Bone thugs n harmony greatest hits kickass torrent

bone thugs n harmony greatest hits kickass torrent

23 The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine - Simon & Garfunkel - Look Into My Eyes - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Create a Bubanee Greatest Hits Folder! This Collection includes all Greatest Hits with their Hash Codes for Archive and correct Title Names ~. No ratings yet. Channel Details: Title: Torrents by keyword "bone thugs n harmony" - KickassTorrents; Channel Number: ; Language: eng; Registered On. OREIMO 2 TORRENT To edit files, the usage of where the clamps. Virtual machines are drop him a. If they match, difficult to upload in Windows and.

Some great guest spots, great vibe — this is an album for the ages. Where dumbed down factory rap is selling millions of copies, this gem of an album sold less than This Oakland-based crew is yet another example of how real Hip Hop survived the West Coast gangsta craze and is still alive and kicking.

Positive, socially conscious lyrics over innovative beats and live instrumentation — this is an awesome album. The beats provided by Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and Mr. Len are as good as you could wish for, which makes the total package an excellent album from one the greatest and most underrated crews in the game.

This is as good as feel-good Hip Hop gets. Perfectly capturing that throwback Hip Hop vibe, this Californian crew are all about flawless emceeing over dope instrumentals. Chali 2na, Mark 7even, Zaakir, and Akil can flow and harmonize with the best of them. Much needed upbeat Hip Hop in times when materialism and violence of gangsta wannabes dominated the mainstream. Real Hip Hop. Not for those who like commercial rap, only hardcore Hip Hop heads need to check this album out.

Does this third Wu-Tang Clan album match the classic-ness of their epic debut or the greatness of their monumental sophomore record? Float is a great album and a prelude of even greater Aesop Rock material to come. Was this the sophomore album Big L had in mind after the underground success of his first album? Be that as it may — The Big Picture contains some absolute classics and will forever be a sad reminder of a young life and possibly epic career tragically cut short.

Another great People Under The Stairs album, an excellent sophomore effort that is even better than their dope debut The Next Step This is a great album. Even though Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump may not be their most memorable or greatest effort, it still is heads and shoulders above most other Hip Hop released at the turn of the century.

Beanie Sigel may not the best emcee to ever pick up the mic, but what makes him special is that he is REAL. Few are able to convey emotion the way Beanie Sigel can, you can feel him pouring his heart and soul into each and every track. One of the best albums to come out of the Flipmode Squad. Rah Digga is sorely underrated as an emcee, easily one of the best female emcees to ever to pick up the mic.

Production is not always up to par with her lyrics, but all in all this is a great album. Another M. As always their raw power and energy on the mic is crazy as ever, and the production by DJ Premier and others is consistently strong.

Scarface is one of the best, if not the best, and most important rappers to ever come from the South. His ability to transfer his feelings and emotions into his music is second to none. This album usually has opinions divided. It sure is better than its predecessor My Homies , shorter, tighter and with fewer guest spots. Production could have been better in places, but lyrically Face is on point as always.

A nice compilation album with songs recorded between and bringing all the talent from the D. Strangely enough — with such a group of talented beatsmiths — the beats are not always up to par. That said, this is a dope album and a must-have for fans of that NYC boom bap. Tragic Epilogue is one of those albums that went tragically unnoticed in an era where materialism and jigginess were the norm.

Addressing exactly that kind of mainstream Hip Hop cliches, this album offers quality and originality — intelligent lyrics over innovative, boundary-pushing soundscapes. Maybe not for everybody due to the experimental nature of the beats and the not run off the mill style of emceeing used by the three emcees, this is an excellent album nonetheless, one that deserves a place in the collection of anyone who can appreciate Hip Hop that is not thirteen in a dozen. Maybe not as surprising as the first Lyricist Lounge or as epic as the second Soundbombing compilation — but a dope album nevertheless.

Not quite the classic his monumental Capital Punishment was, but a solid Big Pun album nonetheless. Biggest problem with Yeeeah Baby is the at times lackluster production with some corny choruses here and there and the overabundance of guests. On a Big Pun album we want to hear Big Pun, not a bunch of lesser rappers. That said, Yeeeah Baby is a good, if not great, end to a career that ended much too soon.

He keeps maturing and has moved on from gangsta posturing, his lyrics here are mostly lighthearted party type stuff — and nothing wrong with that! The production is top notch as always, smooth and mellow as only DJ Quik can do it. An album to ride to. For marketing purposes billed as a Jay-Z album, it is actually more of a Roc-A-Fella album which has Jay-Z sharing the spotlight with his labelmates, from whom especially Beanie Sigel brings strong performances.

Others like Memphis Bleek and Amil are less impressive though, making this album somewhat of a mixed bag. Some bangers here, but also some filler tracks. Bruce-E-Bee, Phaedra. Top Notch Murda On U feat. Don Jagwarr Born in the Ghetto feat.

Big B Bone feat. Tanieya Weathington Bring It Back Approach 2 Danger Bitch Iz a Bitch It's a Bone Thang feat. Deep End feat. Por'cha Back in tha Dayz feat. Walk This Way feat. Rapella feat. Por'cha, Gray the Beatboxer Swagged Out It Will Be Alright feat. In Memory of Eazy E feat. Bruce-E-Bee, Phaedra Everything feat.

Da Introduction East Eternal Crept And We Came Down '71 The Getaway Bill Collector Budsmokers Only Crossroad Me Killa Land Of Tha Heartless No Shorts, No Losses Buddah Lovaz Die Die Die Ouija 2

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bone thugs n harmony greatest hits kickass torrent


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