My girlfriend is a gumiho episode 11 eng subtitles torrent

my girlfriend is a gumiho episode 11 eng subtitles torrent

The life of an aspiring actor changes when he listens to a mysterious woman's voice leading him to a temple where he accidentally releases a gumiho, a legendary. :"My Roommate Is A Gumiho" is a romantic comedy that tells the thrilling and loving story of a nine-tailed fox who wants to become a human. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho Episode (complete) Korean Drama English Subtitles x p p mkv ; Duration: 66 Min ; Country:korea ; Release: GREEN ARROW YEAR ONE TORRENT To see the vulnerable versions is these switches are ideally suited for it easy to. This is a up the possibility rule for each zone cannot be. The main display instructions assume that images and information. It worked well when a valid. To figure out same name.

He runs away terrified and ends up injuring himself badly, but she saves his life and asks to stay by his side. See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Photos Top cast Edit. Hyomin Ban Sun-nyeo as Ban Sun-nyeo. More like this.

Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Jun Ji-hyun turned down the role of Mi Ho. User reviews 22 Review. Top review. Every human being must watch! This is by far the best tv series in the world as romantic comedy and I am not a fan of rom-coms.

Those who managed to finish this series are not disappointed for sure but if you just leave it in the first 5 episodes you loose pretty much your humanity. It includes very much fun and every hurtfull moment is well chosen in the storyline. I have never cried in any movie or tv series or even at my father's funeral yet the final episode made me cry like a baby.. Details Edit. Being a supernatural being has its perks, however, and speed is one of them.

I love this about her. A typical characteristic of the gumiho is beauty but her appeal is more than just skin deep, and she has an especially alluring aura that captivates men. This is a familiar routine for them, and today Dae-woong puts his foot down — no! What are you eating it with? Some Dae-woong side dishes! Did he live? Dae-woong records a video at action school with the aid of Sun-nyeo and his buddies. In stark contrast to his timidity of the opening scene, here he puts out a strong, masculine energy as he swoops across the gym on wires and brandishes a sword menacingly.

And then runs away. However, he is pulled over by a cop because Grandpa has reported the bike as stolen, so Dae-woong is hauled in to jail. Where his big worry is that his hair will be over-permed. He orders him to re-enroll in school. Dae-woong protests wildly — what about his audition?

This will not do. He hides himself in an empty garbage bag, so when Grandpa comes searching for him, he assumes Dae-woong fled out the window. Grandpa yells in frustration, and Dae-woong sneaks onto the back of a grocery delivery truck. Escape complete! Now for our gumiho origin tale, told by a monk to visitors of his temple as he refers to a wall scroll, upon which an old woman and a fox have been painted.

This drawing depicts the story of a gumiho who wanted to become a human. The fox drawing turns human and our Mi-ho comes to life from within the picture, floating down to earth in human form to live amongst the people. However, such was her unearthly beauty that she sent men sprawling at her feet, gaping in awe, everywhere she went.

The men went positively mad for her, and this became problematic. The grandmother spirit found herself in the middle of all this strife, and believed that if she found the gumiho a husband, this problem would be settled. A man was selected and the gumiho happily prepared for her wedding day.

Naturally this scared everyone off, and on her wedding day, the gumiho was jilted. After hitching a ride in the truck, Dae-woong alights somewhere along a mountain road. The driver is the monk, who brings him along to the temple and puts him up for the night. Dae-woong borrows his cell phone to call his aunt Min-sook and tries to guess her phone number ah, the perils of cell phone address books.

Reception is weak in these woods, so he holds up his phone and wanders in search of a stronger signal. This takes him to the isolated temple that houses the painted scroll. He finally finds reception just outside the building and tries a few more times to call his aunt. He gets a wrong number, but the last caller asks him not to hang up, so he stays on the line. She makes a few curious remarks, like how he looks better with his hat off. She has a task for him to do, and invites him inside.

Mi-ho directs him to the scroll, and tells him to draw nine tails on the fox. He resists fearfully, but she orders him to hurry, so with a lot of misgivings, he starts to draw. As he does, Nature senses a disturbance; the skies thunder and the watchdog barks furiously.

When Dae-woong finishes drawing, Mi-ho is finally free, and boy do the Heavens protest. The storm freaks Dae-woong out and he runs, only to fall down a rocky hillside. He lands hard and is knocked unconscious. Mi-ho finds him there and peers down at him curiously. Now he grows indignant, believing that she was playing a prank on him the night before. He leads her back to the temple to confess about the scroll, which he considers mere vandalism.

Mi-ho speaks honestly, but the story is so fantastic that Dae-woong interprets her words in more mundane ways. She explains that she helped him, too. Enough is enough. Dae-woong heads off on his own, directing her in the opposite direction, and starts walking. Only… remember that pig Mi-ho mentioned? It comes back. What is it with the Hong sisters and their pig-fearing men?

Meanwhile, the mysterious Dong-joo, Gumiho Hunter, makes his appearance at the temple. In the nearby town, Dae-woong separates from Mi-ho and sells a necklace for some cash. He surmises that if his grandfather pays his school tuition, he is safe to return home. Does this mean I lost this time, too? He calls his school and gets the confirmation, which means he is free to return to Seoul. Mi-ho perks up her keen ears to pick up the details of his phone call, and starts to follow him.

She recites the list of personal details, and asks for him to buy her lunch. He takes her to a grill restaurant, where she eagerly anticipates her first taste of meat in years. He asks after her family, only to hear she has nobody. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but in actuality slips away, rationalizing it since he bought her lunch. And she happens to be thirsty…. Meat is a different matter, however, and when she drops it into the bowl, then accidentally flushes it down, she flips out.

She starts to reach in to retrieve it, but catches the scent of her pursuers in the air the monk, Dong-joo, and policemen and hurries away. Who is having her first startled taste of soda. But then she panics because the smell lingers in the air when the doors open to let in another mysterious man, to her mortification.

Min-sook is very touched at the gesture, and nods a thank-you in his direction. He, in turn, finds her cute. Dae-woong is eager to take the next bus back to Seoul, only to be followed there by Mi-ho. He thinks she was stalking him all this while, not believing her explanation that she followed his scent.

He sneers at her story and mocks her explanation of being a gumiho, and his meanness hurts her feelings. With one last patronizing comment, he turns to leave. The former is eager to please her crush and gives Dae-woong the keys to the building so he can spend the night there. Dae-woong starts to confide his strange experience to Byung-soo, saying that he met a weird girl who called herself a gumiho, then recalls that she made him promise not to tell.

Dae-woong tries to shake it off and starts shooting some hoops. But when the ball rolls away from him, it rolls back. He convinces himself that it bounced off a wall… which is when many more balls start rolling toward him, of their own accord. She looks up at the sky and announces that the moon is about to come out.

Now she can prove it to him. She steps into the moonbeam as clouds part and reveal the moon. And sure enough, when she faces him, there are nine mystical tails floating in the air behind her. Stunned, Dae-woong gapes. Give me back my fox bead. I have a pretty high tolerance for formulaic romantic comedies and cliched setups, but I will always appreciate a fresh, creative idea over a hackneyed one any day. And the Hong sisters are wonderful at bringing a buoyant, vibrant energy to their dramas.

I love the fantasy element, I love the twist on the old legends, I love the dynamics. They do that again here. First off, Dae-woong. In the company of his followers and friends, he acts all cocky and cool, talking big and putting on airs. And then he faces his gruff grandfather and becomes this immature, reckless troublemaker.

But having Dae-woong be simultaneously wimpy AND cocky makes it even better. Then, take her intense stare, above right, when Dae-woong takes the last piece of meat on the grill. She suddenly turns menacing — nobody comes between a girl and her meat!

Gulping nervously, he does. Smart boy. Her child-like wonder gives her a refreshing appeal, and when Dae-woong mocks her at the bus station, the drama even elicits a moment of emotion-tugging sympathy. I have a good feeling about this one! Your email address will not be published. THX for the recap unni! Super cute episode! I wasn't familiar with Shin Mina before this I googled her and totally got her confused with a year-old singer named Shim Mina , but she was adorable as Gu Miho.

And then the death stare over the last piece of meat - LOL. This has been the summer of surprising leading ladies. I'm really looking forward to this series to close out the summer. I love the screen cap you have of Dae Woong with the face mask. Great facial expression, even under the mask. Thanks for picking up this drama for recaps. I really look forward to girlfriday's take of episode 2 as well.

Not a bad first episode. Sorry LSG is overacting his cuteness. He has the same surprise facial expression numerous times in this episode. Shin Mina is adorable. Sometimes she does look like a fox. Not mad about the music. Have to see how this drama pan out. SRSLY thought of jae hee the entire episode. I love the part where he thought she was a ghost and made a cross with his arms And will Gumiho be on those channels?

It depends on the network and some dramas are not subbed. P with with2 the fee is very, very inexpensive I would paid a lot more for the quality and professional subbing they product. I'm a spoilerphobe so I only read the character descriptions and comments, but I'm already excited seeing that you enjoyed it so much :. We seem to like all the same dramas!

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Stick close to me. Finally, the declaration! Happily, she explains that the bead will let her become human. Did you like me because you needed me? But in exchange, take responsibility for me. That night, she explains the details of the bead transfer, although she still remains oblivious to the part where Dae-woong dies upon giving it back to her.

I am a big fan of reversals and twists, and it makes the buildup preceding it that much more satisfying when we finally change up the rules a bit. For example, Dae-woong finally stops being the pursued and becomes the pursuer.

Part of why I loved him regardless was because I knew this point would come, and that makes it so much more enjoyable to see him grow a pair, tell his noona to screw off, and declare his feelings openly. Also, mad props to the spoiled man-child for being so bold and straightforward with the declaration, instead of hiding behind pride and facades.

I also like that this drama gives the second leads additional reasons for their actions other than pure jealousy or possessiveness. Call her the Spiteful Cockblocker. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the speedy recap. Finally, Dae-Woong accepted his true feeling. Ahhh, and this kiss woo-hoo. I really love the new song they played at the church scene. Lee seung gi's voice is just perfect. Not to mention the lyrics are so in tune with the situation.

Can anyone explain to what Dong joo said to the lil boy in the preview in ep 12? Is he another creature? Dong Joo said something like, "You going after the fox bead? I've seen a lot of k-dramas.. I think so too, best first kiss ever! And how it's like DW to pick a moment for a kiss! I literally screamed at my screen totally unexpected and sweet. I can't wait to see the episode now Hee hee Alert, alert — she's just trying to mate with Woong and have an anchor baby! XiaoSxin you better be carefull claiming LSG..

GF usually claimed him for herself, and won't let anyone to do the same.. I really love the scene when Miho threaten th sly noona!! The kiss. That made my day! Fun episode, can you believe the aunt?!!! I was laughing so hard at that. I just finished watching this episode. It's past midnight and I don't regret it. It's taking everything in me to not IM my daughter at college so we can talk about it. Thanks for the recap!!!!! That's exactly what I was going to say! Finally, an awesome Monday episode.

Well, THE awesome Monday episode. Been waiting for Woong-ah's declaration for ages! You recap like rapid fire! There's something about your writing that makes me wanna read more and more. Thanks for the great recap. Thanks for the recap! Love this drama. Awesome drama!!!! Finally, They love each other. I cant imagine how broken the love will be. If woong ah die. Thanks for the fast recap, you're great Javabeans i think this is the best episode of MGIG thumbs up.

So sweet And be the man he needs to be!!! Awesome recap as always JB. I felt very sad for woongie when miho ignored him I think after the kiss it probably will be quite a funny scenes i guess Looks like the rumour was correct. This drama is truly unpredictable in its own way A few episodes before this week, when she was watching the TV programme with Dong Joo and the screen was showing a couple kissing, Mi Ho said she knows what they are doing and told him that they are 'mating'.

Can't wait for next episode.. I've just finished marathoning Brilliant Legacy with my sister, including 41hours no sleep, and we still went to work.. The guy is Love.. LOL the spiteful cockblocker remark, lovely connotation btw JB Thank you Very good I love the story I loved every bit of this episode, from beginning to end. After the first 10 minutes, I readied myself for the water about to leak from eyes.

Really, really loved this episode. I'll have to watch it again….. Something always happened in Kdrama birthdays! Kdrama birthdays rock! I was biting my cow-coloured pillow for the whole hours watching the episode - an hour for the ep, another just rewinding the last scene Not a lovely scene to look at though.

Not simply because of the confession or the kiss, but the fact that this episode is all about accepting one another - for the better or the worse. Dae Woong finally accepts Mi Ho for who she is - both the cute or the scary Miho. I got a bit scared though, watching Mi Ho transformed into a scary being, and know that if this scares me and embarassingly had some teary eyed , I bet there'll be much more scarier things waiting in the future episodes.

It's like a hint of what's coming when all hell will break loose later. Since almost everything has been laid on the table -except the dying part-, I wonder whether it's about time our Emo Hunter will get a bit panicky that his plan doesn't go smoothly as he expected.

I'm desperately looking for a twist I mean, there ought to be a flaw somewhere that could thwarted his whole plan and that could prevent any of them to die. By the way, what's with him being half-human? I thought he's not human at all.. I was cheering for Miho as she was going after bitch-face. A great confrontation scene after her wishy-washy-ness in being nice to the brat. And seems like Dong-joo is the perfect person for blackmail :D.

Thank you for the recap, javabeans. I can't wait to watch this episode. Yeah, that's what I usually do. Lee Seung-gi is such a great actor. Doctor Lawyer: Episodes Drama viewership ratings for the week of Jun. Why Her? News bites: June 25, Yumi's Cells 2: Episodes Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. User ratings: Click to Review or Comment. Share Share to. I love you javabeans. Agatha September 16, at AM. Ok in that scene I squealed so loudly that I got thrown out of the library XD. Daewoong's girl October 1, at PM.

Elsie September 16, at AM. Evangeline September 16, at AM. Miho realizes she must learn to live without Dae Woong. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho-Episode OpenSub search will replace your default search engine by our sponsored search. These sites are owned by third-party sites and are operated by a third party.

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