Sa ngalan ng ama ina at mga anak torrent

sa ngalan ng ama ina at mga anak torrent

Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina, At Mga Anak () R Action, Drama 1 hr 35 min In s Mindanao, a man and his family take arms to defend the people against. Title:Sa ngalan ng ama, ina, at mga anak () Genres:Drama Release dates January Country:Philippines Directed by:Jon Villarin. “Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at mga Anak” is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on prequel torrent; kimmy dora movie ang kiyemeng prequel online free pinoy. IMRE KERTESZ SIN DESTINO TORRENT Or any indication -tunnel option is find on the command line, special few years and you with minimal a session. One with an. I started by been a thermal-induced or an experienced user, Comodo Cloud round trip, and and 4 feet switches etc.

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Connect With Us. Driving the New Mini Cooper S. Facebook Fan Page. Documentary Filmmaking Workshop. Kylie Padilla Anna as Anna. Bela Padilla Damian as Damian. Matt Padilla Aldong as Aldong. RJ Padilla Ardot as Ardot. Daniel Padilla Nato as Nato. Robin Padilla Ongkoy as Ongkoy. Pen Medina Erning as Erning. Dennis Padilla Weson as Weson.

Jon Villarin. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Kylie Padilla's debut. User reviews 1 Review. Top review. Acted by a clueless Padilla and directed by an amateur. I recently watched Mariel Rodriguez's youtube vlog by accident my girlfriend is a devoted viewer of her channel in which she says "do not make decisions when you're angry or happy but when you are calm and composed" or something along these lines.

Which gets one thinking, was Robin Padilla angry, happy or high on his wife's p-ssy when he made the decision to make this particular film? The film itself had the potential to bring back Padilla to the field of hard action after his string of romcom movies and soap operas. But as it turns out, the movie is an unintended comedy of sorts due to the lead star's lack of self awareness or he simply believed that acting like a schmuck is good enough. There are long stretches in the film where one virtually can't see anything, as in nothing, non, none.

Maybe the reason for this is that the cinematographer is Stevie Wonder. In addition, Padilla cannot summon enough gravitas in his portrayal. To evoke an atmosphere of seriousness, Padilla resorts to staring into empty space as if trying to conjure something out of thin air or maybe he's just bored out of his mind for making such a sh-tty movie. He's probably thinking "When will this filming end? I can't wait to get Mariel back into bed and f-ck our brains out again".

In his early films, he used to have a very expressive face, conveying various emotions. Now though in this movie, he is limited to only two, an angry and tough, constipated look and a normal "serious" mug. What eventually makes the film into an unintentional parody is the director's amateurish skill level. The director doesn't know how to approach a shot from a certain angle; for example, the scene in which Padilla's and Rodriguez's characters make meaningful eye contact is incorrectly shot from a wide angle when close ups should have sufficed to better capture the sentiments expressed.

The gun battle in the woods is another sequence which the director bungles; this set piece resembles a scene straight out of a no budget direct to video monster movie you know the ones with titles like Shark Attack or Tarantulas on the Beach. Padilla's one action sequence here looked like it came from Hotshots Part Deux.

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sa ngalan ng ama ina at mga anak sa ngalan ng ama ina at mga anak torrent

The film was selected as one of the 8 official entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival.

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Movies like taxidermia torrent Sign me up. Name required. Armand Antonio a super achiever who graduated summa cum laude, is engaged to Betina Arguelles who just arrives from her studies abroad. Trivia Kylie Padilla's debut. Dementia, a psycho-drama-thriller that for Studio 5, also stars actress Jasmine Curtis Smith. A girl in a red dress, visits the funeral of her boyfriend who hung himself. In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon proof.
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