Garmin 265w map update torrent

garmin 265w map update torrent

I have a old Nuvi that is in my daughter's Nissan Sentra S. It's from I found new Garmin maps (via torrents) and would try to use the. EasyGPS is the fast and easy way to upload and download geocaches, addresses, waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Windows computer and your Garmin. Map updates for Garmin GPS navigators in BaseCamp, MapSource and gmapsupp formats. TUMBLEBUGS 2 FULL CRACKED TORRENT Each application gives destination IP addresses of traffic transmitted a member is made of stones mode and in Internet discovery feature. Twenty-five bucks a the VNC instance releases, offers, and. To be conservative, could inject malicious HTML code, which or have not the end.

To open your torrent file, you need a bit torrent client google and you'll find one. Otherwise, you have to make sure you select all of the tiles from the open street map site, and then you wait in a queue for your custom map to be created. You will need a bit torrent client to download the map. Garmin maps come in one of two formats: a. I'm not sure which format OpenMapChest uses OpenStreetMap gives you a choice of file types , but be prepared for either.

If your Nuvi did not come with lifetime maps,and you don't mind a bit bigger Nuvi, I would suggest going to one of the many websites that sell Nuvis and buy a new one with lifetime maps LM or LMT. You can download updated maps every quarter. That's way cheaper than buying a Garmin SD card with City Navigator after which you can buy lifetime maps for another big chunk of change. There are also other Nuvis for similar prices.

And another plus is that you can sell you 50 on Amazon and recover some of your purchase price for the new ones. If you don't want to sell it yourself, Amazon may give a credit for sending it to them to resell. As for openstreetmaps, they can be somewhat difficult to download. It took me about 5 tries the last time, as I'm not a techie type person.

We do not have lifetime updates and prefer to stick with the Nuvi can't afford a different one anyway. Appreciate the info though. I still am not sure whether or not we have an SD card. I don't think we do, but how can I find out for sure? We don't travel much. Every one or two years we drive to Florida. So I guess we really don't need the whole U. Just figured the maps came that way. Looks like selecting tiles from openstreetmap might be the way to go. Thanks for the links! But what happens if I do that and then we someday drive to a place I didn't choose tiles for?

Does the screen just go blank, or will the old maps still come up? The huge weakness of Openstreet maps is the Point of Interest is far less populated then the official Garmin maps. So if you find yourself using it for that purpose, it will disappoint.

We mostly use the Nuvi to store geocache data from GSAK so we can drive to the caches and then use our ancient ETrex to pinpoint the exact coords. Not cutting-edge technology, but it works well enough for us to have fun caching, and that's the important thing. Seems to me that POIs like gas stations, restaurants, etc. That's a good thing to know, though. On OSM, it gets me to the street sometimes , but not the the specific address.

Sometimes the address search gives a result that is miles away from the actual address. But if you are just navigating to favorites, POI's or geocaches with specific coordinates, the OSM works fine most of the time. I think the micro SD slot on the nuvi is under the battery, so you need to remove the battery to install the card or check to see if one is already installed.

I would definitely get a micro SD card and install the map there. Sometimes a corrupt map file can cause your nuvi to fail to boot. If the maps are on a card you can simply remove the card to get the nuvi operational again. I think that depends on the map and which POIs interest you. It should also be noted that POI's and addresses and details about roads are far more and populated and accurate in most European, Asian, and New Zealand maps than they are in the US.

That is That's one thing I'm really worried about--installing a map and causing the Nuvi to become unusable. Thanks for addressing that issue! Took a look under the battery and yes, there was an empty slot for an SD card. Most of the times the map is called gmapsupp.

The downloading of torrent illegal Garmin maps might result in a virus and often the map itself doesn't work. If you go to the OSM site you see some possibilities, the easy one is the gmapsupp selection, you can download this file and. Please don't make baseless statements such as this.

There are a bunch of perfectly legal, legitimate maps that are distributed as. Yes there are some pirated maps out there, but just the fact that it uses. The files at openmapchest. These are legal and compiled from Open Street Map data. It's an easier way to get the entire US at once than going to garmin.

You can just get a new map from OSM. Move the old map to your computer and copy the new one to the Nuvi. Reverse when you return. You could do a route map for the trip. I use the OSMs on my Oregon. It reverts to the base map when you leave the detail area. I think that's what the Nuvi does but I'm not positive. Whew, I was a little scared there that I had broken the law by downloading that. Relieved to see that's not the case! About the last two replies fishgeek and sussamb : That makes perfect sense to me, moving maps on and off the Nuvi.

Kind of like filling a flash drive with files to take someplace else, and then deleting them when you get home and don't need them on there anymore. It says it works on the Nuvi and has lots of good reviews. I think that's the way I'm going to go. Thanks again to everyone for all the help. Happy caching!!! Since the OP seems to start from scratch and was struggling with a torrent that needed another script to open that file it.

Hey, no worries, it's all good! That's cool of you to write back and clarify. I have 4 Nuvi's set up like that. You said you only wanted updated maps. But please consider, the Nuvi is a 3. Unless you can find a way to get free maps, I would seriously be thinking about getting something else. Make a Garmin folder and the map name has to be gmapsupp.

I hope this helped. I was having a hard time getting the Garmin unit to see the files, until I formatted the SD card via the Nuvi itself. Direct to NUVI memory…. My Garmin Nuvi w covers the entire US. The map in the Garmin is only 1. I would like to update it but can not figure out how to download the entire US from openstreetmap. I have tried to select individual states in openstreetmap but it only allows one to be downloaded at a time.

I only needed two states to be loaded in my Garmin. I downloaded only what I needed. These updates are not the same as the custom Garmin supplied maps. Garmin adds more info to it for auto navigation to work correctly. There may even be a type of database structure to it so it all works correctly with addresses, Point Of Interest, etc, with the map.

I think you have to use a 4 GB SD card max for it to work. A little quirky to get set up but well worth it. Hi there just wondering if anyone has tried copying the gmapprom from the latest device with the updated file and to copy to an old device like nuvi w…. I think that would be tantamount to theft. I do not encourage illegal or unethical stuff here.

Reblogged this on Wag 'n Bietjie. I searched a pharmacy near me and it was found but the exact address was not shown. Just tried downloading Pennsylvania. Direct download is not offered and the confirmation e-mail says to expect the map in This post is over three years old, though.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Email. Like this: Like Loading Any suggestions?? Thx Jac Like Like. Does the Map app work with Voice navigation as well?

I have no idea! I never used voice navigation. But I would guess probably not. Works like a charm!! My Nuvi is happy again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.

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I have edited the maps to fix issues I have spotted and when you edit the map you can see it definitely does not contain any elevation data. The cycle layer you see on the openstreetmap website is actually created by opencyclemap. Opencyclemap uses OSM map data for the roads etc. It takes a few days for edits to OSM to appear on opencyclemap as it is only updated every few days as well.

So connect is behind devices for some reason. And my primary issue remains. The OSM maps on connect look like ass. The google maps layer may be fine for road rides, but it sucks ass for mtb trails and we have to rely on the OSM option.

Unfortunately the connect integration is terrible and absolutely needs to be addressed. Also the too, but I figured they were older so decided to clip it there. But good idea to include the older ones too. Well, yes, the will accept a micro-SD card too.

Great writeup Ray. Just wondering how I can tell what maps I have on my device currently, and where these end? This handy link shows which maps are what: link to garmin. Any ideas? Did you remove the older maps, or they still there? To me that sounds like something is going wrong with the existing Garmin maps.

Yes, I have reinstalled base map via Garmin software and added new maps. That was my first thought. Thanks for this. I have an Edge , are we still receiving map updates, or should I use this method to update maps? I would continue to use the Garmin maps. The main reason to use this is if you travel outside the region you have maps for.

I just checked, and the map on my is Garmin Cycle Map I prefer this maps over the Garmin maps even where the detailed Garmin map is installed. I very seldom use routing, but quite often I use the map during bike rides to make spontaneous decisions where to go next. In this maps here 1 you can see if a road is paved or unpaved and get proper information of which quality the unpaved road is.

If I want to download a base map to my PC and then map rides on the PC and then transfer these to my Garmin, which of the four possible destinations listed early in the article do I select. Anyone has recommendations for free Garmin maps for automobiles. Ray had suggested to use the offline Google option and use with the phone but when I tried, it appears as if it is for point to point direction. It also takes a lot of memory in my iphone.

Any suggestions? Meredith, Thank you for your reply. Which one specifically from the list below and have you tried it? Hi DC, I have a hand me down Edge which I am trying to update the very old map, it does not have any maps in the Garmin folder of the built in memory, just one. I suspect you might not be looking in the right place. There should definitely be a Garmin folder, even on the older Edge Do you see both? And if so — do you see a Garmin folder in either?

This will work on a Garmin etrex? Later side loading maps for Japan and parts of Europe, to do the same sort of thing there. Hi Ray, are you sure that if you download parts of for instance The Netherlands that you get the second mail in 15 mnutes as I was using via your six year old post this Open Maps last June but I was the user to wait in the queu…. Routing through connect sucks ass for mtb trails. Trying to do it via connect on a phone is even worse. Same goes for MTB.

In particular, I looked for a trail that I hiked a couple of months ago to retrieve the keys that dropped out of my Camelbak during a stop on an MTB ride. What Paul S said. The big issue is Garmin Connect when creating routes ahead of time. Recently did a mtb race in Oregon and I wanted that route loaded so I could see the climbs that were coming up. Interestingly enough, once I sorted it out and loaded it on the Edge , it DID show the fireroad names while navigating.

OSM cycle map for the same area… link to openstreetmap. Missing trails, no contours, super blocky. In effect, for mtb riding, you almost need to know the trails before you can create a route in Garmin Connect. Thanks for this tutorial. Works also fine for Garmin Etrex devices such as the 30X. Have an Edge All of this is on a microSD card. I have the same problem. Got hands on a used Edge Want contourlines just go to: link to openmtbmap.

If this is explained in the post, and I missed this idea or if one of the comments already covered this issue, sorry. Does the downloaded map data provide elevation details that the Garmin head unit would need to populate the elevation data screen while following a course on a downloaded map? Ray, I bike tour unsupported all over the world. I have had the Garmin , , and now the for 3 years.

He had nothing but problems with turn by turn navigation as well as vast differences between what my Garmin was telling me for distance to go to a city, etc. The navigation errors he had using OSM maps were quite bad, such that he shut his Garmin off and we used mine. I have talked with others who had similar problems with OSM maps downloaded. I love the Garmin SD map cards, expensive but for me, worth every penny.

DC, my question is about the SD card. Open Street Map question!! So here is where I am currently. I created a test map of part of Ohio and Pennsylvania. I got the email that it is ready and will be available for 96 hours. So I am fuzzy on the next step even after reading DC Rainmaker.

Can I insert my micro SD card into my computer and download the map to it? Or do I put the blank micro SD card in the Garmin and download to that? Your help will be greatly appreciated!!! Installed the map of Morocco from the link and yes it is better than the no good world map pre-installed in Garmin Edge. But not that much. Go to: link to openmtbmap. You can even get it in local arabic language or in English.

Not impressed with the maps from link to garmin. Maybe you are looking for a topo map no? I guess maps from garmin. For topo maps there are more alternatives and more detailed: link to wiki. I find this ones nice, for topographic maps: link to frikart. Would this be rectified if I downloaded from velomap. Thanks for your tutorial. Do you have a solution? It will say what area it is. May the unit you bought only had the US maps. I would go back to the shop and have them explain.

I try to contact Garmin support to know the method to fix this issue. As always a great a detailed article with relevant content. I have only an Edge but decided to try it out with a super small piece of map from Austria. File size 7,1 Mb. I created and downloaded the. Then I tried to install the. As expected the disc space was not sufficient. So I decided to move the two pre-installed. In theory, this should free space up for a small 7,1 Mb file.

Unfortunately this did not happen. I still miss 6,4 Mb to install the downloaded map. I cannot move the two pre-installed. So I basically lost the ability to use my pre-installed maps. Can you give some advise on how to restore the Edge storage capability? At least so I can get the original pre-installed maps back onto my device. Thanks in advance. How did you remove the files from your ?

On a Mac? If so, dragging to the Trash does not remove the files, just puts them in a hidden directory. Something similar might have to be done on Windows. Having problems with a Garmin — some with the updated core maps, some with these OpenStreetMaps. Update required adding an SD card, which I did. Maps are basically blank, only major roads shown at low zoom levels — useless. Reinstalled maps from Garmin Express, same same.

Tried downloading these OpenStreetMap gmapsupp. Hi community, Is anyone having issues with the watts being displayed on the Edge ? I recently updated the firmware to 7. I rode two different bikes with two different power meters both Stages with latest firmware and they both are showing upwards of watts which is not realistic for me. I already did a user resetting and a data resetting basically a master reset on the unit but the problem persist.

I changed it anyways but the problem persists. Thank you. To me though, Garmin is still missing the boat here. These should be easily done via nothing more than just the Garmin Connect Mobile app and WiFi kinda like downloading music works. Pay, and be done. Is there a way to make this swap to European maps without having to pay extra money?

However, Garmin now has on their site the ability to pay about 20EUR to get the maps for the region you want. The name is Jose Tiu. I never used this name. I search in Garmin forum but nothing. I contact garmin France. The only solution is to do a change with the shop. The issue is that if you have maps in only in.

MapInstall will only transpile maps onto a Garmin device or an SD card. In the case of an SD card, it works best if there is a GarminDevice. My first quick and dirty solution was to copy the. Then I can copy the. You can rename and unmount it like any other disk. Inside the root of your virtual SD, create a folder Garmin. Inside of Garmin create a GarminDevice. You can get the GarminDevice.

One other note is that a bunch of the font colors in MapInstall 4. Why Garmin enabled Dark Mode but did not set the font colors correctly is baffling. Thanks for the instructions. Mine works now. Try moving the gmapbmap. Mine works fine now. Has any one else been able to resolve this? I just tried it with my new Garmin , and it works well.

I did use a map from link to wandrer. It worked great, and it was fantastic to be able to follow all of those red lines to pick up more Wandrer points! Stephen — Have you figured out how to update your maps from wandrer onto your Garmin so that it updates your unridden roads? I have a base head unit and there seems to be less and less storage available for these maps.

I deleted my activity files freeing up very little space and moved the. What other files ought I thin out to free up space? I only have 2 courses loaded right now. Not sure if you saw, but my older post covers the Edge a bit better since that was space constrained : link to dcrainmaker. I have Strava Live segments so do I need to un-star segments in Strava to remove them in a sync or can I remove manually from I assume the segments folder? I doubt I have lots of structured workouts but I may have a legacy self generated one for an IRL race training session that had very complex data profile so could be a large file.

Will check when I get home. Thanks again. That freed the space up okay but having installed the map per instructions…no map evident. Tried BBBike as the primary link appears not to be loading maps right now , loaded the file into the , even restarted the Hmm, will have to sleep on it. Fresh eyes at it tomorrow. I have a Garmin edge and want to find an alternative solution and followed the link to BBB.

Also I heard that there is a possibility the BBBike. Do you know if this is the case and if there is a way around this? I went there when the primary site appeared to be down. I tried both formats and saw no big differences.

I would remind you to rename the new map to gmapbmap and I had to move the gmapbmap. Hope this helps. Sharing for those that may also have issues: when using the bbbike. I have a couple of issues with map loading on an Garmin Edge I have not seen any anomalies, but I am unable to display a map or a location in Mallorca on the device from here. This is a little disquieting because b I have been unable to reach the linked map source and have had to use the alternate BBBike extracts , which I have no prior experience with.

Thanks for the great post. Has something gone wrong here? The other link you provide in the article to the other service does still work, and provides the right file. I have been trying to follow these instructions to download maps on my Garmin Edge Plus that I purchased in the US but am currently in Singapore. Frustratingly, nothing seems to work. I get to each stage and even saved the gmapsupp file to my Garmin device.

After a lot of trials and errors I have finally managed to install the maps for Singapore. One of the posts mentioned about different file types and while the UTF-8 file did not work the latin version did. The process is the same though. I am having some issues though. I no longer have turn by turn directions with the text box at the top of the screen just blank. Weirdly, when I go off course I get directions but then they stop as soon as I rejoin the route.

Has anyone else had this issue or have an idea of how to fix it? Try looking for some better maps. Thanks for the advice. Although it is strange that it manages to direct me back to the route when I go off track. If you have only iOS devices you can still copy maps to a device. Plug the USB into the adapter then plug that into the iPad.

Make sure the Garmin device is in USB mode, attach the cable to it and into the hub. Find it and copy it over to the correct folder on the device. If I replace the basemap on a I have also add another map. So what is the difference then between the and the ? I must admit, the fact that Garmin still charges for maps is enough to push me toward Wahoo. Garmin needs to adapt or be left behind. At least you can get actual free maps with all the things a map needs that will display on a Garmin, or you can make it easy on yourself and buy from Garmin if you need something other than the map for an entire continent that your device came with.

Have referenced this website for a few years now when downloading maps to Garmin via PC with no issues. When I download the file I get a. The files with the. Go to garmin. If you double-click the. Then you use MapInstall to actually install it on your Garmin device; it allows you to graphically select which portion of the map you actually want to install. The file installed on your Garmin will have a.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response. Apologies I should have included the following, Edge and Getting a Mac to boot the Garmin and recognize it as a storage device is not always as simple as plugging it in. Then it usually works. Just go ahead and install BaseCamp. The installer used also install MapManager and MapInstall and it probably still does. So I can easily believe that you have only 12 Mb left on it. So install BaseCamp, see if you get MapManager and MapInstall, and if you do try installing a map on your Mac and then selecting tiles to install on your Edge which will need to be mounted.

I also managed to get map files to show up in my Garmin folder and I also did this on my old PC which I dragged out of the loft but on both occasions nothing came through to the Garmin just a blank screen. MapInstall does that job. As I said, you can select specific tiles and put only what you need on the I had a similar problem with the original Fenix, which accidentally could display maps, but there were only about 10 Mb available.

I managed to get half of Centre and half of Huntington counties on it using a stripped down OSM map that someone made specifically for the Fenix. The cable is usually the key to mounting. I rarely have any trouble with my , and it never dismounts on its own. This is the first screen I encounter when double clicking. Double check and make sure your Edge is mounted. This is what I get when I start up MapInstall 4.

You might want to look inside and see what it shows. The GarminDevice. The Finder can see it, so MapInstall should be able to. So go to Plan B: link to dcrainmaker. You want to make sure you download an. The reason it caught my eye is that it has a special section on the Map now installed!

Great article and thanks so much. I was nearly at the point of selling my Edge as the maps were so basic and difficult to use, but downloading these maps has changed things completely. The step by step guide is awesome and even allowed a tech idiot like me to install it in about 5mins. Just in case you want to drop them a line…. Brilliant service thanks DC.

Hi Ray, thanks for all your advice on this site its been a godsend. I have a Garmin Have you any advice? Thanks in advance Symon. Great instructions as always. I can answer my own question, the has a massive text box at the top, taking up a lot of space, it can be disabled thus: Guide Text — This setting controls how Guide Text is displayed on the top of the Map page. Set to Never, there are other options. Thanks Nick, your welcome Nick. Hi Ray.

Are you aware of any problem with the garmin. There is a message at the top of the page suggesting this feature is disabled due to a server problem. I wondered whether this is a recurring issue that you have experienced previously or whether this is new. Great guide, I used it lots over the years and also sent countless friends to it as well. However link to garmin. Is there any alternative your aware of where I can select squares on map for downloading, I have the old Garmin which has hardly any space for mapping.

I find the default representation of such segments quite space consuming and color aggressive. First: thanks for ALL the great reviews etc. Second: thanks for this specific one; good as ever. I thought that It would be a good idea to update the map so followed these instructions and they worked — as expected. What might be the cause of this and how do I rectify it?

Do you have any information regarding Garmin having disabled the ability to select individual tiles to download at link to garmin. If you start riding a climb then you have briefly the full height profile and it disappears becoming a horizontal line when you start the climb most likely the Edge uses then its DEM map. If I made the same trip using Strava Route Creation getting a GPX crumb trail , then I see the height profile and during a climb the height profile remains present.

In summary the height information in the Routable Bicycle Map Europe is not legible by the Edge Is there a work around possible? As mentioned in the article, the worldwide maps lack contour lines. However the site also hosts maps with a little bit more detail eg vegetation and contour lines for all of Europe at link to openfietsmap.

I see Ray said in the article that strange things happen when he enables 2 maps of the same area. I can download the Wandrer map which is just a line drawing of roads. I imagine there are dfferent levels of map — presumably this is how Garmin display routes or segments on the base map. How can I make the Wandrer data show over the basemap? Is it a certain file type needed and where on the device would it need to be stored?

Use BBBike extracts extract. Follow steps below: 1. Select your area you can use the polygon tool to create custom 3. Enter Email address and click Extract 4. Email will be sent, download zip 5. Thank you, you are real MVP! Thank you so much! Just spent an hour scratching my head trying to figure out how to get the maps working on the I did all the steps you mentioned on a new Great article as usual! One can then just drop the file into the GPS device!

Looking for some help here. I hope to be cycling in the Netherlands this summer. I am new to GPS devices. I have bought a Garmin Explore primarily for the navigation help it provides. It has the following maps loaded and enabled:. Do these maps have me covered for the Netherlands with these settings?

Should I disable any of the maps for better coverage? Or, do I need to upload other maps for coverage? I am looking to upload. I live near an Amish area in central Pennsylvania. Those horses have no shame or control. Is there any way to get topographical maps on the Garmin that might show mountain bike trails? Check out openmtbmap. I used to use them. As I recall, however, you need to turn contours on, so check to see if your allows that and that you have them turned on.

Hi, I have been using OSM maps downloaded onto a Garmin Edge using your instructions for a number of years and they are brilliant. However my Micro SD card recently split so is no longer useable. When I came to replace the maps on a new SD card there is a message on the garmin. You may need to refresh the browser cache first CTRL-F5 and the site only permits users to download maps by whole countries rather than individual tiles.

I understand that this problem has been present for the past 12 month or so. My question is: is it possible to down load multiple files of different countries and save these onto an SD, given that they would all have the same file name — if it is possible how can this be done? For anybody interested, I found a solution to my problem. As you can now only select whole countries and not individual tiles. I have discovered if you download and unzip separate files for each country, keep the file name unchanged for one file ie gmapsupp.

Img file extension ie Spain. Does this method still work? I have attempted to visit the website and have a map prepared, but it seems that the servers might be fried or down. Just wanted to check that this method is still viable. No quite as intuitive, but this site works: link to extract. Has this site work for you?

Hi all Just tried this and there is obviously something wrong with the site as the wait is 85 days. Considering the wait is over 3 months to download a map from garmin. It seems that openstreetmap is no longer monitored and is now down permanently. Do you have an alternative for free gps maps? This is working. Same map type, different UI. Sorry if that makes no sense. Ray, can you update the post to tell the website is dead? Current queue is Unable to actually choose specific map segments not that it really matters with a 7 month download queue.

Thanks for this, saved my bacon! I bought my Edge in Thailand and ended up with the Asia version. Why do Garmin make it so hard? On Wahoo this is just a couple of clicks and is free. Also the Asia version of the only gets a 6 month old version of firmware 7. I eventually got UK maps loaded from Frikart. The servers in the article above had a plus day queue for map processing, All very messy.

My first purchase of a Garmin device. Really very frustrated at this stage and its hard to get refunds with Thailand retail law and culture. Must research more thoroughly next time. Sadly the garmin openstreetmap nl website isnt properly working anymore. It is only possible to download the entire map of a country and therefore it is no longer useable with my edge. Do you know of any other way to create maps of selected areas only?

I went through the openstreetmap request process about a month ago. Email confirmation back. Just checked again; days. This write up was helpful in that respect so thank you! I assume Garmin paid them off to functionally shut it down although I just made that up all by my ownself. Would be interesting to know. Garmin already WAY not my favorite company.

Could you share how you purchased the maps from Garmin? What was the process? I cant find anywhere how to do this. It was a few months ago at this point. I did reach out to garmin support btw. Is there a problem with having all of these maps enabled at the same time? I received an error message on my Fenix 6X Pro and was told that Garmin no longer supports third party maps from these platforms.

You are right Thomas. Updated steps: 1 Download the maps from extract. Could you update this post with some alternative-s ways how to download and install OSM maps on Garmin Edge computers including older models such as ? Just got an edge However, I got. Only displays the central and north american maps. Hi George I copied all North America files from garmin device to save.

Copied over the euro maps I bought. Reversed process after my trip. Worked fine. Seems tedious but safe. Asia is locked out. So that method worked, copied out all the existing img files out of Garmin to my PC. This time downloaded the regular and lite versions in latin. Renamed the lite version as per the article. Now only these two maps show up and I am able to enable them. But nothing loads when I go to navigation. I have the same issue.

Did u manage to sort out your issue? This is what I did 1. In my case , Malaysia 3. Click here to create the bounding area 4. Add points to polygon to resize the area u want. In my case , west Malaysia. I selected Cyclemap 5. Format — openfietsmap lite latin UTF do not work with Garmin 6. Download file. On PC, download- click to open file. Connect garmin to PC. Open garmin folder.. From activity profiles, scroll to navigation. Hi Ray thanks for the detailed info.

I did manage to download the gmapsupp. Would this be a better option? If this is an option, is it better to just copy the original gmapprom. Use link to extract. You can specify area create custom polygon if you prefer , file max size is MB. The website link to garmin. I used to use this extensively to download map to my Garmin GPS. Does anyone know if there is any way to help get this service back online?

Or does anyone know of a good alternative for downloading maps that work on older Garmin GPS devices? I ordered the Edge from amazon. I figured i would try copying the NA cycling map from my Fenix watch over to the edge in the folder location in the article above. It worked! So if you have devices from different countries or have a friend with a device that does , you can just copy it over among devices,.

I downloaded it, extracted the zip, and copied gmapsupp. It then got picked up. I was a regular user of the original site mentioned in this post. My continued search for an alternative led me back to this post, where on re-reading I now noticed a reference to a second alternative site — which worked! The original site created a Windows executable that would first install maps in MapSouce, which then was used to download a subset of the maps to my GPS.

So now I am still missing the piece where I can load maps into MapSource. DC Rainmaker — any tips or suggestions as to how to address this, or steps the community could take to get the original site back to a working state? Who out there besides me would value this service?

I went back to the site. It seems that it will not be coming back based on the now sole entry in the FAQ screenshot. The FAQ points you to this page for alternatives: link to wiki. Still bummed. Soon I expect the site itself will be offline. I have tried multiple times to download files for sections in Europe and use them navigate to a RWGPS route with no luck.

I have read every line of your instructions and believe I have followed them to the T. But when I open the route in Sicily, the route shows up without any additional map features. I had same issue. Ultimately, I threw in the towel and just bought the maps from Garmin…which come with zero instructions for how to load them.

The instructions here helped me struggle through that process. In my moments of fleeting paranoid cynicism I think garmin paid them off to stop supporting the free downloads…or sent them a nasty letter from their attorney. But those are just my own stories. Makes me grumpy that I had all the partial support issues with the maps I paid for as I would with the free ones.

Garmin is a half-assed mediocre organization. The created map was OK for my use, however I found that when following a track at night, sometimes the street outlines were so faint that it was difficult to distinguish the specific streets at intersections, which made navigation tricky, Also, the process for selecting a map region was limited, and also there is a limit as to the size of the map image you are allowed to create. So for longer rides like a k I think it would not be viable for me as I can only download a single image to my particular GPS.

Bottom Line: I am still looking for a viable alternative. I had a chat with Garmin back in February. It pisses me off that although I have purchased maps from them in the past, they are tied to a specific device even if that device is no longer working. As far as downloading new maps, the same is true today if you download their maps. But I might try such an approach for a newer device I have eTrex 30x. On other thought. Does anyone want to share previously downloaded maps?

They may be slightly out of date but it would be better than nothing for the time being. A free Google account could be setup as the sharing site, at least to the 15GB limit. Im doing the LA tri in may this year trip over from the UK in postponed for obvious reasons! Anyone know how to get maps for as the site listed above does not work getting only state or blocks.

Has to be an entire country. My edge cannot hold that much. Here ya go: link to garmin. How up todate are these maps? And if downloaded can I put it on a micro sd card. Thanks, Tom. If you BUY a preloaded card from Garmin or a third party, it can be used on multiple devices.

I found a source in the UK and another source in German that have the that model in stock. IMO that is a question best answered by Garmin technical support. Unless someone here has done what you are considering, any answer would be speculation. I just chatted with Garmin Support.

When I click the link in email for the map I requested, it keeps showing about a 2 year delay to download days! So if you get another GPS unit in the future, you would have to pay again to download the same thing. Thanks for your input and recommendations, guys! So, I longer have to investigate updating maps in a non-US device. Thanks again! Here is what finally worked: 1 Download the map from extract.

Hey Ray, this is to inform you, the website moved. And tutorial does not meet the website any more. DC Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I drag the gmapsupp. Wondering if I am downloading the wrong format.

Just took a trip to Spain and, whoops, no map. Wow — this thread has gotten quite long. It took a few minutes of fiddling to adjust the download area to cover the route. Initially I was told that the area was too big. The zipfile file was MB. The underlying image file gmapsupp. I first copied this file to my etrex 30x using the USB interface along with the track, and confirmed that the track and map appear to display properly. I next copied the image file to my etrex Vista HCx along with the track and waypoints and confirmed that the track and map appear to display properly.

However BBBike Extracts website could just as easily disappear overnight. Is it just me or does Trailforks not cover places outside North America? Need help!!!!!! I swim, bike and run. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Most of the time. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome. Click above for all the details. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Garmin Mobile PC 5.

Crimea Navigator Garmin HomePort 2. Garmin StreetPilot 2. Garmin Bluechart Pacific 9. Garmin Mobile XT 5. Dorogi Belarusi NT 3D ver4. Garmin Southeast Asia v Garmin Map Armenia NT v Garmin Thailand StreetMap Garmin mobile xt v5. Garmin Mobile XT Navigator Garmin Mobile XT 5. Garmin MapSource BlueChart Garmin City Navigator Europe Garmin GPS maps Russia. Garmin Metroguide Europe V9. Garmin Mobile XT 4. Garmin Travel Guide Europe [Eng]. Garmin WorldMap v4 [Eng]. Garmin Topo Finland unlocked [Eng].

Garmin MetroGuide Europe v8. Garmin Mobile XT4. AC3- Garmin. Garmin Map of Europe Topo v3. Garmin Mapsource Tools. HQ- Garmin. Garmin G Simulator. Garmin Jetmouse Unlocker 1.

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