Active sky fsx torrent

active sky fsx torrent

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Realistic and accurate weather simulation, I recommend every FSX users, five star program. It has no negative effect on simulation freeze etc. Great add-on. Nevertheless, I'm facing some FPS issue with heavy weather with rain. It's one of the best purchases i have ever made. Jose Manuel. The best addon for the weather, the winds and everything are very real and the transitions are smooth.

I did not find any minus. Great, weather is like a real. It is must have. This is, in my opinion and without doubt, the best weather engine for flight simulation. The realism is superb. Performance is better than ever and the cloud draw distance seems infinite!

Passing through clouds is incredible - with visibility dynamically changing. The cloud formation is remarkable - with varying cloud sizes and structure - as in the real world. Cloud banks looks exactly as they should and stay that way when approaching or flying away from them. I cannot rate this product highly enough.

Worth every single cent. Thank you to the developers and well done on a superb effort. All I can say its.. Maybe a video its better than a thousand words. It is in my opinion one of the best addons ever created. This could have easily been a free patch. For all the hype I was expecting to be blown away. It's honestly the same as ASN. Only difference is that misty smoke effect when flying through clouds and even that is not evenly distributed in most clouds. I don't get this effect in wing view as well which is disappointing.

New fancy interface with the same options, apart from a weather radar and different map displays which is really not worth the price. So to sum up: a fancy new interface and some misty fog in clouds. That's it. FPS has improved for me so I guess it was not a total waste of money. Not worth the price for upgrade as it is essentially the same as ASN when flying, I was just impressed by all the technical mumbo jumbo from HiFi and bought into the hype.

Customers who bought this product also purchased. When performing a clean installation, make sure to uninstall your previous version first. Full Version items are intended for new installations. For new ASP3D users, we recommend uninstalling ASCA first from your existing installation, then installing the latest full installer above, to ensure a clean content configuration. BETA software can and usually will contain bugs and other issues.

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