Curren y lyrics new jet city torrent

curren y lyrics new jet city torrent

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Dovetailing off of the conversational theme of investment, we talked about the Vic Spencer song series about gangsta-funded artist grants. I circled back to an earlier point and told him genius is a loaded word. He refused to retract. To kick these bars and inspire the youth, to speak my truth. The pandemic has robbed us all of so much: companionship, spontaneity, livelihoods… and karaoke. Using a microphone that some stranger has been projecting their breath and spittle onto for four-or-so minutes and then holding it inches away from my own face?

Um, maybe not. My friends and I all take our karaoke pretty seriously. I liken it to a sport. My boyfriend likes to play basketball and will shoot baskets weekly. Will the ball go through the hoop? Will I hit that high note? Can he get a good jump in? Can I sustain my breath for that entire lyric? When the pandemic first hit and gyms closed down, my boyfriend was left to shoot hoops alone in the backyard.

But, my friends and I figured out a way to keep singing… via Zoom. Everyone gets in a Zoom call or Google Meet, whatever suits your fancy , and you each take turns singing. We learned that duets do not work. And we also learned that YouTube is a glorious wealth of karaoke versions of your favorite songs.

That band Cheekface that I was nerding out over last year? You got it. My shoegaze-fanatic friends were excited to find songs by Kitchens of Distinction and Chapterhouse. It looks like some guy is trying to karaoke-ify the entire R. The daughter of luthiers from Veracruz, Mexico, with a voice sprung from the heart and the coffee fields, Silvana Estrada has broken onto the scene to offer a fresh take on the contemporary folk songbook.

The album provides a new lens through which to think about the ideas of pain and heartbreak, a powerful, enlightening concept centered around understanding in order to heal. I had the honor of hearing all of this straight from Silvana when she was in Seattle to play her sold-out concert at The Sunset Tavern on February 15th. Of course, her visit was the perfect excuse to invite her to our live room for her first Live on KEXP session.

It was an ideal moment for a one-on-one conversation with Silvana, not only about the extremely intimate process that went into this album, but also about what an important impact major figures of Latin American folk, such as Chavela Vargas, Violeta Parra, and Mercedes Sosa, have had on her music.

Indeed, Silvana herself says that she is a huge fan of these artists. In Marchita, the listener is pulled into a harrowing musical experience, but one that is hardly dramatic. And thus, this particular creative phase has come to a close, leaving behind 10 songs, launched in early , that have already become lessons of love which will forever be available to anyone in need of healing. Silvana Estrada has already prepared a new EP and a new album for the coming year.

She says they feature happier songs, and that she wants to bring a new energy to her live concerts. Her U. As for me, Marchita is going to be playing in my headphones for a long time to come. Pet Sounds. But, goddamn. They really did it.

The release of Once Twice Melody last Friday in conjunction with KEXP celebrating the year that week for our 50th anniversary has had me thinking a lot about my relationship with Beach House and those moments when I found the band I needed most. Instead of either starting to build a career or slinging back shots and dancing the night away at clubs, I spent those years inside.

Hiding from the world with depression as my sole companion. I suppose it sounds sort of romantic in a Sylvia Plath kind of way when I write it out like that, but trust me it absolutely was not. Not really hard to explain this one. Rocky makes like Chef Boyardee selling D in the courtyard. Joey met with Jay-Z and is thinking about signing to the Roc but his homies on the block are still assigned to the rock. Yelawolf is the coldest rapper since 2Pac was froze and thawed out for a spot at the Coachella show.

Danny reminds everyone that your girls vagina smells like a penguin and that his dick is so big it can stretch from Earth to Venus. Big K. Here are my power rankings for the song from best to worst. How did this song not become a hit?

The chorus is simple and timeless, boisterous and suave, dumb enough to chant out loud and smart enough to put on a T-shirt. The guests are big major label rappers who manage to deliver verses on point without detracting from Spitta or the main concept of the song because they all gel so well.

Someone needs to hire me as their manager. Rap game Tommy Lasorda. All the rappers have said as much. Neither of them are real songs. Their voices, their identities even, give the others context. But the BET awards was the sermon on the mount, the announcement of greatness. With help from newbie Isaiah Rashad, all Black Hippies aim for the very top of the hip hop dynasty and secure their place there.

Used my jacket as a cape and my umbrella as a cane. Remember when you were young and you thought you could do anything? Not just dancing in the rain and playing pretend, but being in high school and thinking the whole world was yours for the taking. And then slowly life settles in and the possibilities start melting away, loved ones are lost and life seems a bit too normal.

He pines for the days when he ate diagonal grilled cheese sandwiches and when Michael Jackson was still a hero. He misses performing at open mic events, when he was just a kids trying this whole thing out. When he returns to his high school he sees his best friend gunned down in front of him. I seen it happen, I see it happen, I see it always.

He still be screaming, I see his demons in empty hallways. I trip to make the fall shorter. Chance writes in pure poetry reminiscent of Dylan or Springsteen. I am holy, I have been baptized. I have been born again, I am the white light. Nobody has much time for rappers trying to keep it real. Dot watched his family fall apart from it. Kendrick put out a litany of astounding guest verses this year and this might be his best one. He paints vivid pictures of his mothers Christmas party and how crack is made and sold and at the same time plays the type of word games lesser emcees would devote a whole song too.

In fact, Pusha T might have actually bested him. This is a different type of mastery. He goes on to rhyme Dr. The addictive qualities of the music and the success that comes with it. The double sided coin of making it big. Stay tuned for next year, and let me know what I missed out on in the comments!

From television to Hollywood, was filled with capital E Events, from epic finales to world ending movies. And the music industry was no different. Every week seemed to bring a new album hyped up by extravagant promotional tactics. Justin Timberlake started it off by teasing his new album with a video and then became unavoidable through his commercial sponsors, but it only got more absurd.

This opulence spread to Hip Hop as well. Kanye used guerilla fighters to display his face on buildings around the world. Jay-Z scored an unprecedented deal with Samsung that sold a million copies before the album even dropped. Drake dropped off remixes and loosies that kept the internet buzzing and the radio spinning at 4 in the morning. Rap has taken over as the critically lauded genre.

Pitchfork ranked Drake and Kanye as their top 2 songs of the year. Spin put Kanye and Chance as one and two on their best albums of the year and even ranked ATL dystopian strip club producer Mike Will Made It as their artist of the year. And there were still some dope albums. Without further ado, the hungryhippopotamus best albums of the year! So take them with a grain of salt.

Brick Squad could have been one of the top crews this year. Unfortunately it all self-combusted as Flocka bailed and Gucci had a very public meltdown where he called out every rapper in the game on twitter. Synths twinkle over skittering Hi-Hats, creating joyous hooks that needle into your brain and stay there.

Sounding like a cross between Lil Wayne and Future, Young Thug yelps, chirps, and raps unhinged throughout the whole tape. Don Trip and Starlito, two rappers from from Tennessee, were hard working solo artists who made a lot of noise when they teamed up to make one of the best albums of with Step Brothers. Inspired by the Will Ferrell film, the two rappers displayed absurd amounts of chemistry as both of them tried to one up the other with each song. It was the closest thing there was to vintage Lil Wayne when Weezy was busy making songs for soccer moms.

A lot of good it did them. So instead of the free spirited fun that powered the original, Step Brothers Two is a combination of vivid emotional clarity and complex lyricism. It plays like an inversion of his major label album, a big budget project gone to the dirty south. Without even trying, Spitta Andretti accomplished what he was trying to do with The Stoned Immaculate; create a radio friendly album. Credit that to his self awareness and knowing exactly how far he can push his style without losing his quality.

So far this decade guitar groups have been practically irrelevant. Most of the big rock bands have copied electronica producers and dealt mostly in textures and mood rather than riffs and power chords. Arcade Fire teamed up with indie-electronic producer extraordinaire James Murphy to create a stadium dance record.

Vampire Weekend retreated into their textbooks and spent 45 minutes lightly treading over soft melodies. My Bloody Valentine returned triumphant to an indie landscape completely influenced by their shoegaze dronings. Haim blasted through all the fog with their pitch perfect pop rock debut Days Are Gone. They are a reincarnation of Fleetwood Mac, with every song on the album a possible hit if it was Donald Glover is the renaissance man of the 21st century.

When he avoids cornball jokes to delve into serious territory, he merely reiterates the trailblazing of Kanye and Drake, hoping to stir up racial norms but just ends up being unimaginative. In some ways, Because The Internet succeeds because Gambino has found better source material. Not only are their sketches in the middle of songs, but the tracklisting is numbered like a play and there is an accompanying screenplay.

Punctuated by strong sections of rapping, the latter half is simply a mess, with sloppy transitions, no hooks, and no focus whatsoever. Maybe it works better when paired with the script. Because The Internet arrives on this list because the first half is one of the strongest collections of songs this year with Childish Gambino finally using all his talent to full advantage. The album may be a bit of a mess, but there are more than enough good parts to make up for it.

You should watch it, Chance The Rapper smokes a doobie on a surfboard. The password is All you need for great rap is just fly rhymes over dope beats. After an incredible which found Killer Mike releasing the best political album in recent memory and El-P emerging as a godfather to the new New York underground and updating his signature dystopian production style, Run The Jewels sees the duo teaming up for an old school beat em up record.

Without the constraints of serious topics, Killer Mike and El-P just show off their chemistry and mic skills to fantastic results. The real hero of the tape is Mike, who is quietly asserting himself as an All-Rap first team candidate. But his real addition for the tape is the head knocking beats. He abandons his sci-fi apocalyptic fervor to create an old-school boom bap canvas that put Eminem and his Rick Rubin beats to shame.

He rewrote the rap book on second acts. Noticing the influence of his old group Three 6 Mafia on a whole generation of young fans, Juicy J jumped into the internet head first and linked up with aspiring young producers like Lex Luger and Mike Will Made It who looked up to him as a hero. Stay Trippy finds him balancing summer radio jams, dark Memphis murder raps, and ethereal stoner trance without losing any of his core identity.

It was the party album of the summer. There are no awkward radio grabs and no forced collaborations. Every song is a showcase for a master at work. How is this not a single?? Has there even been an album like Yeezus before? Has a monolithic pop star at the peak of his career ever released an album this divisive?

No wonder it drew the respect of the late Lou Reed. The guerilla album rollout. His too fake to be real relationship with Kim Kardashian. His i mmense national tour. His confederate flag appropriating tour merchandise. All of that leaves Yeezus in a tough position. It is easy for it to be merely a symbol for Kanye West, the divisive cultural figure.

But even without all of that, the music would speak for itself. Egotists like Kanye rarely make something as focused as Yeezus, so give credit to Mr. West that his genius is able to be reeled in. The way I feel about Eminem is probably the way a lot of people my age feel about him. He was the first rapper I ever really listened to. I saw 8 Mile when I was in 6th grade and the rap battle scenes blew my mind.

He combined the suburban nihilism of The Ramones with the racial iconoclasm of Elvis Presley, only he had the technical skills to justify all the attention. His evolution is one of the most iconic in all of pop culture; from cartoon to controversy to underdog hero to pop star. But the most powerful attribute of Marshall Mathers was his connection to the Freudian id, his ability to tap into his own primal emotions and create some of the most scarily raw music ever made.

No wonder teenagers like me worshipped at his pale feet. You may not lose your talent, but you lose your artistry. Slim Shady has stumbled in post retirement. Recovery was ok in some places but it felt like Marshall had been neutered.

The Eminem I fell in love with would have made fun of the type of pop star that he had become. After traditional rap fans thought Recovery was too pop, he counteracted by making his brand all about lyricism. But both of those acts bombed critically, selling out both their styles for an awkward pop mesh.

The beat is tremendous. And Eminem does rap well…kind of. His voice sounds terrible, a high pitch whine that grates against the sparseness of the beat. While sometimes impressive, his flow is all over the place and gives the song no consistency.

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Trademark 5. Drive Feat. Young Roddy and Styles P 6. Living for the City 7. Mary 8. Moe Chettah 9. New Jet City New Program Feat. Young Roddy Purple Haze Feat. Lloyd and Trinidad James Sixten Switches Part 2 These Bitches Feat. French Montana Three 60 Feat. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:.

Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. Young Roddy and Styles P. Living for the City. Moe Chettah. Young Roddy. Lloyd and Trinidad James. Sixten Switches Part 2. French Montana. You May Also Like. The Alchemist - "6 Five Heartbeats" Blew-blew-blew-blew-blew Lord clearing out like roaches when the light come on That motherfucker walk out, don't nobody know what happened He still praying Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, ayy Yeah You Juicy J - "" Play me some pimpin', man, yeah Higher than a motherfucker, dawg What's up with Logic?

What's good, man? Hey, hey, hey, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah We blessed What Juicy say?

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