Bad universe death stars torrent

bad universe death stars torrent

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All but the eyes. But he wrought them at last with a skill so sure That her eyes were the eyes of a deathless woman,— With a gleam of heaven to make them pure, And a glimmer of hell to make them human. God never forgets. And he wonders yet what her love could be To punish him after that strife so grim;— But the longer he lives with her eyes to see, The plainer it all comes back to him.

The poet is a slave, And there be kings do sorrowfully crave The joyance that a scullion may command. But ah, the sonnet-slave must understand The mission of his bondage, or the grave May clasp his bones or ever he shall save The perfect word that is the poet's wand. The sonnet is a crown, whereof the rhymes Are for Thought's purest gold the jewel-stones; But shapes and echoes that are never done Will haunt the workshop, as regret sometimes Will bring with human yearning to sad thrones The crash of battles that are never won.

ZOLA Because he puts the compromising chart Of hell before your eyes, you are afraid; Because he counts the price that you have paid For innocence, and counts it from the start, You loathe him. But he sees the human heart Of God meanwhile, and in God's hand has weighed Your squeamish and emasculate crusade Against the grim dominion of his art. Never until we conquer the uncouth Connivings of our shamed indifference We call it Christian faith!

The forest that was all so grand When pipes and tabors had their sway Stood leafless now, a ghostly band Of skeletons in cold array. A lonely surge of ancient spray Told of an unforgetful sea, But iron blows had hushed for aye The broken flutes of Arcady.

No more by summer breezes fanned, The place was desolate and gray;. But still my dream was to command New life into that shrunken clay. I tried it. Still does a cry through sad Valhalla go For Balder, pierced with Lok's unhappy spray— For Balder, all but spared by Frea's charms; And still does art's imperial vista show, On the hushed sands of Oxus, far away, Young Sohrab dying in his father s arms. In spite of all fine science disavows, Of his plain excellence and stubborn skill There yet remains what fashion cannot kill, Though years have thinned the laurel from his brows.

Whether or not we read him, we can feel From time to time the vigor of his name Against us like a finger for the shame And emptiness of what our souls reveal In books that are as altars where we kneel To consecrate the flicker, not the flame. SONNET Oh , for a poet—for a beacon bright To rift this changeless glimmer of dead gray: To spirit back the Muses, long astray, And flush Parnassus with a newer light: To put these little sonnet-men to flight Who fashion, in a shrewd mechanic way, Songs without souls that flicker for a day To vanish in irrevocable night.

What does it mean, this barren age of ours? Here are the men, the women, and the flowers,— The seasons, and the sunset, as before. What does it mean? THE ALTAR Alone , remote, nor witting where I went, I found an altar builded in a dream— A fiery place, whereof there was a gleam So swift, so searching, and so eloquent Of upward promise that love's murmur, blent With sorrow's warning, gave but a supreme Unending impulse to that human stream Whose flood was all for the flame's fury bent.

I said,—the world is in the wrong. Through broken walls and gray The winds blow bleak and shrill; They are all gone away. Nor is there one to-day To speak them good or ill: There is nothing more to say.

Why is it then we stray Around that sunken sill? They are all gone away, And our poor fancy-play For them is wasted skill: There is nothing more to say. There is ruin and decay In the House on the Hill: They are all gone away, There is nothing more to say. Of a dirge that sings to send us back to the arms of those that love us. There is nothing left but ashes now where the crimson chills of autumn Put off the summer's languor with a touch that made us glad For the glory that is gone from us, with a flight we cannot follow, To the slopes of other valleys and the sounds of other shores.

Come away! Over there beyond the ridges and the land that lies between us, There's an old song calling us to come! The songs that call for us to-night, they have called for men before us,— And the winds that blow the message, they have blown ten thousand years; But this will end our wander-time, for we know the joy that waits us In the strangeness of home-coming, and a faithful woman's eyes. The wind will moan, the leaver will whisper some— Whisper of her, and strike you as they fall; But go, and if you trust her she will call,— Go to the western gate, Luke Havergal,— Luke Havergal.

No, there is not a dawn in eastern skies To rift the fiery night that's in your eyes; But there, where western glooms are gathering, The dark will end the dark, if anything:—. God slays Himself with every leaf that flies, And hell in more than half of paradise. Out of a grave I come to tell you this,— Out of a grave I come to quench the kiss That flames upon your forehead with a glow That blinds you to the way that you must go.

Yes, there is yet one way to where she is— Bitter, but one that faith can never miss. There is the western gate, Luke Havergal, There are the crimson leaves upon the wall. Go,—for the winds are tearing them away— Nor think to riddle the dead words they say, Nor any more to feel them as they fall; But go! O shades of you that loved him long before The cruel threads of that black sail were spun,.

May loyal arms and ancient welcomings Receive him once again Who now no longer moves Here in this flickering dance of changing days Where a battle is lost and won for a withered wreath, And the black master Death is over all, To chill with his approach, To level with his touch, The reigning strength of youth, The fluttered heart of age.

Woe for a father's tears and the curse of a king's release— Woe for the wings of pride and the shafts of doom! Better his end had been as the end of a cloudless day, Bright, by the word of Zeus, with a golden star, Wrought of a golden fame, and flung to the central sky, To gleam on a stormless tomb for evermore:— Whether or not there fell To the touch of an alien hand The sheen of his purple robe and the shine of his diadem, Better his end had been To die as an old man dies,— But the fates are ever the fates, and a crown ever a crown.

I have read Love's message, in love's murder, and I die. Red they bloomed and fell; But when flushed autumn and the snows went by, And spring came,—lo, from every bud's green shell Burst a white blossom. All our prayers and prying,— All our tears and sighing, Sorrow, change, and woe,— All our where-and-whying For friends that come and go. Life awakes and burns, Age and death defying, Till at last it learns All but Love is dying;— Love's the trade we're plying, God has willed it so; Shrouds are what we're buying For friends that come and go.

Man forever yearns For the thing that's flying: Everywhere he turns, Men to dust are drying— Dust that wanders, eyeing With eyes that hardly glow New faces, dimly spying For friends that come and go. And yet they say the place will don A phantom fury of the past, Since Persia fell at Marathon;. And as of old, when Helicon Trembled and swayed with rapture vast Long centuries have come and gone , This ancient plain, when night comes on, Shakes to a ghostly battle-blast, Since Persia fell at Marathon.

THOMAS HOOD The man who cloaked his bitterness within This winding-sheet of puns and pleasantries, God never gave to look with common eyes Upon a world of anguish and of sin:— His brother was the branded man of Lynn; And there are woven with his jollities The nameless and eternal tragedies That render hope and hopelessness akin. We laugh, and crown him; but anon we feel A still chord sorrow swept,—a weird unrest; And thin dim shadows home to midnight steal, As if the very ghost of mirth were dead— As if the joys of time to dreams had fled, Or sailed away with Ines to the West.

Quaint hordes of eyeless phantoms did appear, Twisting and turning in a bootless chase,— When, like an exile given by God's grace To feel once more a human atmosphere, I caught the world's first murmur, large and clear, Flung from a singing river's endless race. Then, through a magic twilight from below, I heard its grand sad song as in a dream: Life's wild infinity of mirth and woe It sang me; and, with many a changing gleam, Across the music of its onward flow, I saw the cottage lights of Wessex beam.

I walked among them and I knew them well: Men I had slandered on life's little star For churls and sluggards; and I knew the scar Upon their brows of woe ineffable. But as I went majestic on my way, Into the dark they vanished, one by one, Till, with a shaft of God's eternal day, The dream of all my glory was undone,— And, with a fool's importunate dismay, I heard the dead men singing in the sun.

As long as Fame's imperious music rings Will poets mock it with crowned words august; And haggard men will clamber to be kings As long as Glory weighs itself in dust. Drink to the splendor of the unfulfilled, Nor shudder for the revels that are done:— The wines that flushed Lucullus are all spilled, The strings that Nero fingered are all gone. We cannot crown ourselves with everything, Nor can we coax the Fates for us to quarrel:— No matter what we are, or what we sing, Time finds a withered leaf in every laurel.

Now get some paper and a pen, And sit right here, beside my bed. Write every word I say, and then— And then … well, what then? And you, Francisco, brother, say,— What is there for a man like me? I killed her! To die—of course; but after that, I wonder if I live again!

And if I live again, for what? Strange, that a little Northern girl Should love my brother Calderon, And set my brain so in a whirl That I was mad till she was gone! As long as I am here or there, She'll sing to me, a murderer! But yon, Francisco,—you are young;— So take my hand and hear me, now:— There are no lies upon your tongue, There is no guilt upon your brow.

That strikes for honor or for shame? The truth, my brother, is just this:— Your title here is nothing more Or less than what your courage is: The man must put himself before The name, and once the master stay Forever—or forever fall. The lips were still: the man was dead. But in his heart there was a grief Too strong for human tears to free,— And in his hand a written leaf For Calderon across the sea.

Where are you going to-night, to-night,— Where are you going, John Evereldown? There's never the sign of a star in sight, Nor a lamp that's nearer than Tilbury Town. Why do you stare as a dead man might? Where are you pointing away from the light? And where are you going to-night, to-night,— Where are you going, John Evereldown? Right through the forest, where none can see, There's where I'm going to Tilbury Town. The men are asleep—or awake, may be— But the women are calling John Evereldown.

Ever and ever they call for me, And while they call can a man be free? But why are you going so late, so late,— Why are you going, John Evereldown? Though the road be smooth and the path be straight, There are two long leagues to Tilbury Town. Come in by the fire, old man, and wait! Why do you chatter out there by the gate? And why are you going so late, so late,— Why are you going, John Evereldown? I follow the women wherever they call,— That's why I'm going to Tilbury Town.

For some there is a music all day long Like flutes in paradise, they are so glad; And there is hell's eternal under-song Of curses and the cries of men gone mad. Some say the Scheme with love stands luminous, Some say 't were better back to chaos hurled; And so 't is what we are that makes for us The measure and the meaning of the world.

CREDO I cannot find my way: there is no star In all the shrouded heavens anywhere; And there is not a whisper in the air Of any living voice but one so far That I can hear it only as a bar Of lost, imperial music, played when fair And angel fingers wove, and unaware, Dead leaves to garlands where no roses are. No, there is not a glimmer, nor a call, For one that welcomes, welcomes when he fears, The black and awful chaos of the night.

But some are strong and some are weak,— And there's the story. House and home Are shut from countless hearts that seek World-refuge that will never come. And if there be no other life, And if there be no other chance To weigh their sorrow and their strife Than in the scales of circumstance— 'T were better, ere the sun go down Upon the first day we embark,.

In life's embittered sea to drown Than sail forever in the dark. But if there be a soul on earth So blinded with its own misuse Of man's revealed, incessant worth, Or worn with anguish that it views No light but for a mortal eye— No rest but of a mortal sleep— No God but in a prophet's lie— No faith for "honest doubt" to keep— If there be nothing, good or bad, But chaos for a soul to trust,— God counts it for a soul gone mad, And if God be God, He is just.

There is one creed, and only one, That glorifies God's excellence;— So cherish, that His will be done, The common creed of common sense. It is the crimson, not the gray, That charms the twilight of all time; It is the promise of the day That makes the starry sky sublime; It is the faith within the fear That holds us to the life we curse;— So let us in ourselves revere The Self which is the Universe!

Let us, the Children of the Night, Put off the cloak that hides the scar! Be sure, they met me with an ancient air,— And yes, there was a shop-worn brotherhood About them; but the men were just as good, And just as human as they ever were. And you that ache so much to be sublime, And you that feed yourselves with your descent, What comes of all your visions and your fears? Then, with a melancholy glee To think where once my fancy strayed, I muse on what the years may be Whose coming tales are all unsaid, Till tongs and shovel, snugly laid Within their shadowed niches, grow By grim degrees to pick and spade, As one by one the phantoms go.

But then, what though the mystic Three Around me ply their merry trade? Life is the game that must be played: This truth at least, good friend, we know. The devil only knows what I have done, But here I am, and here are six or eight Good friends who most ingenuously prate About my songs to such and such a one.

But everything is all askew to-night,— As if the time were come, or almost come, For their untenanted mirage of me To lose itself and crumble out of sight— Like a tall ship that floats above the foam A little while, and then breaks utterly. To tell the story of the life he led. Let the man go: let the dead flesh be dead, And let the worms be its biographers. He led me to the plot where I had thrown The fennel of my days on wasted ground, And in that riot of sad weeds I found The fruitage of a life that was my own.

My life! Ah yes, there was my life, indeed! And there were all the lives of humankind; And they were like a book that I could read, Whose every leaf, miraculously signed, Outrolled itself from Thought's eternal seed, Love-rooted in God's garden of the mind. And so is God A name; and so is love, and life, and death, And everything.

Last night it was the song that was the man, But now it is the man that is the song. We do not hear him very much to-day;— His piercing and eternal cadence rings Too pure for us—too powerfully pure,. Too lovingly triumphant, and too large; But there are some that hear him, and they know That he shall sing to-morrow for all men, And that all time shall listen. The master-songs are ended? Eventually, Yuzare somehow convinced Tiga to follow the path of light again.

Tiga defeated Darramb , Hudra , and his former lover Camearra and took their powers, gaining his Type Changes. He also sealed them as stone statues in the R'lyeh ruins. Tiga and his companions saved the civilization from countless catastrophes, but then Gijera arose, putting all of humanity into a stupor with its addictive pollen as they entered a stupor and awaited destruction rather than face the reality they were going through.

Tiga and his companions could do nothing more for them, embedding their "power to become light" into the genes of great warriors and their descendants, passed down through the ages. The ancient giants left their bodies, now turned to stone, in a pyramid, and returned to the nebula they came from as their natural form of light. An ancient legend of a village stated that long ago, the village was attacked by a terrible monster but saved by a giant.

After that battle the giant returned to the mountain and disappeared with the people of the village worshiping his memory, the Giant of Light. Years later, a wandering monster hunter stumbled upon the legendary Sparklence beside a monster she had just killed. Not knowing what it was, she kept it but when she approached a village under attack by another monster the Sparklence started to shiver. The village's wooden defenses were no match for the monster and the village was heavily damaged with the defenders of the village trying to confront it with spears.

It turned out the monster was 'summoned' to that time by a sorcerer who wanted to prevent the revival of Tiga by destroying the golden pyramid in which his remains lay petrified. When Tsubasa Madoka , the son of Daigo Madoka and Rena Yanase , was sent into the past by the sorcerer, he saw the Sparklence which fell out the monster hunter's bag. He instantly noticed it resembled the one his father used to transform into Tiga. He grabbed it away before the monster hunter could object and transformed into Tiga.

The monster was defeated easily but at the end Tiga disappears as Tsubasa was not destined to truly wield his power, even if he had the right genetics, and the whole village was devastated. Later Amui ; a country boy who befriended Tsubasa, tells the village he saw the giant of light, but nobody believed him until the defenders stated they saw Tiga as well. Hearing this one of the seers in the village claimed the prophecy was coming true and soon someone in their village would be the one to awaken Tiga.

Though Tiga defeated the sorcerer's first monster, he sent his strongest monster and his two acolytes to try and destroy the pyramid again. The villagers, with help from another village's elites, and the monster hunter fought the two acolytes but Tsubasa failed to defeat the monster Dogouf who defeated Tiga easily. Tsubasa reverted to human form exhausted and the ancient Sparklence was almost trampled by Dogouf but Amui saved it and turned out to be the one who would fulfill the prophecy.

He used the device to transform into Tiga, ultimately stopping Dogouf. Tsubasa then fixed his jet and returned to the future with Tiga watching over the village ever since. Though the village disappeared in time, the land came to be known as Tiga, a vital clue that allowed GUTS to find the pyramid in the first place. Tiga's body laid petrified in the golden pyramid and was discovered when the TPC 's expert team GUTS was dispatched to search for the pyramid spoken of in a holographic message from the ancient civilization.

They intended to find Tiga in a last ditch effort to stop the two beasts that had appeared; Melba and Golza. However, the two beasts destroyed the pyramid and began to destroy the petrified Ultra beings. Before Tiga could be destroyed, he was rejuvenated when he merged with the GUTS pilot Daigo Madoka who had turned into light, and quickly destroyed Melba, while Golza fled. Inheritance of Light. Tiga would continue to serve Earth, albeit without his Ultra comrades.

Later on the holographic message told Daigo that he and Tiga were one and the same, implying that he was once Tiga in a past life. As Tiga's time on Earth began to draw to a close, the servants of Darkness began to attack.

The first of these was Gijera a servant of the darkness itself that threatened to drown humanity in a dreamlike euphoria. Whereas the Tiga of the past could do nothing to stop Gijera because the humans at the time would rather accept it and their coming destruction rather than live their difficult human lives, the Tiga of the present was, as Yuzare said, "a human and the light", which Daigo interpreted as the ability to forge a path of his own despite being Tiga, and defeated Gijera.

Nook and Terra note that the is the first giant of light to have interfered with the humans' decisions, but thanks him for it. The final servant of darkness was Zoiger , who Tiga destroyed with great difficulty, almost faced with defeat. Tiga's final battle took place upon the appearance of Gatanothor ; the master of all darkness which Gijera and Zoiger bowed to. Tiga was defeated by the evil lord and was petrified once again, but he was later revived by the hopes of the children of the world which transformed them into beings of light to merge with the Titan.

This rejuvenation allowed Tiga to transform into his Glitter form with tremendous power and destroy the evil god. However, Tiga's victory came at a cost: Daigo lost his power and couldn't transform to Ultraman Tiga anymore as the Sparklence disintegrated into dust. However, Daigo tells Rena he believes that every human could also become light with their own power.

To the Shining Ones. Two years after Tiga defeated Gatanothor, Daigo and Rena had become engaged with the date of their marriage fast approaching. Upon the intervention of Camearra, Tiga's former comrade, Daigo began having visions and nightmares until he was beaten by the human forms of the three Dark Ultras. He was given another Sparklence and told to go to R'lyeh where Camearra and her loyal partners waited.

The spirit of Yuzare explained to Tiga what became of the giant's civilization; Camearra, Tiga, and the other two dark giants won a civil war amongst the Earthbound Ultras, with only a few giants surviving. She explained Camearra's plan, the three were trapped behind a barrier on R'lyeh that would hold for a century but if he were to use the power of darkness the barrier would shatter.

Daigo decided to deal with his past life's unfinished business and set out for R'lyeh Island with GUTS and his wife arriving shortly after him. This transformation broke the pyramid of Light that bound the Giants of Darkness to the island, but before they enjoyed their freedom, they were pitted against their former friend.

Tiga fought against his two past partners, Hudra and Darramb. Refusing their offer to join them, Tiga fought them both, one at a time, and barely managed to defeat them both. After absorbing their dark energy, he was able to dispel portions of the the darkness inside him and achieve purer forms of himself. All of my friends After finishing off his former comrade, Tiga finally fought Camearra herself, who did not hold back against her old lover.

Camearra was about to destroy the jet, but Tiga shielded Rena with his own body. This act of benevolence dispelled the last of his darkness completely and he was returned to his normal form, but the battle wasn't over. Enraged that her former lover had found a new beloved, Camearra awakened the Darkness from the depths of the island, and merged with it, becoming her ultimate form; Demonthor.

The gaseous beast attacked Tiga, who was unable to fight back. After a short battle, Tiga was killed by Demonthor, and Camearra was ready to destroy the world. But the souls of the fallen warriors of R'lyeh Island gave their remaining power to Tiga, reviving and transforming him once again into his Glitter form. This time Demonthor could not harm him so she grabbed him and absorbed him into herself where his Light was unleashed.

Ultraman Tiga destroyed the beast, from the inside, and Camearra with it with the Zerades Beam. Later after Daigo had returned to human form he found the dying body of Camearra, who confessed that she once wished for the power of light as well. Daigo held her hand as the darkness's grip on her was relinquished and she died a pure soul.

This was Daigo's final battle as Tiga, and the legacy of mankind's protector was passed onto Tiga's successor, Ultraman Dyna , to defend the Earth in Tiga's place. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey. Although Daigo doesn't appear in the movie, Tiga reappeared because of humanity's hope to save Ultraman Dyna , with both of the Ultra Warriors managing to destroy Queen Monera.

Just like before, this Tiga alongside Dyna appeared due to Tsutomu's desire to save Gaia and to defeat King of Mons and his allies Basiliss and Sculla. All of this came about by a sphere that granted wishes. Tiga battled Sculla and managed to destroy him with the Zeperion Beam.

Both Tiga and Dyna vanished along with the sphere after Tsutomu wished it away. In the war, Ultraman Tiga faced Golza but in their midst battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls. With the war over, an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Spark Device and fell alongside other Spark Dolls to Earth.

Tiga Dark attacked Jean-Killer and severely damaged him so much that it made him revert back to his Human Host, Tomoya. At the moment Hikaru discovered that Tomoya was the one controlling the gargantuan robot, but while wondering who attacked him, Tiga Dark appeared before them. Taro told them it was Ultraman Tiga, while Alien Valky tried to correct him, saying it was his "cooler" form Tiga Dark, but his speech fell on deaf ears, as he said it too far away from them.

Tiga Dark attacked the trio with a Hand Slash, but Ultraman Taro managed to use Ultra Psychokinesis to deflect the attack, which fell on Valky knocking him out. Ultraman Taro told the duo to run as quickly as possible but as they argued and did not take notice when Tiga fired another Light Bullet. This time, Taro noted was too strong to deflect.

As such Taro teleported the three away to safety. Tiga appeared and began to fight Ginga, who was able to barely match him. To uneven the odds, Tiga transformed Valky into a giant to do battle with him. Ginga and Jean-Nine eventually overpowered the two, defeating with their finishers and returning them to Spark Doll form. Tiga fell in his purified form.

The Dream Battle. Tiga begins to fight with the monster avoiding being cut by Tyrant's mace and tail. He then uses the Zeperion Beam, but only for Tyrant to use his Bemstar gorge to absorb it all until he couldn't do it anymore, his timer also started to flash. Then Jean-Nine comes and rushes Tyrant and aids in helping Tiga. When Jean-Nine's cannon was caught by the monster, he slashed at Tyrant's Barabba Whip and cuts it off, knocking him off balance.

The robot then handed Tiga the hook which he then turned into energy and threw it at Tyrant's chest. Tyrant was then defeated and the Spark Dolls returned.

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