Fcc comcast bittorrent order checks

fcc comcast bittorrent order checks

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FCC spokeswoman Jen Howard downplayed the broader implications of the ruling. Comcast first denied it was throttling traffic, then said it was doing so only to protect customers from network congestion. The FCC in October launched a rulemaking process to formalize the net neutrality principles in place since , and Thursday is the deadline for reply comments in that rulemaking proceeding.

This cannot be an acceptable outcome for the American public and requires immediate FCC action to re-establish legal authority. But the FCC did not prove the net neutrality action was necessary, Tatel wrote. The Associated Press, in late , reported that Comcast was slowing BitTorrent and some other traffic without telling its customers. Sohn and Turner called on the FCC to begin a proceeding that would reclassify broadband carriers as so-called common carriers, which are regulated more heavily than the current classification of information provider.

We have a different idea. The transparency requirements are what have stopped bad behavior in recent years and what will stop it in the future, Pai argues. His proposal says:. History demonstrates that public attention, not heavy-handed Commission regulation, has been most effective in deterring ISP threats to openness and bringing about resolution of the rare incidents that arise. The Commission has had transparency requirements in place since , and there have been very few incidents in the United States since then that plausibly raise openness concerns.

And it was the disclosure, through complaints to the Commission and media reports of the conduct at issue in those incidents, that led to action against the challenged conduct. Transparency rules and net neutrality rules have been in place simultaneously for most of the past seven years, so it's not clear why only the transparency requirement would have had a positive effect.

Today, Pai's office released a " Myth vs. Fact " sheet that says there will be no blocking of content after the rules are repealed. The idea that "Internet service providers will block you from visiting the websites you want to visit" is labeled as a "myth" in this sheet.

The "fact," according to Pai's office, is as follows:. Internet service providers didn't block websites before the Obama administration's heavy-handed Internet regulations and won't after they are repealed. Any Internet service provider would be required to publicly disclose this practice and would face fierce consumer backlash as well as scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which will have renewed authority to police unfair, deceptive, and anticompetitive practices.

The "Myth vs. Fact" sheet makes no mention of throttling. Despite Pai's proposal to lift the ban on paid prioritization deals, the document claims this won't divide the Internet into "fast lanes" and "slow lanes. Net neutrality advocates have urged the FCC to conduct a fuller examination of possible net neutrality violations before proceeding with the repeal.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition NHMC pressured the FCC to release the text of tens of thousands of net neutrality complaints the commission has received since the version of the rules took effect. Pai's proposal dismisses these complaints by saying that most of them "have not been verified. Pai's first anti-net neutrality proposal, in April, claimed that "no formal complaints have been filed" under the net neutrality rules.

That was incorrect, as there was one formal complaint against Verizon that the FCC hasn't ruled on. Later, a revised version of Pai's proposal corrected the mistake and noted that there was "only one formal complaint. Advocacy group Free Press keeps a list of net neutrality violations that happened in the past and predicts that more will come if the rules are repealed.

You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Enlarge. I'm gonna go drink. My only hope at this point is that the final rule and comments are so bad that it's easy for a federal court to strike down. Sounds like Pai is actually taking things in that direction. I'm glad that in the real world, villains are allowed to be shockingly stupid.

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Yet it believed it had authority to prevent discriminatory behavior over the Internet. Free Press also petitioned for a Declaratory Ruling. This would be followed by a petition filed by Vuze for a rulemaking. The FCC released multiple requests for comment and held hearings.

Comcast eventually conceded that it was involved in the action but argued that the action was necessary in order to conduct congestion management. See 47 U. FCC, F. This disrupted the performance of the P2P application. The FCC rejected Comcast's argument that this was reasonable network management designed to address congestion. Comcast completed deployment of this congestion management system on December 31, If such a consumer then places a VoIP call along a route experiencing actual congestion, Comcast states that consumer may find that his " VoIP call sounds choppy.

The website claims that "Comcast Digital Voice is a separate facilities-based IP phone service that is not affected by this new network management technique. We also ask that you provide a detailed justification for Comcast's disparate treatment of its own VoIP service as compared to that offered by other VoIP providers on its network. In particular, please explain how Comcast Digital Voice is facilities-based," how Comcast Digital Voice uses Comcast's broadband facilities, and, in particular, whether and if so, how Comcast Digital Voice affects network congestion in a different manner than other VoIP services.

As we have stated before, the "heart of telecommunications [under the act] is transmission. Sure, and you know what happened And that was a small event. If something like what so many people think will happen actually happened there would be a revolt so damn huge that it would spill out into the real world. Twisted Kidney 2[H]4U. Joined Mar 18, Messages 3, Net neutrality was far more visionary than most people give it credit for. I truly hope something similar is enacted here before our ISPs get inspired by upcoming American innovation in the arena of pay-per-site internet.

I get that tribalism and social engineering dictate that whatever the other team did must be terrible because they're the other team, but wow. Mut1ny said:. The Internet is much more mainstream than it was back then, regular people use and depend upon it far more so than they did back then. If they try that kind of shit today and the average person suddenly finds that they need to pay more to see their cat videos there's going to be holy hell raised. I don't even use bit torrent and I think this is full of horse manure.

Bit Torrent has plenty of valid uses. Joined Mar 1, Messages 2, For a while I had been in support of removing the rules since I had only read of one instance of abuse from comcast. The whole thing seemed WAY overblown. Having read up more on the subject there appears to be a bit more to it than I'd been aware of.

Having said that, and also having changed my mind, I am skeptical that the most dire predictions are likely to come true. Is removing the rules going to be a good thing for us? On that point I have doubts. Uvaman2 2[H]4U. Joined Jan 4, Messages 3, Nothing will happen, no one will do shit we are too busy lets be honest.. People still pay waaaaaay too much money for ad-laden cable no problem..

The bastard at the fcc knows it all too well. The only choice is for those companies that are now beholden to the isps is to become isps themselves, wireless might be the only way Joined Jul 19, Messages 8, Damar Supreme [H]ardness.

Joined Jun 20, Messages 4, Joined Apr 9, Messages 17, Slippery slope confirmed. Bigbacon said:. Government isn't going to help as you can plainly see. Most of the critical functions from home bill paying, email could be done over wireless. The entertainment aspect needs bandwidth. Bandwidth and for games latency that wireless isn't going to cut it. A major leap in wireless capability seems like it would be a great thing since the competition in that market seems stronger. Joined Apr 17, Messages 2, I disagree.

They will start doing the shady shit to the low volume area's like the country, where it won't hurt them much. They will tailor their shit and keep it creeping into the larger markets, until it is like the comic Tib posted above. Why even give them the option.

Just keep it open. And before you think, well I don't torrent, that is just a simple easy to pallet example. It will cross all kinds of lines, IoT, banking, ala carte video services, gaming, etc. Joined Mar 24, Messages 2, Wow this guy sure is leading the race to be public enemy 1 Pretty soon he will need security to leave his house.

Pieter3dnow Supreme [H]ardness. Joined Jul 29, Messages 6, Makaveli BETA said:. Last edited: Nov 26, Inu [H]ard Gawd. Joined Jun 29, Messages 2, SecretStash Gawd. Joined May 27, Messages Trump could really get a boost in popularity if he just made a cabinet change. Ajit refuses to believe that there is no free market to begin with. Joined Sep 14, Messages No, it's quite possible. Pieter3dnow said:. That is trivial, it comes down to voting for the wrong presidential candidate and this was his mandate from the begging.

This person is not the cause, that one is in the White house or golf course The FCC leadership will keep pushing the agenda of screwing as much consumers as they can without prejudice. Joined Dec 18, Messages KarsusTG 2[H]4U.

Joined Aug 27, Messages 3, RanceJustice Supreme [H]ardness. Joined Jun 9, Messages 6, Do you see the problem now guys? Call your Senators especially but other reps in general; there are things they can do to block the FCC's attempt to repeal Title II provisions.

Stryke Limp Gawd. Joined Dec 1, Messages And who needs the government? Everyone wants to run to the government when something like this happens. Oh help me government, please help me! The only thing that the government has done is fuck things up, the less government we have the better.

These are the same people who couldn't find their asses with both hands tied behind their backs. Nothing works quite like having an angry mob outside Comcast's headquarters.

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