Kingdom of god europa universalis 4 torrent

kingdom of god europa universalis 4 torrent

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Minimum OS requirements are now Windows 7 64 bits, Ubuntu If the Oirats capture the Emperor and win the siege of Beijing, they can force the surrender of northern China - Added mission tree for the Mongols. Available to all countries with Mongol, Chahar, Khalka, and Oirat primary culture.

Includes events for Li Zicheng's rebellion and releasing the Three Feudatories in southern China if the disaster is mismanaged. When things are looking dire for Ming, Koxinga will flee to Taiwan and claim any empty provinces for the new nation of Tungning. The old separate mission trees for Japan and the Daimyos are redundant and defunct now.

AI Other - Will now consider it's mandate if it needs to peace out. Interface Mapmodes - Added cultural mapmode to lobby - Grasslands in Simple Terrian mode is a hue darker now Tooltips - Tooltip for monthly mandate increase now sums up to the actual value. Script Achievements - Made Narcissist achievement even more narcissistic - Qing of China achievement now requires owning the entire China superregion - Updated "A Hero's Welcome" achievement description to clarify it requires starting as Karaman - Fixed spelling error of Gorkha in achievement desc for "The Pheasant Strut" Decisions - Forming Manchu no longer requires Hinggan province - Forming Manchu now requries 20 core provinces with Manchu or Jurchen culture - Forming Yuan now only requries EoC if any country is Emperor - Forming Yuan no longer requires owning Kaifeng and Xiangyang.

Events - Boundary Dispute event option 2 now reduces prestige by 5 instead of stability by 1. Republics can gain 5 RT and 2 corruption instead. Event will no longer fire for tribes or natives. First two options will now cost Mandate. Final option now costs 1 year of income, up from 0. No longer reduces idea cost. Replaced with more comprehensive Disaster. Deemed historically implausible. Repairing will cost more income and give defensiveness in northern forts instead of army tradition.

Not repairing will cost Mandate with MoH enabled. Now creates a revolt of the vassals gained during the conquest of southern China. The monarch point bonuses have also been removed. It will now also give you something even if you already have claims on the relevant provinces, and will refer to the name of the current king. Missions - Amur Acquisition mission updated to reflect 1. Setup - Added 20 provinces and revised setup for the Mongolia region - Added 12 provinces to the Manchuria region - Added 4 new countries to the Manchuria region in - Added Chahar cores to several provinces in - Added Changbai Mountain triggered modifier to Jianzhou province.

Especially in WC conquest attempts. The Italian land is very rich meaning you will suffer a lot of aggressive expansion. This idea group coupled with the Papal States curia control and final idea will greatly help. Another reason this idea group is so great is it helps reduce the amount of Diplomacy points you spend when annexing your vassals.

As you read this guide you'll see how many vassals I create and understand the importance of preserving diplomacy points. Not only does it reduce the amount of diplo points, but it also reduces the time needed. This will give you another vassal without going over on your diplo relations which would result in losing more diplo points. If you want to preserve as much diplo points as possible, you can ignore purchasing these ideas.

Administrative Ideas greatly reduces the amount of administrative points you need to core land. Like I mentioned also with the previous group, this will also help reduce the time it takes to core the land as well. All the mercenary ideas inside this group are great for preserving your manpower as well.

Manpower is a very important detail you must pay close attention to in WC attempts. The 3 being Between the two idea groups I already mentioned, we are covering exactly those. The third idea group I choose in this campaign was Quantity Ideas. Like I mentioned above, manpower is one of the bottle neck stats that will affect your WC attempt.

This idea group greatly helps keep this in check. Quantity is better than quality in this game. You get this at the start of the game. Another third idea group you could have chosen if you feel your military tech is lacking is Religious or Humanist. I personally like religious because I find the Deus Vult Idea just amazing for expanding into other religions land.

Both are great groups. First thing you should do with any game if you plan to be aggressive is to destroy your forts. This will help free up ducats to afford larger armies, navies, and advisors. Lower your army maintenance as you need about 2 and a half years to have high enough relations to join the HRE. Check your rivals and setup your alliances. Ally Austria of course.

Ally Hungary and make sure they rivaled Venice. Note that it may take some relation building to get them as an ally. Other allies are up to you. Castile is good for a later assault on Aragon and France if you want to follow me for WC. Make sure you rival Florence because it will be our first war. Rival them and excommunicate them. Morale or discipline for military and your choice for admin. Start a spy network in Florence to claim Firenze and take a mission to claim the other.

Note also that during this campaign, you will always want to be improving relations with everyone around you. This will happen June of Also make sure you got that Hungary alliance set. Wipe their army and siege. Take Florence and Arezo. My war finished April 25th, I received ducats and war reparations while gaining 28 aggressive expansion. This is already a huge leap forward as Florence is one of the best provinces in the game. Florence should now drop from your rivals list and Venice should be chosen now.

The claims you should have made were on Verona and Trevoso. So far, I'd say in my campaign I've been lucky. Before I started my war with Venice they went to war with Byzantium. Hungary and Milan both decided to join if promised land. I decided to claim their capital and go to war with them while Hungary is tied up in my Venetian war.

Sieging Venetian provinces should be hard with the help of your two allies. Let them do most the fighting if possible. You can easily find new ones. When you have a high enough war score, take Verona and Trevoso. This will give you quite a lot of aggressive expansion. Not enough to start a coalition yet. My war ended November 9th, I received about ducats between Siena and Venice. I humiliated them and took war reparations. I suffered 41 AE for the two territories.

I ended my war with Ferrara just one year after. January of I received about ducats between Ferrara, Provence and Pisa. I suffered 26 AE. Mantua and Lucca were on the radar for coalition. However, they didn't have the strength to win it so they never formed it. Keep boosting those relations. This is where you want to ally Castile and have them beat up Aragon with you so you can take a few key provinces.

Unfortunately for me they didn't join my war until later as they were occupied in another war. Note that this is important to any WC attempt. Releasing Catalonia and Sicily are incredibly easy ways to greatly expand while taking nearly 0 AE. Taking Napoli will give you about 28 AE, so prepare for that. My war with Aragon finished February 20th, I received ducats, war reparations and suffered 28 AE.

We should be sitting fairly well at this point. I did have to take out a loan during my last war with Aragon, but it was paid after the peace treaty. My manpower is never impressive, but I haven't had to buy into many mercenaries yet. Now it's time to hit Milan because we need to eventually grab their capital as it's a requirement for the kingdom of god decision.

We will not be able to take it this war though because taking Milan will suffer the player massive AE. Remember how I said to be always improving relations? Keep doing it. Keep capping it out with neighbors. If you ever need to wait out the peace treaty, do it. In my game Milan was a quick and easy war. They had no allies.

It was a clean wipe and siege. Again, I was lucky because they were allied to France, but France is just getting slaughtered this game by rebels, England, and Burgundy. Also, my original ruler is finally dead. He lived to be 82 years old which is just obscene. I claimed the Curia again with my next pope and was blessed with incredible leader stats.

I hope you are receiving some of the same luck as I am with your game. Also, you should have received your first era bonus. I grabbed Parma province, ducats and war reparations. After finishing this war, I could start my golden era. That with my new awesome leader helped me catch up a bit with my admin tech. The second war against Venice should be an easy one. You should have built a navy that beats theirs with all the ducats you been receiving though war.

I finished this war in about 3 years. Short and easy. Depending on if you have curia control or certain events that give you -AE, you may need to hold off on signing your peace treaty. This will cause a great deal of AE. You should really be seeing the serious strength of the Papal State now. I leaped to great power status rank 6 after this war.

You're going to have to really start thinking about getting Influence Ideas and getting the -AE modifier as you are probably having some trouble with possible coalitions. This is an obvious one for me. They have no allies and been hit hard by rebels and wars. Austria and Castile did all the work. The reason for me doing this war is to pick up another great releasable vassal.

Another vassal I love turning into a march. They have cores on 9 provinces. This is a very easy way to gain a lot of land with suffering virtually no AE. I had to end this war early because the Ottomans decided to intervene with their great power status and I just had to take what I could.

No way am I going to fight the Ottomans and France. My war with France ended quickly and I could take the 2 provinces you see below. I then released Gascony and gave them Narbonne. This second war against Aragon was yet another distraction from my push for the decision, but a great way to keep the momentum up with the WC attempt.

As stated earlier, Catalonia is one of my favorite vassals to feed as they have many cores and they are positioned in a great region that has a lot of trade power over the Genoa trade node. This war was quite easy as they had no allies and was still exhausted from its previous wars. I also grabbed Sassari to start claiming some of the provinces on the Ligurian sea. I also gained another ducats from Aragon.

During this war, I also took on Provence and Milan which was a quick victory. This really solidifies my power in the Genoa trade zone. Shortly after my war with Aragon, I hit Pisa to continue with my goal to get the "Kingdom of God" decision. They were alone and easy and the war costed virtually no resources besides the coring cost and AE after. France again was very vulnerable. France is really getting slaughtered in this campaign which I love. The purpose of the war was to feed my vassal of Gascony.

What this will do is give me an opportunity to restore them as a vassal. Having Gascony and France as a march early in the game will greatly help my manpower and military strength when later dealing with Castile, England and the HRE. Easy war that was wrapped up quickly. Stack wiped their armies and went straight for the sieges. Here's where I'm sitting after this war. This war was a crusade. This greatly helped with manpower. Mamluks is the key to getting into the Arabian Peninsula and east Africa.

You want to do this before the Ottomans take it. This really helps keep the Ottomans at bay. It also adds an incredible number of ducats to the Genoa trade region. Morocco ended up joining this war, but soon after they joined they were hit by rebels. They were already quite weak from the previous war I had with them. They wanted out of the war quickly because of the rebels that starting sieging most their country.

I did take one of their forts though because I wanted their ducats. One mistake I did make in this war was not blocking off the Ottomans in Syria. I do plan to later release Syria as a vassal. The war ended August 28th, I received a total of ducats. I took enough provinces to be able to start eating into the horn of Africa. I also took another western province and released Tripoli. The reason I want to release them is to feed them Tunis's provinces.

Nations with Berber ideas are really expensive to core. I would rather have my vassal use it's admin points. After the Mamluk war I wanted to hit Milan, but was stopped because I joined Austria in one of their offensive wars.

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