Z nation season 2 episode 1 torrent

z nation season 2 episode 1 torrent

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Citizen Z up in the North Pole, he's being chased by a bunch of zombie soldiers. But even though he sees an incident from his past flash before his eyes Citizen Z pulls through. Roberta is saved by Vasquez from a particularly nasty bounty hunter, but not before she sees a vision from her past, of nearly drowning in a pool.

Murphy, tired of it all and just wants all the running to stop, jumps off the roof of the hotel and lands in the pool, filled with zombies that break his fall. Mack turns into a zombie and Addy gives him mercy. The guy with the suit reveales he has a "Z" tattooed on his hand. Addy rejoins the team, expresses her anger and sadness by using Murphy as a punching bag for a while, and they all decide to head west as fast as they can.

Because they're going to have to beat the storm cloud that's kicking up all kinds of nuclear fallout. As the radiation clouds are building, the team has to conjure a new plan to get to California. However, there's a few new things to worry about, too: Cassandra really seems to be having a hard time in her new life as an almost-zombie; there's a new breed of super-scary zombie out there; and, out of nowhere, a wagon train of survivors and some new bounty hunters have turned up.

The cavalcade of trucks n' cars is owned and operated by a guy named Sam Custer , who's leading his people to Edmonton, Canada. It's cold there and the zombies don't like it. But they've got a long way to go and they're in an area that's been overrun by Blasters, mega-zombies who were killed in the nuclear blasts. As the team decides to match up their fortunes with the convoy, a likable simpleton named Wrecking Ball takes Murphy and Doc aside and gets them stoned on Z Weed, which is pot made using zombie corpses as compost.

When Custer busts them, Murphy is required to ride in the medical wagon with the people dying of radiation poisoning or, as Addy and Roberta call it, "a zombie bomb waiting to go off". When Murphy gets Cassandra Z-stoned on Z-Weed , she becomes a little more Z-tastic than we've seen her be in the recent past, though also a little more coherent, too. As the convoy is attacked by a group of bounty hunters, Roberta and Vasquez learn that they actually make a pretty good team while Cassandra saves Doc and Wrecking Ball by jumping onto the hood of the car and chewing a guy's face off.

It buys enough time for Doc and Wrecking Ball to bail out, though their car is successfully carjacked and races off with the convoy's entire water supply. The team manages to catch up with the water car and a bloody Cassandra, who made short work of the carjackers , though Murphy manages to carjack the vehicle himself, accompanied by Cassandra and Wrecking Ball. Then, just as predicted, the medical wagon turns into a zombie day care center, where one guy dies, attacks another, and so forth until Addy is caught between regular Z's and terrifying Blasters coming at her from the road.

Addy is saved just in time by 10K as Roberta gets the team through a Blaster barricade and safely off the convoy. Sam Custer, who'd been slowly but surely losing his mind due to radiation exposure, is not so lucky as a Blaster eats his face. On the hunt for more Z Weed , Murphy and Cassandra sans Wrecking Ball , for some unknown reason have come to a Minnesota lab, where they find a group of survivors desperate to get their hands on Batch 47, a supposed herbal vaccine against the zombie virus.

Unfortunately, the greenhouse wherein this Batch 47 resides is overrun with zombies actually, even worse, phytozombies: half-plant, half zombie hybrids. Murphy finds the guy in charge, Odegard , just as the lab workers are about to send more harvester-types into the greenhouse to collect this mysterious Batch And then Dr.

Walter Kurian shows up, the bad guy from the Season 1 finale that created the ZN1 virus, and who might be responsible for the outbreak of the zombie virus in the first place. He is badly burned on the side of his face. Meanwhile, Operation Bitemark, in pursuit of Murphy, has rolled up to the lab and started to snoop around. They come upon a blonde woman with a little girl, and she turns out to be their kind of people: a woman raising a kid she's not related to because her real mom is dead.

The problem is the little girl is very sick and she keeps asking the blonde woman to not let her turn into a zombie. Murphy can feel the pain of the plant zombies, a psychic connection that seems to work both ways. He manages to get a sample of Batch 47 for the good lab doctor and they try it out on some zombies who are just heads in jars. The number she writes down was also seen by Dr. The team gets roped into helping harvest the rest of the seedpods in order to make more of the herbal zombie vaccine.

They trade in their guns for garden tools as defence for the phytos and head into the greenhouse, where they encounter the terrifying phytozombie leader, all green, shaggy, covered in vines and powerfully psychically connected to Murphy. Murphy flees and runs into Dr. Escorpion is in charge of a cartel known as the Zeroes which explains the 'Z' tattoo on his hand. When the lab doctor protests his order to shut down all Batch 47 experiments, Hector suddenly insists on human trials and shoots the resulting "alive zombie" in the face.

When Murphy tries to free all the phytozombies in the Giant Shop of Horrors, they suddenly come after him and the team has to fight for their lives. When they end up killing the phytozombie leader, Murphy is bereft.

Finally, Doc finds the little girl and her not-mother in the barn and hands over the Batch 47 leaves, which the little girl chews on before she dies. The episode ends when Serena , the pregnant lady wandering around looking for Murphy, encounters the group. As our intrepid band of zombie-battling, Murphy-getting-to-Cali badasses make their way through the U. There are too many zombies for Murphy to control, so it's best that everyone just makes a run for it, with Serena in tow.

It should be noted that Serena may give birth at any minute to Murphy's angry zombie baby. Roberta takes a moment to roll a giant wheel of cheese through town and the team watches in awe as it picks up zombies in its giant cheesy clutches. When the team comes under fire, they head off to a local Mennonite community upon the suggestion of Vasquez , who seems to be developing some kind of plan by listening in on the goings-on of the Zeroes cartel.

After 10K saves some Mennonites from a pretty scary zombie and a zombie sheep , he's sprayed with a mysterious white substance that's later revealed to be anthrax. When the other Mennonite zombies attack, both Doc and Addy are also sprayed with anthrax. Even though Doc has been immunized against a whole lot of things, this is still not good at all, no matter how you slice it. When 10K passes out, the team learns that the Mennonites are hoarding an antibiotic called Cipro. While it could save 10K, there's not enough of it to go around, so Addy, Vasquez and a young member of the community ride into the nearest town, kill a meth head and discover that there are no more antibiotics for miles.

All this while Serena has gone into labor in the barn. Everyone tries to help her, but she is not a good patient and the baby itself is clearly quite the special case. When Addy goes down from anthrax exposure and the team is faced with saving her and 10K or watching them die slowly with the other Mennonites, Roberta makes a decision: they steal the Cipro, apologize to the community, and leave town.

When Serena has the baby, the zombies come a'callin', as the child in swaddling clothes is something of a messiah for them complete with a single star above the barn in which she was born. Eventually, the Z's attack Serena and are furious when Murphy escapes with his daughter, whom he names Lucy. Roberta gives Serena mercy, and with the help of some antibiotics, 10K and Addy seem to be on the mend.

In Springfield, Illinois, our team of heroes is battling a group of Abe Lincoln zombies, as Murphy and Cassandra do their best to keep the peace with their magical zombie powers. There's a lot at stake as the zombie baby, Lucy, has no mother and has only eaten sugar water, and nobody really knows what to do with her. As 10K continues to worry about Cassandra, he's also starting to worry about what Vasquez is up to.

Roberta decides to find out what is Vasquez up to and leaves the team to check in on Lucy. Addy, Doc and 10K offer to take care of Lucy for a while to give Murphy a break but the Zombie Baby Daddy tells them he doesn't trust them. He goes off into the woods with his daughter and leaves Cassandra to look after the team, ordering her to make sure nobody leaves. Roberta catches up with Vasquez only to find he's in trouble with the Zeroes cartel. A gunfight turns a lot of the cartel members into zombies and wounds both Vasquez and Roberta.

Looking for a place to patch up their wounds, they head to a local hospital, where we learn Vasquez's backstory: he was a DEA agent, forced to work for the Zeroes after they kidnapped his wife and child and said they'd kill them slowly if he didn't.

What happened instead was that a rival cartel member said he'd kill them quickly but Vasquez would be owned; in order to give his wife and daughter mercy, Vasquez was forced into working for them. And just as Vasquez reveals this, his pulse stops. Roberta prepares to give him mercy but he wakes up in the nick of time. Meanwhile, the team decides to confuse Cassandra by running in three different directions, the hope being that she'll chase one of them as the other two go look for Murphy and Lucy.

It doesn't quite work out: Cassandra makes a tactical decision to go after Addy, which leaves 10K and Doc with the conundrum of having to save her. However, when 10K attempts a heart-to-heart, it goes pretty poorly. Doc and Addy manage to escape, leaving this former budding power couple to duke it out.

Murphy stumbles across a house in the woods where he asks a heavily armed couple to take Lucy and raise her as their own. Everyone's sort of on board with this plan until the would-be foster parents get a good look at the little monster, which prompts them to tell the Zombie Baby Daddy to take his kid and get lost. Things get tense when Murphy tells 10K he had no right to give mercy to Cassandra and Roberta asks where the baby is.

Turns out Murphy bit that nice couple right in the face and left Lucy behind to be raised by whatever kind of Cassandra-like almost-zombies they'll turn into shortly. The team comes to the mighty Mississippi, not an easy river to cross unless you have a boat and so far, the only boat available is covered in zombies. After quickly dispatching of the Z's, the team heads south and runs into Sketchy and Skeezy.

They've just looted Graceland and are practicing a new hustle called "The Murphy," where they pass Skeezy off as the Zombie Messiah. It's all shady charm until the boat is overrun by a zombie jam and the team is separated from 10K. Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, the team starts to argue about whether they should go back and look for 10K or keep moving.

Per Doc's insistence, they agree to spend 24 hours looking for him, but Roberta tells Doc that if they don't find 10K by morning, they're going to have to move on without him. Sketchy and Skeezy come across a dentist's truck and drive it to a nearby town. The truck is part of an organized scam to traffic humans, kill them, turn them into zombies and use them as slave labor in a town run by a guy named Tyler Burr, who's basically a dandy in a televangelist suit.

Sketchy, Skeezy and 10K are all welcomed into the fold because the truck had zombies in it. Murphy is still pretty angry over Cassandra being killed, and the team is starting to disagree over the idea that the mission is to get Murphy to California and everything that stands in the way is expendable. Back in Burrville, there's a new love interest for 10K and that never goes well.

We're instantly worried for this girl, though she ends up being the only person who takes 10K seriously when he says that he was traveling with The Murphy. And when Sketchy and Skeezy are put on trial by none other than Escorpion for stealing the truck, she's the only one who can save 10K's neck.

After Sketchy gives impassioned yet ultimately ineffective pleas for justice, The Scorpion sentences them all to hanging. Luckily, 10K's new love interest finds the team and leads them to the town. They arrive with guns blazing, freeing the zombie slaves, grabbing 10K and hitting the road once again leaving Sketchy and Skeezy to close the episode with their own Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-style freeze frame.

The team is low on supplies and Murphy wants to eat brains, which is a new development and probably sort of a serious one. It turns out it's a crazy nerd type named Dean, aka 'The Collector,' and it doesn't take him long to learn the identity of his latest catch: The Murphy. Dean puts a shock collar on Murphy and takes him on a tour of his insane zombie museum. They discuss classic zombie movies like White Zombie with Bela Lugosi, , eventually making their way to George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and agreeing that much like what we're watching, the best kind of zombie stories are the ones that are both scary and funny.

As Murphy gets the chance to take a shower, the team continues to look for him throughout the town, only to find that there aren't a lot of people 'round these parts. After Murphy attempts to escape, Dean ties him to a chair on a makeshift television studio set and commences with an exclusive interview with The Murphy. Dean collects DNA, takes a plasma and bone marrow sample and keeps shocking his guest with the collar. And then something that seems kind of important happens: Murphy tastes brains for the first time, during which new kinds of synapses go off in his head and he actually gets a little upset when talking about the baby daughter he had to give up.

It turns out that Dean is collecting various forms of Z's, most of which we've seen before: the radioactive Z's, the phytozombies, the Blasters. He's got them all, including celebrity zombies, such as George RR Martin, the Game of Thrones creator himself, all done up in zombie get-up. Dean is keeping him in a room where he just signs copies of his books over and over again. When Murphy tries to escape again, Dean shows his even crazier side, brutally electrocuting his guest as 10K shows up asking if Dean has seen "a blue guy.

Finally, Murphy convinces the zombie peanut gallery to sneak up on Dean and eat him alive, after which he passes out from weakness and has to be wheeled out of the zombie museum by 10K. As the team reassembles and prepares to get back on the road, Murphy makes Roberta promise that she won't leave him alone when they get to California.

As Team Z rolls toward Roswell, New Mexico, they encounter something they can't really explain: a flying saucer that scans them with bright light. Curious about what they've seen, they stop at what used to be downtown Roswell, where they find a cult-like group of "extranauts", people who believe they'll soon be going to outer space with a race of aliens.

Their leader and chief visionary is a gorgeous blonde named Bernadette. Bernadette claims the "visitors" have told her that a group will arrive and bring with them "the Emissary", the ambassador of humankind to the aliens, aka Murphy. The team is understandably skeptical and so is one of the extranauts named Dan Scully, who tells them that the zombie apocalypse was actually instigated by aliens who live in the hollowed-out spaceship we know of as Pluto.

He also tells them not to believe anything Bernadette says. Bernadette gives the team a quick tour of the abandoned base, claiming that the aliens have chosen to rescue only a few people from the zombie apocalypse wasteland once known as Earth. She then leads them into a secret room that turns out to be an elevator that descends several miles underground at top speed. When they enter the underground bunker, they come face to face with a zombie alien.

The team blasts it to all to hell and it explodes all over the place. Shortly thereafter, Addy discovers what appears to be an advanced technology computer that has control of the entire base and that contains a lot of video of Murphy. More interestingly, it also features a star map and something called "Zona.

When the team chases after the otherworldly kidnapper to ground level, they find that Murphy and Bernadette are in contact with the alien spacecraft and may soon be going to outer space. When they find the alien pilot inside, they take off its mask to reveal Dan Scully. He's been masquerading as an alien as he salvages the technology left at the base and flies it back to Zona.

After Scully explains that the "aliens" in the base were actually just zombie test pilots, he dies from his wounds and the team gives him mercy. Bernadette then tells the good extranauts of Roswell that the aliens told her they should wait just a little longer for that mass exodus off the planet. Roberta and Vasquez kill a bunch of zombies and then they totally make out and then, Vasquez is a zombie and it's a dream. Citizen Z has returned, he's still in the North Pole and there are still zombies with him, but he's managed to keep up his spirits and ammunition.

The team's current problem is the Zunami, a horde of zombies many miles wide making its way across the desert and destroying everything in its path. It doesn't go well for the duo, as the son of Chief Dan Firecloud, the man who runs the casino, ambushes them. Chief Firecloud doesn't think the Zunami is as bad as Roberta says it is, but his daughter thinks differently.

Meanwhile, Addy tries to establish a radio connection with Citizen Z whilst trouble is brewing for Doc and 10K, who have been taken to camp and tended to by the Chief's daughter. The tribe is wary of the zombie virus infecting their community; the call it 'Zendigo' and describe it as a "disease of the soul. Doc heads off with the Medicine Woman and she gives him a good deal of peyote, which seems like it might be fun until he and 10K are ejected from the camp and get caught in a net.

The tribe's looking to have an early warning system for the invading horde of zombies, and they leave 10K and Doc to be that system. When a Z enters the scene, Doc uses astral projection via that far-out peyote, we assume to kill it. Finally, the Chief's daughter rescues 10K and Doc and brings them to the casino. The team reunites. When the Chief sees the impending zombie horde, he orders his tribe to head for the 'Sacred Cliffs' but decides to go down with the casino himself.

Meanwhile, Citizen Z, via successful radio contact established by Addy, asks the team for help when his missile launcher won't fire. Roberta pitches in and Citizen Z is able to blow a Z to kingdom come. When the zombie horde finally arrives at the casino, it's so strong that it brings down the entire building.

The Chief's daughter leads everyone to the Sacred Cliffs, where she reunites with her brother. Doc, still hallucinating from his vision quest, gets an idea from the drawings of the tribe's ancestors: namely, guiding buffalo towards the edge of a cliff, where they would fall to their deaths. The team directs the zombies away with a wall of fire and watches them tumble into the Grand Canyon.

Murphy has a very hard time with seeing his own "tribe" fall to their deaths and Roberta and Vasquez have to restrain him. Roberta provides some tough love and tells Murphy that the time is coming when he has to decide which side of the humans vs. Roberta wipes a tear from Murphy's face and the team is off again.

Fresh from running a Z-herd straight into the Grand Canyon, the gang's fighting zombies in a smoke-filled field. They need shelter and fast. Murphy can still keep the zombies at bay using his super zombie psychic abilities. The team comes to a hotel in which resides a squad of businesspeople who make a lot of decisions based on voting, a talking stick, and an obnoxious level of corporate leadership groupthink. They were in the hotel when the outbreak began and they've been here ever since, in one big horrible corporate offsite.

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Sheila Houlahan. Aaron Wittrock. Steve Pringle. Tricia Davis. Jessica Noel Thompson. Dave Johnson. Rebecca Cook. Z Nation - TV Show. Z Nation Cast. Doug Jones Mueller Jessica Martin Dante 3 episodes, Keith Allan Merch Kelitta Smith Kurian Rachel Pate Hastings Aaron Blakely Woodward Palmer Sun Mei Matthew A. Woody Lotts Sanders Casey Reynolds Morgan Henley Carl Petersen Mong Cecil Cheeka Sunshine Chris Labrum Czarnecki Cecelia Frye Sunshine Reine Swart Spears Vincent Brady Sunshine Katy O'Brian Caligari Susanna Burney Teller Ina Chang

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