Mirai nikki ep 21 legendado torrent

mirai nikki ep 21 legendado torrent

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Yuno moves to attack the other diary user, which would bring Yuki one step closer to godhood, but Aru intervenes. He left it behind while he moved to another hiding place, and when Minene finds it, he takes advantage of her confusion to disarm her! By that I mean he shoots her gun out of her hand, as opposed to removing her remaining arm, which would just be mean.

Minene rushes forward and punches him to the ground. She then moves to pick up her gun, turning to point it at Yuki in a single move… but she sees the image of her childhood self hiding behind him, and realizes that what she was about to do was no different than what happened to her in the past. While she is lost in this realization, Yuki shoots and finishes her. Yuki returns to the bank vault, but still has no way of getting through the second door. She uses the last of her energy to move in front of the locked door, intending to open a path for Yuki.

Just as the smoke from the explosion clears, Yuno arrives, relieved to find that Yuki is alive and well. He slowly turns around to find Yuno peeping at him from behind a corner. Two diary owners down in one episode, so aside from them only Eighth remains.

Seems that victory is at hand for Yuki! The one thing holding Aru back, however, is Yuno. Then… the world starts falling apart. Black spheres containing turning cogs appear all over the place, quickly expanding and destroying everything they touch! Less time than they should have had, according to Murmur, who believes Deus must have taken some sort of action to hasten his own demise! Is this connected to that weird scene where he split Minene in half? Murmur tries to get rid of him, but Deus stops her.

Aru then proceeds to ask an unexpected question: Can everything be returned to normal, even with the appointment of a new god? The answer will have to wait for another episode! And so the dangerous enemy diary owners are all out of the way, but with this twist the next episode shows no sign of slowing down or becoming dull! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. They made one little change for the worse in this episode. In the Manga. They attempted to shoot the secretary but only hit his hand making him drop the card he then manged to get in the vault with 11th. Minene was then preparing to shoot Yuki because he screwed up. Then he came up with an idea. They would escape using her diary However they would ditch Yuno as going back to get her would cause them to get caught by the police Then fallow the Secretary and threaten him for the doors pin number.

They then opened the door and found the second one. It did feel as though they got through the first door too easily in the anime, though — I imagine that in the manga, the shock and frustration of finding a second door inside would have been much greater after going through all that effort to get the first open. Just to be clear they did not leave or anything they just said Yuki just said they would do that in order to make the pin number appear in his diary.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. As I'm sure everyone is aware of by now, my previous torrents were a little off sync here and there as well as not having the best quality available some torrents even still had webrip audio! I have taken the time to fix all of the previous issues Every single upload I work on I always get asked, wheres p?

So finally I have caved in and am working on p releases for all my previous and future releases. I will be seeding these new torrents and as soon as they are well seeded I will be deleting the old obsolete torrents, so if you are downloading an older version I would suggest you stop and download the newer version if it is available and big thanks to all those dedicated seeders out there for keeping my torrents alive.

I used MKVmerge to mux it all together. I also took the liberty of properly naming all sources and episodes on each file. File list.

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