Full story of v for vendetta torrent

full story of v for vendetta torrent

In a world in which Great Britain has become a fascist state, a masked vigilante known only as “V” conducts guerrilla warfare against the oppressive British. In a future British dystopian society, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow the tyrannical government -. Following world war, London is a police state occupied by a fascist government, and a vigilante known only as V (Hugo Weaving) uses terrorist tactics to. LIBERATOR RICHARD HARLAND TORRENT The setup was straight forward, simple in the name remotely, TeamViewer also. Read about how Manager Express CME files from anywhere, can control them telephony solution that. If the access the risk posed.

Tim Pigott-Smith Creedy as Creedy. Ben Miles Dascomb as Dascomb. Natasha Wightman Valerie as Valerie. John Standing Lilliman as Lilliman. Eddie Marsan Etheridge as Etheridge. James McTeigue. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The domino scene, where V Hugo Weaving tips over black and red dominoes to form a giant letter V, involved 22, dominoes.

It took four professional domino assemblers hours to set it up. Quotes V : People should not be afraid of their governments. Crazy credits The Warner Bros, DC Comics, Vertigo and Silver Pictures logos are on black-and-white film, and are accompanied by part of the Overture, thus forming the impression that V is starting a transmission. Soundtracks The Beginning User reviews 2. Top review. Placed in futuristic Britain, this movie tells a story about dictatorship and the man who became symbol of it's downfall.

People from many, not to say majority, countries in today's world can easily identify with the characters. Great adaptation of DC comic and always gladly seen Natalie Portman. FAQ Is "V for Vendetta" based on a book? Why wasn't Alan Moore credited as the original author? Who is Guy Fawkes? Details Edit. Release date March 17, United States. United States United Kingdom Germany. Official Facebook Warner Bros.

United States. Warner Bros. Virtual Studios Silver Pictures. They really should have either concentration camps, unending wars, book burnings, or goose stepping. Instead the setting feels like today's world slightly shifted. It's not enough. The thing with George Orwell. He created completely new worlds. There's so much they could have done. V's voice is distracting.

Speaking thru the mask is problematic. It leaves conversation with him cold and distant. It would be better to cut those scenes down. The pacing gets very slow in the middle. The police is chasing him down, but there's never a close call. It grinds down as they slowly reveal the history. It's way too slow, way too late. They should have done this earlier, in a shorter prelude section. This is what the 1st act is for.

And if this is such a police state with control of the media, how the heck did that program get on the air in the first place? If Evey's torture is all V's doing, how much of the stories we're shown can be believed? Or are they created to convert Evey? DC Comics has a rather poor reputation lately. Despite having some great superheroes, the films based on their characters often have sucked.

However, one of the best and most worthwhile films based on their comics is WELL worth seeing The story is placed in a dystopian future. According to this future, the United States has been torn apart by civil war and disasters. And, the United Kingdom has gone from a constitutional monarchy to a repressive fascist dictatorship.

But the government is far more evil than just repressing free speech. It seems that much of the chaos that led to this government was actually created by the man who now is in charge. To create a climate of fear and chaos, the government has created fake terrorists The only hope Britain has is a weird nehilistic superhero, V. V Hugo Weaving is determined to bring down the government and give the country back to the people.

But how? And what part does Evey Natalie Portman play in all this? See the film. This is a very exciting and intelligent film. It definitely kept my interest Well worth seeing and exceptionally well made. By the way, if you like this film, try the s Italian film "Danger: Diabolik". Both have very, very similar themes and both are wonderful movies. After hearing so many good things about V for Vendetta, I was expecting more than what I got.

I will say, as someone who hasn't read the book, that it is not a terrible movie, just underwhelming. Pros: The best thing about V for Vendetta was by far the visuals. The whole film looks fantastic, the camera work and editing are smooth and stylish and the costume and set design are sophisticated. The lighting is brooding and like the score enhance the atmosphere effectively.

The idea was also intriguing. Cons: What didn't work for me was the plot, things weren't explained very well or were underdeveloped, it was sluggish and it just had a very shallow feel to it. I didn't care for the characters either, like the plot they were underdeveloped and and lacked any sort of depth. The script is often stilted, the direction lacked efficiency and despite the cast the acting didn't work for me either.

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