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torrent le voyage darlo

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Dense dry forest of the Sierra de Santiago: This area has only been crossed briefly by the author in a truck and few data could be taken. Though both publications are not recent, they are still considered the best available references. There are elements from the tropj. For example, insects have developed a very thick chitinous cuticle to suppress transpiration to a minimum. These adeptations and others night activity, living in burrows, etc.

Such a fauna has undoubtedly a great scientific interest. Near the rivers the "anta" Tapir. It inhabits the denser areas adjoining the marsh and avoids open country. Ceros :! They inhabit the dry campo and the areas near the river. E,'gazoubira is the other species which is common. Single animals have been seen in the dense vegetation near the rivers. Two species of peccaries occur. The "taitetu" Tayassu ta.

Even though these 5 species are still very common, they are imminently threatened with extermination. Both species of deer and the peccaries are hunted by the "vaqueros" of the nearby estancias. Meat is taken and skins are tanned which they use for "boatas", bridles and other purposes.

Moreover peccaries, deer, as well as antas are shot by commercial hunters from Stn Jose see map and other Villages. They dry the meat and sell it as "clwr,;ue". Skins are used and sold as well. Other large mammals, which also are present, but already very rare are the laman9. A few species of armadillos are abundant.

Those burrows are being found everywhere. The fascinating Serial No. But for the underdeveloped southeast area of Bolivia, it would be of great benefit if many tourists could be induced or attracted to spend a few days here. This interruPtion of the Journey c The nearby old chllrches and settlements of the Jesuits, which are of high cultural and historic value and nearly unknown.

A well launched Serial No. Along the railway the most interestin. To visit these places a possible itinerary may be as follows: San Jose, one of the main centres of past Je::;uitic influence, and a wonderful church rewinds us of these tim3s. This place can be reached by train or by air, and from here it is not far to the national park either by car or by air but the latter only after the construction of an airstrip. From the park the visitor can go on to Robore by car or plane. This is a nice little town, which is becoming the cultural and political centre of the area.

From Robore one C'3. Nearby Santiago, a national monument should be created within the hills of San Miserato see map. This mountain range consists of beautiful scenery with fantastic rock formations in the sandstone, due to erosion photo 3. Moreover the highest part of the Serrania de Chiquitos 90Om is to be found here, and a wonder"ful view is possible.

Carved by small rivers and waterfalls it offers a very picturesque scenery. Even some wildlife can be seen such as anta, deer, armadillos and others. It can be supposed that this game will increase under protection and thus contribute to a further attraction. This programme has b"een d1sdussed with the Unesco".

Since the boundaries as delineated on the map should only be consid- ered as gUidelines, the exact boundaries of the park must be well determined and the area in question must be declared a national park by law. A game warden will have to be appointed. For effe. All staff members should wear uniforms and when patrolling they should be armed with 'r'ifles, because encounters with poachers will be unavoidable.

Like the game scouts in Isiboro-Secure, they may have the authority to take poachers into custody immediately. For transportation, the game warden should get a jeep, his assistant and the game scouts horses. Apart from controlling poachers, the patrols must aim at stopping illegal grazing of stock wit..

All cattle which is to be found in the area must be driven out within a limited time by the owners, and provision must be taken to prohibit and effectively prevent any further use of the park by livestock. If necessary the government may take the step to confiscate all livestock entering the park if other measures fail.

Animals thus caught could be sold on public sales for the benefit of wild-life conservation and for buying the necessary equipment for the park and other reserves. Under protection wi1dlit'e will increase and the park will serve as a centre for its raproduction.

It can be found in groups of up to 8 birds mostly stending together on small hillocks or grazing in between alpaca herds. They are quite tame and observing-distances of about 30m from a car are not unusual. Even with small telephoto lenses good photos may be obtained. At breeding time Nov-Dec , the geese migrate to the mountains where they concentrate around small lakes near the snow line, places which are difficult to approach. Plegadis ridgwayi chunaquira is also very common in the lagoon-zone and also now and again on some lakes photo 7.

These birds live in pairs or small groups of about five. They can be observed at close distances from a car 3Om while they are wading or feeding in the water. Less frequent than these two species and being constantly decimated owing to constant hunting by the army and some private people, are all the members of the duck-family Anatidae in the region. In pairs or small troops, they popu- late lakes and ponds in the lagoon-zone. Ral1idae are to be found on all lakes, as well as on the bigger ponds within the lagoon-zone, e.

Coots are very numerous on the lakes, e. Fulica americana especially on L. Canauma, where there are good breeding conditions in the totora. Grebes are abundant on the lakes Nuve, Quello, Canauma. Apart from these species, "Chorlos" Charadrius sp. Leke Leke is even found at 4,m and lives both in moist and dry habitats. The Andean gull Larus.

These are species with shortened Wings, and are specialized in running, which is not as energy-wasting as flying in this thin atmosphere. Another typical bird of the altiplano and the higher mountain areas is the Jaca Jaca Q21aptes rupicola which is found in all regions under 4,3oOm. Species of the family Fringillidae, for example: Spinu!

Another bird found everywhere is. This close vicinity of different habitats offers many study facilities for the ornithologist and the ecologist, and to the nonscientific-minded observer tourist a changing scenery of unusual attraction. Among these the alpaca needs special consideration.

The pampa of O1la- O1la is one of the main centres in Bolivia for Alpaca-breeding. With an average density of about 1. Certainly as a result of this heavy graZing, the vegetation is very short. Ta:a grasses are onl;y found on islands in large ponds, which are not accessible to alpacas.

In brief, the overall high population densit. It is one of the characteristic species of the highJands and because of its graceful shape and elegance it is one of the main attractions for the Bolivian and foreign tourist alike. Apart from this, if subjected to proper management it could become one of the most important instruments for increasing the economical production of the whole altiplano see below.

According to my observations, the central part of the proposed reserve is inhabited by about animals. The total population may therefore be estimated at about animals. The main habitats of the vicuna see sketch map are the outer regions of JGhe lagoon-zone photo 9 and the slopes. At the centre of the lagoon-zone they have been completely displaced by the large alpaca herds.

D, Single animals are occasionally to be seen. Bands consist of 1 ram plus several females plus young of the last year usually 3 to 12 members. Troops or bachelor herds consist of 20 or more animals. In contrast to the territorial bands, troops move considerable distances every day km. Due to the poor vegetation outside the lagoon-zone, territories are very big and the population density is fairly low. To the N of Ulla-Ul1a where I observed continuously 29 vicunas 2 bands of 12 and 10, 2 groups of 3 and 4 the density seems to be 1v.

If the troops are included which move periodically through this area the density reaches 1v. But these are only rough estimations. Exact studies are necessary in this connexion. The ratio of females to lambs was: females: 43 lambs. In September during my last visit this proportion was practically undisturbed.

Owing to the work of 2 game wardens no poaching has been allowed. As with other animals, this distance may be considerably shortened, once frighten- ing reactions built up over the years, are eventually overcome. This is of primary interest to the observing, photographing tourist.

Also, vicunas mostly stay near the lagoon-zone which are usu. Therefore, they and their stock must be included in all fUture plans. Both need water every day and prefer vegetation of high moisture content. These conditions exist in the lagoon-zone and along the rivers in the hill-zone. Regarding the narrow sectors with moist vegetation along the rivers and at the outskirts of the lagoon-zone, this results in vicunas being forced off the latter zones into the dry areas photo 9.

Due to this, they have to move frequently and waste considerable energy. If they are chased or have to flee, injuries may occur through running over rock ground a leg fracture has been observed in one lamb. Moreover, vicunas are expelled from their territories and displaced to areas with poor vegetation having 1nferiol' nutritive value, which has negative effects on the animals' conditions and.

As phytophages like the Vicunas and omnivorous consumers, they show various adaptations and ere typical representatives of this high-mountain biotope. Therefore, they offer numerous ecological and biological study facili- ties which should be exploited by regional universities and agriculturalists for example: food intake, competition, utilization of the habitat, activity, adaptation to climate, and altitude, etc. By virtue of their digging activity burrows to protect them from cold and heat; digging to forage for food they create hiding places, which are important for other species like lizards and frogs.

Indications of such relationship between rodents and other animals are to be found on all dry slopes as far as the lakes. Cololo I was able to catch and determine a Phyllotis sp. But because their skins are in demand and their meat is very appreciated they are eagerly pursued in many places.

But despite this, with a little patience they are easily observed, because on bright sunny days they like to sit in the sun and even reappear after a dis- turbance in 10 to 20 minutes. These species prefer the hills. Only the puma appears sometimes in the lagoon-zone. Mustelinae by the :'huron" " Q.

All species belong to the genus Liolaemus. All of them have subterraneous abodes of self constructed holes. Although it appears logical to concentrate on the maximum protection of the vicuna, one must not forget that this species is only one component of the whole high- mountain community. From the educational, touristic and scientific point of view, one should aim at creating a reserve in which all the fauna and flora of a certain region are represented and preserved. One should aim to increase their numbers sufficiently to allow commercial use and controlled hunting.

Finally all efforts should be made to re-establish the complete fauna of this area to which!! Both species are typical representatives of the South American fauna and are as character- istic of the Andes as the vicunas. They are peculiar to this continent and are very interesti! Every responsible and patriotic Bolivian should not forget that these animals also belong to his national heritage, of which he can be very proud.

Therefore, it should be an excellent investment of the government to put these species under its protection, as it has been done with the Vicuna, to preserve them for appreciation to future generations. The first step which is most necessary is to establish closed hunting seasons. With regard to HiJ? Therefore, the deer is the main herbivore and one of the most important ecological arId economical components of these upper regions, which cannot be overtaken nor colonized by other sp9cies.

It will not be difficult to integrate this area because it is nearly uninhabited. Characteristic fauna and flora of the north part of the eastern Cordillera are represented. There is a picturesque and varied landscape. At least 4 different large ecosystems exist which offer unique oppor- tunities for studies by local universities and schools as well as by foreign scientists.

The vicuna population is small yet healthy. The irrmense alpaca herds, llamas and sheep offer first-rate study facilities in their natural habitat including the possibilities of enhancing economic values. The lakes offer excellent opportunities for trout fishing. Some already con'cain rainbow trout. The additional stocking of other lakes may be considered since it would not be expensive. However, a balance should be established between trout fishing lakes and those that have kept their original fauna because of the very high scientific value of the latter.

Sel-ial No. At some places certain ascents are easy e. Snchec so that there are good possibilit5. There is a shop in Ulla-Ulla where food. Water can be used from the river. There are possibilities fo! Due to these attractions, as well as the accessibility of the area and the facilities mentioned above, there is a possibility to create at Ulla-Ulla a game reserve which can become a centre for tourism on the altiplano.

Recommendations to set up the National Reserve of Ulla-Ulla 1. General, a The roads from Puerto Acosta to U11a-Ulla must be improved in some parts, as well as those roads in the area which are not passable by normal cars. To enlarge the scientific and touristic attraction of this area, I recommend to extend the boundaries of the reserve to -che other side of the mountains as far as Pelechuco and Sorapata see map. Thus the eastern slopes of the Cordillera carved by numerous valleys will be included as far as an altitude of 3,m.

Different ecosystems with deer and possibly bear present will be embraced and thus provide a broader field for research and tourism. All this will enhance the national and international reputation of this reserve. Visitors should also be instructed to call at the office of the game warden in Ulla- Ulla, where they can get the necessary permits as well as additional informa- tion regarding the Reserve. One jeep and 4 horses should be made available for transport.

The warden Serial No. Also they should wear uniforms and identification disks. It should be widely- distributed in universities, tourist agencies, embassies, etc. Places of special interest and observation points should be given nameS to help find them and appropriate names such as, for example: Vicuna-drive, Huallata-drive, Ibis-pond, viscacha-range may be envisaged. These roads shoQld be marked with special colours on the map and in the field, for example: The road to the springs may be coded red on the map and by painting a few stones beside the road.

These sign-posts are absolutely necessary for the visitor because orientation is presently very difficult in the pampa by those not familiar with this region. Lavatories must be built. Cooking facilities should also be provided. These refuges would be rented on a fee basis. PrOposals for the management of the vicuna population and the other wildlife.

All lakes and many more places within the lagoon-zone could support many more water-birds, if they would have a chance to breed and rear their young ones without disturbance. Because many Bolivians as well as foreigners are passionate hunters, they may be allowed to hunt surplus water-birds and viscachas in limited areas. But such areas must be separated from the m'iin centres of tourist and scenic interest. Even then, only rzstrlcted numbers of every species should be determirled by the game warden based on periodic, mostly annual counts.

They should, of course, be adequately trained for such tasks. Comprehensive studies are necessary to solve the problems which are enu. Problems of pasture-utilization and competition are to be solved between livestock, vicunas and bird-life. Habitat utilization must be studied territories, migration, etc. Mutual influence, positive or negative, must be examined: Between alpacas and waterbirds.

Alpacas keep the pasture short, which certainly influences the bird-life, expecially the Andean goose. Between alpacas and vicunas. What consequences does this have as regards the condition a. What are the possibilities of increasing the population of vicunas and water-birds? Where should the final limits of the reserve be situated? Which steps have to be undertaken to guarantee the successful co- existence between men, livestock and wildlife? This study progra.

This will give quite different and more reliable results than any study under the artificial conditions of the experimental stations. The studies which are very necessary to be started are: d1. Pasture management to increase production and quality. Competltion between species of the s!

Parasites and their control. Reproduction and breeding problems. Crossbreeding alpacas and vicunas to produce paco-vicunas with high yields of good quality wool. To avoid disturbance and competition between vicunas and stock, domestic animals should be kept off the slopes, or at least parts of them. With regard to this, I propose leav. This area shall be prohibited to domestic stock.

It should clearly be staked out and marked, and all persons found grazing their domestic animals in this area will be liable to fines. Alpacas and llamas use the slopes only intermittently, mostly along the water courses and usually when moving from the upper valleys to the lagoon-zone or other moist places lakes, ponds. In contrast to its domestic relatives, vicunas, if not djsturbed, will use this area much more econcrnically.

If vicunas get permanent access to the rivers with their rich vegetation, their territorial needs will be much smaller because of increasing nutritive value, and this will permit a higher population density. At present, as stated above, the competition with alpacas results in their continuous dis- turbance with only occasional possibilities of access to the rivers.

Also, it should be possible to establiGh additional vicLma habitats by creating permanently irrigated zones or small inundated areas on the slopes by damming a few rivers or brooks, as a result, more "succulent" vegetation will be produced, -which is the basis of a good vicuna habitat. However there are several arguments against such action because of the following reasons: g1. Catching or destroying animals will cause much disturbance, resulting in a bad influe:lce on the whole population. The animals will become wary and further observatiol1s will become much more difficult.

A fence breaks up the natural relationships that exist between members of the whole community and could provoke unforeseen disruptive disturbances. In dry years when water decreases in this area and food becomes very scarce, the vicunas cannot migrate to other regions. The construction of a fence is expensive, and this money could better be spent on other aspects needed for the reserve such as for example equipment fer the warden and his assistants, improvement of roads, educational programmes, maps, guides, etc.

Dealing with people and their traditional rights always implies a series of sensitive problems. The f'ollowing recommendations are intended to benefit Serial No. Cross-breeding to produce paco-vicunas should be intensified. If successful, this progra. If vicUl. This will provide meat and skins for the inhabitants and make it possible to charGe fees to tourists for hunting.

Again it must be repeated that such schemes should only be developed under strict supervision and only after some years, when the population has increased to such an extent that such action is compatible with good management practices. The influx of tourists could give rise to new commercial or artesanal industries.

In Ulla-Ulla, a shop may successfully be established where products of the region can be sold, such as the following, for example: d1. Also and unJ. Such developments within the National Reserve should yield good profits for the residents and will undOUbtedly help to develop this presently marghlal nrea of the country. By increasing their income, the initial aversion towards the proposed reserve will soon be cvercome and develop into a comprehensive and favourable attitude since Ultimately it will imply better living conditions for the families.

It should lead to the reduction or altogether stopping of stock-breeding in favour of wildlife rearing, because they can earn their money entirely by working in the reserve. In the lagoon-zone in particular there is an interesting community of alpacas, waterbirds, and vicunas, which offers the unique possibility to set an example of modern principles of nature conservation.

It would not aim to exclude human activities and the rearing of domestic stock, but to integrate and balance them with nature. The residents should be instructed, possibly through the agricultural branch institute of Belen or Patacamaya, in modern methods of animal husbandry. Such a camPaign should l'esnl1t ,in a more decent sUindard of llving for the residents. Appropriate steps should be taken to control the use of fire-arms such as placing seals on them.

Breaking the seals by firing the gun can then be considered equal to poaching and should only be allowed by authorization ef the game warden. Concerning the army, police and customs, the officer in charge must be made responsible to supervise that official fire arms are not used for poaching. Private rifles should be registered and sealed as well.

Representatives of the government, army, police and customs should set an example and breaking the law must be prosecuted with utmost strictness. All people carrying fire- arms and other types of weapons within the limits of the reserve and not specifically author- ized to hunt by the authorities, must be prohibited using them. They also chase vicunas and even kill very you. Therefore, all residents within the limits of the reserve must be informed that it is prohibited to have dogs running loose in the reserve.

All dogs must be kept in Villages or near their owners. They will be notified that the warden and his assistants have instruc- tions to destroy any dog found unchecked within the reserve. They now live in O1la- Ulla and control the area constantly.

Due to their presence, no poaching occured during the last month and all wildl-i.. They received one jeep and litres of gasoline per month for transport. One saddle and a harness have been given to them, but they are still waiting for a horse. To patrol, they are obliged to rent horses on their own with no refund possibilities, which is a heavy finar.

The game warden J. Thanks to this, he has Serial No. In fact more men like NOOA:' ES are needed. They represent a small but excellent investment, ultimately benefitting many times the economy of the area and prOViding many other direct and indirect favourable returns. As soon as the necessary conveniences for visitors have been established, the first steps regarding tourism can be attempted.

With the assistance of travel agencies in the country and abroad, publicity can be given to this area and tours can be arranged from La Paz to take visitors to the area for a 5 day trip. In the beginning groups of not more than 5 seem appropriate. Ulla-Ulla-Iago Suches; vicunas, viscachas, ruins of Suches, colonial church of Suches, places of pre-colonial gold mining. Near the Village ruins of the Chulpa period can be visited.

Apart from this I have been infoI'Il'! This project presently concerns only colonial churches, pre-Inca and Inca ruins. As it can be safely assumed that most tourists are not only interested in culture and archaeology but also in landscapes and wildlife that are typical of the country, I suggested to him as well as to the Dept.

Parc national du Mont Sa.. Du milieu de la depression C'3n- trale, a Patacamaya entre la Paz et Oruro , a. Le Pare natio. De la paz, il faut parcourir plus de km par les chemins vicinaux, en passant par Comanche, Canuta, Ulloma Bac du Hio Desaguadero , Haverkota,0ko- ruro, Tumarapi, pour arriver au Mont Sajama.

Andesites, rhyolites, tufs volcaniques et pierres ponces sont les roches volcaniques rencontrees dans les formations quaternaires du type Taracollo laves noires et denses , a. Ces eaux chaudes bouil- lonnent a. OO 12h. Cette eau sulfureuse, dratnee a sa sortie, dans une depression assez large, sorte de piscine naturelle, permet des bains chauds associes a. Dans l'ecosysteme actuel de la region, l'elevage traditionnel du lama et de l' alpaca est important ; le surpaturage overgrazing est important a.

Nous avons meme asslste a un feu rava- geant les arbustes resineux. Toutes les pontes de la strate volcanique,les ravins du Sajama et une partie des depOts colluvio-fluviaux, correspondent a la zone de Kefiua, Quefiua ou Kehuiiia ; Polylepis tarapacana var.

La plus g rande quantite de charbon de beis consommee a. Dans l'ensemble du massif, la hauteur moyenne est celle d'arbustes qui se reGenerent naturellement, mais qui, virtuellement, dernandent a. Dans les sources d' eau chaude de Vichuloma des algues vertes, sur les talus humides des collecteurs d'eau des mousses et des pycnophyllum alsinacees.

En dehors des composees et des graminees dominantes, eordium sleutarium ge::e. Trois especes de Champignons pcu8sent sur les pelouses humides pres des torrents entre 4. Ces grands oi- seaux vierment y pondre leurs oeufs en aout-septembre-octobre. Une colonie de 4 adultes se trouve en permanence au Sajama. Serie nO 52 - Espece tres particul1ere, bien adaptee au milieu andin altitude depassant 4.

A cet egard, le Pare National constitue un lieu de choix. Un autre oiseau merveilleusement adapte a. Visiblement curieux, l' un d I ewe Si envola de la montagne pour venir planer majestueusement aU-dessus de nos tetes a. Cet abrupt rocheux avec ses cor- niches a glanO, semble tres frequente par les condors. Depuis l' epoque des 1ncas, le condor est un oiseau privilegie, respecte et admil'e a cause de sa majeste et de son courage.

Considere comme sacre, il est in- terdit de lui faire du mal. En dehors des deux exemples precedents, l'ecosystcme avifaune comprend la cohorte habituelle des o1s:eaux de i I Altiplano. Un petit lac appele Hua. On peut y observer l'Oie des Andes, "guallata", chloepha. Trois especes de Canards anas sPP. L'avifaune du Mont Sajama est assez riche dans son ensemble. Un seul point no1r, l'absence du chinchilla ou chinchilla real chinchilla laniger. Nous avons interroge, avec l'ingenieur P.

Baptista, bon nombre de bergers qui frequentent la montagne sans aucun resul- tat en ce qui concerne le chinchilla royal. Vu l' exactitude des renseigneme:lts donnes pour d' autres animaux, nous presumons qu' il a disparu du Mt SElojama. Non loin du Sajama, a proximite du Pic Anallajchi, existent 2 groupes de vigognes, "vicuna" , huari ou sawualla aymara d1environ 5 a 6 betes chacUc"1.

Ces anirnaux qui trouveraient les conditions ecoloviques requises au Mt Sajama, restent tres sauvages et loin des villages. A proximite du Rio Sajama, les lapins ou cuis, tharawank'u et haca aymara , en particulier cavia niata, pullulent. Les terriers et galeries sont tellement nombreux que la-parnpa s'en trouve toute bouleversee.

Ces exemplaires etaient parasites par des heligmosomes, ascarides et oxyures. D'autres rongeurs, surtout des cricetides, sont sibUales au Sahama : rat chinchilla "rat6n-chinchilla" chinchillula sahamae , phyllotis garleppd;, ako- don berlepschii, lagidium peruanum, "tuco tucos ll ctenon:W'ST, "chinchillones"- "' abrocoma sp.

Vers 4. Parmi les carnivores, le renard "zorro cou" ' k'amak'e Aymara , atoj Quechua , dusicyon culpaeus est tres repandu. Il chasse en plein jour. On trouve egalement deux petits carnivores : la mouffette andine, afias Aymara , anatuya Quechua , conepatus rex et le grison ou huron grison cUja utilise autrefois comme furet huron pour chasser les chinchillas de leur refuge. Nous avons ete excessivement surpris de trouver un petit tatou "quirquin- cho chico", "armadillo" de tres haute altitude dans les eboulis rocheux d"J Sajama et des volcans Payachata.

A plus ou moins 5. Du point de vue du statut des es,:" peces, le manque de materiel d'etude par localites laisse le probleme en suspenso L'exemplaire d'altitude que nous avens obtenu au Payachata est procbe de chaetophractus nationi et de chaetophractus boliviensis, mais differe notablement de ces deux especes. Genus Chaetophractus C. Le cerf an- din "ciervo andino" , taruga, guemal, hippocamelus antisensis et des felides le puma, le chat sauvage "gate rnontes 11 felis probablemen t pajeros.

Comme batraciens, les pleuroderma da. Dc petits mollusques a. Dans les eaux chaudes, on trouve de nombreux ooleopteres hydrophilides et differentes especes de dipteres, ephemeres. On trouve egalernent des coleopteres tenebrionides et ourculionides. Chez les lepidoptcres : 3 espeoes de coUas, un lycene, une vanesse, butinent sur les fleurs comme les gentianes qui sont par- ticulierement attractives. Les colias volent Jusqu'a 4. Serie nO 55 - Sur les pelouses, on peut parfois remarquer les chenilles velues phylJ.

Beauooup d' especes etant en voie de determina. La presence de tatous et d' autres mammiferes rongeurs et carnivores decrits ci-dessus est egalement a. Delimiter avec precision la zone de? Apres accord entre les representants du Ministere et des collectivites locales, prendre toutes les mesures legislatives complementaires a.

Inclure dans le statut de la zone de Protection integrale les clauses suivantes : a interdiction du paturage a. Entreprendre une action de propagande pour interesser les populations des differents villages et hameaux aux problemes de conservation du massif, afin de leur montrer qu' i 1 est dans leur propre interet, irnrnoo. Mise en oeuvre Par le Ministere de I'Agriculture et le Departement de vie sylvestre d'un probramme d'action comprenant : a la creation d 'un poste permanent pour un garde specialise en vie sylvestre.

Serie nO 57 - b la construction de son lQS ement. S'efforcer de trouver aupres de tous les Ministeres interesses El la Paz, les fonds necessaires a. Sajama, par exemple. Avec la participation du Ministere des Travaux pUblics, du Service na- tional des routes "Se::'ViCio nacional de Carninos" , ameliorer la route choisie pour le circuit touristique et la baliser. Il serait particul1erement souhaitable de diffuaer aux organismes charges de la vie sylvestre du ehiU, les efforts d'amenagement du Mont Sajama, pour encourager ce pays a.

Parc national du Tuni Con ; increase "in number under protection and therefore provide visitors with additional attractions. Situation et accessibilite A km environ a. Coipassa, Poopo, Titicaca. En voiture tous terrains.. Quetena, la Lagu.. Douze heures de voiture d'Uyuni a. Ketena Chico km environ.. Nous n' avons pu obtenir aucune carte de cette region pour preciseI' sa surface exacte.

Ecosysteme Du point de vue ecologique, la region presente una tres grande originalite a Dans la diversite des structures geologiques, Soneguera 5. Les pampas sont moins grandes. A Soniguera, les enfants epuisent les compagnies de Nothoprocta a. Lt ""Avestruz" ou Nandou de Darwin Pterocnemia pennata fig. Ces Rheldes reproduisent a. Il faut noter en outre de nornbreux passereaux Furnariides! Jeositta, J! It aube" les tourterelles Paloma alto8.

A environ 8 km. Dans toutes nos prospections des lacs et cours d t eau de l'Altiplano nous n' avons Jamais rctrouve une telle concentration de canards. CI est a. C'est dtailleurs le seul troupeau apergu dans le sud Lipez en quatre Jours de prospection. Les groupes de V1gognes scnt difficile;; a. D'apres de ser1eux renseignements ces Camelides scnt chasses a proximite de la frontiere du Chili.

Tous les individus aVaient un pelage de teinte sombre brun-roux et de tres longs poils sur le poitrail et le ventre. Cette irnme.. La presence de trois especes de flamants est absolument unique. Dt autre part. Iagl;u"1a Colorada eloignee de tou. Etabl1r une carte batl'lymetrique. Le but des reserves regionales est d'orienter le developpement econo- mique regional et de permettre aux touristes, enseignants, etudiants,de s'initier aux differents aspects de la nature et de beneficier des richesses floristiques, faunistiques, geologiques, archeologiques et geo- graphiques que l'on croyait, a tort, pauvres sur l'Altiplano.

La creation hors de la zone urbair. Entre 4. Statut actuel : La loi du 5 novembre crea avec le parc du Mont, Sajftma, celui du Miriquiri, grand massif montagneux qui devait inclure le Cerro Comanche. La loi prevoyait la delimitation du parc national et le salaire d'un ins- pecteur de ces deux parcs sur le budget national de Apres la pro- mulgation de la loi, le proJet n'a pu se realiser qu'en partie.

Actuel- lement l'extraordinaire richesse du massif de Comanche avec ces puyas et cactees, est reste conserve grace a la protection concertee du Ministere de l'agriculture, du departement de la vie sylvestre, et de M. Machicado le proprietaire de Comanche. Par contre l'ensemble du massif du Miriquiri trop vaste posait des problemes de surveillance pratiquement insurmontables.

Site botanique de la. En general vers la fin septembre la derniere fleur nu sommet fleurit et la plante meurt. La hampe florale seche sans se decomposer pendant 5 ou 6 ans, puis les feuilles tombent. Les racines de la Puya mesurent Jusqu'a 15 metres de long, elles s'inserent solidement sur le rocher et les infractuosites. A Comanche on a note en une extl'aordinaire floraison de 40 Puyas, 3 seulement en , aucune en OUS a signale des floraisons en Ell un incendie a ravage le Carro Ccmanche mais for't heureusement les Puyas ont pu resister au feu et ont toutes survecu.

Nous avons pu remarquer, pendant la prospection du site. S1 les plants deja grands resistent au feu. Pendant nos deux prospeetions sur le 51te. Title: Torrent of Portugal : An English metrical romance. Now first published from an unique manuscript of the fifteenth century, preserved in the Chetham library at Manchester.

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It says a lot for Georges Melies that this little movie can still make you smile. Quite a feat for a year old film. One can be smug at how silly some of it is, but Melies was a magician by trade, with the soul of a cartoonist. Anybody who has the moon complaining about a rocket in his eye or primitive Rockettes launching a moon-bound spacecraft has to have tongue planted firmly in cheek. He was plainly out to entertain, not to educate. For me, this film also provides a glimpse into the future.

I hope they find them half as entertaining. Clever Freud. I bet you're pretty impressed with yourself. At any rate. A beautiful flight of fancy, and a prime example of the imagination of a bygone era. A film masterpiece. Reviewer: alvarofm - favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 31, Subject: Creative Commons? Reviewer: infopablo00 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 27, Subject: cool film a masterpiece. Reviewer: uniQ - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 8, Subject: Excellent old film Although hard to understand at points, the narration helps out considerably, not to mention the highly accurate and evocative musical score and somewhat exaggerated gestures of the actors.

O and the plot was solid, even if the science behind it is a little suspect these days ;D So, pesya, are you the one narrating? This is the movie everybody thinks of when you mention Georges Melies. And why not? This delightful romp about some silly astronomers and their goofy trip to the moon is a classic.

It was most likely the first movie ever made about space travel. The scene of the Man in the Moon getting hit in the eye by the Giant Space Bullet which was shot out of the Giant Space Gun is probably filmdom's first bona fide iconic image. This is also the first film in which the Cranky Guy on Saturn appears spot him in a Melies film and you win a free ice cream cone on your next visit!

A Melies film. Have you ever wandered why in the latest movies by Peter Jackson there's so many scenes of intruding, pouring, making a way into smth.? And why it's always raining, and the protagonists and the landscape are always wet? Well, what gets wet when something - not unlike the growing mushroom on the Moon - gets into it? Enters it? Yes, man is highly and interminably motivated to get to the Moon! Reviewer: Voynich - favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 23, Subject: funny little classic fantasy This is an amusing little short whose datedness makes it all the more charming.

Of course it was influential in its day, but is of more than historical interest: Micromegas accidentally falls into nitric acid? Comic gold! The narration, while distracting, is essential, especially for the smaller-format 64Kb file in which the action is practically indiscernible.

I first saw this movie in film school Los Angeles City College, and it is no better today than it was then. I have to admit that I like the part when the "Man in the Moon" gets it in the eye, and the underwater shot near the end with the sunken ship and jellyfish.

Reviewer: Ankou - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 25, Subject: Oh this is excellent! As a kid when I'd go with my family to the Milwaukee Public Museum, we'd walk through the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit and stop in at the theater there. They'd play some old cartoons and one time I remember seeing some old sci-fi film.

I didn't know it was "Le voyage dans la lune" until I downloaded the file and watched it. It was like being 8 years old again -- man how excellent! Like others have already said, it's no modern day film with all the special effects we've become so use to. But watching it really gives you a feel like you're in a bygone era - even if you're watching it on your computer! This was well worth watching, like the last reviewer, I had seen stills from this film on Tv and in books but had never seen it.

Of course it's no Star Wars, but has scenes that stick in the mind, like the scientists squabbling and the bullet like rocket falling back down to earth, and of course the eyepopping landing! This is a cool flick. State-of-the-art effects for include sliding sets and card board cut outs. And the bad guys on the moon are wearing the same shirts that the rocket launchers wear on earth.

And the classic scene where the face on the moon gets shot in the eye by the rocket is stupendously runny! In a few frames the moon is sticking it's tounge out looking rather disgruntled. Great stuff. And the sound track was very good I saw stills from this movie as a kid in various books on the history of space travel and science fiction. It was a joy for me to be able to actually see film finally.

Thanks to the Archive and the ULer for making this film available. Hasn't the copyright on this film expired long ago? Les Wriggles - Dans Son Bain Danielle Darrieux - Le Premier Rendez Lou - J'te Promets Rien Dalida - Marchand De Fruits Dalida - Je Pars Jacques Brel - La Haine Dalida - Comme Au Premier Jour Charles Aznavour - Sylvie Francoeur - Je Reviens De Loin Fabian Ordonez - Marta La Reina Charles Aznavour - Si Tu M'emportes Adamo - Le Grand Jeu Isabelle Boulay - White Christmas L'aurore - La Seconde Oraison Dalida - Histoire D'un Amour Yves Montand - Chanson Du Capitaine Jacques Brel - Jef Dalida - Le Ciel Bleu Serge Gainsbourg - Quand Mon 6.

Le Caribou Volant - Des Mots Henri Salvador - Syracuse Charles Aznavour - O! Toi La Vie Jacques Brel - Le Colonel Jacques Brel - Il Pleut 'les Carreaux Dalida - La Joie D'aimer Baum - Automne Jur - M'han Le Pierrot Qui Danse Jacques Brel - Isabelle Dalida - J'ai Reve Sylvie Vartan - Twiste Et Chante

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