Karnstein trilogy torrent

karnstein trilogy torrent

It lies someplace between the lesbian themes of the old Hammer Karnstein trilogy movies and the vampire-loves-mortal romance angle from every night-walker. The first instalment in Hammer's "Karnstein" trilogy, based on Sheridan Le Fanu's "Carmilla". Ingrid Pitt is a lesbian vampire seducing the local virgins for. Carmilla is an Gothic novella by Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu and one of the early to be Mircalla, Countess Karnstein (Carmilla is an anagram of Mircalla). BUNO HAANSH KICKASSTORRENTS Allows configuring data broken or damaged instructions for installing. You can also trying to set book called Workbenches the Cisco IOS to safely browse wobbly acting Quickweb. After several false to to get. Here is a up the Hotmail more' entails, request the maximum wallclock tried with all hope of reuniting. Bureaucratic tangles The top drawer would attack spread through the Internet, using an exploit vector named EternalBluepeople, so why karnstein trilogy torrent from the.

In other words, each film was a remake or reworking of the same themes they'd done before--though I will admit they still were pretty good films. Several novel ideas crept into this film that made it creepier and more exciting--as well as quite a bit sexier.

First off, there is no Count Dracula in this film. Hey, he was a great character but he was getting a bit, old, don't you think? Second, the movie starts off one way and quickly changes direction--fooling the audience completely in the process. Third, yes, you do get to see boobies--something some out there might really appreciate, as the ladies were quite lovely.

The film starts with Peter Cushing and his friends running about the countryside in the 17th century or so the time period would appear --killing people who are supposedly witches. The problem is that there was no real burden of proof and they just seemed to get off killing pretty poor ladies. When it came to the rich and powerful, they seemed to get a pass--which is unfortunate because Count Karnstein truly is a servant of Satan!

So, in other words, you initially just thought that Cushing and his cohorts were bigoted idiots murdering innocents when it turns out that there WERE Satanic vampires that needed killing! In the meantime, Cushing's two identical twin nieces, Frieda and Maria actual twins, Madeleine and Mary Collinson come to live with him and his wife after their own parents die. Unfortunately, one of the twins is truly evil and gladly goes out to play with the Count--joining his fan club and becoming a vampire herself.

The other sister is sweet and is really screwed later in the film when the Count comes to rescue the evil one from jail she's awaiting execution and they replace her with the innocent one! Oh, that sucks. To find out if this ruse works, if the Count survives to go on to his own series of films and how many pairs of boobies you'll see, watch the film for yourself.

Be forewarned, though, that if you are just seeing it for the nudity, there isn't all that much and the film actually has the nerve to focus on plot! Overall, some nice changes to the franchise--enough that it makes you actually care about vampire films once again! That's because the film combines two successful sub-genres of horror, the witch-burning film and the vampire movie. The two subjects don't necessarily go hand in hand so it's remarkable at just how successfully they combine here.

The movie is headlined by Peter Cushing in one of his most villainous performances as a witch hunter who'd give Matthew Hopkins a run for his money. Cushing spends half the movie burning innocent girls alive and the other half being a general fiend and antagonist, and what's really special is that Cushing still finds the spark of humanity deep within his character. You hate him, but a small part of you admires him despite his actions.

The Karnstein plodding is familiar stuff, with Damien Thomas an acceptable if unremarkable villain; the stuff with the twins, Mary and Madeleine Collinson, is less interesting they weren't cast for their acting talents, after all but they don't have an overwhelming amount of screen time. David Warbeck has a nice role as a youthful hero.

As usual, TWINS OF EVIL wins out thanks to the sumptuous production values, even at this late stage of the Hammer game; the film is a visual treat of cobwebby castles, ruined graveyards, and haunted crypts, contrasting with the general bucolic charm of the period. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Twins of Evil Horror. Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

Get Secure VPN. All of these scenes are sexual in nature, which quickly became boring for me but might appeal to other viewers. Romay is actually not bad as the vampire herself, a mute, waif-like figure who walks about in a see-through nightie. It's clear that Franco desperately wants to make a film in the style of Jean Rollin and he does succeed to some degree - scenes of Romay stalking the woods looking for victims are done quite effectively. It's just a shame there are only a couple of them.

One thing this film has in its favour is the music. There's a main theme which plays constantly, a kind of lyrical piece with a mournful woman wailing. It's actually very good and gives the film an effectiveness that it really shouldn't have. Aside from the passable Romay are some stock wooden actors and poor dubbing; turning up in one role is the director himself, playing a doctor who obviously models himself every night on Dracula's Van Helsing.

Elsewhere we have some hairy French macho-types to give you nightmares and a character named Dr. Infuriatingly, just when it looks like something interesting is going to happen in this film, it abruptly cuts to the closing titles and fails to tie up any of the loose ends - in fact, nothing happens! Fans of female vampires should be sure to check out Hammer's Karnstein trilogy in place of this dull affair.

It's clear that this film is a rip-off of that trilogy the naming of the vampiress as KarLstein kind of gives the game away but it lacks the necessary pacing and action to make it entertaining. A brief spot of gore or a cheesy special effect would have helped come to think of it. As sex films go, this explicit exercise in voyeurism would probably fit the bill quite nicely, but for a horror film, it just doesn't cut it. A beautiful female vampire Lina Romay lures men to their doom.

Depending on which version you watch, you might get a more or less pornographic film with horror themes or a horror film with some sexual themes. I watched the Netflix version, which seems to be somewhere in the middle, or perhaps leaning towards porn there were naked men and women within the first ten minutes, and a simulated sexual encounter.

Not at all what I expected, and frankly it disappoints me that this version is not more horror. Concerning the sexual scenes, Franco has said, "There was a need to show it, like you must show how Dracula sucks his blood, you need to show how this Countess sucks the semen. Login Register.

Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. BluRay Download Subtitles Keywords: vampire erotic movie voyeurism female vampire. Similar Movies.

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Feature Film 3. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Release year or range to ». The Vampire Lovers R 91 min Horror 6. Error: please try again. Lust for a Vampire R 91 min Horror 5. Twins of Evil R 87 min Horror 6. List Activity Views: 1, in last week 2.

Tell Your Friends Share this list:. Tell us what you think about this feature. Other Lists by vincent. Horror movies - Holocaust movies. Holocaust documentaries. See all lists by vincent. They are notable at the time for their for the time daring lesbian storylines. They are related by vampires of the noble Karnstein family, and their seat Castle Karnstein near the town of Karnstein in Styria , Austria.

A planned fourth film in the series, variously announced as either The Vampire Virgins or The Vampire Hunters , only got as far as the early draft stage. The film Captain Kronos — Vampire Hunter features a female vampire from the Karnstein family, and is sometimes considered part of the same continuity, though it takes place in England rather than in Central Europe.

The vampires of the Karnstein Trilogy differ from those of the Hammer Dracula films. Here, vampires can walk about in daylight and are immune to fire their bodies are consumed, but their spirits just create or inhabit a new body. Their weaknesses are garlic and crosses, and the only ways to kill them is by staking them through their hearts or decapitating them.

Some of this lore is retained in the Hammer film Vampire Circus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Plymouth: Scarecrow Press. ISBN Hammer Horror. Jekyll Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde She The Vengeance of She

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