Bittorrent sync synology package manager

bittorrent sync synology package manager

It uses the same QTS management interface as QNAP's other NAS devices—we like Your review mentions "BitTorrent Sync" as a top feature. Hello,This would be great for BitTorrent Sync to be packaged as a Synology Package (SPK) so that users can install it. Add functionality to your device with powerful collaboration, backup, communication, and management tools. Download and install Synology-developed and third-. CLASH TORRENT Are you not to build a the Discovery Server also for my. Members who desired prompt and change being bothersome, monitoring. Do you recommend.

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Enable The SynoCommunity Package Repository On A Synology NAS Running DSM 6 or DSM 7


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BitTorrent Sync is an application based around the peer-to-peer protocol. You can use it to share files between friends and family or simply use it as an efficient way to transfer files within a LAN. The below guide should also help to get it working on an iOS device. I believe iOS also supports auto syncing just as the Android app does i. You probably want to check out the Sync app settings on your mobile device to make sure everything is as you like it — for example the notification and auto-sync settings.

The reason you have to do this is because the Sync app on the NAS does not prompt you for a location for the folder. So, what are people using, anything else? I've checked out the standalone Transmission-package but it lacks some seeding-settings can't seed for XX amount of hours for example. There's something called RuTorrent or was it RTorrent? So I'm looking for hints here, any other package I should try that comes with an UI.? Thanks btw for this awesome forum.

Can't believe how Synology destroyed theirs.. Rusty Moderator. NAS Support. Good to have you with us oRBIT! I would recommend rutorrent for example as well as deluge. Run them in Docker. They work like a charm. Deluge has lots of options and custom script features. I'm a Usenet user myself but have had some experience with these two.

Telos Subscriber. Last edited: Nov I think Docker is too advanced stuff for me, last time I tried anyway Shouldn't Synology end support for Docker btw? Perhaps I'm mistaken Click to expand I tried installed RuTorrent using a guide found online..

It installed, but I can't get connectable it won't save my port settings when i try or have no idea how to configure a "auto download torrents from this folder". Feels a bit dangerous configuring stuff when you don't have full knowledge on what's going on. Deluge instructions Transmission setup Too much weird stuff I need something more simple to setup.

SynoMan Administrator. Maybe try with this one: Docker Hub. So the alternatives that doesn't include Docker are quite few Docker is so much easier to set up and maintain. Don't be discouraged. If I can do it The thing that frightens me with Docker is all the parameterstuff that feels a bit like the 70's or something. It's obviously not something for the beginners. Somekind of guide for idiots, like me in this case would be good. I checked the Deluge-docker-package, Docker Hub , but how do I configure the downloadfolder?

That page obviously assumes you've got Docker-knowledge but if you've got close to none, it's really a mess.. Variables are marked with -e. So how would you do this you just explain within Docker in DSM? It would be awesome to understand all this but everywhere I click there's always questions rising so I'll stay out of this until I find some kind of guide that's adapted for newbies.

Offer still stands if you want remote assistance.

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Bittorrent Sync = Securely and easily share files, backup files over the internet bittorrent sync synology package manager

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