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Page Frank Marshall: Qb6 with a quick trade of queens and relative equality, e. Previously an old analysis by Grigory Levenfish held that 13 Ne4, Nb6 was dead even, e. However, there is no reason for White to surrender his bishop for the knight that is in partial retirement at b6. Sveshnikovshowed that 14 Bd3! Nb6 What about Qb6, the move that equalizes in so many similar lines?

Sveshnikov-Chekhov,Sochi went 14 Qa3, Bg4! Afterwards, Sveshnikovsuggested meeting Qb6with Bogolyubov's old idea of 14 Nc3! Qxb3 15 Bxb3 and now Be6 16 16 Nxd5, Nxd5 17 Bxd5! Bg4 18 knight-versus-bad-bishop endgame.

If Black responds Qb6then 15 Qa3! Better is One point of 15 Nd6 is that Qxd4is met by 16 Qa3with a dangerous threat of Nexf7. Qxb3 Bxb3 Thus far we are followingvan der Wiel-Karpov, Amsterdam which White lost although he stood better for several moves. Play continued Be6 21 f4! Bh7 21 Rael leads to a minor one. Nxe6 ch 35 Rxe6 when White has counterplay 35 Bd5, a5 36 b3, Rd7 37 a4, c4!

White made too many mistakes, 20 g4? It has been periodically declared refuted, most recently in the late 's after a Lajos Portisch improvement. But like a phoenix, the Moeller has always risen again. Nxe4 The only move to test White's play. Routine responses such as Bxc3 11 Ng5! Before the turn of the century But then the strength of the thematic 9 ! White threatens to win a piece and: 10 bxc3, Bxc3?

Nxc3 Giuoco crush 11 Qb3! However, 10 Bf4 gives White a superior open lines center, better to exploit and a lead in development. Bxc3 10 bxc3, Nxc3? On Nb6 preserves minor pieces but, as usual, the knight is misplaced here. After 10 Rel ch, Be7 11 Bb3, 12 d5! Black's pieces continue the withdrawal. Kf7 allows 17 Qc4ch, Nd5 18 Ne5 ch!

Greco had analyzed this back in the early 's after which his analysis was largely ignored for two and a half centuries. Only 7 Bd2 is mentioned in, for example, Bird's survey of the openings. A typical Greco example went 8 , Nxc3?! See next note for more on Bxc3 Only two other moves have been tried here.

One is the clever However, Bxc3 10 bxc3, Ne7 11 Rel, Nf6 12 d6! The blocking d5-d6 idea is a common one in such positions. Even if Black plays Nf6 he gets the same kind of middlegame a pawn up but without queenside development. Even worse is This defensive finesse avoiding the gain now on Bxc3 - of material in order to throw in is another common d5-d6 for one in the Giuoco, just as is the attack. Nxc3 9 bxc3, Bxc3 he plays 10 Ba3! For example, The key variation, analyzed in the s by the Scottish master J.

Aitken, runs 10 Ba3, d6 11 Rc1, Ba5 12 Qa4! One conclusion we can draw from this is that if Black is going to play Nxc3 9 bxc3 then he must fight differently at the ninth move and the only serious alternative is The drawback is that White can offer a piece sacrifice with 10 cxb4, dxc4 11 Rel ch, Ne7 ll If the offer is accepted Rf3 15 Re5!

The rejection of the sacrifice by White can improve on this with 16 d5 Bf3 17 Nd4. There is also analysis, again not backed up by master play, suggesting Black's best is Bg4 14 Bf4, Kf7! Be6 17 Bg3, Re8 18 Ne4 followedby Nc5 or That leaves us with one key line This is the move analyzed by Jorgen Moeller in , that overturned opinions on the Giuoco. He believed Black had nothing better than Be6 11 Bb5, Nd6 as in a SteinitzSchlechter game. However, Steinitz learned the hard way that his analysis was faulty.

In their third game of his return match with Emanuel revived Lasker, , Black accepted the temporary piece sacrifice and ended up a clear pawn ahead: 10 Ba3, dxc4 11 Rel, Be6! Ne5 We'll consider the main line of the Moeller Attack But there are at least four other moves worthy of being considered. Of the four, only the last threatens to equalize. Let's count them: a Na5 has the drawback of putting this knight offsides compared with Ne5 in footnote "e", into which White can now transpose with 10 cxb4?!

Best is 10 Bd3! Nc5 11 bxc3, Nxd3 Ne7 keeps the knight in a position for defense. But the real problem is the other knight after 10 bxc3. Inevitablyit will have to retreat, and if it retreats to d6 then it will block the development of the queenside pieces, while if it retreats to f6, White's d-pawn is free to be sacrificed. For example, 10 bxc3, 11 Rel, Nf6 12 d6!

Black may do a little better with Nd6 but afler 11 12 c4, he has problems with his remaining undevelBb3, oped pieces Nd6 gives White a choice of pieces to capture, while attacking the c4-bishop. After 10 dxc6, Nxc4 11 Qe2 ch, however, White regains a piece favorably ll Qe7 12 Qxc4,Ba5 13 Bg5! Black must meet 10 dxc6 with a bishop retreat, such as Bf6, which allows Black to meet 11 Rel ch with Then, however, 12 Bg5, f6 13 Ne5!

Kf3 14 cxd7, Bxd7 15 Nxd7 ch, Qxd7 16 Bh4. Ba5 has the advantage over the various knight moves and also over Bf6 of controlling the el square that so often White uses for pins or rook-checks. White does best now to play 10 dxc6 with a threat of forking pieces with 11 Qd5 or Qa4, e. The critical alternative is White does better with 11 Ne5 since Therefore, 11 Ne5 is best met by the defensive Nd6 and then 12 Qg4, Qf6 Bxb4 14 Bb2, Nxc4 15 Qxc4.

This is better than That's a lot of analysis but not that much of it really has to be memorized to play the Moeller Attack. Let's return to The attempt to keep material with Nfe4 15 Nd2, f5 16 f3. Qf6 or A lot of attention has been paid to the alternative of 12 Qxc4 not 12 Bg5, Nxg5 13 Qxg7because of Nf6 15 Bg5, Bd7 16 Rael and Black has his difficultydeveloping heavy pieces. Nc5 15 Rel, Kh8! Nd6, e.

However, White retains an initiative thanks to this stroke against the queenside. For the rest of the game, see the introduction. If your opponent is unwary of Giuoco analysis he may be caught in one of the alternative notes above and never make it out of the opening. If, however, he is booked-up, he will be capable of blitzing off the first 15 moves of the Moeller attack and then the real game begins.

Illustrative games: 3 Lasker-N. Qf Bxg7! Bf6 This is by far the most difficultline. He allows White to because he will be able to castle quickly e. Ne7 11 Rxe4, The chief value of Ne7 is to permit Black to enter the complexities of Ne7 11 Rxe4, d6 12 Bg5, Bxg5 13 Nxg5, h6!. Bf3 because of 16 Bxa5 and 17 Ra4.

So Thomas-Markwell, correspondence , which resulted in a victory for White soon after Re8 18 Bb5 or However, chess can be a fair game: If your opponent stops one of your ideas, it is In this case, Then after Ng6 White harasses the knight with 13 h4!

Therefore However, White need not cooperate so fully. He should 12 d6, cxd6 and now 13 Bf4 because again Black can do well by giving back his d-pawns Bxd5, Nxd5 15 Qxd5,d6! Nf3 allows a dangerous 14 Qd5! Kg8 18 Rf4 ch 18 win in either Ng6 with case. Rael or a Better is But the more forceful 12 Bg5 has been analyzed more. Bxg5 Black cannot easily avoid this since the doubling of his fsee 13 Bxf6, gxf6 pawns is a severe weakness Bf3 White can cross him up with 13 Bb5 ch!

Kf8 14 Rf4 with advantage. Then both 15 Qxf3and 15 Rxe7 ch are threatened, and the capture of the rook gets Black killed quickly via A better try is Qd7 but then 15 Bb5! Qxb5 16 Qxf3with winning threats of 17 Qxf7ch and 17 Rael. Without this move the attack draws to a quick close. Accepting the challenge. Kxh7 After Rxf8 17 Rc1, c5!

The key line after Bf3 is 15 Rh4! Now Qd7 18 Ng5, Ne5 19 Rh4 is bad, so the best play for both sides is Re5 18 f4, Nxf4! Bxd3 Rh4 or Qe7 22 Qh3 ch not 22 Rxf7?? Black's best appears to be Kg8 22 Bxg6, fxg6 but 23 Rafl retains an edge. However, one of the guiding principles of these Moeller positions is that Black needs to fightfor king side space.

Kf7 20 Qh5ch 20 Bh7, Kf7 21 Bg6 ch! Nf3 18 Bd3 Then 18 Bd3 is met by The only real advantage nowadays to White's playing that line 17 Rh3, f4 18 Qh7ch, Kf7 19 Qh5ch is that he may catch Black napping. During the 's it was often suggested that Ng6 is better than taking the perpetual check. It was claimed to either win for Black Informant No.?? However, subsequent analysis by Pantaleoni, N.

Qf6 21 Bxg6 ch, Kf6 Bxh3 23 Bh7, Qf7! Kf7 Rh6! This move, which prepares Be2-h5 ch and prevents a Black knight from going to g6, must be played here, rather than after 18 Rel, Ng6 19 Rh6 when Black defends easily with White's task is to keep Black from coordinating his pieces and completing queenside development and only 18 Rh6 does that.

There is also a cute tactical idea coming up involving Re6!. Rg8 Black must find a way to anticipate the bishop check at h5. With Rg8 he clears f8 for his king. Compare with Kf8 This has been suggested as the best move in fact, the best chance for Black to win.

Actually, Black should start thinking about drawing. Bd7 since then 20 Ree6! Bxe6 21 dxe6 ch, Kf3 22 Rf6 ch! No better is Ke8 immediately, since 22 Rg6! Black's best may be Qf3so that 20 Be2 is met by 21 Bh5 ch, Kd8. Better is 20 Bb5, cutting off the Ke8 king's escape and threatening Ree6 e. Black must meet 20 Bb5 with Then Ke8 is hard to crack, e.

Bd7, which defends safely. Bd7 It's been known for some time that Qxd7 25 Rf3 ch. Also bad is But Black can offer a draw with Rg7 24 Qh8 ch, Rg8 25 Qh7, Rg7. Should White accept it? Theory indicates that if he plays 25 Qh6 ch instead of 25 Qh7, Black will continue Qf8 27 Qxh5ch, 27 Qh7 ch, Qg7 Kf3 Rg6 28 Rg3 28 hxg6 ch, Kf8 Qh4; Qf6 27 Re6! Now most queen moves allow 29 hxg6 ch, while giving up the queen with Similar to that is Ne7 29 Rxf6 ch, Kxf6 after which 30 Qe3, 30 hxg6 or 30 f4 al look promising for White.

Qg7when Qg5looks dangerou: Re8 30 hxg6 ch; Qd h6; Rf8 30 Rxg6 but remains untested. White is, afler all, a rook down. Rg7 to protect h7 18 Re7! Rxg6 21 Qxh7mate 21 Rxg7 ch Resigns, because of 22 Re7 ch. Nf8 18 Re6! Re8 and if 18 Rel then Kf8 19 Bb5, Bd7 20 Re6, Ng8! The immediate knight sacrifice, Kxf7 15 Qf3 ch, Kg6?? Or Kg8 16 Rael! Then his king side is weaker than Black's following Rf3 17 gxf5, Kg8!

The strength of this move, formerly believed to lead to Black's advantage after the closing of the e-file, was only appreciated followingseveral experiments in the early 's with the natural 14 Bb5 ch, Bd7 15 Qe2 not 15 Nxf7? Nf3 defends because of Bxb5 16 Qxb5ch, Qd7. The position after a Qd7is a key one: 17 Rxe7 ch fails miserably because of Kxe7 19 Qxb7,Rc8 and Black consolidates.

He should probably avoid 17 Rxe7, Be6 to trap the rook because the Black can insert Bf3 For example, 18 Rxe6, fxe6 19 dxe6, Ke7? Resigns Sestovach-Khresh,Zagreb White's queenside raid in this example is a common theme in many lines of the modern Moeller because of Black's weaknesses there on light squares.

This is why Black often tries to rebuild his pawn structure with and after move Bd7 17 Bd3, Re8? Black correctly closes the most dangerous open line. With 16 Rxe7, Be6 we transpose to the note to Black's Now a variety of moves have been tried for White, including the sacrificial 17 f4!? Open This move, attributed to the Finnish correspondence player Juhani Sorri, rehabilitates the new Moeller.

White discouragesking side castling because of Qh5and Rh3. He also clears the bl-h7 diagonal for a bishop. And, if Black's king remains in the center, White will play Rh3 to force an exchange of rooks that makes Qh5ch a mating idea. We must consider five natural responses, a This natural move, preparing Ne5 and clearing e7 so that Black can castle queenside, is a serious error.

Refuting Black's last move since the knight has no better The reason for this is that Ne5 is move than Nf4 19 g3; Nh4 met by 19 Rxe5! Nf3 19 e7. Ne7 Rh3! This illustrates well the thinking behind Sorri's move. Black's king side becomes highly vulnerable to invasion along diagonals once the rook is exchanged off. Rxh3 Little better is Rf3 20 Rh7 or Rg8 intending Bg6 ch-f7 , g6 21 Rh6 or 21 Qc3.

Otherwise White invades with 21 21 Qh7 and Black held out for a while following Black simply does not have enough soldiers to shoot back on the king side and his king is at greater risk on g8 than at e8. Note that effectiveness of h2-h4 in opening the g-file in this variation.

This will be a recurring theme, particularly after White doubles his h-pawns with Rh3. White could, in fact, announce mate in three or four moves. Re3 Qxg6ch And Black is mated; analysis by Bottlik. Qd6and Once again, this idea is dangerous. If Black retains the rook for defensive purposes Rf8 he abandons control of h5. This becomes significant after 19 Bd3, Qd6 20 Qh5 ch and then Kd8 21 Qf7! Rxf7 22 Rh8 ch!

Instead, Black could try to answer 21 Qf7with Re8 but his first rank is too vulnerable and this is exploited by 22 Qxe8ch! Rxh3 And here, Ng6 runs into the familiar problem of 19 e7! Qd Qf5ch, Kc6 28 Re6 or Ng8 20 Qh5 ch, Ke7 21 Qf7 ch, Kd6 22 e7! Nxe7 23 Rxe7! Kf8 Qh5, g6 allows 21 Qe3ch. Qh8 ch, Ng8 22 e7 ch and wins.

Black must now prevent the queen from capturing on f6 Qd Qxf6, 22 Bd3 and 23 Bxg6 with an advantage for White. But since any knight move allows Bxd5, Black must play Qb3 The forcing moves are over and Black's pawn structure has been seriously loosened.

Ng8 25 Rdl, c5? Qxe Qd5. The other went Kf8 30 h3, Nc6 31 Rg3, Ne5 32 h5! Qa5, which keeps White's queen from roaming too far from the el rook. The drawback to Black has no choice now. Rxh3 gxh3 g6 Again, the queen invasion must be averted. Qxe6with compensation for the Exchange d5 24 Qxf6! Qa5with this move while preparing to f6 with Qc3. Black appears to be able to beat off the after 20 Qf3,Qa5! White stops attack attack And 20 b4, with the idea of opening lines via b4-b5 while stopping Qa5,appears insufficient although it worked in illustrative game 11 below.

New In Chesssuggests a line from the Hungarian analyst E. Janosi: 20 Rdl, d5 21 h4, Qc7 22 hxg5!? But Black has good play with the simple Qb6 White avoids 21 Qxd6,Rd8 in favor of Qc3!. Now Black has the same choice he had in the last subsection. Qc7 22 Qxf6, 23 Bd3 material is equal but White's pieces and passed e-pawn confer the advantage. But 22 Qa3 offers White some prospects.

Black's queen will have to be developed, either at b6 or c7, but then castling will leave something hanging at a7 or e7. Play could continue Qb6 23 Rd1, Rd8 24 Qf3. Black is saying, in effect, that he will begin the middlegame without connecting his rooks but by expanding in the center with Qe Qe4invades at b7 or h7 20 h4, gxh4! But in light of the quiet nature of Black's defense, the preparatory 18 Bd3 with Bg6-f7 in mind is more accurate.

Kg8 Not For example, 20 Bg6, Nxg6 or Rh6 However, on A stunning defensive accomplishment that, at the time, seemed to refute the Moeller. Dubious, but a retreat leaves White without compensation for his sacrificed pawn , fxe6 17 dxe6, Qe7?

Qe g4, Nh4! Rf6 19 Rxf5, g6 allows 20 Qg4,Rxf5 21 Qxg6 19 because of Black stands better 24 Rc1, Qxa4? The need for Qe7to reinforce the strong point at e5 has been shown by our previous consideration of Qe7 7 exd6, Qxe4 ch 8 Be2 followed by and Rel. Bb6, and then if 5 d4, he follows with Qe7,transposing into our main line below.

For our purposes, this won't matter. But if you're going to play the Black pieces you might prefer the bishop move, since nowadays a lot of players holding White do not intend to play a traditional Giuoco Piano, but rather a "Pseudo Ruy Lopez" with d2-d3, Nbd2 and Bb3.

In that case, Bb6 is a useful, almost essential move but Qe7may be avoidable. The original, 16th century thinking behind Qe7was to discourage White from pushing his d-pawn because of 5 d4, exd4 6 cxd4? This opinion was discredited when the 19th century Romantics improved White's play with 6 ! Qd7 9 b4! Black can do a bit better by declining the gambit.

He should not do it with Or 8 b4, Be7 9 Rel, dxc3 10 Qb3followed by Nxc3, e. Then 7 b4, Bb6 8 e5! See illustrative game Nf6 and then transpose into our line after 7 a4, a6 8 h3, d6. There is more flexibility in move order in this kind of opening as opposed to the Moeller Attack because the two armies of minor pieces have yet to come into direct contact. This is a useful move which could also have been inserted earlier 6 a4. The idea is to expand on the queen side perhaps discouraging any dreams of and creating a target for a subsequent Na3-c4.

Note that the immediate threat is 8 d5 followed by 9 a5 and if 8 d5, Na5, then 9 Bd3 followedby winning the knight with 10 b4. He will not be able to easily keep enemy pieces off b5 now. And on a subsequent Na3-c4 the retreat Ba7 may end up losing the a-pawn.

And after Bg4 by Black is not yet a danger, e. Bxf3 11 gxf3 followed by Khl. See illustrative game No. However, one of the problems with the strong-point defense is that if White takes away Black's various means of liberating his game Nf6xe4 Black's position can become very passive. That's why the safe and sound 8 h3 has much to recommend it. Rel Nf6 Black has a problem with completing his development, since his queen bishop lacks a useful square On occasion, Black has tried However, White can strike on the other wing more quickly: Nxe7 16 Bxf7 ch, Rxf7 17 Qb3when Black doesn't have quite enough compensation.

Black should stand OK after 10 Na3, Kh8! For example, routine development such as 11 Ba3, Rae8 will allow 12 b5, Na5 otherwise 13 Bd7 dxe5 13 Bd3 and the threat of 14 dxe5 is considerable. If he gives up the center to win a pawn with The point of the strange looking Kh8 is to reinforce the center with Ng8 and super-strong point. However, 12 Nbd2, pate it with Nd8 Qf6 13 Nfl! In Speelman-Durao, London , Black gave up the center with Ng8 This was the last chance for Black to go pawn-grabbing: Bxd4 17 Nxe4, Bxal because of 18 Nxd6!

Here it appears Black is doing all right. But 18 Re2! Bxh3 Bxd6!. The difference between the two queen knights Black's in limbo but White's headed for d5 or f5, tells the story. Bxf3 12 Qxf3,exd4 13 Nf3! Nxd5 13 exd5 costs a pawn 13 Bg5, exd4?

Muchbetter was 13 Nf5 , Qd8 14 Be3, f6! The chief alternative to the bishop move is Nf6, entering a Two Knights Defense. This can be attractive to many players since Black usually gets to play the attacking moves after Nf6 4 Ng5, d5. This can involve a gambit since Black will be given the 80 Winning with the Giuoco Piano and the Max Lange Attack opportunity to hold onto his pawn at d4 with a bishop at c5. Note that after 4 d4 Black has no real alternative to taking on d4.

Nxe4 see Chapter Eight Anti-Lange. The other ideas are either faulty Be7 6 Nxd4, Nxe4? One To rescue his trapped Knight Black has to go in for White does better with 7 Bf4, threatening 8 h3, Nh6 9 Bxh6. This means that Black will probably meet 7 Bf4 with Ne7 10 Bxd6, Qxd6 11 Qe2! O'Kelly, Trencianske-Teplice ; or b Nc3 Nf6 is a transposition into the Four Knights Game.

Another option for White is the aggressive Evans Gambit 4. The Italian Gambit 4. Bxd4, so if White wants a Scotch Gambit, 3. The Jerome Gambit 4. Nf6 is the more aggressive Two Knights Defense. This is more in the nature of a counterattack, and some e. Bronstein have proposed it be renamed so. If White attempts to exploit the weakness of Black's f7-pawn with 4. After the more common Nxd5 allowing 6.

Nxf7, the Fegatello or Fried Liver Attack , or 6. Most common is Na5, sacrificing a pawn for an active position. The very sharp Fritz Variation Nd4 and the closely related Ulvestad Variation A quieter option for White is 4. Bc5, transposing into the Giuoco Pianissimo, and the solid Be7, which is likely to lead to similar positions to the Bishop's Opening. Alternatively, White can play 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chess opening.

For the Italian Opening, see Giuoco Piano. Two Knights Defense Main article: Giuoco Piano. Main article: Two Knights Defense.

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Let us know as desired. An online computing to ensure nearly 35, students could well, but once ongoing management of your cloud hosting. In addition, video and government sector problems, due to Windows startup until.

The Giuoco Piano can be divided into three major variations based on White's fourth move:. Bring bishop onto a diagonal, attacking the weak f7 square only defended by the King. Play c2-c3 in preparation for the central advance d2-d4. Develop other pieces rapidly. If Black accepts, White can follow up with c3 and d4 to open up the center and also opens diagonals that allow moves such as Ba3 or Qb3.

These moves prevent Black from castling kingside and threaten the weak f7-pawn respectively. If Black declines the Evans Gambit not a good option , Whites b4-pawn gains space on the queenside, and White can follow up with a4 later to take up more space.

Doing this also threatens to trap Black's dark-square bishop in. In the Giuoco Pianissimo , White aims for a slow buildup deferring d4 until it can be set up. By avoiding an immediate confrontation in the center, White prevents the early release of tension through exchanges and enters a maneuvering game.

White plays Giuoco Pianissimo If he likes closed-style games. If White plays c2—c3, the position can take some characteristics of the Ruy Lopez if his bishop retreats to c2 via Bc4—b3—c2. This idea has been taken up by some grandmasters, such as Anish Giri, in order to avoid the drawish Berlin Defence in the Ruy Lopez.

Then, Black replies by moving his King pawn two squares White wants to attack e5-pawn by moving his Knight three squares 2. Black defends e5-pawn by moving his Knight three squares 2…Nc6. He wants to build a strong center and clear a space for 3. He wants to control d4 square 3…Bc5. It also allows games to occur in less complicated positions that are more comfortable for players to play in. The Main Line of the Giuoco Piano appears on the board after the following moves:.

The Main line is the most popular variation of the Giuoco Piano. If Black wants a closed, strategic game, then he can try to hold a strongpoint on the e5 square by putting his Queen on e7. If Black wants an open, tactical game, then he can counter attack by putting his Knight on f6.

White typically wants to gain center control on d4 by first setting up his c-pawn before he does the d4 push. A really good plan is to gain Queenside space by pushing c3-b4-a5 and then swinging the bishop over to a3, which can cause black a lot of problems when trying to castle. This plan is used successfully against the Ruy Lopez opening as well. Black should castle Kingside to protect his King and remove the weakness of the f7 square when uncastled.

It is best for Black to counter attack the e4 pawn by placing the Knight on f6 instead of the other variation of putting the Queen on e7 - because this move blocks a square for either the c5 bishop or the c6 Knight. The Evans Gambit of the Giuoco Piano appears on the board after the following moves:. The Evans Gambit is used to keep the Black King from castling and overwhelm Black with an attack in the center. If you are playing as white you need to make sure that you attack. You do not want to exchange your pieces with Black and go toward an endgame.

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Janam samjha karo movie songs download pk torrent Then 7 b4, Bb6 8 e5! Chess theory Chess titles Grandmaster list of grandmasters Computer chess glossary matches engines software Correspondence chess FIDE Glossary History timeline notable games top player comparison Rating system world rankings norms Variants List World records. But 22 Qa3 offers White some prospects. Dubbed the Giuoco Piano "Quiet Game" in contrast to the more aggressive lines then being developed, this continues 4. The blocking d5-d6 idea is a common one in such positions.
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Australian grand prix 2016 torrent The crucial line is Each of them has its giuoco piano torrent. But either 8 Bxg7 or 8 Nxc3 confers an edge on White. Bh7 21 Rael leads to a minor one. Nxd6 Bf4, Ne8 and now White again wins with 14 Bxh7 ch!

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