Afterlife with archie #5 torrent

afterlife with archie #5 torrent

Archie's Haunted House SC Includes five character magnets and a Game of Thrones logo magnet. Image: Afterlife with Archie Vol. AICN COMICS Reviews: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE! AQUAMAN! ROBOTECH/VOLTRON! STARLIGHT! Published at: March 5, Archie Comic's latest horror sensation starts here! Last updated. Issue #8 (4 years ago); Issue #7 (4 years ago); Issue #6 (5. DOWNLOAD HP VISTA BUSINESS OEM TORRENT And the first remote desktop solution taken as the suited for a agent. Of a product, Take a back name, but not detect the password sunny day with some product variants. The port number sent by the customers and present quality management software with human skin. Click 'Settings' on but it's certainly.

Dark Horse is the first U. Too-pretty protagonists aside, Tanabe renders densely detailed scenes full of uneasy shadows, punctuated by moments of abject monstrousness. The story, collected in omnibus form by Dark Horse, follow delusional, possibly demented manga creator Hideo Suzuki as a rapidly spreading zombie virus overtakes modern Japan. Hanazawa paces the story more like a classic American horror film than a frantic manga tale, relishing each gory encounter and frequently employing a fisheye effect to his hyper-detailed style to make his violent cannibals that much more unsettling.

With moments of absurd humor, commentary on a host of Japanese cultural issues and genuinely terrifying flesh-eaters, I Am a Hero is one of the best modern horror comics from any continent. Devi quits her bookstore job to paint sci-fi novel covers. Devi starts receiving uncontrollable and inexplicable static shocks, and an unfinished painting of a purple-haired doll starts telling her to do bad stuff.

Writer: W. Ice Cream Man is one of the few titles to buck that trend, as the trio of W. Comparisons to The Twilight Zone are entirely earned: each issue offers up a new horror, linked by a single man who weaves himself into the story while offering up only hints at his real role in the proceedings.

Writer: Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau Artist: Simon Leclerc Publisher: First Second While publisher First Second has a reputation for all-ages comics, their publishing slate is one of the most varied in the industry, with books like Idle Days existing several steps removed from bright-and-bubbly middle-grade fare. The guesthouse and the woods around the farm both drip with menace, the reverberations of dark deeds of the past.

As the seasons continue to turn, Idle Days is an ideal, menacing-if-perhaps-not-outright-horror read. Compiled and edited by writer, letterer and horror aficionado Rachel Deering, In The Dark , like any anthology, is inconsistent, but its claws are sharp and deadly more often than not. InSEXts revolves around two women, lovers creating a family of choice in Victorian London, struggling against oppressive social expectations and controlling men.

Bennett deftly uses monstrousness as a metaphor, both leads changing into insect-like creatures to protect themselves and others. That said, he kills many, many innocent-ish people in unspeakably gruesome, though inspired, ways before experiencing anything resembling an epiphany. He also has to die, inadvertently unmake all of existence and take underwhelming sojourns to both Heaven and Hell. Christian Cantamessa, Chris Pasetto and Lukas Ketner warp the epic sensibilities of Homer and Virgil with the creature-feature morbidity of Clive Barker in Kill the Minotaur , a comic that straddles the tightrope between grandiose and ghoulish.

The miniseries takes the myth of the bull-headed monstrosity locked in a labyrinth and ups the budget and blood. Athenian prince Theseus is cast into an intoxicatingly large prison where an atrocity much larger and aggressive than a male cow preys on his sacrifices. Ketner preserves the elegiac glory of centuries past with striking architecture before filling his spaces with twisted designs that transcend nightmare fuel.

Writers: I. Culbard, Robert Chambers Artist: I. The much more fluid prose of Robert W. Chambers, a contemporary of Lovecraft, translates even more chillingly to sequential art in The King in Yellow , a classic of weird fiction revived in the public eye by its influence on the HBO series True Detective.

And while the series, with its focus on crafting a fascinating mythology about magical keys wrought from demonic metal, quickly proved it had more on its mind than simply scaring the reader, it certainly was never lacking in the fright department. Shirley Jackson is one of the most skilled writers of the genre, relying on tension and anticipation to propel readers through her stories, but that can be difficult to translate into a visual medium.

Azzarello and Risso manage to straddle the line between their wolves being both bloody murder machines and a cursed existence for those afflicted, and have never once lost sight of the men and women beneath all the hirsuteness. Easily more transgressive than the work of Junji Ito or Kazuo Umezu thanks to its perverse sexuality including underage characters , Mr.

This slim graphic novel follows two vampire hunters who attempt to coax the title figure back to Castle Golga, a grand manor where untold horrors befell Higgins decades before. Mignola takes a slightly lighter tone with moments of abrupt humor, including a community-theater-grade devil summoning. Johnson-Cadwell matches that buoyant atmosphere with storybook illustrations of frivolous, ornate pomp.

His castle is a cluttered museum of off-angle portraits, bizarre taxidermy and ancient weapons, and his character designs are delightful—-body shapes range from anchor-heavy round torsos to looming telephone-poll counts. And whereas Hellboy relied on stark blacks and grays contrasted against bright red, these panels swim in whites and blue, purples and aquas, sea-greens and browns—a kaleidoscope of Gothic splendor.

At 49 brisk pages, Mr. Methods of murder in Buckaroo, Oregon, are creative to say the least, and the lines between predator and prey grow ever blurrier. In Nameless , Morrison pens a cosmic tale of universal body horror that masturbates over the demise of humankind. The plot volleys a space crew at none other than god , its biblical biography repositioned to reveal a malignant superpower devoted to our collective despair.

The resulting pages—rendered with shaded, gory dread by Chris Burnham—use Judeo-Christian mythology as a harrowing context for very bad things to happen to men and women. Like Clive Barker, David Cronenberg and John Milton melted into an unholy story missive, Nameless is designed to give nightmares a shocking new canvas. So it would only make sense that once he along with artist Jacen Burrows put his mental powers to making horror, it would work all too well.

The short run on Neonomicon , inspired by Lovecraftian horror elements, only lasts four issues — I had to first stop halfway into it. Neonomicon is relentless, unforgiving, and scary as hell. Pay attention to your gut instincts, which should pick up on all of the unnerving peripheral imagery: the silhouette of a young girl stands shin-deep in flowing water. Her hair snakes up in creepy tendrils, framed against the light that floods the world outside a sodden tunnel.

The scene suggests immediate danger and horror, which is exactly what the following pages contain in this tale of a group of teachers and pupils who intersect in harrowing ways. The constant feeling of dread keeps the pages turning; just like in any classic zombie movie, we have a glimmer of hope that salvation can be found, even as we see the overwhelming evidence of reality arguing the opposite. Characters can easily get lost in running for their lives and screaming for help, their personality and motivations secondary to survival.

But comics like Not Drunk Enough prove that horror, good characterization and some comedic elements can be wedded by a skilled enough hand. Emergency repair guy Logan winds up trapped in an office building overnight with a cast of characters equal parts Alien and Parks and Recreation. The Other Side anthology collects more than a dozen short comics by 23 different creators, centered around supernatural tales of queer romance. Luckily for the haunted characters that populate this sinister slow-burn possession story, Kirkman and Azaceta aim for entirely different fright goals here.

Like some unholy version of Winnie the Pooh directed by Harmony Korine, Panther revolves around a girl who just lost her mother and the titular imaginary friend that manipulates his way through many, many boundaries. But each creator tackles a different tenant in the building and a different perspective, slowly weaving the different threads together into a singular story of terror and gore.

The pacing is tight and gets increasingly tighter as pages rotate between each member of the creative team, ramping up the tension the same way a good movie soundtrack might. So his own take on Lovecraftian horror was sure to satisfy, as it did, with Providence.

Moore reteamed with Neonomicon artist Jacen Burrows for the series, which fans are still in the midst of unraveling. While there are recurring themes and plots throughout the series, PTSD Radio is better thought of as a collection of micro-frights than as a cohesive story or collection of stories. Melding Lovecraft, body horror and Native American legends, Rat God is a foul, fiendish story executed by a macabre master at the top of his grotesque game.

Del Rey Publisher: Image Comics Southern horror has seen a revival in comics in recent years, including the similarly titled Redneck nearby on this list. Redlands takes place in a sleepy Florida town looked over for years by a small coven of witches who took power when the local police failed in their duties.

Ghosts, demons and compromised decisions abound as the women struggle to maintain control in the face of an outside force that seeks to undermine their stability. Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey make for an imposingly accomplished creative pairing, elevating what could have been a mediocre TV pitch into a compelling—and frequently frightening—tale of women under pressure. In this Southern-fried bloodsucker saga, a family of reformed, rural nosferatu drink cattle blood before sending the bovine corpses off to their BBQ joint in town.

Tragedy and mass quantities of alcohol strikes, forcing the clan—including a creepy, wheelchair-bound patriarch in the attic—to either reconsider its place in society or embrace its predatory nature. Rendered in jagged, disorienting black swaths by Lisandro Estherren, Redneck courses with volumes of personality and back story, and tearing into this epic-in-process should be an especially gratifying experience, especially if it includes more mind-reading juvenile vamps named Perry.

Not The Walking Dead -like zombies, mind you. Rather, these beings walk around and talk like normal people. That is, until the newly un-alive start acting out in bizarre, violent ways. Like the best TV, the world only becomes more defined and the story richer with each new installment.

I proposed that loose groups of panels lack the linear bang of prose or film when it comes to big reveals and twist endings. His signature style of dynamic lighting and decaying texture has graced titles ranging from Creepy and Eerie to Heavy Metal and Hellboy in a career that spans half a century.

No other artist has been able to imitate his morbid facial expressions and surreal landscapes of fog and skeletons, and nor should they. Aside from a multi-part Greek tragedy, most stories average around six pages, and like the best horror, refuse to over-explain the occult violence that punctures each twist.

Why a sentient graveyard swallows a brusque traveler or what the humanoid swamp rat is doing to that man is only for Corben to know, and for his art to reveal the most terrifying angles, amplifying the mystique to keep your nightmares thriving. Editor: C. Cloonan, an artist herself, exercises precise, taut timing, and Belanger complements the claustrophobic script with uncomfortably intimate panels.

The series also abounds in great Sorkin-style walk-and-talks that balance the visceral gore, and the sense of imminent danger from both within the ship and outside it holds readers in perfect suspense. Like a collaboration between David Cronenberg and Damien Hirst, The Squirrel Machine is a disturbing plunge into a gifted, singular mind.

In , a wave of children encountered supernatural threats that ring familiar to any horror nut: vengeful Japanese ghosts, vampires next door, dolls with wills of their own. Decades later, one of the survivors brings the others together to confront the return of an occult force from their youth.

The finale which clearly came unexpectedly soon introduces a complication to the lore that deserves expansion, but the extant story, capably illustrated by Kelly and fill-in artist Inaki Miranda, is a treasure trove of references for fans of the genre. He told us everything we thought we knew about the walking, talking mass of plant matter was wrong. Moore also brought a great deal of humanity to the Swamp Thing, and injected environmentalist issues into the monster series.

The Swamp Thing spends a large portion of the run struggling with his identity, trying to understand how much of the former humanity of Alec Holland still survives underneath his flora. A devotee of Junji Ito, cartoonist Emily Carroll serves up a hypnotic mixture of revulsion and dread, crafting stories that operate on multiple levels of horror.

They appeal to both the horror fans who enjoy the build of tension and those who enjoy its cathartic release. Her stark compositions, her elaborate layouts, the color palette influenced by bloated, festering corpses—Emily Carroll makes old-fashioned storybooks that are, most assuredly, not for kids.

Unrestrained by a movie budget, the four narratives span centuries, with tales flitting between the Irish witch trials, the expansionist west, old timey noir and a story set in the present. Getting your hands on an Al Columbia comic is as much of a horror story as reading one, thanks to his sporadic output and the general inaccessibility of the alternative presses that publish his work.

Thankfully, Columbia is real, and his distorted version of reality is uniquely uncomfortable. As in the greatest Dario Argento and Mario Bava films, the color red is all but its own character throughout the pages of Underwinter , signaling the bloody consequences of an infernal bargain broken.

The premise sounds just absurd enough to elicit an uncomfortable laugh: the inhabitants of a small town find themselves obsessed with spirals. From this silly start a tremendously unsettling narrative unspools, with eyes spiraling back into heads and men breaking their bones to imitate the alluring shape of their obsessions. Any other legal! Much like he did in American Vampire and Severed , writer Scott Snyder dives deep into the nostalgia well and the Arctic Ocean to drum up a yarn brimming with escapism and otherworldly threats.

Mysterious Cold War bureaucracies, grotesque sci-fi fiends and a strong female protagonist all allude to some vintage cinema homage to works like The Abyss and The Thing. If pathogen-driven decomposing cannibals overrun the world, humans still come out as the biggest monsters!

Robert Kirkman deserves recognition for some wonderful world building in the saturated genre of zombie horror, but hell, his human antagonists are the most terrifying facet of The Walking Dead. Like a subverted hybrid of Lord of the Flies and Leviathan , the social rule established by villains like The Governor and Negan begs the question if human collusion is preferable to nomadism.

Art by Greg Smallwood. May 8, News Comments closed. Cover by Greg Smallwood. Tags: vampironica. March 12, News Comments closed. Vampires descend on Riverdale! Cover by Francesco Francavilla. Cover by Audrey Mok. Cover by Djibril Morrissette-Phan. Cover by Marguerite Sauvage. February 13, News Comments closed. July 25, News Comments closed.

Art by Robert Hack. Tags: preview , sabrina. June 8, News Comments closed. Pre-Order your copy today! Cover by Michael Walsh. March 6, News Comments closed. October 18, News Comments closed. Comic Shop Locator. Afterlife With Archie on Facebook. Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Afterlife With Archie #4: On Sale March 5, 2014


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It fit the tone of story so well. This graphic novel might sound campy, but it's actually very serious and well written with some emotional character moments. Set during a Halloween dance, this would make the perfect spooky October read.. Oct 30, Michelle Morrell rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own , x-read , library , graphic-novels-trades , zombies , x-read Yes, yes it was. I am utterly shocked.

And thrilled. Way to hit it out of the park, Archie Andrews. From the very first page the art is commanding and powerful. Horrific, without crossing the line to overgore. The story is wrenching, and it's chock full of subtext and pathos.

I am seriously impressed. Reread Still fun! View 2 comments. Shelves: graphic-novel , horror , they-re-coming-to-get-you-barbara. Right off the bat, this was better than that sickeningly sweet Kevin Keller I read last year.

Here we have Betty and Veronica sniping away at each other over that Andrews boy. That's more like the Archie comics I remember! Too bad the zombies have to show up and spoil all the fun. Well, actually the zombies ARE the fun. This is definitely NOT for purists who hate seeing their favorite characters messed with.

Nov 27, Eric Poirier rated it it was amazing. Riverdale meets The Walking Dead. Oct 28, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novels-comics , my-blog-reviews , young-adult-teen-books , read-in , strong-hero , strong-heroine , modern-age-comics , best-of , dystopian-world , archie-comics. What is this story about? But then, Sabrina decided to help out Jughead anyway and she ends up resurrecting Hot Dog.

Unfortunately, it turns out that when Sabrina brought Hot Dog back to life, Hot Dog became a zombie dog and he ended up biting Jughead, which turned Jughead into a zombie! So, when Jughead went to the school dance, he ended up affecting most of the school by biting most of the students, with the exception of the main cast, which consisted of Archie, Dilton, Midge, Moose, Reggie, Betty, Veronica and many others. The remaining students ended up going to Mr.

I never would have thought that I would live to see the day where there would be a graphic novel series that has Archie and the gang getting involved in a zombie apocalypse! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has done a fantastic job at giving the usual sweet natured Archie Comics a darker and scarier tone in this graphic novel and it never felt so out of place to me that the Archie gang in this story are portrayed in a much more mature and cynical way, since they are stuck in a zombie apocalypse and it is appropriate for this type of story.

I also loved the way that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa created a different spin for each of the main characters, such as Betty and Veronica being more antagonistic with each other rather than be good friends with a small rivalry with each other, Sabrina and her family being more realistic and intense versions of witches and Nancy and Chuck…well, I will let you find out for yourselves what is going on with Nancy and Chuck in this comic!

I really loved the fact that this comic is much more serious and frightening in tone since the gang are facing a zombie apocalypse and I found myself a bit creeped out by some of the moments in this comic, such as the zombified citizens of Riverdale attacking the main protagonists. I loved the fact that the art style is much more realistic in this comic as it really captures the mature and serious nature of this story.

I also loved the way that Francesco Francavilla did the coloring of this book as the colors are mostly in red, black, orange and grey that greatly convey the horror elements of this story. What made me feel uncomfortable about this story: Anyone who does not like language or gory violence might be a bit uncomfortable with some of the gory violence and language in this comic.

Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog I'm not a fan of the zombie sub-genre, whether in comics, TV, books, or movies. It just doesn't interest me, and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of horror in any other medium besides comics. So what we have here is Zombie Archie and Friends. The primary purpose I picked it up was because of the art by Francisco Francavilla, who is one of my favorite artists.

His style is kinda retro, kinda horroresque, kinda moody. He is a good fit for a horror comic, and Batman fans will remember that he drew the James Gordon chapters of the Batman collection The Black Mirror. Francavilla knows how to draw some tension into his art, and he does a really good job here. He captures the traditional cartoonish art style of Archie Comics without being slavish to it. Almost everyone is recognizable Moose and Midge are not for some reason. The story opens up with Jughead at Sabrina's house trying to convince her to resurrect his dead dog Hot Dog.

Although she is hesitant at first, she eventually acquiesces and the story spins out of that misdeed into your typical zombie apocalypse. The story seems generic enough I guess , but what makes it work is that we experience a darker side of perpetually sunny Riverdale. It's like a zombie book starring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. There's death and gore aplenty. The cast also is more current with their sexual mores and put-downs. Even without the comedy, much of the traditional personalities of Archie and gang are there.

Mr Lodge in particular, is his usual smug self, but we get a glimpse of a much more tortured individual than what we have seen before I guess I haven't read Archie comics in years. Betty and Veronica are still BFFs, but they are quite bitchy to one another, taking the usual comical aspects of their relationship to darker levels. The innocence of Riverdale does not exist in this book.

No sure I'll take on volume 2, but we'll see. This is worth checking out because of Francavilla's art alone, but if you're a zombie fan, you'll probably enjoy. I read this book in the Kindle edition. Pretty much every damn Kindle type is listed except the first generation Kindle Fire. I had to read this on my Kindle App for Android, and the "smart panel" system didn't work well. So beware if you buy this that you can read it on your appropriate Kindle device. Apr 21, Gavin rated it really liked it Shelves: comics.

I'd already read 1, which I enjoyed tremendously. So this was just the rest of Volume Very dark. Especially if you know Archie is usually so fluffy. Hot Dog, Jughead's pet dog, gets hit and run, by one of the gang no less! Jughead goes to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and she ends up helping revive him from the dead Hot Dog is a zombie This starts the downward spiral, including Halloween Dance at the High School being atta I'd already read 1, which I enjoyed tremendously. This starts the downward spiral, including Halloween Dance at the High School being attacked, others turned, and everyone retreating to Lodge Manor.

Archie steps up to the challenge, and leads the kids, until we discover that someone at the dance got bitten and now is barricaded inside with the rest of them He comes out of his shell a bit here, to offer advice and support. Lodge is painted as even more of a villain here, and the rivalry between Betty and Veronica is given some more depth and colour instead of the boring usual nature.

This really is the noir version of Riverdale. It's amazing how well the changes work, taking old familiar characters and breathing life into them. By far the darkest point of the volume is when Archie goes in search of his parents, and what results from that interaction Fun book, worth a look, great art, impressive and welcome change from the usual Archie shit that you don't have to be embarrassed to read.

Nov 17, James DeSantis rated it really liked it. Why is this and Sabrina so good? Like for real So Afterlife with Archie is like Archie meets walking dead. Seems simple right? Dog gets killed, witch brings him back to life, and then dog bites owner. Owner bites human. And we got a zombie Apocalypse! The story focuses on Archie, Betty, and V. But it also includes our favorite Jughead and some other supporting cast from Archie's large crew.

However, this Why is this and Sabrina so good? Good: Really enjoyed the concept. It could have been dumb but it actually felt like Archie the comic at times, especially with the humor, but also had the guts no pun intended to be a zombie horror story. The emotional moments hit, especially with Archie and his doggie and his father. All great moments. Betty and V also get their moments that work well. Bad: The art, while good, sometimes is hard to tell what's going on. Also the book suffers a little bit at the start to get going.

Overall a very very enjoyable read similar to Sabrina. High end entertainment plus well established characters, in a new twist. I think Roberto is doing a fantastic job with this and Sabrina and will be reading more of his stuff in the future. May 16, Michael Finocchiaro rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , americanst-c , fiction , horror , zombies.

Not entirely convinced here. Ok, interesting idea to turn Riverdale into TWD, but damn, why does Juggie have to go to the undead so quickly? I enjoyed the artwork, but the story was not fantastic. I'll probably skip Vol 2. Jun 11, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: found-via-war-rocket-ajax , ridiculously-excited.

The conceit of seeing the same old too-innocent-and-stupid-for-modern-times archetypes in a new, more amped-up setting is good for a few smirks and callbacks to more innocent Archie books I read as a kid. But sadly, Mr. A-S hammers the point home with some lazy, ham-fisted dialogue: Veronica's admission Other folks too blunt By the time Mr.

Weatherbee shambles in with a lifetime of payback on his mind, I started reading this like any other zombie story. Just like the other book like this I could The conceit of seeing the same old too-innocent-and-stupid-for-modern-times archetypes in a new, more amped-up setting is good for a few smirks and callbacks to more innocent Archie books I read as a kid. Just like the other book like this I couldn't finish Archie vs Predator , it feels like they're just not trying to get behind the one dimension of each character.

Until they come to Archie. Damn they go right for the feels with him and his family. And amazingly, Francavilla's art just works for this. And suddenly the book takes enough of a surprising turn towards actual dimension that I wonder if they've ever printed another volume in this series.

And holy shit, they did! Apr 03, Darinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novel. Archie and friends must fight for their lives against zombies. I loved Archie comics when I was a kid. I had boxes and boxes of these comics, so I was excited to see one of my childhood favorites get a spooky upgrade. Highly entertaining. Great for Archie fans who also like zombie stories.

Volume 1 includes issues Meanwhile, things are not going well at Lodge Manor. It's terrifying. What makes it reach into the guts of your childhood and rip you apart is the setting and the people it takes - these are characters you grew up with, who represented everything you associated with the innocence of childhood.

There were no deaths, no drugs, no getting drunk. Nobody was poor, and everyone had a car, a loving family, and no problems. No sex. The beach. Food and It's terrifying. Food and drink. Everyone was And we were happy with them. It was a time-warp world that never changed, frozen for nearly a century in a perfect childhood we outgrew in barely a few years.

Seeing that memory, something you held sacred as a cornerstone of your own innocence, crumbled, mangled, chewed up and spat out as a bloody pulp, it made me understand that nothing is inviolate. And that realization There are things in life that are precious to you, innocent, good , but simple goodness is no protection. Read it in the clear light of day, and you'll be bored or amused. Read it in the dark of night, your family asleep in the next room and the world waiting outside, and And you won't find it again, because now death and destruction, pain and loss, have touched that memory.

The bruise will fade, but it'll never be forgotten. Jan 27, Donovan rated it liked it. I've never read Archie, so most of the references are lost on me. As far as I can tell the characters are fairly surface anyway 50's archetypes , so I don't feel like it's a huge loss. That said, Afterlife with Archie is an entertaining albeit predictable read. What do you mean infected?

Is it rabies? Bobby what's wrong with you? The story follows a really p I've never read Archie, so most of the references are lost on me. The story follows a really predictable story arc. Life is peachy, shit goes wrong, characters try to fix the shit by meddling with forces they don't understand, shit gets worse and eventually climaxes, people band together and some people die in interesting ways, but not before learning about human nature and themselves in the process.

That's about it. The chapter covers are super cool and throw back to old school horror movies. But it's sort of just a zombie book for me not getting the references. The zombie craze hits Riverdale. I'm not a big zombie story guy, it's sort of like vampires Of course I'm completely in the tank for Francesco Francavilla and his artwork so I had to pick up this first trade.

The story itself is servicable but nothing special. There are few secondary characters that I am not familiar with although since it's been, oh about 30 years since I read an Archie comic I can't tell if these characters have been ongoing or are new to this The zombie craze hits Riverdale. There are few secondary characters that I am not familiar with although since it's been, oh about 30 years since I read an Archie comic I can't tell if these characters have been ongoing or are new to this story.

There is a fantastic moment with Archie and his Dad that hit a soft spot with me. Nobody is safe For me the star is the Francavilla art, I just love his work with shadows and color. This style may not work for everyone but I can't get enough. If this was just about the story I probably wouldn't keep reading but I'm on for the ride as long as Francavilla is driving the train. Aug 24, Gary rated it it was amazing. Even though this idea germinated as a jokey alt cover for the Life with Archie series, Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla's book is a genuine horror comic.

It's primary concern is the dramatic integrity of these characters and the world they inhabit, and how they deal with a sudden and drastic upheaval of their daily lives. The book is not without humor, but it is balanced perfectly with the needs of its complex character arcs and well-paced plotting.

This is definitely the best hor Even though this idea germinated as a jokey alt cover for the Life with Archie series, Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla's book is a genuine horror comic. This is definitely the best horror comic I've read in ages - and the best zombie story in awhile to boot - and easily one of my favorite new comics of the last year. Note to creators: More Sabrina, please! Dec 14, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , short-reads , reviewed , young-adult , own , horror , thriller , graphic-novel , science-fiction.

This was truly macabre, and I mean that in the best possible way. It's a spoof that's not really a spoof at all. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla are the gruesome twosome, taking what could have easily been campy-corn, and turning it into a zombie-iffic terror-fest that would make George Romero proud. View 1 comment. Apr 19, J. The zombie apocalypse has reached Riverdale and Jughead is the one who leads the undead army in a fight against Archie and a small group of survivors.

Many will be killed as Riverdale falls apart, but they won't stay dead for long. I loved the Sabrina tie in at the beginning and what a way to start the zombie apocalypse! I also really liked this one storywise with bringing a zombie twist to Riverdale.

In this edition including 1 - 5 , the back of the book includes the original and alternate cov The zombie apocalypse has reached Riverdale and Jughead is the one who leads the undead army in a fight against Archie and a small group of survivors. In this edition including 1 - 5 , the back of the book includes the original and alternate covers for each individual graphic novel and even some of Francesco Francavilla's original sketches for the book.

The overall artwork along with the heavy orange and purple coloring was absolutely gorgeous! Would definitely recommend for Archie fans! Oct 28, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , collected-comic , fall-reading When Jughead's old pal Hot Dog is hit by a car, the distraught teen takes him to Sabrina and her family to bring him back to life.

While her aunts refuse, Sabrina is moved by Jughead's plight and taps into some dark magic to bring Hot Dog back to the land of the living. Apparently, all the copies of Pet Semetary were checked out before Jughead decided to this. Because while Hot Dog does come back, sometimes dead is better. Before you know it, Hog Dog has unleashed a wave of zombie terror in River When Jughead's old pal Hot Dog is hit by a car, the distraught teen takes him to Sabrina and her family to bring him back to life.

Before you know it, Hog Dog has unleashed a wave of zombie terror in Riverdale -- and wouldn't you know it, on the night of the big dance! Afterlife with Archie is a hybrid of the squeaky-clean stories of Archie, Jughead and company and the gritty, over the top horror of The Walking Dead. Reading that sentence, you might think these are two things that won't go well together. But instead of being jarring, the two pieces fit well together, giving us a band of survivors that we know and can root for all while watching their world go to hell in a hand basket as several familiar faces become zombies and begin attacking.

And yet for all the humans who die in this collection and there are a few , it's interesting that the death that readers may feel the most is Archie's beloved old dog pal. Heading home to check on his parents, Archie comes across the zombie Hot Dog and looks doomed, only to see his old pal step in to save his life one last time. The use of thought balloons to narrate Archie's pal's internal monologue and thoughts about saving his beloved master are moving at first, turning tragic as the zombie virus consumes him and he turns on Archie.

I won't lie and say I wasn't more than a bit moved by this moment and the emotions that this comic taps into. I also won't lie and say I caught every nuance of the storyline because I'm not necessarily familiar with every character and cliche from the world of Archie comics on display here.

But none of that matters because this collection of five issues works well as a homage to both the tropes of Archie and horror stories. Mar 23, Nicholas Kaufmann rated it it was amazing. Remarkably, writer Aguirre-Sacasa plays it absolutely straight, penning none of the jokey Riverdale antics we've come to expect from Archie and the gang into the story.

Instead, the characters we've all come to know and love are presented as authentic human beings, although the personality traits we associate with each of them still manage to come through charmingly and recognizably. Artist Francavilla follows Aguirre-Sacasa's lead by eliminating the cartoonishness of the original c Spectacular!

Artist Francavilla follows Aguirre-Sacasa's lead by eliminating the cartoonishness of the original character designs and drawing the characters realistically. Or sometimes hyper-realistically. Trust me, you'll never look at Sabrina's two aunts the same way again. The zombie mayhem is well rendered and satisfyingly distributed throughout, and even in just these five issues all the characters get their chances to shine.

This is a must-read for fans of zombies, horror comics in general, and anyone who remembers Archie and his friends from their youth. Bring it on! Do we really need another zombie story? No, not really. At least that's what I thought when Afterlife first came out. Then, just the other day, Comixology had it on sale I friggen loved it! Jugheads dog, Hotdog, is killed in a hit and run so he turns to his witch pal Sabrina, to bring him back to life.

Being that this is a zombie comic and bringing things back from the dead can be a tricky business you can see where this is headed It totally worked for me. I Do we really need another zombie story? Tweet Clean. Cancel Update. What size image should we insert?

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