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He brought the yearning his nation waited for. The Turks learned self-confidence, the resolve to win and to be indefeatable from him. On the path he paved they will be victorious forever. We did not have any records on this. Since he was very well formed his stature gave always the impression of being taller. Where lies the border of medium height and long? And, one of the researchers said that he was 1. Many of the great men in history are medium height, even short.

Isn't this a childish thought? While in primary school, which of the children could jump down from a height of 1. None thought it to be easy to jump down. Lastly one of them said shortly:. One could not look directly into his eyes. An ambassador got so much excited meeting him that his feet slipped and he fell down. Mithat Cemal Kuntay has written a poem addressing the Italian sculptor Kanonika, who made the sculptures of Ataturk.

He has tried in this poem to mix his material greatness with his expressive greatness. His poem beginning with:. But you can't understand him: he is ours. Don't you know, can he be represented with these hands? Ends this way:. Let the shoulders be more awful than mountain parts, Carries on his back my country, my homeland. The poet wants the shoulders of the great man to be more imposing than the mountains.

It is understood that people wish to see great men to be tall. There is a painting of Ataturk in soldier's uniform, the body is long and large, but the head is small. This measurelessness is explained with a story. The painter asks Ataturk how he should make the height, Ataturk points to a soldier standing away; says to take model of the height of this soldier. We do not know whether this story is real, or not. What we know is that the painter has been deceived by his desire to paint him huge.

Mithat Cemal Kuntay asks the sculptor to show the man who carries the fatherland on his back with a strong body such as that of mythical Atlas. In the photographs taken in , when Ataturk had begun the War of Liberation, we see a man who remains frail among the pale faced, slim sized, tall friends.

Here, this man has completed the gigantic feats. If you understand and feel my ideas, my feelings, that's enough. It's true, we cannot abstract from his blonde hair, blue eyes, his body which is an image of subtlety. A thought has liberated this land, a thought has reprocessed and re-founded it.

They say the sculptor has thought over the stone. Actually, the human bodies and the human faces engraved in the stone are nothing else than the thought of the sculptor. The body of Ataturk, which all of us wish to see in a different aspect, to imagine in different views, is now dust.

Above him a great monument rises. However, the thoughts of Ataturk still exist. Furthermore they are fresh. These thoughts were spoken thinking of the future. In these thoughts the youth, the security and the illuminated future of a country are included.

Ataturk lived within the Turkish Nation, knew deeply all its existence. During his lifetime he has processed the philosophy of life for his beloved nation and has spoken of this philosophy in his speeches and conversations. All these are now waiting in books. We will find Ataturk in these speeches, conversations. If not for his appearance, his body we imagine to be a mountain, he is in them with his thoughts sublime like skies. He shines in them like the sun of thought. Ataturk is both the greatest hero and the chief author of the epic of the Turkish independence and freedom.

Ataturk was the symbol of Turkish rhetoric. His speeches have been the light of darkest days. Beginning the national struggle, he described the belief he felt to his nation with the most eloquent words. He was a genius commander, great reformer, unique politician. If a man in addition to one of this characteristics furthermore is an orator, success is half-achieved. He talks for hours, rolls like a cannon, babbles like a waterfall, flashes like lightning.

His magic voice addressed the soul, his elegant gestures carried away his audience. Speaking, his intelligent eyes lit up, his sweet face grew and it felt as if the speaker was not a man, but the history of reforms. Beginning the revolution he gathered the nation around himself through his statements and speeches.

In the historical First Grand National Assembly he was the most heroic orator of secret and open sessions. When he spoke the wavy sea calmed down. When he cried out, the calm air tempested. In his journeys as President there was another manner and another magic in his speeches to the nation. The history of rhetorics shall say he was an orator who was been listened to for hours.

The speeches of Ataturk are a page in our history of reforms. His greatest dream was to see the Turkish nation developed in science and economy; to see them tiredlessly working as a nation. However, he was not able to see the resolution and decision, the successes gained of his nation swearing to this aim.

We had longed for ages for his birth… Among us came a corona of light. Whatever he touched with his high will, unreachable intelligence, deep thought, there flowed the most ardent and clear springs of life…. How happy we are, we have seen the most magical work of creation live among us… Like the secret worship in our years of calamity, we have remembered his sacred name trembling with excitement.

Let his honoured name reach the happy generations of the future; let them also know the epic of victory of this hero, who was admired by the world. The generation, which has enjoyed inattainable happiness under his shadow, how unhappy you are: you have seen the death of a hero, who rushed you from one victory to the other, who made reforms, who gave you life, joy, hope through his might… having seen the infinite might in him we thought his material existence also to be eternal.

Just as every mortal, he has died, too; decaying flesh and bone, then a handful dust! He wanted to free him from mortality, so he gave him the supremest jewel of thought, of genius… In our days of calamity, God show mercy on us, he was the power, a high thought sent as the savior to the Turkish world, condensed out of the genius, intelligence and will of millions of Turks. He won't walk anymore among us! The pain is great. But with the real existence of thought, now is he living within us.

And he will live with the same power and vigour in the paths of the future reaching to eternity, in the souls of the future generations…. The sun of the freed risen in the horizons of Samsun has set ablaze and destroyed the occupying forces and the theocratic administrators. At the same time he became the light of the captivated nations.

This sun is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The Turks are the conquerors and rulers of the twentieth century, since the greatest man of the twentieth century has been brought forth by the Turks. Ataturk understood well our need and obligation to become a national state, has formed it through his rational practices and placed it on its real course. The only work to be done is to continue on the course he has shown. Ataturk was the man who turned the heart of the Turks from leaning for centuries towards the middle ages, their eyes from looking towards the deserts of Arabistan to civilization, to the present century and future.

Ataturk has been a source of inspiraton not only for us Turks, but for humanity. Whatever he did and said was an example of deepest thought and comprehension, highest patriotism, largest human feelings. However, with an agreement to be made with America he would protect the high interests of our country and he would think that the geography of our country is at the same time defending America, and thus he would make two party agreements more useful to us.

However, in the laicism affairs he would execute a more definite and sensitive policy. Furthermore, he would work for a more qualified and informed education, especially in the areas of positive sciences technical and rational knowledge , of the theologians. He wished this deeply, but his life did not last long enough for this. He never accepted concessions on his reforms. If needed, he would have thought of harsh precautions to prevent this.

He was the great hero who loved this land most and who wished it to develope in the shortest possible time. The creators who will succeed us, have not been born yet: Are their honours, glories and deeds, whatever they shall be born for, not the opportunities for greatness?

If we have not an intelligence, a way of thinking and an acuteness of mind just as he had, if we do not possess his patience and energy, we cannot resemble him. He grows like a mountain the more we approach him. Only when we hold him in our hand, it is then we cannot see the whole. An intelligence fed with an extraordinary strong memory, a progressive presentiment, a sound common sense, drawing unmistaken conclusions, fitting judgement, definite decision, strength of rapid execution.

Kneaded among dreams, plans, secrert publications, organizations, exiles, revolutions and reforms, the child of an idealist generation, matured still young through many experiences! Wounded in his heart by a shrapnel in Canakkale, but did not die, although he fell from the horse and broke his ribs in Sakarya, he did not leave the battlegroung, talked for hours, discussed tiredlessly, exchanged ideas, his body sound as a rock….

Ataturk was middle sized,almost tall. Since his stature was very well formed, he has always made an impression of to being taller. His broad and full shoulders and chest were proportioned and drew attention. His body was fully harmonious and there was no aesthetic deficiency. A statue-like awe in his attitudes, lively and swift movements, and an elegant excellence dazzled everybody. His head, appropriate to the largeness of his shoulders and chest was large and formed, and crowned by blonde hair.

This extraordinary hair, since leaving at both sides a more open forehead, was neatly combed back and resembled a lion's mane on top of a man's head. Frowning but not curved eyebrows increased the characteristics of the face as if wound up and twisted backwards. And below these thick eyebrows there were the large, slightly casted skyblue eyes glittered and lit up with light,the meaning of which changed each moment.

The high cheeks were prominent and since the eyes were fairly apart from each other the face could be seen from the opposite and the nose, being perfect, stood large as to feed the importance of this muscular face with its full wings. Especially the symbolic motions of the wings showed the high sensibility of the character. The tight closing of the thin lips, the sound stature of the chin expressed the will power of his soul.

Slim and long-fingered hands, the hands of an artist which expressed not destructiveness but constructiveness, the beautiful hands, which with harmonious gestures increased elegance and eloquence, completed the character of Ataturk and pointed always to the basic points and horizons to be reached. He says that among those who left in the morning only Ataturk left with the same care as he came in, from the knot of his necktie up to the ironing of his dress.

This person who paid so much attention to his outer appearance is at the same time a treasure of knowledge and thoughts. None of the works he did were casual. All bear the deep traces of a mature consciousness. These new ideas forming in a well thinking mind sprung out when the days came just like colorful chicks out of eggs and amazed the audience.

These are lovely ideal birds. We advance through the ages year by year, because our measure is its speed. The heritage of the past, up to the ways of thinking, we have donated to the past. With a new system of feeling we try to be a model for humanity! In the selection of the farms, the possibility of determining land rent was also taken into account as a selection criterion.

Data collected in the field consisted of the amount of physical input use, production procedures and time, and input and output prices. In calculating costs, the prices paid by the farmers for input, which they bought and farmyard prices of output were taken into account. Product cost tables were created taking account of all work carried out by others for pay, and for this reason, the tables do not show factors such as depreciation and interest.

The ideal way of valuing agricultural land is by evaluating it according to market prices. Landwirtschaftliche Taxationslehre, 2. Auflage, Sankt Augustin, In Turkey, the agricultural land market is static, and there is little buying and selling unless it is compulsory, so that valuation must be performed according to income.

For this reason, the income capitalization method is the method most used in determining agricultural land values, and the only sources for experts to calculate net income are crop cost tables. In the study, wheat production costs were first calculated, and land values were determined from cost tables.

Because there was information on yield and crop prices on the production cost tables, it was possible to calculate income. In the study, economic profit was reported by subtracting total production expenditures from total wheat production value.

Positive economic profit depended on the net income obtained from the land being greater than the land rent. The greater this difference, the more the profit will be correspondingly. Accessed: Apr. Accessed: Agust, 10, Thus, the main factor in determining economic income is the net income to be obtained from the land. However, the main factor used in calculating the net income is different according to whether the land is rented out or whether it is worked by the landowner himself.

Accessed: Jun. In the case of rental,. In this study, the land rent in the wheat cost tables was reported by taking into account the average rents of similar land in the area, and represented opportunity cost. There was no property tax on land because of pre regulations. Therefore, in rental, net income was directly accepted as the land rent in the cost tables. Agricultural appraisal and expertise, revised and expanded second edition, Yetkin Publisher, Ankara, Accessed: Dec.

Because accounting records are not kept on farms in Turkey, crop costs and land valuations were assessed from data collected in the field by questionnaire. When experts assess land for various reasons, the most important sources are the cost tables prepared by the provincial or district Agriculture Organizations. Therefore, the focus was placed on the use of cost tables in valuation, and the year was selected because it had an average production season agriculturally.

Also, it was intended in this study to bring attention only to differences in method which emerged, without paying attention to crop rotation. The most important limitations of the study are that records are not kept on the farms, and that most of the time, true land sales cannot be securely ascertained. For this reason, the income method is frequently used, especially because of expropriation, in the determination of land values.

The most important particular value of this study is that it shows that when land values are determined by the income method, the type of farm is important. Ziraat Fak. Production cost and profitability of banana in Turkey, Mediterranean Agricultural Sciences, v. Accessed: Nov. A Research on the determination of the capitalization interest rate in arable land. Individual capitalization rates are calculated for irrigated land and dry base lands and dry side lands cultivated by sharecropper, tenancy or Land-owner, and the reasons for the differences among these rates are interpreted accordingly.

In this study, cost calculation methods of Turkey and other countries were compared, and the methods of calculating agricultural production costs and differences in technique of agricultural institutions were assessed. When rent prices are determined on base values, the tenant and the landowner shoulder risk and opportunities arising because of changes in yield, and the price of crops jointly. Januar , CAU Kiel, It was determined that regional differences in rents were explained by natural conditions and different farm structures and characteristics related to this, and that the state of regional competition played an important role.

The rental payment is related to the net income to be obtained by the tenant, while on the other it is related to how much other potential tenants will pay according to the competition in the area. In the valuation of land, the net income obtained from the land and the land rent are important factors. In economics, there are two basic approaches to the source and origin of net income, the classical and neoclassical approach and the Marxist approach.

In the classical school of economics, the foundation of the concept of net income was laid by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and in the Marxist approach by Marx. From the time of Ricardo and Marx until now, the most talked-about topics in economics have been landing rent and costs, and net income. Batman University, Journal of Life Sciences, v. These methods are as follows: land rental comparison, proportional land rental relationship, developmental analysis land residual, allocation land ratio, extraction of land rental value, ground rent of leased land, and subdivision development estimating land rental value.

For this reason, they stated that it was necessary not to include rent, which could be evaluated as the net income of the land, in production expenses. Calculation of the net income of the land shows the landlord the maximum level in determining rent.

However, the effect of an entrepreneurial personality and land with the same characteristics bring about a willingness to pay differently, the tenant does not give the whole of the net income of the land to the landowner, and the distribution of this between tenant and landowner varies according to regions. The relationships between rent and sale price in the condition of having complete knowledge of land price were also analyzed with mathematical models.

According to this, in the model which they used when explaining the relationship between crop prices and net income, they reported that a change in crop prices would bring about a greater change in net income. Table 1 shows the amounts of physical input used in wheat production. According to this, it was reported that for each hectare, The Esperia and Bezostia seed varieties are mostly preferred in the region.

At sowing, kg per hectare of DAP fertilizer is applied. The first application of fertilizer after sowing is in February or March, using kg per hectare of urea fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer is applied at kg ha, and composite fertilizers at kg ha. Application of agricultural chemicals generally takes place in April, and the herbicides Ester and Granstar are generally used against weeds. Also, measures are taken against corn bugs Eurygaster integriceps if these are seen.

Harvesting and threshing begins at the end of June, and continues to the middle of July. In this study sometimes the byproduct of straw is given in payment to the person performing the harvesting and threshing. Only four farms in the study insured their crop, and it was found that most farmers owned tractors, but that most of the tractors had passed their depreciation threshold. Land rent forming

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