Gabriel prokofiev cello multitracks torrent

gabriel prokofiev cello multitracks torrent

She gives no hint that she objects to conceding to the cello the Peter Donohoe completes his Prokofiev cycle; French theorbo music;. The trio's sound was outstanding: piano subtle and forceful; violin sweetly incisive; cello rich, warm, and potent. Magical. –Stephen Gibbs, dmsreviewblog. READ. Prokofiev: Love for Three Oranges — Suite. Sym' phony Orchestra of Radio Berlin conducted by Arthur Rother. 1*7" disc (0UR'UREP'7) $ APATRULLANDO LA CIUDAD TORRENTE 4 DOWNLOAD Note Phone models Windows Defender built from the pop-up: open before you. Products can be Certificate for a as Entity Relationship. Dll script creation cheapfly-sky is used, you rcsoftware. The base was the virus was people you've explicitly reveal all the.

Isaiah Jackson Berkey b. Richard Strauss arr. Stanley M. Hoffman Christopher Webb, piano And tomorrow the sun will shine again and on the way that I will go, she will again unite us, the happy ones amidst this sun-breathing earth, and to the beach, wide, wave-blue will we still and slowly descend silently we will look in each other's eyes and upon us will sink the mute silence of happiness —John Henry Mackay Man in the Mirror Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett b.

Gould arr. Edwards arr. True or False Circle the correct answer. The music had lots of feeling and often told stories or tried to sound like nature T or F 5. Baroque composers loved contrasts - loud vs soft, solo vs group, fast vs slow T or F 7. European music composed from about to T or F 4. Composers used computers to write their music T or F 6. You may know a popular singer who adds lots of extra notes to a melody as they sing.

Think of the many ways you have heard singers perform the National Anthem before a game. Did you know that style actually began hundreds of years ago, way back in the Baroque? You will hear several examples of this in the music for this concert. Let's do an example of ornamentation using pictures. Here are two examples effaces with different ornamentation.

Add your own ornamentations to these faces! Trade off making up a new way to ornament the melody with a friend or family member! Instead of the melody, they started out with a bass line that repeated over and over. Then they created a melody to go along with the bass line! You probably already know one of the most famous repeating bass lines from the Baroque era!

Play a recording of Canon in D, and follow the bass line with your finger as it repeats. You will also the melody unfold in a three-part round! See if you can find ail of these terms about a Baroque performance. The words can be straight across, up and down, diagonal, or even backwards! Only his instrumental pieces remain. Use your creativity to decorate this harpsichord! Our conductor is having trouble finding his way to his rehearsal.

Draw a line through the maze to show him the way! This instrument is so tall you have to stand to play it. You sit and rest this instrument against your knees when you play it. The instrument plays the highest notes. To learn more and register, visit childrensmusic. Scott Robinson b. Julie Giroux b. Giroux and Dr. Andrea DeRenzis Strauss, conductor of Tara Winds, collaborated on the form and substance of this composition, written especially for the 69th Annual Midwest Clinic.

In this setting, sonorities of the band are utilized which express a longing for the end of time, when there will be no sorrow, no pain. The last line of the refrain serves as the title for this setting. Through Countless Halls of Air was commissioned by and is dedicated to L.

Alan L. Each movement conveys a specific moment in the history of flight. The opening tense fanfare celebrates the courage and fear of first light as seen in the mythical flight of Daedalus and Icarus. The second movement expresses the grand serenity of soaring over the dunes of Kitty Hawk. The last movement, named after two of the most famous and fastest planes ever to fly, the BeeGee and the Blackbird, expresses the combination of flight and speed. The movement uses two themes, one denoting tension and the other exhilaration.

Stars in a Velvety Sky. Herbert Lincoln Clarke, regarded as the greatest cornetist of all time, was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, on September 12, One of the greatest influences in Clarkes life was the famous cornet soloist Walter Rogers,. Clarke received tips from Rogers but never took formal lessons from him-—or anyone else. It was another famous soloist, Arthur Pryor, who encouraged Clarke to compose his own cornet solos.

He had often told Sousa that he would retire at age 50, since he believed that cornet soloists began to perform less effectively at that age. He traveled over 90, miles with the bands of Gilmore, Sousa, Innes, Herbert, and others. He made thirty-four tours of the United States and Canada, four European tours, and one tour around the world. Stars in a Velvety Sky was published in by Carl Fischer.

The years from the turn of the century until found Clarke continuing to perform, testing cornets for the Conn Company in Elkhart Indiana , beginning to write his four instructional methods for cornet, and most importantly, recording extensively. To the Sky. James M. Stephenson came late to his full-time composing career, having performed seventeen seasons as a trumpeter in the Naples Philharmonic in Florida.

Colleagues and friends encouraged his earliest efforts and enthusiasm followed from all directions. James Stephenson is also a highly sought-after arranger and conductor, rounding out his constantly busy schedule. His arrangements have been performed, recorded, and broadcast by virtually every major orchestra in the country, including the Boston Pops, Cincinnati Pops, New York Pops and more. On the podium, Stephenson has led orchestras in Bozeman, Charleston, Ft.

Myers, Modesto, and Wyoming, in addition to numerous concert bands. Lux Aurumque. Simple triads melt from one chord to the next, creating a slowly evolving wash of aural color. For his chorale setting, Whitacre had the original poem by Edward Esch b. Dawn Flight. It is early on a bright sunny morning, but there is a bite in the air and frost on the ground. In a field stand two bi-planes. Into the stillness of the morning walk a small group of people.

Suddenly, as the propellers are spun round and the machines roar into life, the airplanes climb into the matchless blue sky of the early morning. They soar and dive in exultant mock combat. Lawrence, Keen, Waldis, Reeder arr. Mayhew I. Lake Fanfare Nicolas Ayala b. George J. Jory Woodis, CarlS. Hammer 15 Dance of the Jesters Piotr Tchaikovsky, arr. This musical event is the 82 nd performance sponsored by the BYU School of Music for the season. Her performances bring together the elements on which her international reputation is based: a ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity, a penchant for improvising delicately spun microtonal textures and melodies, and her wholly unique array of powerfully percussive flute effects, all combined with electronic processing.

Many of her compositions involve her own participation, though she has produced works intended solely for other performers, usually involving guided improvisation and text. At the heart of their duo is a self-designed, digital cueing system that operates as a sometimes-visible third member.

She is a member of MAZE, an electroacoustic ensemble dedicated to performing experimental musical forms. She is an active artist in Splendor Amsterdam, a collective of 50 musicians, composers and stage artists who have transformed an old bathhouse in the center of Amsterdam into a cultural mecca.

She is the co-director, with her husband David Dramm, of the Volssp Foundation that supports innovative projects for composed and improvised music. When I approached flutist Carlton Vickers about writing a piece for him that included electronics he suggested the Tibetan Book of the Dead as a possible influence.

Several aspects of the text became influential as the piece developed: the initial shock of arriving in the post-mortal limbo state, the images of wrathful and peaceful deities, and the correspondence of the readings and events to the weekly calendar. After spending some time with the piece and recording it, Mr. Vickers was kind enough to write the following preface: Although the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or Bardo Thodol, is used in Tibet as a breviary, read or recited on the occasion of death, it was originally conceived to serve as a guide not only for the dying and the dead, but for the living as well.

Since first reading the text in , the notion of a musical work for solo flute and electronics embodying the rich imagery and events of the Bardo, or after-death state, was one I found immediately appealing, yet completely daunting. As I listen to what is now Boundless Light, my initial sense of apprehension has been replaced with one of inevitability.

The work flows as a single strand of very clear events. Opening as a singular, scathing trauma, it collapses, seeming to vanish within the infinite void that underlies every moment. The flute, shedding the beloved ornithological stereotype, assumes a stance of human scale. A resonance of the mortal coil. A second flash, almost as a remnant of the first, propels stasis to stream of consciousness.

The instant of physical death, to the instant of awareness beyond the physical. This links to a section based upon the single pitch, E natural. Symbolic of the soul as it struggles to attain even the most minuscule sense of beingness, identity and foundation. But there is no respite, no real peace to be found here.

Past misdeeds stab and punctuate, leading the weary, confused soul through a final opaque corridor of karmic checks and balances. The Wheel of Karma turns as it has always done. Distilling what has been, into the breath of what will be. The Dance of Maya, Lord of Illusion, continues. The score itself has two modes - one in which the player scrolls through the actual book - word for word - and one in which words are randomly picked from the text and morphed with the next random word.

The letters of the words are assigned to notes, based on frequency charts and the player can navigate and manipulate the speeds and sounds created by the score. The work explores some territory of video-score explored in earlier works such as karaoke etudes and the way Laptops can be used as instrument, screens and notational tools at the same time. There are also some cryptographic elements in the way projected text is used to create semantic relationships to what we are hearing.

As well as the score having the function of communicating musical data to the musicians and language data to the audience - the program produces sound which adds to the musical soundscape and influences the musical decisions being made by the musicians. The piece was developed on the Processing platform.

The original version as written for MAZE. Emerging from a rich, electronic texture of sea signals, we hear a lone boy calling F oxtrot , A lpha , T ango , H otel , E cho , R omeo. The intimate, innovative setting features Anne La Berge together with 6 iPads that create a two-way guiding system where performer and media discover each other, exploring Utters rich sonic and visual fabric.

This musical event is the 89 th performance sponsored by the BYU School of Music for the season. David Dramm b. David Dramm is a co-founder of Splendor Amsterdam. Yannis Kyriakides was born in Limassol, Cyprus in and in emigrated with his family to Britain. After travelling for a year with his violin in the near east, learning traditional music, he returned to England to study musicology at York University, later being drawn by the music of Louis Andriessen to move to The Netherlands, with whom he studied under at the Hague Conservatory.

As a composer and sound artist he strives to create new forms and hybrids of media, synthesizing disparate sound sources and exploring spatial and temporal experience. He has focused in the majority of his work on ways of combining traditional performance practices with digital media. He has written over ninety compositions, of which recent large scale works include: memoryscape 35' for video and ensemble musikFabrik, WDR ; satellites 50' for ensemble and electronics Seattle Chamber Players ; disco debris interactieve installatie, Amiens Maison de la Culture , an ocean of rain 80' opened the Aldeburgh Music Festival in Two sound installations will be shown at the Dutch pavillion of the Venice Bienalle Hugo Morales is a composer and sound artist based in The Netherlands.

His work focuses on the development of alternative instruments for sound generation. Whether extensions of traditional instruments or instrumental implementations of rudimentary objects; technique, notation, physical modification and various uses of technology are usually elements defining his music composition and performance. Sam Pluta is a New York City-based composer, laptop improviser, electronics performer, and sound artist. Though his work has a wide breadth, his central focus is on the laptop as a performance instrument capable of sharing the stage with groups ranging from new music ensembles to world-class instrumental improvisers.

Sam is the Technical Director for the Wet Ink Ensemble, a group for whom he is a member composer as well as principal electronics performer. He studied composition and electronic music at Columbia University, where he received his DMA in For the past 15 years he has taught composition, musicianship, electronic music, and an assortment of specialty courses at the Walden School, where he also serves as Director of Electronic Music and Academic Dean.

Steven Ricks b. His monodrama Medusa in Fragments—for amplified piano, surround-sound electronics, and video soprano—is a multimedia tour-de-force that has been performed at festivals and venues around the world by pianist Keith Kirchoff. He is a professor in the BYU School of Music where he teaches music theory and composition, and directs the electronic music studio. We are grateful for your attendance and support.

Entire works or groupings of pieces will usually be performed without interruption. Shouting to performers, whistling, or talking during the performance is inappropriate here. Andante con moto Sadie Smith, bass trombone Eric Ewazen b. Allegro aperto Christian Tran, oboe Piano Concerto no.

Robert Reynolds This recording was made April ,, just prior to the band's departure for a tour of Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan. Tory Woodis, CarlS. Carl S. Jory Woodis, Carl S. Hammer 15 Dance of the Jesters PiotrTchaikovsky, arr. Jory Woodls, Carl S. NOTES Divertimento, written for the Woodsmusick Ensemble in , perfectly embodies Faiths knack for balancing overt sentimentality and emotional distance.

Comprised of six short movements, the listener is not taxed with a novel of fully developed ideas, but with brief essays in melody, character, texture, and atmosphere. Though the unusual instrumentation of two violins, cello, and piano may not naturally lend itself to a lush sound, Faiths skill in orchestration is on full display.

A vivid example is the Larghetto first movement. The first setting of the theme in the cello is followed with one sweeping gesture after another that never fully finds resolution. These melodies provide a forward thrust and shape, never allowing the music to rest. The first theme resembles a tune from a mariachi band. Another typical soaring interlude interrupts the simplicity and playfulness of the theme, but there is a whimsical return to the band at the end.

The Andante espressivo third movement begins with an impassioned statement by the second violin that melts, morphs and develops. Here Faith is at his best in deftly passing the themes around the group. However, the sensual melodies are occasionally interrupted by shimmering, angular melodic material, maybe an echo from a now distant mariachi band? At forty-four seconds, the quick Allegretto fourth movement is the shortest and perhaps the most emotionally cold movement of the piece.

Beginning with a very static simple rhythm, pace, and dynamic sound world. There seems to be no other goal in this movement than to create something beautiful. The English-influenced theme is lovingly cared for and spun in different keys and registers by the two violins and cello, the piano adorning the melodies with gilded harmonies and textures.

Surprisingly, a dramatic, muscular, angry sound characterizes the closing Allegro con fuoco, as if all of the unabashedly expressed passion and vulnerability of the previous movements has been misunderstood or rejected. After a brief moment of repose or grief the movement ends suddenly and brutally. In stark contrast to the Divertimento, the trio is a towering work akin to a Homerian epic. While still rife with beautiful melodies and unapologetic romanticism especially in the first movement there is a Robert Schumann-esque feeling of struggle within the struggle.

Faith depicts inward, simmering, unexpressed convictions, that occasionally cannot be contained, and explode into full, unrestrained consciousness-most obviously in the piano and violin pizzicato outburst in the second movement and large sections of the last movement.

In the trio, encountering musical friction and resistance is favored over happy endings and comfortable resolutions. Quintet, written for the Woodsmusick Ensemble in , examines melody and form through a more meditative, contemplative, unhurried lens. In the first movement, Largo Espressivo, Faith immediately explores the lustrous timbres available to him with the unorthodox combination of violin, viola, violoncello, bassoon and piano.

The chant-like opening melody of the Moderato fourth movement is juxtaposed by joyful yet yearning melodic outbursts throughout. Finally, the beginning of the Allegro Risoluto-Jauntily begins with southwestern-influenced celebration. The movement finishes with a joyful unified coda, and a boisterous ebullient ending.

Winner of numerous awards and competitions, Faith has performed in recitals throughout the United States and Europe and has appeared as soloist with a variety of orchestras including the Chicago Symphony. He is the composer of four operas, a number of symphonic works, three piano concerti, an oboe concerto, a mass, a cantata, chamber music, more than one hundred songs, and many piano works. His latest works, Divertimento and Quintet were written for the Woodsmusick Ensemble over that last five years.

The Woodsmusick Ensemble has unofficially been performing together for over twenty-five years, but under their current moniker and instrumentation since In spite of wide- ranging and diverse individual performing and academic careers, Woodmusick reunites often to perform and record.

Paul Bowles Marsha Norman b. Since tonights concert is being recorded, we ask you to be as quiet as possible during the performance. Ray Smith p. And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. For the Mighty One has done great things for me , and holy is His name. Litaniae Lauretanae, KV. Striving to attain the heights, turning in a new direction, entering a lonely place, welcoming a friend or stranger. I am here, I am with you. I have called: do you hear me? Silver is of passing worth, gold is not of constant value, jewels sparkle for a while; what you long for is not lasting.

Rulers govern under me with my insight and my wisdom. Those who know me know my love, those who seek me find their answer. God the Father and the Son, Holy Spirit coeternal. Glory be ascribed to Thee, now and to the end of ages. Will Kimbalf conductor p. James Kazik Hoagy Carmichael arr. Joshua Palmer Anton Webern arr.

He began studying piano at age five and clarinet at twelve. In addition, he attended summer music festivals at Tanglewood, Aspen, and the Music Academy of the West. On several occasions, Mr. Calcara has performed as soloist. He has appeared several times with the Utah Symphony in performances of clarinet works with orchestra by Mozart, Artie Shaw, and Luto- slawski.

This musical event is the th performance sponsored by the BYU School of Music for the season. Regnery Kids. Chalk, Gary. Yankee Doodle. DK Children. Kellogg, Steven. Aladdin Paperbacks Hoberman, Mary Ann. Yankee Doodle Sing-Along Stories.

Angleberger, Tom. Crankee Doodle. Clarion Books. Goodnow, Patti. Scholastic Inc. As you listen to the music, think of words that begin with each of the letters of La Mosca. Perhaps describe the moods, emotions and style of the piece. Then illustrate the page with the images that come to mind as you listen to this imaginative piece of music. Old Black Fly. Adams, Pam. Gollub, Matthew. The Jazz Fly. Howitt, Mary. The Spider and the Fly.

A fly is on the loose in the band! Listen carefully as he flies around. See if you can hear the sound of the fly swatter the slapstick swatting at the fly. Help the fly find his way back outside. In the s, Mr. Williams wrote the score. Which is your favorite? Then complete the puzzle below. HINT: See page 6 for answer options. Down 1. He spotted the golden snitch! Help him catch it by coloring in the boxes containing the names of brass instruments.

We did the first three for you! French Horn i i. Viola 1 1. Pictured below are the instruments that you would find in a wind symphony. Then color each section of the wind symphony in the following way: Color the brass section yellow, the woodwind section blue, and the percussion section red. Bassoon B. Timpani C.

Saxophone D. Trumpet E. Snare Drum F. Trombone G. Tuba H. Marimba I. Flute J. Oboe K. Cymbals L. Conductor M. Clarinet N. French Florn O. Please visit our website over the summer to learn more about next year's season!

Visit byuarts. Tout gai! Since tonight s concert is being recorded, we ask you to be as quiet as possible during the performance. Lawrence Green George F. Root arr. Lawrence Green Jorge Morel b. Jan- Olof Eriksson Sevillanas Andalusian folk dance arr. Tuesday, April 11, p. The length and content of this march lead the listener to suspect that, like Sousa with his Free Lance March, Fucik must have attempted to condense the most important material for an operetta into a march.

The work opens with a short bugle fanfare and proceeds directly into a strain of repeated notes which seem to picture a flighty Florentine signorina chattering to her gentleman friend from Berlin who is given only enough time to answer a two-note "ja-wohl! The work continues with another fanfare; a light and beautiful trio melody; an interlude; and a triumphant repeat with a challenging piccolo part. Concert Prelude. Hultgren began his professional music career as a trumpet player in He has performed with the Central Band ofthe Royal Australian Air Force, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Brass Choir, and has worked as a freelance musician for the theatre, opera, cabaret, and recording studios.

From , Mr. During this time he produced works for that department. His works have been performed widely within Australia as well as internationally including the U. Hultgren has become a personal friend and contributor to the success of that tour by offering assistance to identify and establish relationships with key wind band conductors and programs in his homeland.

We are deeply appreciative of his compositional talents and his kindness towards our wind band program. As Shadows Fall. This is an original composition from Kody Euteneier, senior, in the music education program. Molly on the Shore. In setting Molly on the Shore I strove to imbue the accompanying parts that made up the harmonic texture with a melodic character not too unlike that ofthe underlying reel tune.

Melody seems to me to provide music with initiative, whereas rhythm appears to me to exert an enslaving influence. For that reason I have tried to avoid regular rhythmic domination in my music -- always excepting irregular rhythms, such as those of Gregorian chant, which seem to me to make for freedom. Equally with melody, I prize discordant harmony, because of the emotional and compassionate sway it exerts. On December 1,, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated city bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Section II portrays years of racial strife in Montgomery and the quest for social equality. The third section is one of quiet strength and serenity. The hymn, We Shall Overcome foreshadowed in sections I and II by motivic fragmentation is heard in its entirety near the end. The present title of this work suggests a religious orientation, but not towards any of the established religions of a Western or Eastern culture.

To the standard deities one offers prayers - incantations are uttered in rituals of magic and the conjuring up of spirits, evil and benign. The opening Incantation is full of mystery and expectation, wandering, unstable and without tonality. The Dance also begins quietly, but percussion instruments quickly begin, one by one, to drive a rhythmic pattern of incredible complexity and drive. In , Radigue adapted an early feedback work to live performance on electric bass, Elemental II , and in , with the encouragement of ongoing collaborator Charles Curtis, she permanently abandoned electronics for acoustic composition, beginning with Naldjorlak for solo cello, composed for Curtis.

As within each individual work, Radigue has maintained an obstinate focus throughout the flow of her career, her dedication to the materiality of sound earning her numerous accolades and ensuring her place as one of the most important composers of our time.

Citing the ocean as a calming antidote to the overwhelming nature of our vibratory wave-filled surroundings, Radigue has named the tributary components of her Occam series with the image of fluid water in mind.

Solo pieces are Occams, duo pieces Rivers, and larger ensemble pieces Deltas. The Occam series began in with a solo for harpist Rhodri Davies and has continued steadily to the present, counting now well over fifty individual solos and ensemble pieces.

This work, Naldjorlak , composed in and premiered in December , is an hour-long, exhaustive enquiry into the inherent resonating properties of the cello. Rhodri Davies is an improvising harpist who confronts traditional concepts of the harp through his use of preparations, detuned, bowed, and e-bowed strings.

Other composer collaborations include Christian Wolff and Alvin Lucier. The retrospective will continue with more programs into All are welcome to attend. Time Unfolded is an interdisciplinary and immersive multi-media work, combining highresolution video, dance and live electronics.

Time Unfolded is an exploration of the movements of a dancer, filmed in 4. Through the interplay of sounds and images, time unfolds and shapes emerge from the succession of the instants. Johannes Regnier UC San Diego Music In a career that spans more than a decade, Johannes Regnier has been active as a composer and sound engineer and has conducted several projects in the field of electronic music.

Regnier is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in computer music at UC San Diego under the supervision of Miller Puckette. He is a keyboardist, composer, singer, conductor, sound artist, and multiinstrumentalist. She holds an M.

Her practice is inspired by the relationships between human movement and unstable surfaces, the connection between the body, its organs and naturals elements, notions of memory and the idea of birth, antagonist subjects of resistance, utopian bodies, and dreams. San Diego- California, U. Katharina Rosenberger: surge for bass clarinet, cello, piano Anna-Louise Walton: uttered for clarinet, cello, piano Ashley Fure: therefore i was for cello, percussion, piano Katharina Rosenberger: Up-Close new collaborative work for fl, bcl, vcl, pno, perc as listed above.

We believe that working directly with composers throughout their creative process—in a medium where the score is a departure rather than a finish line—allows for new and thrilling musical possibilities. Judy Center for Innovation and Research, and more. We are passionate about helping to build a diverse canon of 21st century works that leaves space for all voices—especially those that have historically been excluded from our field.

Undergraduate students under the direction of Takae Ohnishi will perform chamber music. Popper - Requiem in F-sharp minor, op. Baermann - Duo Concertant op. Lachner - Trio No. Andante con moto III. Rorich - Burleske op. Aguila His important contributions also extend to chamber, choral and orchestral music as well as improvised music and jazz. His six operas include works centered on recent historical figures Malcolm X and Patty Hearst.

His latest opera, The Central Park Five, an exploration of the infamous wrongful conviction of five teenagers of color in NYC in the s, premiered at the Long Beach Opera in to international acclaim. Camera Lucida is a chamber music collaboration between four musicians with diverse backgrounds.

Camera Lucida is a unique project matching masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire with a group of world-class instrumentalists who happen to call San Diego home. For additional program information, please visit Camera Lucida's website: sdcamlu. Ticket information: TIXS Under the artistic directorship of UC San Diego distinguished professor and cellist Charles Curtis and anchored by regular featured performances by San Diego Symphony Concertmaster Jeff Thayer , Formosa Quartet violist and UCLA professor Che-Yen Chen , concert pianist Reiko Uchida , UC San Diego performance faculty and occasional guests, Camera Lucida has established a tradition of challenging, musically ambitious programs performed with the assurance of an established ensemble, with the added flexibility of changing instrumentation and guests from the international chamber music world.

The symmetrically arranged program features three types of works: instrumental, non-instrumental and object- centered. Each of them have been assigned an acoustic and an electroacoustic variant. The result is a narrative arch that depicts the loss and re-discovery of oneself.

The transitions between pieces also undergo a change, first developing an electronic existence of their own and little by little being reduced to a simpler form. Kalle Hakosalo is a young, prolific Finnish percussionist. Passionate about popularizing percussion music in his native Finland and abroad, he performs extensively as a soloist and chamber musician in ensembles like NEKO3 and km2.

His repertoire extends from Baroque arrangements to cornerstone works of percussion literature, multidisciplinary art and music written for him. Seminar in Composition, instructed by Anthony Davis presents their end of term concert featuring new and innovative premiere works.

The program will begin with a new work by duo Please join us for this FREE event that will be sure to start the new decade off right with ancient mystical sounds and a new work for a new world. Fiona Digney is an Australian-born multi-faceted percussionist who holds both education and performance degrees and is currently based in California while she undertakes doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof.

Steven Schick. She has enjoyed a wide-ranging freelance career over the last decade, performing in solo, ensemble, and theatrical settings in Australia, China, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, England, Mexico, and the United States. Burns at the Almeida theatre, London. Fiona is a current member of red fish blue fish and is active in both the music and theatre departments at the University of California San Diego. About Rebecca: Australian born percussionist Rebecca Lloyd-Jones is a diverse musician who is passionate about percussion performance, research and education.

Vanessa Tomlinson. They are presenting a concert of new percussion classics. Joseph Haydn: Piano Sonata No. An eclectic, thrice-quarterly grab bag of electro-acoustical-musical-theatrical excellence showcasing the ongoing work of UC San Diego Music Department grad students. Grad Forums are always free, always weird, and usually not terribly long, so join us Friday, January 17th in the Experimental Theater as we plunge ourselves into a shiny new year doubtlessly full of fun new experiences, and fresh existential horrors!

Distinguished by its virtuosic playing and impassioned interpretations, the Ariel Quartet has earned its glowing international reputation. Formed in Israel nearly twenty years ago, the Quartet was recently awarded the prestigious Cleveland Quartet Award. This concert marks the second of a five-concert series.

Two synths were programmed to have internal dynamic mechanisms, where the musician can mix what processes co-occur and couple together creating rhythmic vibrations. Timbres reach into heavy saturation and unexpected resonance shapes via containing high volume signals with power-preservation. Signals are projected to higher-dimensions and rotated with other signals or oscillators, altering and adding to the psychedelic sound of the instrument.

Coupling helps multiple processes find a central tendency, a rhythmic voice coupled to a chaotic process gives the chaotic process inflections of pulse timing and due to bi-directionality the rhythm is perturbed by the chaotic process creating phase changes. Demarcations as decelerations form among processes, the consistency of decelerations in terms of its resonance can mask or reveal activity depending on the relations and the actions of the musician.

It should contain words about everyday experiences, thoughts, and responses. Gain insight into how and why people think, act and feel the way they do. The Watson system it is based on is general purpose and generates responses to questions using methods of web-based inference. The founder of IBM Thomas J Watson started the corporation up on the technology of census processing, developing punch-card machines to automate sorting and tabulation of populations into grouped types.

Before punch-card technology the census would take 10 years to tally and after only 3 months. IBM employed workers went door to door to collect population data in search of Jewish people throughout Europe to later abduct and work to death. It is a haunting example of capitalism and fascism becoming indistinguishable. First-year graduate students studying composition and performance will present their winter jury concert at p.

The program will feature performances by Mariana Flores voice, piano , Peter Ko cello , Miguel Zazueta voice , Erin Graham percussion , and Alexander Taylor voice, percussion, and violin. Open to the public. The notion of art for art's sake is a misnomer: every sculpture, painting, dance, poem, or piece of music is a conscious act of principle and intent. Though the purpose may not be literal, and indeed its genesis may be quite obscure, art stems from individual experience and memory. This year's program presents classical compositions in memory of a person, idea, or an occasion.

Conrad Prebys was an extremely generous philanthropist who made the largest and most important gift to the UC San Diego Department of Music that we have ever received, enabling us to complete the Conrad Prebys Music Center in His subsequent gifts enabled us to establish an endowment for graduate student support and name our concert hall in his honor and to establish the Conrad Prebys Presidential Chair in Music. To honor the memory of Mr.

Prebys, and to commemorate the establishment of the Endowed Chair five years ago, the Department of Music presents a concert of the music of Rand Steiger, the current holder of the Chair. The program will include the premiere of a new work for solo piano Simple Gifts, Variations for Conrad Prebys , performed by Professor Aleck Karis, along with Beacon , for flute and electronics, performed by Professor Wilfrido Terrazas, and Cyclone , for clarinet and electronics, performed by clarinetist Gleb Kanasevich.

Schick will also lead the premiere of two new works written for the occasion for the same piece ensemble by graduate composers Anqi Liu and Alex Stephenson. Beethoven turns this year. He was a great composer, as everybody already knows. After all, he was much more in spiritual league with the flame-throwing radicals of the Jacobin rather than the cultural mainstream.

We propose another kind of birthday present. We hope to afford insight into parallel moments of cultural and political peril. From the turn of the 19th century in post-revolutionary Europe to the volatile time between world wars in the 20th century to our early 21st century michigas , these works, taken together, demonstrate the necessity for an artist to react to her or his time. The concert will be preceded by a conversation with Steven Schick and a distinguished panel including: Pamela Z , Lilian Faderman , and Henry Torres Blanco , entitled: "How do we as artists working in different genres use or abuse classic works?

Highlighting the vocal nature and complex timbre of the trumpet, Smith will perform pieces that include extended vocal techniques, distortion-like sounds, and linear virtuosity. RSVP online here. The La Jolla Symphony has not played it for over a quarter of a century—come, listen fresh, and rediscover the wonders of this glorious music.

David Borgo celebrates his half-century birthday in musical style, inviting friends old and new to collaborate on an improvised suite of epic proportions, transforming the worldly sounds of brass, wind, wood, voice and skin through otherworldly electronic means into a metamodern masterpiece.

Also, we near the completion of our cycle of the entire Beethoven quartets with Opus 18 Nr. Extending their prior collaboration to a new level of immersive audio-visual design, in February, an intercultural team of artists presents Changing Tides II, an intercultural music collaboration responding to the climate crisis, featuring renowned improvisers in Seoul and San Diego performing together via cutting-edge technologies. With audiences at both locations, the event links 10 musicians in a stunning scenic environment created by visual artists, including Korean director Jungung Yang who conceived the design in relation to a Korean shamanic ceremony to simultaneously evoke sorrow and the recirculation of new life.

Blending live collaborative performance, pre-recorded materials, visualizations of climate data, and original compositions integrating Korean music, jazz and beyond, Changing Tides II addresses our urgent need for global collaboration and blends past and future artistic expressions in a unique act of collective imagination. The quarterly concerts, featuring chamber music from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, grew to be a popular and elegant part of the musical life of San Diego.

The program begins at 7 p. Schallfeld is an international ensemble for contemporary music based in Graz. The group sparks the interest of its audience by its vivid virtuosity and refined chamber music sound, paired with interpretations that pay special attention to concert format, creating events that adapt to the specific venue while aiming for a new dimension of listening.

The ensemble was founded in by alumni of Klangforum Wien and composition students of Kunstuniversita? It currently consists of musicians from 8 nationalities and reflects the diversity and different interests of its members in its artistic direction. In the last few years, Schallfeld has been able to establish itself on international stages through exciting programming with a focus on young composers, innovative concert-stagings as well as through the quality of its collective improvisations and innovative use of live-electronics.

Schallfeld sees its mission in bringing music of international young composers to Austria and acting as an ambassador for new music production abroad. The ensemble is also involved in pedagogical activities and collaborative theater projects for children and adults. Schallfeld is funded by the municipality of Graz, the federal state of Styria, the Austrian federal Government and receives generous support from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and the iem Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz.

The members of this international quartet share an insatiable appetite for sonic experimentation, boundless energy and enthusiasm, and the disciplined intelligence of accomplished spontaneous composers. Beginning with one of his most ambitious pieces, Echoes from the Gorge for percussion quartet, red fish blue fish pays tribute to Chou Wen-Chung.

We will also perform music by two of his most important students, our colleagues, Chinary Ung and Lei Liang. Through this and other music, we will hear the many ways that Chou Wen-chung lives on. On her 1st oboe DMA recital: vortexes , Juliana will be collaborating with great colleagues and friends: Rebecca Lloyd Jones- percussion and Kathryn Schulmeister- bass.

This computer music concert will feature: improvised electronic music with real-time analysis to drive lights, piano with electronics, channel fixed-media pieces, modular paired with analog video feedback and more. All the pieces created for this concert were created by UC San Diego alumni or current students.

Over the past ten years musicians from Korea and the United States have been collaborating on virtual concerts centered around common themes of peace, climate change, and shared artistic values. In , the Argentine born composer emigrated to America at the behest of Aaron Copeland, with whom studied at the Berkshire Music Center now Tanglewood. Together with percussion, they act as a conduit for a musician's virtuosity and emotions, whether or not the language of the voice is understandable, or the rhythm of the percussion instruments is comprehensible.

This recital features works on Garrett's upcoming album "singing to his craft The album not only explores the ability of the voice to interact with various percussion instruments. But the multi-lingual component also renders a wide array of articulations and sounds from the voice, while at the same time communicating the spoken text. The three pieces in this concert feature musical instruments for each one of these XR modalities.

Monday Night Forum is back! Recently published, Louder and Faster is a study of taiko in California, focused on the play of sound, performance, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, and politics. Based on two decades of participatory ethnographic work, the book offers a vivid glimpse of an Asian American presence both loud and fragile. Wong will reflect on the process of researching taiko in Southern California, read short passages from the book, and consider how and why Japanese American activism matters.

Bassist Kathryn Schulmeister presents an adventurous solo recital program including Roger Reynolds' electroacoustic work for solo bass and real time algorithm transformation, MARKed Music, and Liza Lim's stunning work for solo bass with voice and preparation, The Table of Knowledge. Featuring the talents of Alexandria Smith and Mari Kawamura, this program will explore a range of contemporary compositional approaches to the double bass. Schulmeister: Quartet for the End of Time, V.

This concert will feature the contrabass clarinet as a polyphonic instrument. Internal microphones are used as a sonic microscope, giving subtle sounds more physical presence. Soprano Susan Narucki will present an evening of music that celebrates the human voice in its most intimate, lyrical and exuberant. Both works speak to parting and loss through unique and elegant compositional styles separated by centuries.

The Duo of Dresser Davis performs a wide range of music from the lyrical to the political. It features the music of both celebrated composers, pianist Anthony Davis and contrabassist Mark Dresser. The program features classic and new works for symphonic winds, and highlights a warped patriotism embedded within American legislation or the lack thereof and rhetoric today.

The MUS 95JC Jazz Ensembles concert, under the direction of Kamau Kenyatta, will feature small ensembles performing a variety of exciting compositions, including some written and arranged by student musicians. Full-band and small-group tunes will be included in the program. Program: Symphony No. The 12 composers of the second in the three-part sequence of the MUS 33 Introduction to Composition course present their final projects.

Takae Ohnishi and comprised of selected undergrad students from Music Chamber Ensemble. We have presented major pieces from the Baroque period. Celebrating the Bach Ensemble's 5th anniversary this year, we invite guest artists Zou Yu violinist from the San Diego Symphony and Kathryn Schulmeister double bass , our graduate students. The program includes works by A. Vivaldi, A.

Corelli and J. Pachelbel etc. Please come and enjoy the night with us. His work explores aspects of chaos and complexity through involved rhythmic and spectral transformations while remaining grounded in an embodied approach to performance. Kyle regularly gives solo concerts which expand upon the vast timbral resources of the contrabass.

A mixture of contemporary and classical works will be presented by UC San Diego graduate and undergraduate students. The UC San Diego Chamber Singers present their Winter program, which this quarter centers on three world premieres composed by undergraduate members of the Chamber Singers. Jackie Guy, Taylor Ozbun, and Katherine Wilkes have each composed vivid and intricate choral works responding to poetic texts which meditate on the richness and interconnectedness of life.

In addition, the program presents experimental vocal works by Pauline Oliveros and Alison Knowles, and music from the Caucasus mountains, contemporary Brazil, and Renaissance Spain. Chamber Ensemble class, directed by Dr. Takae Ohnishi, presents our end of the quarter concert. It features undergraduate students of both music and non-music majors. All are welcome! With Dr. Beginning with music from the early Baroque and ending with selections from the height of Romanticism, these young singers will guide the listener through a survey of the remarkable ways Italian lyricism has manifested across the centuries.

Join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 5 p. Tianyi Cao - Zhiyin: It is a rhythm game that I made from scratch. Currently, the game has three levels with three pieces I composed. I used Chinese traditional instruments and Chinese pentatonic scale to compose these pieces. I asked an artist friend to help me create the visual elements in the game using the Chinese Shuimo Ink washed painting style.

And I used Unity Engine to make the game. The focus was to create music that would blend well in terms of instrumentation, groove, overall vibe in the context of the kind of music I would play in a mix. The songs will be available to listen to on bandcamp through the link that I entered above. Kevin Cervantes - Brokehouse Audio: This project is the creation of my online music production brand.

The focus of my website is to showcase my work and attract artists wishing to work with me as a mix engineer. Max D'Amico - mEd. The songs are attempting to represent the emotional process of the experiences the songs are based on. I hope you enjoy! Francis Galang - Localizing the Visitor: This is a video that proposes a project I would like to pursue in the future after the pandemic. I wish to produce a three-walled projection installation about Californianess as told through travel brochures.

In this installation, guests may scan travel brochures from each of the counties in California which will cause the projection to display a duplicate of each travel brochure, with the text and images replaced by interviews and photography from local residents. The content filling these travel brochures is selected through this activity called "participatory mapmaking", where I interview residents of each locale and ask them to highlight locations that are important in their community for a resident.

The projection serves to produce a "local" travel brochure, which visitors of the installation may view and contrast against the physical travel brochures they had scanned. This project aims to problematize travel brochures as objects distant from the biographies and histories of residents living in locales. The selection of brochures also calls into question in what ways the lived experience of residents in locales sum to produce the idea of what 'California' is as a whole.

This project follows a series of visits to all counties across California starting in Telamiron includes the video game itself, a musical score, and a custom built console for it to be optionally played on. Thank you to all of my professors and peers who have been there for my college journey.

I wrote, composed, recorded, produced, and mixed this project in my garage over the past several months. This project chronicles my four years in college and my my personal journey of self-discovery with music, and the digital composition and production draws from many different modern genres.

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Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Gabriel Prokofiev, you may also like:. Klavikon by Klavikon. This sounds like the techno of the future I have always craved, despite being played on a piano. Both genius in terms of concept, and its realisation. From the humorous to the gut wrenching, the genre bashing trio blend technical excellence with soul.

For such a familiar tune 'Goodnight Irene gave me a lump in my throat' Highly recommended. Decir by Francisco del Pino. Argentine composer and guitarist Francisco del Pino achieves a stunning art-song hybrid on the first album to be released under his own name.

Bandcamp Album of the Day May 19, Decades Album by Tristan Eckerson. Minimal and emotionally evocative compositions for solo piano in the Ryuichi Sakamoto vein from Cincinnati's Tristan Eckerson. Light of Shore by Anselm McDonnell. The debut album from Irish composer Anselm McDonnell examines faith, folklore, and environment through contemporary music.

Outside by Aisha Orazbayeva. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Hollie Cook guests, dropping inspirations and tunes from her latest supremely soulful reggae LP. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. We've updated our Terms of Use. You can review the changes here. Cello Multitracks by Gabriel Prokofiev. Michael Lilley. Max Gibson. James Kelly. Stephen Davies. Sam Carr. Luke Handsfree. Michael Byrne. Jonathan Hope.

Charles Guindon. John Hardy. Albie Laird. Richard Nance. Matthew Butt. Violin Duo No. String Quartet No. Piano Book No. Journeys of a Cattleherd 9 mins fl,ob,2 cl, bsn. Perc, vln, Vla, 2 Vc, Dbass. Elizabetta Opera in two acts mins Symphony Orchestra, 4 soloists, 4 supporting, chorus. Punch Me! Bite Me!

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