to assemble a soundtrack album featur- ing performers from the show. On Oct. TAG rUM. SMlrWamer- Tamerlane. BUIrWn Knows. Of Amonu. BMlItutito Bwd. Funky Noble. BMVWo Cart. I VWH Down. Big Nuts. Lanch Mob.

O: so so Dfr 7B. E kUO. CUEM C. M BR0Y. RM D HAU.! Kri«HAv lO r. Cl D; ;T. R NOBi. MFSfl IC! Of Anicfica RlAAi certilicalioh lor sales ol C Cassette single availability. M Cassette maxl-single availability. C At radio, these two records continue to play tug of war. This is a double-sided single that is receiving pretty heavy action on both sides. It also jumps to No. Ellis is the first member of En Vogue to break out with a solo project. It is No. This rap single is receiving very limited airplay but has a pretty strong buzz on the streets.

Except for Chambers, who wrote the song with Vivian and Jamontay from 4Matt, all the artists are signed to lUtown. The sleek, soulful cut will be out Nov. Double deal: Tbe members of Onyx have formed a label, Armee Records, and have signed nonexclusive production and distribution deals with Capitol and Mercury.

Brooklyn, N. In issue No. In the last Rap Column, we slipped. Contrary to our report. This, we feel, was a prudent move, since violence at any industry event casts a negative light on the entire rap busines. The event, called Win- terfest, will comprise a pair of marathon, hour concerts to feature big-name and fledgling hip-hop acts. Winterfest, which already has the support of several key labels, will take place at the Bay Front Amphitheater in downtown Miami.

OUS B. K'Y '. OOO unrts. A RIM certification or sales ol 1 milion unrts. Catatog no. C Cassette single evailability. M Cassette msxi-smgle ivsilatiilltr. T1 Wiyl mau-single availability. V Vinyl single avuUblMy. C S. BillboardiBPi Communicatwns. All albums available on cassette and CO. About jazz titles were once available, and the lumi- naries are impressive. James P. The aesthetic gulf between the two is minimaL The same advanced compositional sense and wholehearted delivery is heard in each.

Williams could shape blues and gospel motifs into modernist treatises. The graph- ically impressive discs are compelling when you see them in store racks. That deci- sion stems from both the glut of singles entering mom-and-pop reisers and the low profit margin on individual sales. Greens- boro, N. The Rush cornerstone remains label collective Def Jam Music Group, which has successfully gained a foothold in sev- eral genres and feature. Rubin says he had no serious financial e.

Rush Productions, which represented some of the biggest names in rap at that time — including Kurtis Blow. Whodini and Run- DMC. After meeting at a party and discovering similar interests, the two joined forces — v-ith Rubin specializing in production and Simmons handling much of the marketing.

The album was certified platinum and peaked at No. The set hit the No. He's rarely seen in the niid. His quiet demeanor reflects his personality, but it belies hLs shrewd market- ing and deal-making skills. And while his ear's tuneni to the street, his wal- let is tuned to Wail Street — with numerous business ventures throughout the entertainment industry.

In the early days, Simmons regarded Def Jam simply as a means for getting rappers a fair shake and promoting their careers. Today, the company not only has perhaps the most rec- ognizable name and logo in rap, it also represenLs a growing entertainment empire with no boundaries in sight.

Ho wanted to put togeth- er an independent record label with me. I said okay, but I was still gonna make this other deal on the side. The Beastie Boys also parted ways with the label the same year, following a dispute over royalties, and signed with Capitol Records. Simmons endured the setbaek.

Bum Rush The Show. Simmons' management company continued to thrive. Adler says the firm provided critical guidance and career development for its clients, who in turn helped Def Jam further reinforce its own identity as an entity that cared about the welfare of rap artists. The mu. Russell and Rick never thought of rap in ghettoistic terms. Says Harrell. Hailing from St. The label's next success, the Bcastie Boys, were quite a dif- ferent story.

The album also success- fully merged the rebellious forms of rap and rock, attracting a wide audience. VTith this penetration. Rush Communications is not only bringing hip-hop culture to a new level of exposure and commercial sophisti- cation, but is defying the conventional stereofype that black-owned businesses do not cater to a mass audience.

Slick Rick was another New York-based success story. Born Ricky Walters in England, the rapper grew up in the Bronx and was pulled into the developing hip-hop scene like many of his contemporaries. He adopted a faux British accent to his distinctive delivery, and his reputation was built on his appearance on Doug E.

This allowed Def Jam to continue breaking cut- ting-edge artists through smaller, street-oriented boutique labels. One of the label's biggest crossover success stories came through its alliance with Violator Records. The producer, whose half- brother is Death Row Records co-founder Dr. The list below is o year-by-yeor review ol the label's — ond its affiliates' -top-chorting singles and albums. The peak positions represent eodi title's ultimole peak ond will not necessarily correspond with the peok registered during the listed chort year.

For singles from chon yeor through , and for albums from through , Billboord used o complex inverse point system, in which titles were oworded points, based on ronk, lor eoch week they oppeored on the weekly chon. The olbum lists from chon year through this yeor reflect an occumulofion of units sold, based on SoundScon data, for each week the title oppeored on The Billboard Though the agency focuses on non-musical artists, it b highly aware of the possibilities for synergy with Def Jam on soundtracks and other aspects of television and film production.

Bum Rush The Show" album was criti- cally acclaimed in the rap com- munity. It solidified Def Jam's reputation as the premiere rap label and opened the gate for even more hip-hop acts. It was a perfect combination. Jam was a. Copyrighted material To Russell and Lyor and everyone at Def Jam Thank You and Congratulations for a decade of business that hcis felt more like friendship.

Here's to continued success in the future. Wasn't it hard to shift gears ftxm management interests to label interests? RS: The only reason we started the label was because I hated the record-company mindset at the time. Their mentality regarding the artist was fucked. I always worked with the artists like they were forever, and with record companies like they were the vehicle for the artists. I ol Dei iom with Def Jam. Everything you build should be built to last I think [the year anniversary] is a celebration of the fact that Public Enemy can be in England burning the Def Jam flag and somebody cares nine year later.

Or the Beastie Boys — they're still out there doing tours somewhere, right now. BB: How has rap music changed from back in the day to now? RS: Now each artist is more speciRc in terms of what his niche is. Old Run DMC albums were all over the place, because they had to represent everything. All the things that people liked about rap could be on one album back then. Now people have their niche, because it's so competitive.

BB: Do you have a feel for where rap music is going, say in the next five years? RS: Absolutely not It's a creative business, and it would go to hell if you or 1 could predict where it was going to go. But a lot of them are going to figure out why, and then a lot of them are going to become a lot more political.

Also ihanx for 10 yrs. Some of the artists end up becoming more aware and express themselves in a more constructive way. I like them both. BB: Do you find it hard tvearing all these different hats? BB: When you started Def Jam, 10 years ago, did you envision it becoming as successful as if is?

The artists u'anted to make a rap movie. And we did. So the yeor anniversary is not a celebra- tion of Def Jam's success os much os the fact that [the label's first artist] LL Cool J is coming out at the same time with a new album. But on another level. BB: What do you see as your greatest challenge as you move into the next 10 years? RS: Well, before, we didn't have any plans, just day-to-day sur- vival. It would be good if some black companies could operate at a level financially commensurate uith the contributions that are made from black culture.

Right now, no black corporation is competi- tive with any white corporation in a business making money from black culture. BB: You recently came back from a bitsiness trip to Europe. Any plans for Rush Communications to expand its scope on an international scale? BB: How important is the international market for African- American business people?

RS: I think we should sell our shit to everybody. On its first doy, 'King of Rod' smashes ol prenous rerpjest records. Run 0. C is on Profile Records, but is monoged by Rush Monogement. C for 'Ifs Tricky'. More Run DJA. BOX viewers get o kwd of Boss when 'Deeper' blows up. We ciKild fill another 10 poges like this, but boskally what we're trying to soy is The Big Bang. Dawn of civilization.

Lung fish crawl from sea. Def Jam founded. Congratulations to Def Jam on your first ten years from friends who appreciate your place in history. More recently, Def Jam has continued to keep its well-tuned finger on the urban music pulse. The three Los Angeles-based women started their careers dancing on stage and in videos for rap artists. T«d" 4. NY 0 galcom9echonyc.

This year also marked the advent of a new branch at Rush Communications. Def Pictures, in wliich Simmons has teametl with longtime partner Stan Lathan, is geared to start producing smart- budget films in the near futitre. PolyGram PQmed Entertainment has been signed for distribu- tion.

Simmons, who advised LL Cool J to trade in his cowtuoy boots for a pair of sneakers, is entering the clothing business in grand fash- ion. The oft- quoted phrase spun by Simmons is that the clothes are designed for younger people and for "year-old Jewish men. Not to say that Phat Farm is merely a labd phenomenon. Television is getting into the act, too. Still, Phat Farm faces its unique challenges.

As for existing buiunesses, Simmons sees even further potential. An army of young, dedicated staffers works at driving the business forward with long hours and a col- lective sense of humor. Also, defining and communi- cating a point of view, the rea- son Def Jam works, both inside and outside the company. And getting the respect of the owners allows me to do my job. I do a lot of planning and forecasting — anything concerning the pro- moting of our artists.

Wanting to learn the business side of the industrj', he took a street promotion job at Def Jam three years ago. We will always, however, appeal to the young urban consumer. Everything — promo items, videos, posters, ads — comes out of the market- ing department; we do all the budgeting. We have to find new avenues to promote Def Jam. Jungle Bros and De La Soul in a. In , he started Violator Records, whose artists include Fat Joe.

Beatnuts and Warren G. It was also a means of empowering other young entrepreneurs w'ho shared Simmons' passion for making music. RAL currently has several affiliate labels. Its debut artist is Capelton. The influence of Def Jam on young music-business entre- preneurs has had an indelible impact, even among non-RAL executives.

The obstacles Russell's had to overcome to be a winner are phenomenal. On this recent balmy night, some- thing unique has lured a veritable army of nightcrawlers to congre- gate in this comer. Beneath a faux sky of swirling lasers and colored strobe lights, the congregation of distinctive personalities seems to have metamorphosed into a singu- lar, primal sea of gnashing and grinding of flesh. There are no differences based on race, sexuality, or poli- tics — -just the universal bliss of a transcending experience.

The ear-shattering screech of a battered disco whistle punctures the air. It is followed by a round of cathartic whoops that rattle the senses with an earthly reminder of the walls containing this experience, as well as the masterful turntable artist who controls its every mood and nuance.

Examining these two entities sep- arately, it comes as little surprise that they cause such glorious sparks together. The brainchild of farmer- turned-clubland mogul Stephen Raine, Hard Times began its young but influential life Aug. Moments after its doors were opened, the drowsy U. Over two years. Hard Times has changed locations several times, inhabiting such unusual venues as an old church in Huddersfield.

But that is hardly a surprise. He carved out his own niche as a renegade with an intangibly original style that many have been trying to imitate for years. And all the while, he was refining his DJ mixing skills. Much of the material was either crafted by Terry or offered on his New York-rooted indie.

Freeze Records. Seemingly in the flash of a drum roll, night has given to the warmth of morning sun. Restored to their distinctive personalities and bodies, punters fan out and return to their respective lives.

Ah, the power of rtiythm When ya need a taste of experimen- tal dance music in quick bites, never look further than the Los Angeles- anchored Moonshine Records for expansive compilations that thorough- ly trace the origins and renegades of any particular sound.

The dip is being senriced to local television outlets and nightdubs by ZTV, which assem- bles monthly reels of underground dance music videos. Truly genius stuff. Each album has been remastered to crisp perfection and will provide a much-needed view into the inspiration for a score of acid-jazz acts. Utterly delicious. At this point, the label is not planning to release this one in the States.

Maniatis is moving back to his native Vancouver to oversee the operation of Nettwerk Records. And under his watchdog eye, such acts as Goldie, Gabrielle, and Jimmy Somerville had a fighting chance at mainstream promotion. On Sales chart: M Cassette man-single availability. T VVtyl maxi-single availability.

Elsewhere in the world. Canadian stylist Shauna Davis is inching closer to a loig-desened label deal in the US. Ifey, why not, right? Especially when H works this well. There are also some harder-edged remixes, provided by Jduiny Boy and Rob Below, which are well worth checking out The best news, though, is that this charming young singer is starting to garner some attention. She has serious star power. Collen have a note- worthy way with a groove and wise- ly dress the young singer in plush synths and strings Uiat are in turn stately and seductive.

We are so pleased that this tal- ented trio is focusing more on hs own reccsdings and a little less on producing the work of others. Next step, a full- length album. The Kansas City, Mo. Like so many indie artists, producers, and DJs, Velasquez does not have medical insurance; thus, his need to reach out for help from others. Mr IR. Bob Clement, D-Tenn. After all, who travels more than a touring musician? The pair will take over the show in Dumber.

Graham Brown was fourth. It marks the first time the Country Music Assn, entertain- er of the year has shipped product simultaneously in this country and abroad. Chain programs since the awards include listening station. Stiff says a European trip in late January and early February is on course, as well as a Caribbean country music cruise with Charley Pride and three or four other acts in January and a date at the summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Debate over how a bluegrass artist on an indie label with only two radio hits — not counting the Shenan- doah duet — could so capture the CMA electorate continues. Continued on vaoe 59 No. During Country Music Assn. Pic- tured. Tape prices merked EO.

Greatest Gamer shows chart's largest unit increase. Heaiseeker impact snows albians removed from Heatseekers this week. Vo A las. Matters To. F Y itot l. What I Like. KROer -c- -. P IrfiiOh. T HEWin. WM TS. I-,; vhiu iDWY. C Cassene angle svaiiatuldy. V Vinyl single aval- ability.

Top CounlPv Singles Sales. ARiAA certificalion for sales of 1 million units, with multimilllon titles Indicated by a numeral lollowing the symbol. The McGraw set debuted at No. After two weeks of unusually vigorous sales activity following the Oct 4 Ckiun- try Music Assn. Awards show, country album sales softened this week, which prompted us to use lower bullet criteria for Top Country Albums and Top Country Singes Sales than was used on our other album charts.

WKIX Raleigh. Anthony says his audi- ence became so excited about the song, he left it in heavy rotation once the promo disc arrived the following Monday. The release coincides with Shepard's 40th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry this month. In areas where product Is not available, the CMF can be reached at Whatever the long-term effects, this is very healthy. Lists Radfo Statkxtt Oxjntry.

Reoxd Companies. Fladio Syndfoators and Top Arbrtron Markets. For fast service call: or In NY call In NJ call CA TN. MA It. Orders payable m U. All sales are final. BMlMlw Curb. BMinindt Mam. BMUHuei Prenwood. OV0 TWs Town. BMUGraol Cumboilaiid. BMtA R S. BHVLao Mor- gan. BHVUnds Cobb. Ml rights J. Fruitridge Ave. Exparianca prowas that soma will Incita revolutions, whUa others won't. Enhanced CD resides firmly in the for- mer category, ft allows artists to expand the creative boundaries of their work — and the music that consumers "play.

It's the one new format to enjoy widespread iabe! Sarah McLachlan, whose current Arista release. Enhanced CDs are to liner notes, in other words, what the Pacific Ocean is to a pond. In fact, most industry experts estimate that as many as half of the current- ly installed CD-ROM drives won't be able to play the new discs. To solve the compatibility problem with older machines, many bbels.

The RIAA also has adopted this solution for its sampler. Continued on page R QU! Enhanced CD can refer to multi-session, mixed mode, pre-gap or hybrid CDs. CD-ROM: A compact-disc format that follows the Yellow Book standard for digitally stonng com- puter data or compressed audio and video data. Multi-session Driver: A software extension that is necessary for multi-session-compatible CD-ROM drives to be able to recognize and read compact discs that contain data in the multi-session or Blue Book format.

Allows the disc to play Red Book audio from track one. Stamped Multi-session: Describes the technology that allows two separate sessions of data to be recorded on a compact disc. Sponsored by Apple Computer. The result: Listeners don't have to skip the first track when playing the disc in an audio CD pla 'er.

This type of moKd-mode Enhanced CD. And many more projects arc in development by major labels, independents and a broad array of production companies. The following list of titles now in stores or expected by year-end is by no means complete, but it provides a sampling of the vanecy of music genres and broad range of artists involved in the fledgling E- CD marketplace.

Private Music and Zoo Entertainment. Then you get all this extra stuff. But something elx is helping. To get this diverse group in one room Is hard enough, but to agree on a standard that will change — or "enhance" — one of the most successful emenainment formats has been more difficult. Ironically, part of the challenge for this consortium is the success some of us record-label members are already having in creating Enhanced CDs in the absence of any official standard.

In the past year, easy-to-use authoring software tools, from companies such as Macromedia and Apple and an eager development community have fueled dcNclopment of Enhanced CDs. Why spend time developing a standard for Enhanced CDs when the industry seems to be doing fine without one? To arrive at the proper answer requires some backtracking. Named for the color of the book it was published in. Red Book defined the physical characteristics of the audio CD so that all CD- playcr and disc manulactureis made their products to the same specifi- cation.

That way, every audio CD played and sounded the same way when put in an audio-CD player, regardless of the manubeturer. If you're keeping your books straight, you can probably guess what happened next. Aptly named mixed-mode, these Enhanced CDs are on the market now. This is easier for the audlo-CD player it reads the audio portion of the disc without ever knowing that there's a second interactive session on the disc see chart. Manufacturers will know what kind of machines they need to build.

Software man- ufacturers will have the tools and diagnostic procedures to create discs dial work in all machines. Some developers feel the CD Pius format offers creative advan- tages, too. IM Their debut album features over 30 minutes of interactive video, photos, live performances, rehearsals and comics, plus track-by-track audio commentary and more. Other guys need teams of dcwlopcrs, eight months and a lot of money.

We had to start a record company to prove this kind of disc could be retailed for the same amount of money. Vol, 3. Coltcciivc Soul, Dragmules, James Carter. The 10 tracks included label artists with jusi-oul or imminent releases, including Eric Clapton. Velvet Underground, Gene. Fig Dish.

Shed Seven. Apple toolkit projects are undcr- av with several dozen major and emerging artists, plus various I collections at this time. These shops represent the hands-on aspect of Enhanced CD cre- ation. By necessity, these firms find themselves in the role of dc facto educator, bringing the record companies up to speed on the latest icchmcal developments, the better for cheir clients to understand the chimencai entity that is a multimedia CD.

Here's a look at who's doing what. At present, some 30 E-CDs of his design arc in the marketplace, with another 10 appeanng before Christmas, with several of these bearing the impnm of his own AIX label. A label that produces, releas- es and distributes Enhanced CD titles, the company was founded in March by Norm Bastin.

His partners include nu. The label licenses artists from vanous labels for E-CD release, span- ning a variety of genres from rap to country. To date, these include White Zombie. PM V awn and Clay Walker. The first Enhanced CD title for the label will appear in late November, with four additional titles appeanng in December and another seven slated for January ' Bastin notes that he constructed the company on the same business mode!

The discs can't just be interactive liner notes. It really enables he musical content of a disc to be cxpcncnccd in a whole different way. Puccini and Strauss volumes. The first group, avail- able in a unit floor dis- play. Verdi, Vivaldi and Wagner, plus "Baroque Highlights. All E-CDs will be released on the artists' respective labels. An unusual E-CD single.

Both projects use the i-trax format. Entrancing Iris. Coo Breeze, Chop Shop. Telefunken and Sharpshooters. What follows is a sunxy of the adaptive strategies employed by the major labels in order to develop and promote the first wave of Enhanced CD releases, continuing in the grand American tradition of "learning as we go.

What should they be? However, he cautions. That's why our label wants new ways for the artists to express thcmscKcs. We contracted nu. Both shops did amazing jobs, putting in their own money and time to deliver some- thing innovative.

For my part. We have to reach two tj'pes of consumers, which we're trying to do with a broad-based advertising campaign that includes print media, web sites and TV advertising. Our target audiences is where technology consumers converge with music buyers. Quite obviously, because the disc does so many things — it plaj-s on Macs.

George Benson - Marvin Said. Louis Armstrong - Cabaret. Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly!. Louis Prima Vs. Nat King Cole - Fascination. Peggy Lee - Fever. Sarah Vaughan - Summertime. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger. Stan Gets Vs. Joad Gilberto - Garota De Ipanema. Fourplay - East 2 West. Denny Jiosa - Europa. Group 3 - Uncle Darrows.

Shakatak - Driftin. Gregg Karukas - Your Sweet Smile. Bill Sharpe - One Time. Will Downing - Is This Love. Jeff Kashiwa - Simple Truth. Peter White - Midnight In Manhattan. Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest. Ronnie Jardan - After Hours.

Gerald Albright - Creepin. The Mighty Bop - Tell Me. Chuck Loeb - The Music Inside. Paul Taylor Vs. Peter White - Come Morning. Spyro Gyra - The River Between. Nelson Rangell - Reasons.

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Denny Jiosa — Fumarlo Bebe Denny Jiosa — Missing You Wicked Ear Candy — Groove for You Wicked Ear Candy — Selah Katherine Farnham feat. Manuel D. Rodriguez feat. Ron Hutchens feat. Denny Jiosa — Dreams feat Denny Jiosa Kenny Zarider — Reflections feat Denny Jiosa Wicked Ear Candy — Europa Denny Jiosa — Y2Gruv Wicked Ear Candy — Tranquillo Wicked Ear Candy — Cognac Dreams Denny Jiosa — Besame Mucho Denny Jiosa — East of Montgomery Denny Jiosa — Jingle Bells Wicked Ear Candy — Midnight at the Wall Wicked Ear Candy — Cool Shoes All My Love I'll Take You There Aarau Friends Released 15 September Groovinonymous Angel's Kiss A Walk In The Park Lights Of The City Time In Times Square Always With You Inner Voices What About Blue Tears Of Mercy Selah The Last Goodbye Released 20 August Old Money Vertigo Nine Weeks Jazzberry Pie Chain Reaction The Promise Steppin On My Shadow Takin The Backroads In Your Presence Forever Yours Released 15 February Y2GRUV Nic Of Time Lisa Gottatude Among Friends Spider Dance Tacotuesday Chamdadaddy Gentle Spirit Untitled Track Released 15 June Body2Body Cool Shoes Europa Dreaming In Blue Peace In Manhattan You're Like Chocolate To Me

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