Http error 504 torrentleech down

http error 504 torrentleech down

Before asking about AB, check it is down for me. error. Collapse Is TorrentLeech down? Collapse. Account issues; Questions regarding the status of a tracker. But torrentLeech tracker neither socks nor http protocol cannot support. socks protocol. Error: Connection activation failed: (53) The Wi-Fi network could not mtu qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen WARAU KANOKON SAMA BAKABT TORRENT A discussion of you to create options, and adjust. ShowMyPC provides cross-platform. You can then.

Sometimes I may be in the process up copying stuff over from another drive to upload and all the activity can grind my drive to a halt. It's not about you. You're offering files and then not providing them. This is extremely rude to the leechers who you're promising to send the files to.

If you're busy moving the files around, don't upload the. If I ever upgrade hardware the whole thing may be a non-issue. Behind the scenes, there are impatient leechers. Some of them will complain to Staff. Some Staff will tell them to wait a few hours, maybe the uploader has a connection problem which will soon be fixed. Some Staff will want to punish the uploader.

After the 2nd or 3rd complaint, you start to look like the bad guy. If it says uploads rather than upload, that's curious I'd at least interpret uploads as in torrents you have uploaded, whereas upload means how much you've seeded iow how much other users of the tracker have downloaded from you.

As for points, most often that means bonus points, seedpoints or similar, which are points that you will accrue as you seed what you have downloaded, a sort of bonus or 'reward' for seeding back what you've downloaded. There's usually a formula for this but the short story is that you most often can spend these points on various things like a custom title, removal of download or added upload both to improve your ratio , invites, ranking up and so on and so forth.

Usually sites will have a counter around where your username and basic stats are shown, and if you click on it you'll usually see either how the points are accrued, what you can spend them on, or both. I wonder what happens if I accidentally, not on purpose run two torrent clients hosting same torrent from the same IP address? Like, my desktop and laptop having same torrent in qBit and they're both online.

Is it bad? The two clients will send inconsistent numbers to the tracker, for upload and download stats, and will send inconsistent completion announces. The tracker's software will see a lower number following a higher number, might reset the stats to zero. Then you'll complain to tracker Staff that the stats are wrong or your ratio is wrong. If the Staff have to spend 20 minutes looking at the tracker log to see your announce pattern, you can expect to be thoroughly roasted for wasting Staff time.

I've been trying to reset my password for torrentdb. Any suggestions? If so, what is it? Can't login since they revamped it I've noticed some disparity between how much the torrent client says I've uploaded and what the tracker site shows. Is this normal or is one just way off? There could be various things affecting that. It could be the tracker caching the value shown to you properly update it after some time.

Or it could be the client not handling errors properly, such being closed unexpectedly or receiving an error from the tracker. In rare cases, it can be a tracker issue. If the issue persists you should contact the staff, who should probably be able to help you. So I download with utorrent proxy open socket5 type proxy , but when I do this, it only can download, cannot upload. How to set my download tool like utorrent proxy, or set my proxy server vps , that I can upload with proxy?

I found that torrentDay, HD-space tracker can support both socks and http protocol. But torrentLeech tracker neither socks nor http protocol cannot support. So, after quite a long time I came back to using torrents. So I went torrentleech and my account was still valid and fresh new.

I read the new ruled ,downloaded 3 movies and was planning to seed them for 10 days. While seeding, my computer reset itself after some updates and after some days I remembered I still haven't seed for 10 whole days, So I opened bittorrent and started seeding again. I opened bittorent and saw "unregistered torrent pass" status on all 3 torrents.

Was looking for an answer at google but haven't find one. Also, Tried connecting to their irc channel but I can't even edit my profile so I would be able to enable Irc chat and get my chat's username. Tried connecting to their irc channel but I can't even edit my profile so I would be able to enable Irc chat and get my chat's username. You can join the tlhelp channel without the random-string key required for the other channels, so you don't need to edit your profile.

Is something going on with RED? I just learned that Framestor and some other remuxes p2p group release have a dxva option as a encode release. How are their encode in comparison to maybe Ncmt and D-zon3? Cross-seeding means to download something that exists on site A preferably something just recently posted from site B where you either have no ratio req or your buffer can handle it , then seeding it on site A, so you gain no download on site A but gain any and all uploads happening thereafter.

If you're joining AN to grab plugins then chances are you don't have an alternate source so you can probably disregard that in the short term. AN has a fair bit of traffic so - in my opinion - the easiest thing is to sit and refresh the torrent list regularly and when something new and fitting your current buffer whatever that is is posted, grab it right away and keep seeding it forever.

Over a little bit of time you'll build up buffer which you can spend on what you actually want. Just basically the old school buffer building AN is an old school tracker without bells and whistles like freeleech, bonus points etc. I wouldn't recommend going in without looking both sides or you can find yourself in the hole before you notice and that can be a bit unpleasant to sort out in hindsight.

If I find a plugin that I want and download it and kept seeding it is that ok? Not saying you can't find a plugin and upload, you could absolutely get lucky. As for the next bit - you can download and seed or not as you prefer I can't recall any HnR rules tbh - make sure you read the rules when you join just in case but obviously you only gain upload thus improving your ratio and giving you a buffer to use for downloading as long as you're seeding, and somebody snatches from you.

But again my experience is that over time most torrents will reach at least a and often well above that, if you snatch them early on. I encounter this in both Firefox and Edge using the 1. Thinking I'm SOL at the moment but wanted to see if anyone had the same problem or a work-around.

Tracker status is also reading "Error: expected value list, dict, int or string in bencoded string". The error text for the insecure certificate has the clues. It's a man-in-the -middle mcafee certificate - your firewall or your antivirus or your ISP.

Cool, yeah I agree with the VPN solution but unfortunately it's against their rules to use a general provider, even if paid, to browse the site. The exception being a shared seedbox VPN so I think that'll be the solution. Plenty of cheap options. Not sure if that was a problem; I personally didn't care because even with the amount of money spent on uploads for which there was no return, I wouldn't have been able to buy a fraction of what I downloaded. Though I get that maybe not everyone wanted to be so share-happy.

Still, what changed? When were HnR rules first introduced and what was the main reason? File size? Couple orders of magnitude more people though public torrnts still seem to run fine? Private tracker rules are targeted at keeping files seeded, but the rules - either ratio or seeding time - only force users to seed for minimum ratio or time. A tracker has good seeding retention if the users choose to seed for longer. Staff fiddling with rules can not influence this.

Over the 13 years or so of private trackers, there are fewer and fewer hours-on desktop and server seeders, more and more part-time seeders with laptops. Laptop users are motivated by. They do seed for a long time, at least 3 days for the 4 hours a day they're on-line less for Apple laptop users, with their battery-saving minute auto-sleep. In their context - have to turn it off a lot and it only has 80GB - they're contributing. I'm using Deluge on unRaid with Radarr and Sonarr. Is it possible to tell Deluge which indexer a certain file came from?

Anyone know if this is possible with any plugins or such? Figured I'd work a bit on revamping my torrent setup. Peer Exchange and DHT have been inconsistent as well. I would think when using a VPN or proxy port forwarding wouldn't work. In any case would an expanded list of trackers benefit the torrent? Sure, for 3 minutes until the proxy's IP changes again. You can leech like this, but your seeding stats will always be zero.

See the most recent torrentfreak VPN survey to find the answer to "do you support port forwarding? NordVPN does not. Is there interest in a guide on sourcing uploads from rutracker to RED? Would it even be allowed? I've seen people complain that getting uploads in RED is difficult, while there's a whole lot of stuff only available in rutracker. It does take time and work though. So I'm completely new to torrenting and the like, and I was wondering if someone could give me a simple explanation of private trackers, how to use them, how to get in, and how to get started with them.

I've been looking up things to try to help me understand, but I'm still really confused Bunch of links on the right hand side, you will want to read those. There's even one called "How to get into private trackers", that sounds suspiciously relevant. Note: this is meant to be a short term solution, please be aware that using the IP address does open up some attack vectors when Pornbay changes their IP in the future. You should revert to using the domain when the issue is fixed and change your trackers accordingly.

For anyone trying to access Pornbay. You can use the following IP to navigate to the site and log in as you normally would. IP Seeing as they last changed IP addresses on November 28 and the outage started on the 30th. Is anyone able to send me the IRC info for Baconbits? I've been trying to join and ask for help about my account there but they've changed recently and I can't remember what the server is.

Looking for help getting into the Blutopia discord for support. Same boat here. Banned from blutopia for what appears a breach of my old password. Would be grateful for a link to their discord to explain my self. After 4 loyal years it's literally heartbreaking to be banned like this. Idk if it's just me or what but ever since they added the snow effect for Christmas when I ever I go GGn my memory usage maxes and the webpage goes to a crawl and I have to wait minutes for it to register a click and even longer for a page to load.

Seed time is tracked by your passkey, not IP address Do not let both clients talk to the tracker at the same time for the same torrent. Leave a minute break between stopping on the PC and starting on the seedbox. MAM is up, but I can't get to it. When I try, ublock alerts me that the sites it is trying to go to are on easylist ie generally blocked and are of names like forwrd. When I try to traceroute the site it leads me somewhere similar.

This is the only site this is happening to; I can get to and use IPT without a problem. If I didn't know better, I would think they had been hacked with some type of redirect, but that doesn't seem to be the case either. Malwarebytes finds no problems on my machine, and as I said this is the ONLY site that is having this problem. Any ideas of what I could try to fix it? I realized I left off some details. The same problem occurs in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The latter two refer to a site called get.

How on earth am I supposed to get any decent ratio when all my countries plans are mbps DL and 10mbps UL. I can't upload shit. And if I cap out my upload speed, the net lags for everyone else in the household while browsing and gaming. Been out of of the torrenting game for a while and been using real-debrid to download torrents here and there.

I've been invited to a private tracker but dont want to run a torrent client locally. I dont mind doing whatever it takes to maintain a decent ratio even paying. It's essentially renting a server, so re-occuring. How do I move the files I'm seeding without losing the ability to seed them? I inadvertently did it once and noticed utorrent had an issue with it, which makes sense, but I moved it back and it was fine. Now I want to expand and change my hard drive set up but in order to do that I need to move the things I am currently seeding.

How do I change the file location of what I want to seed in utorrent so that it knows where to look when seeding? Dumb question but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to join another private tracker but there they are not on an invite thread on any of my trackers. They never do open signups and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to join it.

I would say the name but I understand that's not allowed. Any suggestions on learning how to join this tracker? I've only ever downloaded torrents on my own computer, and never been on a private tracker. I'd like to get a seedbox account so i can download things mostly old movies not very obscure, not in HD and audiobooks without leaving my machine on all the time or alerting my ISP. I've seen several comments that people who download torrents from public trackers are dickheads, and don't understand why, but they seem to be degrading everyone else's seedbox service somehow?

Is it possible to use a seedbox for public torrents without annoying other users, or should i try to join a private tracker first? If they work for you, there's nothing wrong. If you use a public tracker with a seedbox, the copyright trolls send notices to the seedbox company, or to the seedbox company's hosting service. Some seedbox companies see these notices as a risk to their service, so they ban public torrents. If your seedbox provider does not ban public torrents, keep on torrenting.

Have you checked their rules? It looks like it may be sending out a piece or two and then moving to the next queued torrent, which might be the intended behavior with those queue settings. You should probably ask on their forums or github. Anyone know how I can get 2 step disabled on my account I purchased a new phone and I don't have access to my redacted account at the moment and I already sent back my phone to my carrier anyone know if I'm screw or if support can remove this.

Whether they will or not is another matter entirely, you will want to join their IRC and see what's what. General support self. Previous thread. Icecoldk1lla 3 points 2 years ago Icecoldk1lla 3 points 2 years ago. Lyndendaire 2 points 1 year ago Lyndendaire 2 points 1 year ago.

What are some good trackers for books and music? Blully54 2 points 1 year ago Blully54 2 points 1 year ago. If i try again it tells me to "slow down" that i've logged in and shows my last log in timestamp if i let it sit there, i'll get a " Gateway Time-out" after 2FA. MrRom92 2 points 2 years ago MrRom92 2 points 2 years ago. MrRom92 1 points 2 years ago MrRom92 1 points 2 years ago. I just looked up BHD and submitted an application, looking forward to checking it out. Ahhh, yikes. Hi there!

Sure I can easily find or dvd9 movie, but good quality is always preferable for my monitor. Thanks in advance! Farow [S] 1 points 2 years ago Farow [S] 1 points 2 years ago. YeoYi 2 points 2 years ago YeoYi 2 points 2 years ago.

YeoYi 1 points 2 years ago YeoYi 1 points 2 years ago. What's up with PsyTorrents? Are they having technical problems or are they closed? Why is every single one i tried to get into invite-only? To keep out the copyright trolls How does one register? I say "Hi friends, which trackers can you invite me to" and someone sends me an invite. Rarbg has some of those releases, but they get them from secondary sources, so they're usually delayed at least 30 minutes, sometimes a few hours Join IPT or AR or TL for instant access to those releases.

Farow [S] 2 points 2 years ago Farow [S] 2 points 2 years ago. Was there ever a public tracker that had its own scene access? Does pornolab. Hashi 2 points 2 years ago Hashi 2 points 2 years ago. But seems like my account has disappeared. Keep seeing information regarding RED interview, but do not understand how it works. Anyone that can guide me? Ketchup 4 points 2 years ago Ketchup 4 points 2 years ago.

Farow [S] 3 points 2 years ago Farow [S] 3 points 2 years ago. BobbleBobble 2 points 1 year ago BobbleBobble 2 points 1 year ago. Any ideas on what the problem might be? They're not actually leeching because they've chosen not to download all the files Do not use port PrismaCarnage 1 points 2 years ago PrismaCarnage 1 points 2 years ago. What does "Obfuscated" mean in this file name? My best guess is that it refers to the playlist obfuscation some blu-ray discs use. Serengeti1 1 points 2 years ago Serengeti1 1 points 2 years ago.

I just dont want to be an ass you know. Its the only WiFi type you can get where i live tho. Could get your post deleted for breaking rule 2 Questions on how to get into trackers or about where they recruit from are not allowed. People already do that with trackers mainly through RED. Its against this subreddit's rules. I think the problem is with conflicting drivers as when I uninstall broadcom-wl and rebooot it will still have a few networks for me to connect, and not just remembered ones.

The iwctl output for interfaces was strange to me since I only have on card. I belive wlan1 may be the interface that is problematic. I am sometimes able to connect to my WiFi if I continuiosly cancel and reattempt the connection. After the initial connection there are no issues. My avalible connections for plasma also shows my network twice with different interfaces.

Most of this info is probably useless but I am totally lost here and am kind of desprete to solve this issue Thanks for the help so far everyone. Tried with the build in IWD as well as dhcpcd and still wouldn't work, I also reverted the netowok names and now I'm left with wlan0 and wlan1.

Here is my journal, hope I did this right XD. Thanks for your help. EDIT: no connections work if they are not on wlan1 as of now. My main 5ghz wifi doesnt have an option for that and restricting it with plasma doesn't work. I am so frustrated right now. I make a kubuntu bootable usb. Without installing any drivers some 2. Windows is still fine. Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: mt76x2u I was able to find the culprit after a long search, it turns out the xbox wireless adapter for controllers acts as a wifi card and causes issues.

Please always remember to mark resolved threads by editing your initial posts subject - so others will know that there's no task left, but maybe a solution to find. Atom topic feed. Arch Linux. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Pages: 1. I'm not sure the information that I can provide here. Error: Connection activation failed: 53 The Wi-Fi network could not be found.

You have a typo there should be only one 'n' in 'conn' nmcli dev wifi con "Cafe". As a sanity check, if you do a site survey scan for access points , do any 5GHz APs show up? Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: rcu: RCU calculated value of scheduler-enlistment delay is 30 jiffies. Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel Permanently consumes one hw-PMU counter. Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: nvme nvme0: allocated 32 MiB host memory buffer.

Opts: null. Quota mode: none. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Created slice system-getty. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Created slice system-modprobe. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Reached target Paths. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Reached target Slices. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Reached target Swap. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Starting Create list of static device nodes for the current kernel Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: Linux agpgart interface v0.

Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Finished Create list of static device nodes for the current kernel. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: modprobe fuse. Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: wl: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel. Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: mc: Linux media interface: v0. Mar 30 ArchLinux mount[]: The disk contains an unclean file system 0, 0. Mar 30 ArchLinux mount[]: Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully no hibernation Mar 30 ArchLinux mount[]: or fast restarting.

Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: usb-storage Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: nvidia-nvlink: Nvlink Core is being initialized, major device number Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: nvidia Mar 30 ArchLinux kernel: sd [sdc] byte logical blocks: 8. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Commit a transient machine-id on disk being skipped.

Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Started Daily man-db regeneration. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Started Daily verification of password and group files. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Reached target Timers. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Reached target Sockets. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Starting Apply cpupower configuration Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd-logind[]: New seat seat0.

Mar 30 ArchLinux sddm[]: Starting NetworkManager: No interfaces information available. Resolving DNS name. Mar 30 ArchLinux sddm[]: Socket server starting Mar 30 ArchLinux sddm[]: Socket server started. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd-logind[]: New session c1 of user sddm. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: -. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: Reached target Paths.

Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: Reached target Timers. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: Listening on GnuPG cryptographic agent and passphrase cache access for web browsers. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: Listening on pkit server. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[]: Reached target Sockets. Mar 30 ArchLinux systemd[1]: Started Session c1 of user sddm.

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