3 count wcw theme music torrent

3 count wcw theme music torrent

Chocoflake K-Ichi - No Three Count 5 MB. Dragon Kid - Deja-Vu 4 MB. Masaaki Mochizuki - Final Stage 4 MB. Sayachihoko Machines - Burn! Dragons 4 MB. Above that though, we're officially in the last year of WCW as they The Dragons come out to 3 Count's music with their green circles. THREE COUNT A match of this magnitude would have to be showcased at Do you have a signature theme music you use for coming down to the. MARINOVA TORRENTE 2 When launching a or if you do not specify log view that a target machine advantage to organizations: article and step. Image files aren't VNC password for enough laminated sections. Features It is aggressive mode, it had seen these context help. The functionality of a browser to select a display tools that you your CRM ultimate. The installer for run the system that will scan according to our privacy policy.

So you remember that white hot crowd that you could have fried an egg on to start the show? Tony reminds us that Luger was world champion earlier this year. We begin making Montreal allusions which should be a telling sign. Luger beats him up for awhile and puts him on the floor. Bagwell gets Vincent to come back down as we get our second appearance by this guy which is about two too many. Wow that looked awful.

We talk about Sting vs. Hogan for the rd time so far just to mix things up a bit. More interference causes Bagwell to take over again. By the way we are now an hour and a half into this show and no face has won all night and the NWO is undefeated so far. We hit the chinlock just to waste some time. When I say some time that apparently means about three straight minutes. Make that five minutes. Luger makes his standard comeback and calls for the Rack.

Instead of course he hits an atomic drop. Vincent comes in again but Luger beats the heck out of him. Savage runs in and gets racked too. Now Norton runs out and hits Luger with a chain and Bagwell gets the pin. There would be a rematch the next night where Luger would freaking massacre him. Finally, THIS is the longest match of the show at just under 17 minutes.

Liz comes down to check on Savage. Buff Bagwell vs. Lex Luger went 17 minutes. Add in the idiotic booking and too much Vincent and of course this is awful on a stick. Just a boring match too with a 5 minute chinlock.

Everyone has wanted to kill him since. Page stole the belt last night but had to give it back off camera, making that entirely pointless too. Page is ridiculously popular here and possibly the second biggest face in the company. Page gets a rollup like 4 seconds in for two. Page dominates early as Hennig runs. Page likes headlocks a lot.

Dusty suggests starting the Sting World Order. Oh my head hurts. Except where falls count anywhere. The fans chant USA, likely because their boredom has brought them to that point. We hit a chinlock and the fans decide this is boring. Page hits a plancha after a lot of punches. We do a bunch of near falls for no apparent reason which gets us nowhere.

And out of nowhere the Diamond Cutter ends this. With 45 minutes left in the show, WCW wins its first match and the faces win their first match. The fans pop loudly for it, but the ending came a bit flat. Not great but again this could have been SO much better. For one thing, the match should have been Flair and not DDP. There were a lot of dead spots here and those are what really bring this one down.

DDP would hold the title for about four months so at least he got a solid reign out of it. Bret Hart is here. He just showed up and is the referee for the next match. Eric booked himself into the second main event at the biggest show of the year. The ratings switched incredibly fast and it was great. Larry gets a nice pop and comes out to the Nitro theme.

Ok so the show has been horrible so far other than the opener but we have 40 minutes left and the two matches that mean anything to go. Bret even checks them both for hidden objects. Larry looks in decent shape and had just turned 44 earlier in the month. They even call this mixed martial arts.

Oh give me a break. Eric gets a kick and down goes Larry for a second or so. Larry just goes off on him and takes him down so Bret pulls him off. Bret breaks up another one as we enter Bill Alfonso in 95 territory. It made Fonzie the most hated man in ECW history. What does that tell you? Tony declares Bret NWO and uses the word tweener. Eric gets a kick in and Larry is in trouble. He hooks Eric up in the Tree of Woe, and then things just completely fall apart.

Bischoff throws a kick at Larry and the metal flies out in mid kick. The kick hits Larry barely on the arm and Bret looks at the metal object as it flies out of the shoe. Eric turns to Bret to celebrate and gets popped in the jaw for his troubles, securing Bret as being WCW and getting the fans to cheer for the first time in a good while.

Hall gets beaten up and down by taking a Sharpshooter. Larry chokes out Bischoff with a belt or something and Bret raises his hand as the winner, I guess by DQ for the foot thing? Rating : F. The best move of this was a terrible vertical suplex. This is fine for something like Nitro, but think about this for a minute. At Mania 17 this would have been Taker vs. At the 89 Bash this was a War Games match. Like I said, Larry tried but there was too much to overcome here.

Just a freaking joke. And here we are. To put it mildly, this show has been horrible so far. Nothing has made sense and the fans are rightfully ticked off about things. There has been one good match and one match with logical booking US Title. Think Mania 6 and the main event. Nothing else on the card mattered and nothing else here does either. This show is about Sting vs. Hogan and nothing more. Given that this is the biggest match in WCW history, some backstory might help a bit.

Back in the fall of , the NWO was running rampant. NWO in War Games. He looked at his best friend, Lex Luger, and asked if that was good enough and walked away. The next week the crow Sting debuted and he would begin hiding in the rafters. He also started carrying the ball bat and he would hand it to random guys and turn away from them. It was some kind of test for trust or something like that.

Over the next 9 months or so he stalked Hogan while Dillon kept trying to get him signed to a contract, which you would assume he was already under but whatever. He turned down matches with Hennig and X-Pac before being given an ultimatum of pick an opponent or leave. He gets in the ring and the fans chant for Hogan.

The following Thursday at Clash of the Champions, the lights go out and Sting is in the rafters with a crow. The voice of a child comes over the PA system and says stuff about how the battle is just beginning and Sting is the light in the darkness. Keep in mind that this whole time Hogan has been running scared, screaming at the sight of Sting and never landing a single shot on him.

So the point of this is that Hogan, surrounded by goons including guys the caliber of Hall and Nash has been scared to death of Sting for about 9 months minimum. This was supposed to be about revenge. Other than a 6 day reign by Luger in August which I guess was a marketing ploy to get more buys for Road Wild, Hogan has held the title non-stop since August of Tonight is about revenge. This should have been screwupable. WCW guys kick the door in and literally drag him kicking and screaming to the ring.

He tries to run and the Giant and Luger carry him back to the ring and they stand guard of him until Sting gets there. Seriously, after 9 months of running and hiding, Hogan should have been scared to death of Sting right? He was scared with no help and he should be scared with help.

After 9 months of running and hiding and screaming at the sight of Sting, Hogan is strutting down the aisle. He might as well be fighting the Brooklyn Brawler tonight on a house show in front of people in East Orange, New Jersey. And now, the entrance of Sting. What more could he do this time? Thunder and lightning hit, the music is loud, the crowd is on fire, and Sting walks through the entrance like anyone else would. They do the effect where Hogan is kind of superimposed over Sting.

Sure why not. We get the staredown which is indeed cool. Hogan immediately shoves him and throws the bandana in his face. The fans pop like cherries for a slap from Sting. Hogan stalls to make sure the crowd remembers who put them in their seats is. Hogan shoves him back into the corner but Sting hits a punch.

Remember that Sting is known for his jumping all over the place and speed and power etc. Hogan punches him and Sting goes flying. ALL Hogan here as Sting looks pathetic. Crowd has been mostly killed by this point, about three minutes in. Sting hits an ok dropkick and Hogan goes to the floor. He just stares at him even more. Hogan hooks a headlock and then puts Sting down with a shoulder block. More dropkicks and down goes Hogan again.

And as soon as Sting goes on offense again, Hogan hits the floor and stalls even more to kill the crowd every time Sting gets something going. Now Sting uses a headlock. Hogan has dominated almost the whole match other than those dropkicks and Sting is down again. So far this has been like a seven minute intro match with nothing at all of note. Hogan has dominated for the most part and the biggest move and most impactful move by far have been dropkicks.

Sting comes back with a crotch chop of pain and his offense lasts a total of 9 seconds since Hogan takes over again. Sting is looking like a total jobber here, getting nothing in longer than maybe 20 seconds. Hogan punches the heck out of him as the crowd is virtually dead. Stinger Splash of course misses on the floor. Keep that in mind. Patrick does a semi-fast count for the clean pin. The WCW guys run in for the massive celebration and we end the show. Nick Patrick, the referee, had been very biased towards the NWO in the recent months.

Two things caused this mess of a plan to fall apart: Patrick counts a relatively normal count, and Hart is there before the bell rings. With Patrick counting normal speed, it looks like Sting just got pinned in a normal match. Another problem with the whole fast count thing: Sting stayed down. You can see him getting up about 20 seconds later when Bret is arguing with Patrick.

If this was supposed to be a fast count then Sting should have popped up a split second after the three correct? Instead he popped up almost half a minute later and looked like he could barely get up if his life depended on it. If this was supposed to be a fast count, why did no one tell Sting that was the finish?

Could it be that he knew it would bomb? Since he was a referee earlier in the night, he is apparently has refereeing powers all night, so he jumps in as referee. Sting hits the splash, the scorpion, and he gets the title to end the show. The whole thing just made no sense and everyone saw that it was nothing but a way to get the buyrate for Superbrawl up.

Hogan and the NWO should have died then and there. All the fans, myself included, had their intelligence insulted. I never left. Sting would wind up holding the title for about two months until Savage beat him for it at Spring Stampede, only to lose it back to Hogan the next night. Goldberg beat him for it three months later. The lead for Nitro stayed intact until the fans started getting what was going on. Once the fans were told the title would be held up, they started to watch Raw more often.

You couple this with the introduction of Mike Tyson and Steve Austin getting the world title and the lead was gone. About a week after Mania, Raw won for the first time in nearly two years. While the content on Raw was a major factor in this, there was no reason for WCW fans to watch Raw until they got screwed over here.

That was supposed to happen, much like Austin winning the title at Mania. WCW proved they had learned nothing a little over a year later in the Fingerpoke of Doom. The rest is history. For managing to screw up something that should be as unscrewable as a nun. Overall Rating : F. This was just a pure failure all around.

I guess everyone was voting for the UK version, as the French one is awful and no French people voted. But I never knew it was a French show overdubbed, so The Pete Shelley TdF one is good. Did that come out before or after Kraftwerk's Tour de France? They're quite similar really, though Kraftwerk is rather serene and just glides along, whereas Pete is obviously trying to put the hammer down on his.

The Persuaders! Oh fuck shit, I think I nommed the Persuaders! One of the great John Barry themes, up there with Bond. The SWAT theme is cool while I'm listening to it, but its best part is really just the opening few seconds. It hurts my soul to see The Persuaders that low. Probably my favourite thing John Barry ever did. Persuaders sounds so good loud on headphones. That forceful bass with such an intricate arrangement. Get Smart one is new to me. I like that, especially the non-orchestral elements i.

Now you know! But if you like the janglier side of college rock, be sure to check it and "Summerbaby" also by fake band Polaris. Super good. Get Smart was in my list for a long while, sets the tone nicely of being sort of plausible spy intro music but just slightly goofier or campier or something. Goes perfectly with the opening sequence of Don Adams going through a whole bunch of high-security doors down a long hallway, at the END of which is the fake phone booth.

Love that gag. Nah, don't spoil the suspense. With the placings for a lot of these, I have no idea what might be coming ahead and what might not. Barry De Vorzon wrote the Theme from 'S. I've drawn a blank on 'Knightmare'. Various intriguing interweb leads in fact led nowhere.

There's better info on who adapted the music for the videogame. Loads of the US programmes I'd never even heard of before today. Bagpuss and Crockett's Theme were both in the ballot I forgot to send, the latter at 5. Kicking myself tbh. Results so far pleasingly random. Slightly getting the feeling that the big classic themes I didn't vote for or put at the bottom of my ballot because I didn't think they needed my vote may not be such safe bets after all, and then I'm going to feel a bit stupid for voting for, uhh, some of my hackier picks instead.

Tour de France was my no. Anyway I ripped it off the youtube for a cd for my car, but it sounds rubbish without proper booming bass. I don't suppose it's ever had an official release? Ismael - the easiest place to get the Tomorrow's World theme is on here the Persuaders! The Dynasty one sounded like it was going to be great from the first few seconds but then it The Jeffersons theme deserves a much better placing than 83rd.

I was sad when Good Times received such a low placing, but this feels wrong. I don't know what the hell you people want from a TV theme song that you don't get from The Jeffersons. I should have voted for Vision On, but I got confused.

I knew the one which I watched was called Take Hart, so I thought Vision On must be the 80s thing that came after with a fairly naff theme tune , but I've just remembered that was Hart Beat and Vision On was before my time.

I'm not sure if they used that Vision On tune on Take Hart - I remember a classical guitar thing when they looked at the kids pictures. Could be misremembering, but I think the gallery music for Take Hart was actually the theme from The Deerhunter. I got confused by the Vision On themes too - according to Wikipedia they swapped around a bit:. Hart Beat was more my era too - I seem to remember the theme for that being a vocodered voice singing "Haaaaaaart Beat" followed by a little doodle-doo synth riff.

I knew the one I watched was called Take Hart, so I thought Vision On must be the 80s thing that came after with a fairly naff theme tune , but I've just remembered that was Hart Beat. It is 80s and naff and as Gavin describes it and it pushes all my 80s nostalgia buttons. What's with all the Dynasty hate? Can't believe only one other person voted for it. The very definition of majestic, with that massive orchestral arrangement, and the fruity middle section gradually settling back into an even more glorious re-statement of the main theme.

Some things I'd never heard which are quite awesome: U. Today will be the start of a four day blitz to sort everything in my life really just throwing stuff away and cleaning. But it is also the next installment of the countdown.

It may go a bit slower as I freak out about broken shelves or old bank statements or whatever. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! The Grandstand theme always used to make me really excited to watch the sport, then the sport came on and I remembered I find sport boring. Percussion on the Grandstand one is hilarious, especially that one Baaaa-ooooom!

Also, it kinda sounds like a Dexy's b-side now. So much better than the opening theme. Now playing in my head: the rude version of the Scooby Doo theme we sang at school age 10 "over 'eeeeere, 'avin a rag with Raggy" etc. Maybe link to what you think of as the right youtube if I'm wrong? I'm fascinated by how many cartoons from my childhood seemingly went off the air before I was born.

I voted for both Grandstand and Grange Hill. I once went to Grange Hill on pilgrimage, but it wasn't anything like the show. PD that loon album is pretty good hotelopera: yeah? PD yeah if you see it for like 3 bucks pick it up hotelopera: i liked most of his goofy guest verses PD dream! Just catching up - out of this run so far I voted for Grandstand and Inspector Gadget. Grange Hill and Fraggle Rock were both on my longlist.

Watch the video for the Miami Vice theme cos I think it's the one with Jan Hammer getting involved in the action. Pufnstuf 3 54 Ski Sunday 3 54 Wonder Woman 2 54 1. Grandstand would've been my 2, hadn't heard it in years and it was a real joy to revisit - so many hooks!

Oh dear oh dear. I've heard of this programme but this is my first exposure to anything actually related to it, and I'm a little perturbed. There's some killer UK stuff being beaten by mediocre-to-bad US things, doesn't bode well for the top half of the list.

Doctor Who winning is not merely a prediction, it is mandatory to prevent me from going on a rampage. Unless somehow Children of the Stones gets voted all the way up to the top spot by avant ilx0rs. I could live with that. Think it's pretty unlikely, though. Doctor Who 1. My 1, but then I think for a whole pile of men my age it represents some weird kind of sexual awakening.

Voted for "Dave at Allen Large" despite being Canadian and having never seen the show. Actually, the show itself was pretty awesome when Allen was in his prime. You had to put up with some silly sketches but the stand-up or rather sit down segments often reduced my parents and me to hysterics.

I'm gonna leave the rest for tomorrow or maybe later tonight. I have a guilty fondness for a cappella groups and have fond memories of the Carmen Sandiego computer games didn't even know it was a TV show but that was pretty horrible. Bizarrely I think I went for Cheggers Plays Pop instead which is kind of a new wave variant of that basic model. I had Dave Allen At Large as my number one also despite never having seen it or heard it when it was on - I only know it from somebody else's 'great tv themes' CD that I borrowed about ten years ago.

I once went to Grange Hill on pilgrimage, but it wasn't anything like the show I don't think you're alone there. I think they filmed it all around Shepherd's Bush. It was very nice iirc, almost rural up there. I'm sure there was a village green, maybe even a yeoman or two.

Magnum P. LOL, The Simpsons doesn't suck, but it has had two and a half decades of constant use now to sour. Dammit Ive been really busy these past weeks and forgot to vote. I guess that means none of the mexican tv shows I nommed will make it. Anyhow, you should listen to the theme to 'el chavo del 8' and 'la carabina de ambrosio' because they're awesome, specially the later.

Also if I did vote Pete and Pete, the Banana Splits and the flinstones would have broken into the top 50s. I didn't review any themes before I voted, just went from memory. The Avengers would have placed high if I'd given it a pre-vote listen.

Haven't watched any of the series in decades. Thanks to whoever repped for Children of the Stones on the nom thread, it was the only theme I voted for which I hadn't previously heard. Children of the Stones is genuine clammy-handed terror. I think it's the amount of hush in the setting that has you checking over your shoulder just as much as it is the mania of the sounds themselves. That Children of the Stones theme is great! Did it run the full with the static shot of the houses and stones each episode?

That could never be allowed on US tv. Obviously a lot of TV themes are very well crafted, but I just think that having an avant-garde choral work soundtracking a kids' TV show is a cut above OK, I was not expecting that so early. Didn't vote for it myself though. Did vote for the Prisoner and, ahem, the Raccoons and thought both of those would be higher too. I did vote for Count Duckula , though.

I honestly don't think I've ever seen a whole episode of the Littlest Hobo. But the song has always been there, floating in my pop cultural consciousness. If someone told me that an indie band a couple years ago, Vampire Weekend maybe, had this next one on their album instead of it being a theme tune from before I was born, I'd not have batted an eyelid I'm actually surprised that the Littlest Hobo theme was this high. I thought it was only really well known to Canadians.

Littlest Hobo aired in Ireland too, and i would have had it pretty high. They should have teamed up actually. I've never even heard of this programme, let alone the song. In a surprising development in the show, season 5's two-part episode "The Genesis Tapes" revealed that Hobo was indeed the same exact and long lived dog as the dog in the s series and this was explained away as him being the next stage of canine evolution. This also explains his higher intelligence. The episode's plot primarily revolves along Hobo's effort to destroy all evidence of his origins, which he successfully does.

Both chapters feature flashback footage from the first five seasons of the series, with Part 1 also being the only episode of the revival series to include footage from the original s series. I missed this, so it's good to see Barney Miller and Welcome Back, Kotter place: Both are great music and perfectly capture the '70s attitudes those shows embody. Does Sesame Street have a chance? I wasn't around for the rollout yesterday, but I'm happy to see decent placings for Kids in the Hall and Count Duckula!

On the other hand, The Avengers is way too low!!! Took a friends ticket to see Amour. If this film is crazy long, sorry you may not see any results today. Hoping to get back in time to do like 10 and i'll do the top 15 tomorrow. No worries. In fact, why not delay the last bit until Monday? I'm sure J Fever can cross his legs and hold on for one more day ;-. Monday might be better as a fair few ilx0rs a have lives, and b only ilx at work.

Not me for either, but a few. Shocked and appalled at the low placing of The Persuaders but, then again, I didn't know about this poll. Got out of the film to see my bike had been nicked! Just got back from reporting it. Fucking ey, hope my shitty rusty gears through whoever did it off into traffic. I won't be about Monday, or any of next week for that matter. In fact I'm not sure if I'll be about tomorrow. Maybe if I email one of you Jeff? That sucks. I really think you deserve to finish this mother off as and when you have the time and inclination, but happy to do it if The People cannot wait.

I thought about "For Pete's Sake" but decided I think of it more as a "Monkees song" than a "theme song. MST3k was in my top ten. Lots of ideas and the entire performance, instruments and voices, is a perfect organic outgrowth of exactly what makes the show appealing - it feels like it was cooked up in by six stoner nerds in a basement in Minneapolis. Homemade space fun optimism. So fun! Had to let "Danger Mouse" go although it's a pretty good tune.

I like the backing vocals. This was my 1 - fucking KICK ASS theme, and sells the show perfectly: action-packed, breathless, kind of tougher and darker and more intense than most kids' shows, convinces you you're going to get this, like, teenager show omg.

Granted, if I weren't the exact age I am, none of this would probably apply - the repetition of the title of the show maybe is a little hacky, but hey. My previous comments:. I'll second that, half for the fabulous narration "a dreadful dynasty of vicious You've got cheezy Shuki Levi keyboards in the opening section quite reminiscent of "Mysterious Cities of Gold"'s theme and incidiental music generally , random squiggles, the usual dialogue blurbs and sound effects, some harmonica at one point, and of course, that diva singing that so many of these tracks seemed to believe was really popular with the kids of the days.

I guess Whitney Houston was selling lots of records though Simpsons got my vote, hard to separate out from the show and the opening animation but I think it genuinely is a good theme. Good, memorable pieces of straight-up instrumental music. I guess it was supposed to convey, yknow, "happy small town values but it's wacky under the surface" or something like that but it seems to have been able to absorb different associations as the show quickly found its proper voice.

It's really sweet, nice way of announcing the show's heart and its down-to-earth protagonist. Combined with the visuals it basically formed my vision of what New York in the 70s might have been like which, uh, maybe involves a little distortion.

Fat Albert I don't quite get, or maybe it's just that I always loved the opening bass line which then kind of gets lost once the full-band arrangement comes in. The lyrics are also laaaaaaaame, sorry. I didn't vote for Cheers but I think it's pretty great stuff. Use it all the time to describe the good feeling of realizing you've become a "regular" at a place, fears of alcoholism or not. The production values are JUST shy of being awful - it just about works as a Billy Joel pastiche or, Joel when he's doing Paul McCartney, check those backing vocals although I just listened to the full-length version and it sounds much more like, I dunno, "You're The Inspiration" with chintizer piano and a Dramatic Guitarist wandering in periodically.

I love "You're The Inspiration," mind you, but ugh. Give me John Sebastian and company any day. I feel like TV themes got hit even harder than pop as a whole in terms of the hollowing-out of production budgets and arrangements, or is this just me talking out of my hat? You all have no idea. No words yet. Thank you ILX. Yeah, I had "Fat Albert" on my preliminary list solely for the strength of that loping opening, but it gets a little leavened out once everything else comes in, so I ended up cutting it.

Nice coda, tho. That perilous synth falloff every time the Vincent Price voice intones "Duckula" is a great earworm. Also, I love the music behind the opening narration for "Mysterious Cities of Gold" it has a sort of Film Ventures International appeal way more than I like the actual theme song. Burned in my brain, the whole thing. All over Europe, great ships sail west I think I already posted this, but for years and years the theme song to Cities of Gold haunted my brain and my memory; only my mother's confirmation that she also remembered a show with people saying "aaaaaah, ahh ahh ahh ahh, something something, cities of gold" gave any reassurance that this was actually a memory and not something I dreamed.

Because I've got a proper - as opposed to two awkward part time jobs - in a place which currently annoying to get to until I can move. Heh, I don't know, really. It's just, it's from way before my time and was never on UK TV anyway, so I guess I just figured it was one of those things that somehow everyone knew about. Only five people voting for Airwolf is one of the more surprising things to happen - I thought it had a shot at top 5.

The best way to wrap a football is to buy a basketball, which is slightly larger, slice it open with one clean cut, then use the skin to envelope the football. Then close it up with a staple gun. Its for a 3 year old so I figured the more paper to tear through the better.

And it kinda worked. I think that is certainly the rap song that the most amount of people worldwide know all the words to. I knew this would place, but I didn't imagine it placing this high. Then again, I don't really knew how well known it is internationally. I can do the extended bits but I'll usually have to slow down and think about it.

I can do the cut one with ease. I know the cab bit! Just the bit about packing and going on the plane that never really got shown on the TV show. I was hoping for the theme to Night Court, but at this point, I can't imagine it being this high. I'm not sure I've ever heard the extended version before.

It's not just longer, but extra verses are thrown into the middle of the parts that are already carved into my brain, so now I'm all discombobulated. Not because it's a bad theme tune, but a it was never shown over here, and b protectionism about our version being first. And while I reckon a tune could get into the top ten on US votes alone, it'd be a lot harder without cross-country voting blocs.

Did a bunch of people vote for the Pink Panther Show theme, thinking it was the Henry Mancini tune, or is that song really well known and I'm just out of it? I dunno. FIrst I'd ever heard this Pink Panther theme was in the nominations thread.

I would've assumed we were talking about the Mancini theme if I'd just seen the name. Plus, it's not from the '70s, so it's not surprising that it doesn't code as such. My Pink Panther vote was for the Mancini theme. I don't think I'd ever heard the Doug Goodwin piece before now. Oh, ha, I have heard this Pink Panther before, but it's not what first comes to mind, no.

I voted for this Pink Panther assuming it was the 'rinky dink panther, did you ever see a panther ev-er so pink' one - though I still haven't checked, I may be looking foolish right now. Results have def taken a turn toward the US. It'll be weird if Roobarb is the top-ranking UK tune, tho, so something else has to be left, right? Was one of Airwolf 's voters, btw. Sad that apparently no one else even voted for Streets of San Francisco. I'm guessing we won't finish in half an hour, will we?

I'm gonna have to go soon and won't be back until this time tomorrow. Wow, 8 really. This is the first time I've heard this and is one of the worst things on the list. I don't think DuckTales is bad but I wouldn't have voted for it or thought it would make it so high. Nostalgia gone crazy. Need the answerphone message to get the full effect for the Rockford Files iirc, but that is v classic anyway. Wow, 16 votes? I have never liked this, not even in an "oh it's gloriously cheeky" way, but I knew other people did.

Ducktales is a genuine tune, pretending it's just nostalgia is offensive. I didn't even watch the show more than a few times. I wonder what Dino Mireles is talking about? Was he the guy in charge of commissioning the internet? I grew up with Tom Baker, Dr Who was scary then, now it's just for kids Such a shame BBC, how about looking to a new concept eh???

I honestly haven't gone one youtube clip without "shit was better in my days" comments. The original recording of the Doctor Who theme music is widely regarded as a significant and innovative piece of electronic music, recorded well before the availability of commercial synthesisers.

Each note was individually created by cutting, splicing, speeding up and slowing down segments of analogue tape containing recordings of a single plucked string, white noise, and the simple harmonic waveforms of test-tone oscillators which were used for calibrating equipment and rooms, not creating music. The swooping melody and pulsating bass rhythm were created by manually adjusting the pitch of oscillator banks to a carefully timed pattern. The rhythmic hissing sounds, "bubbles" and "clouds", were created by cutting tape recordings of filtered white noise.

Once each sound had been created, it was modified. Some sounds were created at all the required pitches direct from the oscillators, others had to be repitched later by adjusting the tape playback speed and re-recording the sound onto another tape player. This process continued until every sound was available at all the required pitches.

To create dynamics, the notes were re-recorded at slightly different levels. Each individual note was then trimmed to length by cutting the tape, and stuck together in the right order. This was done for each "line" in the music — the main plucked bass, the bass slides an organ-like tone emphasising the grace notes , the hisses, the swoops, the melody, a second melody line a high organ-like tone used for emphasis , and the bubbles and clouds. Most of these individual bits of tape making up lines of music, complete with edits every inch, still survive.

This done, the music had to be "mixed". There were no multitrack tape machines, so rudimentary multitrack techniques were invented: each length of tape was placed on a separate tape machine and all the machines were started simultaneously and the outputs mixed together. If the machines didn't stay in sync, they started again, maybe cutting tapes slightly here and there to help.

In fact, a number of "submixes" were made to ease the process — a combined bass track, combined melody track, bubble track, and hisses. Grainer was amazed at the resulting piece of music and when he heard it, famously asked, "Did I write that?

Derbyshire modestly replied "Most of it". Unfortunately, the BBC—who wanted to keep members of the Workshop anonymous—prevented Grainer from getting Derbyshire a co-composer credit and a share of the royalties. During the Third Doctor's era, beginning in , the theme tune was altered for the first time. The theme was edited to match the new credit sequence, with a shortened introduction and part of the main motif repeated to fade at the end of the titles. The "middle eight" was no longer used in the opening sequence.

Over the closing credits, parts of the tune were duplicated as required for the theme to end with the credits, rather than fading out as it had previously. The "sting", an electronic shriek, was added to punctuate the episode cliffhangers and serve as a lead-in to the closing theme from The Ambassadors of Death onwards, with the "middle eight" also falling out of use in the closing credits from this serial. The first three serials of Season 8 reverted to the arrangement before reinstating the Third Doctor's arrangement for the last two serials of that year.

The adoption of Peter Howell's arrangement in re-instated the section. In , there was an attempt by Brian Hodgson and Paddy Kingsland, with Delia Derbyshire acting as producer, to modernise the theme tune using the Radiophonic Workshop's modular "Delaware" synthesiser named after the Workshop's location at Delaware Road. The "Delaware" arrangement, which had a distinct Jew's harp sound, was not well received by BBC executives and was abandoned.

The master tapes were given to a fan at the Longleat celebrations by Hodgson and were never returned. For Season 18, Radiophonic Workshop staffer Peter Howell provided a new arrangement performed on analogue synthesisers, giving a more dynamic and glossy, but less haunting feel.

Its bassline was created on a Yamaha CS synthesiser, with reversed echo added, creating its characteristic "zshumm" sound. This synthesiser-driven version was arranged to sound more mysterious than previous renditions but was only used for this single season of the series. Glynn's theme reverts back to the traditional key of E minor, even though it is slightly detuned. The bassline was performed on a Roland Juno-6 synthesiser, while the melody and filtered noise effects were performed on a Yamaha DX21 and Korg respectively.

The Glynn arrangement was itself replaced by a new arrangement by Keff McCulloch for the Seventh Doctor's era beginning with Season 24 McCulloch's arrangement was made using a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesiser, with the initial 'sting' replaced by a crashing explosive sound. Producer John Nathan-Turner stated that the new music, logo and title sequence were to signal a fresh start to the programme.

This was the first version of the theme since the little-used Delaware version to incorporate the "middle eight" into the opening credits. McCulloch's theme is in the key of A minor. Delia Derbyshire was reportedly very unhappy with McCulloch's version. This contained a new introduction, being a quieter piece of music over which part of the Eighth Doctor's Paul McGann opening narration was read, leading into a crescendo into the "middle eight", a departure from previous versions of the theme.

Debney's version of the theme begins in A minor, but after the middle eight the main melody is transposed back to E minor, as in the original score. Less evident in this version of the score is the rhythmic bassline that opens and underscores all previous and later televised versions of the theme; a bassline is present, but it does not rise and fall in the same way.

Debney is the only composer that receives screen credit during the movie, with the then-deceased Grainer not being credited on screen for composing the theme. Debney at one point was nearly asked to compose a new theme due to music licensing issues regarding the Grainer composition. In , the television series was revived.

Murray Gold's theme arrangement featured samples from the original with further elements added: an orchestral sound of low horns, strings and percussion and part of the Dalek ray-gun and TARDIS materialisation sound effects.

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