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Having saved the day, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family fly off to their next big adventure. The sixth chapter, illustrated by various artists, featured the Multiversity Guidebook , consisting of detailed entries on all 52 Earths, a map showcasing "all known existence", and a history of the " Crisis " events.

The one-shot was published in Page Giant format in January The Batman of Earth must team up with the displaced Batman of the post-apocalyptic Earth to escape from the Sivanas' army of killer robots. While the Batmen attempt to activate the device used by the Sivanas for crossing from Earth to Earth, the Batman of Earth learns about events transpiring on Earth by reading about them in the Multiversity Guidebook comic, where they appear as fictional characters.

They are observed from afar by the New Gods of Supertown, who identify the tomb as the place where Darkseid was caged and contained. It is revealed by the New Gods of Earth that they can exist across the Multiverse as "emanations. The Batman of Earth escapes to the House of Heroes with the Multiversity Guidebook , only to arrive just as Gentry member Hellmachine launches an all-out assault. The slain members of the Little League return to life, commanded to live and die over and over again by the unseen master of the Gentry: the all-powerful "Empty Hand.

The seventh chapter, illustrated by Jim Lee and Scott Williams , [49] Mastermen , [50] takes place on Earth, [30] and features characters from Quality Comics as part of the Freedom Fighters and Nazi versions of various heroes. Morrison describes this one-shot as a "big, dark Shakespearean story. The story is set around a utopia built by this world's Superman after he realizes the evil nature of Hitler; [30] this Superman "knows his entire society, though it looks utopian, was built on the bones of the dead.

Ultimately it's wrong and it must be destroyed. In this chapter, Kal-L landed in the contested Sudetenland in and his ship was discovered by the Nazis. Kal-L is dubbed Overman by Adolf Hitler and is raised to be a living super-weapon and a symbol of Nazi supremacy. The world is a technologically advanced utopia, built on the genocide of millions. The guilt-ridden Overman is haunted by the death of his cloned sister, Overgirl, and has recurring nightmares of a towering, ruined house — Lord Broken of the Gentry.

After the Human Bomb attacks an Overgirl memorial in Metropolis, Overman and the Reichsmen attempt to uncover the truth behind a new terrorist organization called the Freedom Fighters and their leader, the mysterious figure known only as " Uncle Sam.

Overman has growing doubt about his cause, but prepares to attend a performance of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen with his wife, Lena. Uncle Sam carries out his master plan, and the Human Bomb detonates on board the Reichsmen's orbiting satellite base. The damaged satellite falls to Earth, and Overman is unable to stop it from crashing into the city of Metropolis. Millions die from the crash and the city is utterly destroyed with Overman as the only survivor, left alone in a crater of ash.

This destruction of Metropolis is said to mark "the beginning of the end" of the Nazi empire. Earth serves in the DC Universe as a version of the "real world" the readers' Earth , a planet with no superheroes other than those appearing in comic books. On Earth, there is even a DC Comics that publishes the stories of the heroes of the Multiverse as comics, particularly the stories of heroes from Earth-1 and Earth Morrison describes this book as "the most advanced thing I've ever done.

I'm so excited about this. It's just taking something that used to be done in comics and captions that they don't do anymore and turning it into a technique, a weapon, but beyond that I don't want to say. It's a haunted comic book, actually, it's the most frightening thing anyone will ever read. It's actually haunted—if you read this thing, you'll become possessed. The eighth chapter of the series concerns the creation of Ultra Comics: a synthetic, completely fictional comic book superhero created by " memesmiths " to battle and defeat a dangerous idea designated as a Hostile Independent Thought-Form.

Collaborating with the Gentry are the "Neighbourhood Guard", a group of feral, cannibal children, and other versions of Ultra characters from the DC Multiverse, including Ultra-Man , Ultra the Multi-Alien and several others. The Ultras all serve Ultraa, consort of Maxima and joint ruler of her homeworld of Almerac. Ultra Comics is ultimately destroyed by Intellectron, but not before Ultra Comics is able to capture Intellectron and contain it in the last page of the comic — effectively sealing it inside the end of the narrative.

The final caption ominously warns the reader that their mind has become infected simply by reading the comic. The issue was published in April Ultimately, Nix Uotan is freed from Gentry control by the Red Racer, working in tandem with every speedster superhero in existence. Uotan reveals that he resisted the Gentry while under their control and arranged for the same doorways that summoned the Gentry to summon the champions of the Multiverse.

The Gentry are defeated and driven back. A small group of superheroes pursue the Gentry to the ruined world of Earth-7, where they discover that the members of the Gentry that they fought were merely part of a vast legion of Gentries. The Gentries labor to complete a Multiverse-destroying doomsday weapon called the Oblivion Machine and are watched over by their master — a shadowy, unknowable entity called "the Empty Hand.

Back at the House of Heroes, the assembled super-beings of the Multiverse vow to work together to protect their worlds from future threats to reality. Organized by President Superman of Earth, they form a pan-universal super-team called Justice Incarnate.

The superheroes offer to reward Nix Uotan for his role in the rescue of multi-trillions of lives. At first, Nix Uotan declines, but then he remembers something and asks for a small favor. The series has been collected into a single volume :.

On the future of the Multiverse, Morrison explained, "each one of the episodes also sets up a potential series. You could do a Multiverse range of books out of this. All of them are designed to be issue one of potential long-running series as well as being self-contained.

It's been a storytelling challenge, but the whole idea is to set stuff up for future development — not necessarily by me, but by DC in some way. The series will continue to be written by Morrison, with the first entry, Multiversity Too: The Flash scheduled to debut in They added, "I felt there was a lot of great Flash material in comics and on TV so I left my take on the table for a while. I'll get to it eventually. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic Book Resources.

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The New List of publications. Imprint September — June List of imprint publications. Post-imprint June — August Robin Wonder Woman. Dark Universe Earth 2. Batman and Robin Eternal. Constantine: City of Demons. DC Comics Multiverse. Elseworlds Armageddon DC vs. The Gentry gloat that they have already broken him , and he will die unless Nix takes his place. Because this is his birthright, Nix sends Thunderer to the Ultima Thule, which will take him to the House of Heroes - the Multiversity - where he will be able to summon the greatest heroes of fifty worlds.

When he has done so, he can return for Nix. When Thunderer has gone, Nix is left to face the doom of the Gentry with a reluctant Stubbs. He hopes beyond hope that he will make it out, even as the Gentry mock that hope. As Earth 7 begins collapsing further around them, Nix wakes suddenly in his room and drops the haunted comic book. When the meeting is through, he joins the rest of the Justice League on their Satellite to discuss the origins of the robot he destroyed.

Steel explains that its technology is not of this world - or perhaps not from this universe. The robot - which continues to function in a limited capacity - is drawn to the Transmatter Symphonic Array built by Lex Luthor.

The device suddenly begins emitting a cosmic SOS signal, and Superman warns the others away. However, he is not himself immune to the cube's powers, and appears to be vaporized before their eyes. He emerges instead on a satellite where he is welcomed with excitement by Captain Carrot , who is happy to see a real Superman join him, and not just an analogue. He explains that many heroes have been dragged here since Thunderer sounded the alarm, each arriving by way of a Transmatter cube, planted on their world by a villain whose inspiration for creating it came from outside of themselves in some way.

Each of the satellite's inhabitants come from an alternate universe, and have been gathered here, in what's called the House of Heroes. From here, they can see into Bleedspace and the Orrery of Worlds. Carrot introduces Superman to some of the others, but nobody really knows what they're supposed to do now that they've all been gathered together - not even Thunderer. Determined to get some answers, Superman tries to interface with the House of Heroes' systems via Brainiac.

This activates the Harbinger systems. An image of a golden woman appears before them, explaining that the fact that they were summoned means that the Monitor is dead. However, she soon realizes that she has been asleep for some time - that all of the Monitors are dead, and the menace has grown in her absence.

The hour has come to summon the greatest heroes of fifty-two worlds to protect the Multiverse. As they come to terms with what is happening to them, the assembled heroes begin to realize that their lives have all been documented within the comic books of each others' worlds. Each comic book is like a message in a bottle from a neighboring universe. Thunderer reveals the Ultima Thule, explaining how Nix Uotan had let him take it, saving his life in the process.

While some heroes must stay in the House of Heroes to protect the multiversal universes, Thunderer takes a few aside to use the Ultima Thule to seek out Nix Uotan. Using his musical knowledge, Superman pilots the ship by improvising jazz. On Earth 8 , Lord Havok has finally collected the weapons of his enemies, the Future Family for himself. Thunderer and company, meanwhile, have arrived on that world as well, where they are immediately attacked by the Retaliators , who suspect them of being complicit in the disappearance of one of their members.

Thunderer realizes, unhappily, that this is not Earth 7, as he'd hoped. The Retaliators look like his friends, but they aren't his friends. The Thule couldn't get them any closer than this. Superman tries to explain that they have come because this universe is in danger. Superman and company arrive on the scene just too late to stop the power within the egg from consuming Lord Havok, and to prevent the visions he sees within it from destroying his mind.

Mercifully, Bowman looses an arrow through his skull, in the hopes of killing him. He collapses, but the contents of the Genesis Egg are still about to be born.

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